Criminal Minds: 3×20 – Lo-Fi

How AMAZING was the ‘Criminal Minds’ finale?!  SO awesome that I think it’s totally kicked CSI:NY from the #1 spot on my list of favourite TV shows (for the moment) which is a big deal especially since there’s no shipping aspect to CM and I didn’t think I was at the same level of obsession as I am with CSI:NY.  CM’s definitely the best crime drama at the moment.

Do you know what you’re all doing this summer?  You’re going to give the CSIs a rest and try out this fantastic but under-rated crime show because it’s BRILLIANT and about the only show who has managed to have its best season this year rounded off with a stellar finale.  Gripping case?  Check. Great guest-stars that are characterised well and serve a purpose?  Check.  Character development for the main cast?  Check.  Romance?  Check.  Keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat?  Check.  Shocking?  Check.  Gun fire?  Check.  Explosion?  Check.  New York? Check.  NYPD/FBI Field Office/BAU politics?  Check.  Token guest-star with a snotty British accent?  Check.  Token team bonding moment?  Check.  Check.
What’s even more impressive is that it ends on a gigantic cliffhanger which if I hadn’t cheated and watched the end at the start, I would well and truly not have seen coming, not to mention it’s completely open ended.  Hell, you don’t even know which character you should be freaking out for!

I think cast changes can go either way.  I loved the original cast with Elle and Gideon but I think the reason this season rocked so much was they finally created the perfect team dynamic.  It’s like when Lindsay/Anna joined CSI:NY and there was that click (imho) and it’s the same with Emily Prentiss and now I even like Rossi who I wasn’t sure of at first.  Also due to the nature of the show, it’s quite dark but now they usually have some lighter moments with the team joking around with each other and stuff and you have that strong friendship element that I think was missing from Season 1.

I think the thing that was amazing is that in 42 minutes they managed to make you like/care/have some sort of opinion about 4 different extra characters (5 if you include Will …): 2 detectives, NYFBI Field Office supervisor and the NYPD tech whilst still give a few of the main cast an important central role ….. Emily, Morgan, JJ and Hotch mainly.

Then all the different relationship (not just in the romantic sense) dynamics set up and explored …… Hotch/Kate Joyner, Emily/Det. Cooper, Morgan/Hotch/Joyner, JJ/Will, Rossi/Morgan, NYPD/FBI, Garcia/NYPD lab tech ….

I have to say I liked Will in this episode, he was sweet and the fact he’s going to give up his job for JJ and the baby!  Now I presume that JJ’s not going to give up going into the field all together (I hope not anyway) so I hope him begging her to give up her job isn’t going to be a thing they keep coming back to even after the baby’s born (although I can understand why he would!) ….. Oh when he and JJ told the team she was pregnant!  Awwwwwh!

The Emily/Detective scene where she profiled him was cute and funny!  She saw right through him!  I also like how you can see that although she’s trying to profile and analyse she’s still in shock when she’s talking to JJ and Morgan.

I can totally understand Morgan reacting how he did and perhaps this Kate person is the one who is in the exploding car/will be sacked meaning that he has to decide if he really does want the job.

Have to say I never saw the whole terrorist angle coming.  The thing with Criminal Minds is that there’s only so many different types of serial killer so sometimes a few of the cases seem repetitive/easy to figure out but I think they’ve steered away from the terrorist plot (not including the whole Guantanamo Bay prison episode) before to save it for a finale.  It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how they manage to find and stop the cell.

There are many more things that made this episode great so when I rewatch the episode I shall probably add to this post.

And now for the ending …….. Surely surely surely they’re not going to kill off one of the main cast / make one of them so severely injured they won’t be able to work ever again/for a really really long time????!!!!  They can’t do that!  No no no no!  I don’t think any of the cast want to leave?  And the show really doesn’t need another cast overhaul now that they’ve got the perfect group.  Oh.

~~Option A …. The car exploding kills/severely hurts (and thus will not be in episodes for awhile …) an important character:

– I don’t think it’ll be Garcia since she’s already been traumatised enough this season and relatively recently.

– I don’t think it’ll be Reid since he’s also already had massive trauma/storylines (of course this doesn’t mean anything.  Look at Mac in CSI:NY …..)

– Probably not Emily since she already had quite a central role in this episode.  Unless of course the fact she killed one of their men means that they want to punish her…..  I also don’t think it’s her because she drove her car to the hospital and it appears she only got out for a bit to talk to the detective, not enough time to rig her car with explosives and I don’t think she was far away to not have noticed someone tampering with it.

– Morgan also played quite a central role in this episode which either means it’s set-up for this or it’s not likely to be him.

