Grey’s Anatomy: 6×11 – Blink

I can’t believe it’s got to the stage where my favourite characters are actually Teddy, Arizona and Callie.  I mean Callie, Callie, I literally could not stand her when they brought her in.  Arizona I’ve always kind of liked but especially since “her” episode.  And then there’s Teddy ….

I loved Kim Raver in Third Watch so liking the actress always helps.  Also, I liked how they had her be in love with Owen but nothing happened because he had a fiancee.  A girl with principles.  Although I like Cristina, sometimes I do find her a bit much and I know that Shonda promised Owen/Teddy won’t happen, it wouldn’t actually send me into a blind rage if it did (within reason) as I actually think she would be a better match for him.  The thing about Owen/Cristina is that I want to love them, I really do.  I want it to have the chemistry of Burke/Cristina all over again but something about it just refuses to click with me.  It’s like every time I’m irritated with Cristina I’m annoyed with myself because I know I should be loving her.  Anyway ….

My defensive love for Meredith is diminished slightly by the fact I don’t like this whole subplot with the Chief (but she did redeem herself by finally confessing to Derek when he pushed her.)

I hate Shonda for making me hate both Alex and Izzie.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with both of them (especially Alex) and I know the whole plot is to incorporate the copious amount of time off Katherine Heigl wants this season BUT this plot still refuses to make sense to me.  I get Izzie hating the Chief and the hospital that much but dude, you’re alive!  You beat the cancer which statistically speaking is almost impossible to beat! You’re married!  Alex (was) trying really hard to be there for you!  I don’t think this behaviour towards him is warranted!

Ever since McSteamy joined Seattle Grace, I’ve been pretty ambivalent towards him and I’ve neither loved nor hated Mark/Lexie (though, yes, the eek factor is there) but the thing I can’t stand?  Mark being all fatherly.  And his daughter.  Ugh GTFO my screen already.  This is tying with Izzie going AWOL has the worst plot arc this season.  (Chief’s drinking being a close second).

God it feels good to rant about a show again!

Things I liked:  Addison coming back, Derek playing Cupid for Bailey, Bailey all around in this episode, Meredith looking out for Izzie/Alex’s marriage, the writers making me now hate every last Mercy Wester, Cristina/Teddy in the OR.

The end, wow, the end.  Okay passing over the whole Alex/Lexie thing ……… Meredith finally confessing to Derek, the Cristina/Teddy scene …… wow.  The Cristina/Teddy scene.  This made me simultaneously love Teddy even more because she accepted Owen didn’t love her and she didn’t want to ruin what he has with Cristina, realising that it would be torture to be around him so she was willing to walk away ….. and then even at the very end she didn’t even want to tell Cristina the real reason ……… but at the same time it made me really like Cristina.  Idk, it mirrored the pig/cow, pig/cow instinctive decision so well where you don’t know what you really want until it just slips out.  And the shock on both her and Teddy’s face as they realised what she just said.  I just think it was so nicely played.  It’s scenes like this that make me keep watching the show (even though the rest of the 40 minutes might have sucked).  It’s certainly set up an interesting dynamic now.

And they played some awesome music during this episode but then they usually do.

CSI:NY: 6×12 – Criminal Justice

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say this but you know what, that was actually a good episode of CSI:NY all round.

The ironic thing is that when I read the episode description I was immediately inclined to think that it wouldn’t be (and to be fair the description was a bit misleading because it was more Stella’s case than Mac’s!) … I don’t know why.

Now whenever they bring in a new character on a procedural, I automatically suspect that a) he’s going feature prominently in some way and b) he’s evil, but I think they did a good job at introducing Craig and portraying his friendship with Mac and Stella.  The fact that he was at the crime scene made me incredibly suspicious and once they discovered the lighter etc. there was no doubt in my mind that he had been the one to put it there.  I loved at the end when you thought he was going to confess to Stella and then he just started spinning the tale that he’ll use in his defence and Stella was like “Oh, please.”

Nice play with it being the dog’s blood in the snowplough and then Stella finally remembering that the vic had a dog.  It wasn’t as completely obvious as the cases usually are.

Sidenote: Meredith’s Dad playing the judge made me laugh!  I think they definitely got the casting right with the guest stars this episode.  You knew Meyers was evil, you felt sorry for the Mum, you believed that the DA was clever and experienced enough to almost get away with it etc.

Lots of Danny/Lindsay scenes!  Yay!  Lindsay out in the field processing the scene AND going “undercover” in the same episode.  I almost couldn’t handle it plus a set up for future eps with Danny having his badge stolen.  What I liked even better was the way they fit the personal scenes seamlessly into the episode.

We need more well written episodes like this please!