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James Bond: Spectre

When I first read the synopsis for this film, I wasn’t overly excited for three main reasons: no Judi Dench, it couldn’t possibly equal Skyfall‘s greatness and who wants another film where technology takes over the world.

However,  Spectre surpassed expectations.  Not only was the whole “superior technology” plot pretty much left in the background, it wasn’t killer drones or something like that which I feared.  It had a likeable main Bond Girl in Madeleine and she could hold her own both with Bond and the bad guys, it had great action sequences (of course) and most importantly it was based quite  a lot on London.  I loved the idea of them blowing up the old MI6 building and using the deserted building as a setting for the finale.

What I also really loved about this film was all the throwbacks to previous Bond films, especially those of the Craig era.  Plotwise I think it would have had more of an impact if I could remember the significance of all the bad guys from previous films (a rewatch needed!) but as it is, I enjoyed all the references to Eva and M.

There are a lot of scathing reviews out there for this film but let’s be honest, who actually started watching a Bond film thinking that there was going to be a profound, realistic plot.  Surely everyone watches it for the stellar action scenes and the cheesy one-liners and everything else is a bonus, no?

Bond Theme “Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith”: 6/10

The Martian

The people who watch this film can be classed into two categories: those who have read the book first and those who haven’t.

I come in the former category and can honestly say that this was a decent adaptation. However, there were three key events that were missed out from the film: where Watney loses communication with NASA after blowing up the comms system with a drill, the dust storm that prevents him recharging his solar panels and when he is approaching his final destination and the Rover runs into some problems with the sand dunes.

I’ve seen enough book-to-film adaptations to know that films ALWAYS miss out stuff and are never a word-for-word adaptation but my befuddlement this time around is that the aforementioned three events provide copious amounts of drama in the book and I would have thought they would have wanted to include them in the film. Maybe a case of Hollywood thinking if too many things go wrong for Watney the cinema-going public would lose hope / roll their eyes??

One of my favourite scenes in the film has to be the whole “Council of Elrond” at NASA.  Having Sean Bean there was just such a wonderful inside joke.  And Jeff Daniel’s comment was just so Will from The Newsroom-like:

If we are going to have a secret project called “Elrond”, then I want my code name to be “Glorfindel”.

I think if I hadn’t read the book first, I may have found the film a bit boring, especially the first half. The book is definitely more thrilling and it’s more exciting to be able to use your own imagination in this setting. So overall a good attempt but needless to say Matt Damon has done much more thrilling stuff.

You Should Know: Jason Bourne / Nicky Parsons {Bourne}

It’s been awhile since I had a good shipping flail session.

Michael/Nikita (Maggie Q <3), Chuck/Sarah, Will/Mac, Harry/Hermione (HA! JKR so onboard with this as it turns out) all seem like a distant memory and now all I really have to invest in is Halstead/Lindsay (Chicago PD), Deeks/Kensi (NCIS:LA) and hope that the relationship of John Stamos/Paget Brewster’s characters on Grandfathered progresses before the show gets cancelled.

But then Julia Stiles posted  a photo on Instagram of the final day of shooting Bourne #5 and it made me smile because I love Julia Stiles and I vaguely remember  hearing that Matt Damon was making another Bourne film…….  And then all the pieces came together. Julia Stiles.  In Bourne.  OMG does this mean we’re going to get some Jason/Nicky action?!

And suddenly my brief obsession from 2007 hit me full force (brief because there is only so much you can obsess over a handful of scenes in 3 movies, as opposed to a whole TV series).


05I have always loved Julia Stiles.  Loved, loved, loved her ever since 10 Things I Hate About You and eagerly devoured every romantic comedy she has been in all the way to The Makeover where she, yet again, played an awesome character opposite a drop-dead sexy lead.

She is just so real, smart and down-to-earth and a great role model.

And then there’s Bourne….

I’d watched the Bourne films.  Liked the first one but didn’t really remember it and then this scene.  THIS SCENE.  The scene that launched a whole ship with those seven little words.

tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o11_250tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o12_r1_250 tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o1_r2_250 tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o2_r2_250

That one line, that ONE line was all I needed.  I mean I liked Marie but she was just kind of there and when she got shot I was just like ‘Oh poor Jason, Marie’s dead’ but then with Nicky you have all the angst, the history, the mountains of unexplored character depth.  I mean how freaking hard must this whole thing have been on her: seeing Jason get tortured during training, seeing him with Marie, having him point a gun at her head several times and nearly killing her and then fully have to process the knowledge that he doesn’t remember anything.   And the scriptwriting!  Amazing!  They just had that one line and then everything else Julia Stiles plays out brilliantly in just looks – in the cafe, on the ferry, after Bourne is killed the asset, in the room in the mirror, touching his hand, listening to him tell her to go, seeing him look at her as she cuts her hair, the scene at the coach station where it’s like she really wants to say something or hug him but she forces herself not to, the look she give him when he tells her it gets easier …… I mean WOW.  One line and then she never speaks again (apart from technical stuff).

Even Julia Stiles was onboard with this shippy shippiness:

I like that Paul leaves a lot of questions unanswered in terms of storytelling. I think I answered it in my head which was that Nikki was around before he became Jason Bourne and she knows who he is aside from all this training and that makes her sympathize with him more and trust him. So, yeah, I think they either had a relationship or she pines after him but can’t bring it up because he doesn’t remember anything.