– Could be JJ/Will if AJ Cook wants to leave the show/have a long maternity leave.  Man I hope not though.

– I think it might be Kate Joyner …. in which case Hotch must get hurt too?

– Rossi?

~~Option B …. It’s a completely different car to those shown in the end montage and therefore not a known/important character:

– It is a possibility since shows have been known to deliberately mislead its viewers and doing what they did keeps the viewers guessing for the whole summer / longing for the return of the show.  However if this is the case hardcore fans will be relieved but maybe casual viewers/critics will feel let down / that it’s an anti-climax if one of the main characters isn’t killed or hurt.

~~ Option C … The character gets to the car but forgets something and is just walking away when the car explodes so is hurt but not too severely:

– In this case it could be any of the characters affected but I think I still stand by the same logic used for Option A.
I’m definitely going to rewatch the whole series over the summer and hopefully make the hiatus speed by.

House, MD: 4×16 – Wilson’s Heart

I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I did enjoy it. It was epic. Depressing. Probably OTT (and you know I don’t agree with shows going crazy and OTT in their finales just to end the season with a bang, mainly for health and safety reasons.) but good in that I was gripped and it does leave issues which have to be dealt in the next season without ending it on a cliffhanger exactly.

At least 13 seems to be getting some characterization.

Oh Wilson. You’re my favourite character and I usually find it hard to sympathise with House but I really did in this episode because I can’t believe you asked him to do a procedure that could have killed him. On the other hand I totally understand why you obviously blame him for Amber’s death.

I think they definitely got the emotions and audience reaction that they were looking for. I was definitely hooked which is not something I’ve been able to say a lot this season.

Bones: 3×15 – The Pain In The Heart

“Oh gosh it’s the end of the season and we’ve got to wrap up the Gormogon pointless arc. I know let’s make one of the lead characters the apprentice and shock the audience. Yes let’s do that without an sort of set-up or decent explanation as to why because oh audience are so stupid they will buy anything.” Why couldn’t Sweets have been the apprentice? Yeah he provides funny moments but as a series regular I just want to throw rotten fruit at him.

HH said the reason why they chose Zack was because they couldn’t do anything more with his character or whatever. Oh please. Has he watched like any other TV series in existence who have characters that don’t do anything for multiple seasons.

Even the Booth/Brennan relationship which is obviously key to me watching the show is getting meh. The bathroom scene was obviously done to balance the angst but it was ridiculous. Ridiculous. And their ‘hidden feelings’ are getting dragged out so much it’s just unrealistic and boring. I mean okay if they were both still in denial etc. I can take them plodding along skirting round the subject but now they brought in Sweets who practically raises the issue every time he can, surely they have to confront and deal with it in some way.

The funeral at the start also served no purpose. Obviously Booth wasn’t dead but I could have accepted the set-up if it turned out that the guy he lured out actually, you know, did something/was the focus of the case/episode etc.

A positive thing ….. I loved Cam in this episode. In fact Cam may be my second favourite character after Angela. Never thought I’d be saying that.

Erm, yeah. I know you can’t really tell from this but I AM ENRAGED AND VIOLENTLY DISAPPOINTED in this Bones finale. I mean, yes okay, after CSI:NY I’ve sort of accepted that TPTB just love to completely ruin characters and make them do stuff that they really wouldn’t ever do but at least CSI:NY manages to wrap up serial story lines relatively well. I mean YOU REALLY EXPECT US TO ACCEPT THAT THIS IS A PLAUSIBLE OUTCOME TO THE WHOLE GORMOGON THING?! I mean obviously when watching TV you have to be able to embrace coincidences and expand the boundaries of reality but SERIOUSLY?! This was an absolutely rubbish plot resolution. Not only is it not remotely believable or logical but it’s just rubbish. I thought the whole serial cannibal killer storyline was not a good idea at the beginning but I never thought it would end up being THIS BAD.

Grey’s Anatomy: 4×14 – The Becoming

Cristina and Lexie singing ‘Like A Virgin’ in the morgue.

THIS is why I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.
I watched this scene a dozen times until there were tears in my eyes.  People who don’t even watch the show might find it funny …. idk.

Lexie’s definitely grown on me and yeah I’m probably still the only one who loves Meredith (even if she does need a slap now and again but hey so do all of the characters on that show and probably me for being so hooked on it).

CSI:NY: 4×19 – Personal Foul

Oh CSI:NY you have restored my faith somewhat.

I mean obviously I’m still going to resent you for the rest of time for THAT storyline no matter how it may be resolved in the future but in terms of having to accept that it all wasn’t all a nightmare and that TPTB did do that to us and just having to deal with it then you know, it could be worse.

