Grey’s Anatomy: 5×23 – Here’s To The Future & 5×24 – Now Or Never

I was prepared for the Izzie rollercoaster and I guessed that it would end with a cliffhanger and with us not knowing whether she lives or dies but George, GEORGE!  I did NOT see that coming!  Oh wow.  I mean I read the spoiler about him joining the army but I did NOT expect this. See how big a shock you get when you don’t spoil yourself?  I mean the episode was coasting along just as I had expected and then -bam- he wrote 007 on Meredith’s hand —-> jawdrop.  If I’d known that was going to happen the episode would have consisted of me sitting there waiting for the moment of revelation, blind to everything else.

Oh God, does this mean that only one can live?  I mean obviously I want them both to live but if they both survive won’t that be a bit too hopeful?  Surely they won’t both die because I’m not sure realistically how all the characters will function emotionally having lost two members of their ‘family’ in the same day…….
If I have to choose then I have to choose Izzie to live.  I love George but he’s hardly had a storyline this season so overall Izzie will be missed more.  Besides I much prefer kindAlex rather than off-the-railsAlex which would surely happen should his wife die.  Also the fallout would be greater?
One thing I am dead against is them hanging around as any form of ghost.  Dennyghost and Denny ghost/Izzie sex this season is the worst thing GA ever did and this includes the George/Meredith and George/Izzie sex.

Actually now I come to think about it ….. surely they’re going to have to kill George off unless he’s going to spend the next 5 seasons with a face like that?  I know they fixed Jane Doe’s face but George has so many other severe injuries …..  I mean even if he does survive he’s surely never going to be able to be a surgeon again?  Maybe they’re either going to have him stick around for a few episodes and then eventually die or have him survive but then leave the show to go to rehab etc.  Hmmm.

Anyway, let’s rewind to something other than the end (the Izzie/George elevator scene was nicely done btw …)

Thank you writers for finally giving us a George/Izzie scene.  Despite everything that’s happened these two are meant to be best friends so it’s about time we had a moment with just the two of them and George telling Izzie to be strong and fight the cancer etc.

I kind of like how they injected humour into Izzie’s short-term memory loss issue with Alex and the signs.  “Your memory sucks.”

Zach Gilford and Liza Weil guest-starring!  Yay!  I have an issue that I feel like the soldier’s story never got an ending though?  Did the amputation go okay and did it stop the pain?  I don’t know think they’ll be any follow-up in the premiere either.

Arizona is really growing on me.  That scene with the Chief was classic!  I do much prefer her to Hahn and I think her and Callie are good together.  It’s also nice to have someone who’s actually cheerful on this show.

“I love you Cristina Yang.”  Awwh, love Meredith/Cristina scenes.

Meredith/Derek/Post-It Note.  Kinda sweet but I want a real wedding however small dammit.

Bailey’s idea for an intervention:  “Grey is going to coax him back as a loving friend. (to Cristina) You are going to use logic and reason to point out the idiocy of his ways. Stevens will make sad cancer eyes, and if all of that doesn’t work, Karev, you’ll gonna pull out your “I was raised out back with the trash cans” roots and just beat the crap out of him.”  Oh Bailey, you legend.

Mark/Lexie …. growing on me too.  I’m not really bothered by them either way.  I guess it’s about time Mark Sloan had some development and I guess it makes sense that dating his best friend’s girlfriend/fiancee/wife would make him grow up.

Cristina/Owen.  I approve without being all actively flailing in the ship.

I’m sure there’s more, much more, that needs to be said but I’m still trying to process the whole George thing and how I did not see that coming ………

Criminal Minds: 4×24 – Amplification

Oooh I like this episode! I always thought that it made a better season finale than the actual season finale. I know the anthrax plot line is probably as cliché as the Season 3 “NYC terrorism” one but it had all the features for an epic season finale: national security, unpredictability, tension, Reid in danger, team love.

I love it when JJ calls Reid “Spence”. Love Prentiss’ doubts about how they’re handling the situation and the media blackout.

Awwh! JJ worried about Henry and her convo with Hotch. <3 Reid/Morgan/anthrax. Garcia/JJ worried about Reid. Awwh Reid/Garcia/message to Reid’s mum <3. Reference back to Reid’s drug addiction!

“I’m about to get naked. Is that something you really want to see?” Rossi/Prentiss: “Don’t Emily me”. Again with the Subways playing an important part. Morgan: “We are a team. We’re going to go down as a team.” Rossi: “I’m sorry for Emilying you back at the house”. Awwh!

Nice Rossi/Prentiss moment – they’ve had quite a few this season. <3 JJ and Hotch calling home, worried for their children. Reid/Morgan …. love how everyone, especially Morgan, calls Reid ‘kid’. That’s a real scary ass bio-chemical storage facility.