Private Practice: 2×22 – Yours, Mine & Ours

I mean we’ve had the whole Addison/Naomi bitching about control of the practice before so if you’re going to have them fight then shouldn’t it be over something else? And her leaving? I can sort of understand where she’s coming from but to actually walk away from something she built from the ground up and to go and work for the enemy …. cold.

And the whole Noah thing? Whilst I wouldn’t mind seeing Addison and Noah as a couple in an alternate universe, I wholeheartedly disapprove of their current situation.

The Cooper/Charlotte relationship is like one big carousel. How many times has she told him to go away and then called him back this season? It got old after the first two times.

Also, someone explain to me the Cooper/Violet thing. I love that he’s there for her and being such an amazing friend but it wasn’t that long ago that he was all in love with her so how come we haven’t gotten one lingering lustful look from him this season? I mean did he just switch off those feelings as soon as he met Charlotte? I mean how can he be living with Violet and suddenly be totally okay and not in-love with her.

Then we come to Violet. The whole Pete thing was really sweet and I was happy (although that probably means the baby’s father is Sheldon because that’s usually how Shonda rolls. 🙁 …) because Violet was happy …….

And then hello! Crazy woman trying to steal her baby! Erm, what show am I watching here? THAT’S your big idea for the finale Shonda?! Seriously?! That’s insane, and really creepy. I can’t say anything else about this because I still think I’m in shock that it actually all happened and it wasn’t just some sick parody. I … just … there are no words. It’s not the actual storyline (although that woman really does unnerve me), I think it’s the fact that it’s happening in this show in which usually the “big drama” of the episode is who’s sleeping with who and the problems that result from that …. and then we get this.

Then there’s the fact that this show is just so morally focused that I sometimes think the writers just sit in their room and think “Ok this episode we’re going to debate abortion … this episode we’re going to debate carrying another person’s child …. this episode we’re going to debate how wrong it is to covet a patient’s husband …. this episode we’re going to discuss how wrong it is to buy your daughter …” I mean it’s not even subtle. It’s like RS lessons all over again and not something I want from my shows.