And I’m not just talking about DL.  After ‘Like Water For Murder’ I was pretty much despairing of the show as a whole (I don’t think I blogged about that episode so let’s just say there was a long list of issues I have with that episode #1 being ANOTHER woman for Mac.  Seriously?! Also Lindsay: FOCUS!  He’s not worth it.).  Then last night I watched ‘Admissions’ which I had been putting off thinking it was going to be as bad.  It wasn’t, it was neutral.  Liked the use of Gerrard.  I also like the scene with Lindsay/Gerrard’s daughter and the Lindsay/Mac working together as I see it as continuity from the previous episode.

Onto this week’s episode ……..

I just have to say Lindsay and Flack have some of the best facial expressions,  especially in the scene when they’re interviewing the suspect.

Oh and the fact that LINDSAY ROCKED.

Her shooting Danny down several times made me SO DAMN HAPPY and just the way she did it and Anna’s acting and …… glah.  I love her.  “Honestly?  I don’t know.”

– I hope that Rikki leaving for good (and I’m sure the writers have to have enough sense for this to be a definite end of that whole storyline) doesn’t mean that Danny feels like he doesn’t have to come clean about the whole thing to Lindsay.  If I see them getting back together and she still doesn’t know then <insert abuse here>

– Thumbs up to the Lindsay/Flack/Danny scenes/working together etc.  They have a great dynamic and play off each other well.  LOL at the disapproving look Lindsay gives the guys when she’s with the cheerleaders.  She can’t see them but she just knows that they’re watching and leering at the girls.  Haha.

– But I disapprove of Flack’s “You should piss Lindsay off more often.”  He might not know exactly what’s going on and what Danny did but he must have some idea and he should be giving Danny a kick up the backside not joking about it.

– The whole fat cheerleader thing was so ridiculous it was funny.  (Also obvious.  As soon as I saw the photo I knew it was going to be her) and the whole interview just underlined the point like the writers were poking fun at themselves, knowing it was kinda stupid.

– I love the whole walking in the rain idea.  Don’t know why, it just seems very Lindsay.

– Oddly enough I’m choosing to ignore the whole phone call itself.  Okay the Lindsay part of it I liked but I have such an intense dislike for Danny that I still just wanted to slap him – like how DARE him even say those things to her knowing what he’s done.  Ugh.  Points for the goofy photo of him coming up on her phone though.

– And yes in case you’re wondering I am pushing for a Danny/Lindsay break up (proper.  Who know what they’re doing now is called).  I think it needs to happen otherwise there’s just going to be a nagging feeling of ‘What happens when Lindsay finds out about Rikki’ always there.  I can handle them being apart and then maybe towards the end of Season 5 / whenever having another go at it.  You might think this is really weird coming from a hardcore DL shipper but I think I’ll respect Lindsay more for walking away no matter how hard it is and then it’ll give Danny a chance to stop being a selfish twit.  Plus did I mention I don’t like Danny?!

– Really why do characters always do this?  A massive sign saying the station’s not going to be open for months and you still try to open the locked doors?!  Some points do not have to be emphasised.  I think the audience can interpret what this means thanks.

– I liked the interplay of the Lindsay-cab / Reed-cab thing.  Anyone think that it would be a good thing for Lindsay to have been the taxi-cab’s victim?  It’d certainly give Danny a wake up call.  Too fanfiction? (Also possibly contradicting with my point of wanting them to be apart but eh….)  I know it works equally well for the Mac/Reed relationship though.

– Talking of the whole serial killer taxi cab thing.  I wasn’t fond of the idea at the beginning.  A procedural crime drama should only have a certain number of multi-episode story arcs / season and especially since this is a shortened season it seems this is just one too many BUT this episode has won me over. Kinda.  As long as they resolve it well.

– Ahh Reed.  You’ll forever be “My name is Cassidy.”  LOL.  Anyway, TPTB get points for not bringing up Mac’s wife’s son and then pretending like he doesn’t exist any more.  They’ve managed to characterise him really well in the short scenes he’s gotten in the past couple of episodes and it’s an interesting way to bring him back.

– The Mac/Stella scene and the confidence that Stella has in him and the team and the way she tries to restore his faith… and the way her voice catches when she says “we have to.” ……… love.

– And it actually seemed that Hawkes did something for once.  Don’t know why since he didn’t do anything he doesn’t usually do but I think the absence of Adam meant he got more screen time and I dunno, it’s a good thing.

Angell.  Flack.  Scenes together next week.  Woot.