And now there’s Bourne #5 and the strong chance we might get some Jason/Nicky backstory – what was their relationship before he lost his memory?  Is Jason going to get his memory from that time back? Are they going to have more ~moments~?  Now that Jason has had a chance to get over Marie, is Nicky/Jason going to be a real thing?!

The onset pictures don’t tell us much but I remain hopeful!

11 04

If nothing else, Jason Bourne is back to grabbing her arm and dragging her around everywhere …..


The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug {A Love Story}

Peter Jackson likes creating love triangles where they don’t exist.  Arwen/Aragorn/Eowyn in Lord Of The Rings?  Eowyn’s supposed love for Aragorn gets about 2 sentences in the book.

And now the Legolas/Tauriel/Kili angle in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

I can’t deny that the film needed a female presence for it to sell, especially when dealing with the expansion of a thin book into 3 major epic blockbusters, but I was as dubious as the rest of the fandom when I heard that TPTB were creating a new female elf to star.  It didn’t even cross my mind until I was in the cinema watching it, that this new female character would have such a prominent role to play and star in her own love triangle.


tumblr_myi9th3LHB1sk3ye8o8_250tumblr_myi9th3LHB1sk3ye8o5_250 tumblr_myojv2dwiU1s292lro4_250 tumblr_myojv2dwiU1s292lro1_250

So Tauriel herself, big thumbs up.  She was kickass and although I never watched Lost, I am instinctively a big fan of Evangeline Lilly.  But who to ship her with?

Ah Legolas.  As a teenage fangirl when LOTR came out, I was a huge Legolas/Orlando Bloom fan and I’ve got to say that this film took me right back there and now finally with someone I can ship him with (my first ever ship before I even knew what shipping was, was Legolas/Arwen but that is a tale for another time ….)


I have a penchant for friends who grow up together and then end up seeing each other in another light … <3 <3 and Thranduil’s warning to Tauriel “Legolas has grown quite fond of you” and the whole forbidden love aspect make my heart beat.

tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo1_250 tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo2_250 tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo3_250 tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo4_250

Legolas/Tauriel are totally compatible and if Legolas ever gets over Tauriel staying with Kili and not having his back in Laketown, they could get their HEA and have very hot Elf children …..

tumblr_myhxvcFUy21rc438io1_500 tumblr_myhxvcFUy21rc438io2_r1_500tumblr_myhxvcFUy21rc438io3_r1_500

On the other hand, opposites attract and all that:

Kili is a hot dwarf.  Probably like the hottest dwarf that ever existed and there is something to be said about fulfilling the unresolved Elf/Dwarf shipping that Legolas/Gimli failed to deliver in LOTR.


It’s just I found the dialogue between Kili/Tauriel, both when he is in jail and they talk about the rune/starlight and when he is feverish in Laketown after she saves him, extremely cheesy.

tumblr_mymob4bK8G1qd52doo6_250 tumblr_mymob4bK8G1qd52doo5_250tumblr_myiosfMQWA1qcz48ho3_500

Also, the height difference?  Freaks me out.

The almost hand touch though totally redeems them …… <3 <3 <3.


So my question to you all is now are you Team Kili or Team Legolas?

(This is not a rhetorical question, I really am dying to know!)

(And now for some non-shipping moments:)

  • Absolutely loved the throw-back to LOTR, TTT where Gimli talks about how dwarf-women look like blokes
  • I couldn’t stop thinking about how Bard looks like a hotter Keith Urban
  • Stephen Fry = LOL
  • Beorn’s bit was surprisingly short and he is not nearly as sexy as I imagine him to be
  • Spiders – ewww.
  • Tops the first film

2013 in Films

Films Watched in 2013:

  1. The Impossible (Cinema) [8/10]
  2. Flight [6/10]
  3. Undercover Bridesmaid [6/10]
  4. Argo [6/10]
  5. One For The Money [7/10]
  6. The Avengers [8.5/10]
  7. Bachelorette [3/10]
  8. Zero Dark Thirty [7/10]
  9. Chronicle [7.5/10]
  10. The Pianist [9/10]
  11. Safe Haven [7/10]
  12. The First Time [9/10]
  13. Jack Reacher [6/10]
  14. That Darn Cat [7/10]
  15. Olympus Has Fallen [7/10]
  16. The Inbetweeners [7/10]
  17. Forgetting Sarah Marshall [6/10]
  18. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger [6/10]
  19. The Heat [9.5/10]
  20. Man Of Steel [7.5/10]
  21. Captain Phillips (Cinema) [10/10]
  22. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (Cinema) [9/10]

Films To Watch in 2014:

  • Admission
  • Catching Fire
  • Divergent
  • Lincoln
  • Monsters University
  • Non-Stop
  • Now You See Me
  • Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters
  • Playing For Keeps
  • Pompeii
  • Quartet
  • Rock of Ages
  • Saving Mr Banks
  • Shanghai Calling
  • Star Trek – Into Darkness
  • That Awkward Moment
  • The Book Thief
  • The Butler
  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again
  • The Internship
  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
  • White House Down
  • Your Sister’s Sister