Grey’s Anatomy: 6×23 – Sanctuary & 6×24 – Death And All His Friends

Grey’s Anatomy.  Bloody hell.

There are no words to convey how much I adored Meredith/Cristina in this episode.  Seriously wow.  You get to see how much Meredith has grown since the Pilot and Cristina, who has been irritating me for most of this season – definitely back in my good books.  And Callie/Arizona –  as much as I love Arizona, Callie was the “good man in the storm” in this episode ….. <3 <3 <3  Bailey!!!!!  Oh my God.  Seeing a whole different side to her.  And hello there Mandy Moore!  Didn’t realise you were guest-starring!

“2.16 – The End Of the World” and “2.17 – … As we Know It” will always be my favourite episodes of Grey’s Anatomy because of Kyle Chandler but the acting and the ~intensity~ of this finale probably tops everything else.  Ellen, Sandra and Chandra, especially.

The thing that I loved the most about this episode was the awesome Meredith/Cristina and Callie/Arizona scenes evidence that Meredith has matured such a lot from the dark, twisty wreck she was in the first few seasons.  I mean very often shows will claim their characters have grown and matured and then something like this happens and TPTB decide to use it as an excuse for their characters to take ten steps back rather than show them being strong and dealing with it.  Both Meredith and Richard really proved how much they’ve changed in this episode.

I mean here is Meredith HAPPY at being pregnant.  I felt for sure that when Shonda decided to play the pregnancy card, we’d see Meredith having a bit of a freakout, even if she was eventually happy with the news, but she proved me wrong.  So glad.

To me this guy will always be the Secret Service agent from The West Wing and the guy who played small parts in The Mentalist and Criminal Minds.

When I read the episode description for this finale before seeing the previous few episodes, I thought the gunman was just some random psycho introduced in this episode but having the build-up, introducing you to this man for several episodes beforehand, really made the drama all the more intense.  Also, the build-up in this episode alone when you see him ask for directions and each time getting dismissed ….. you can just tell he’s going to blow his top soon.

I love how happy Meredith is and how happy Cristina is for her, even though she’s still sad about Owen etc.  I like how she’s not sure whether Meredith’s happy about the news and how Meredith herself isn’t sure but her face says it all anyway.

Mandy Moore was like the perfect patient: funny, upbeat, good-humoured and then all hell broke loose …

Teddy.  Just because I like her whereas the rest of the fandom doesn’t.

I think I read a spoiler awhile back that they were going to kill off two of the Mercy-Westers and I guessed Reed would be one of them but even though I knew she was going to get killed and knew that Mr Clark was the shooter, this still came as a big shock.  The way it was so sudden and the creepy way they filmed it…..

Alex gets points for dragging himself to the elevator.  I would probably have just lain there crying.

The fluff before the storm.

For the record, if I ever slip over in a pool of my best friend’s blood, I reserve the right to have a complete mental breakdown but when she was waffling on and on to Derek, I did want to slap her as she was wasting valuable screentime.

I was wondering how long they were going to leave him lying there unnoticed.

Love how this dark, twisty twosome have become shiny, happy people!  Cristina wants to watch Meredith tell Derek she’s pregnant.  Awwwh.

Bickering.  <3

I love how McDreamy tries to be protective and shuts them in a storeroom and actually expects them to stay.

I think I forgot to breathe during this scene.  This is when I first started liking Charles Percy.

Arizona’s all like “I thought we were going to be friends” and Callie’s like “Erm, tried that, now going to go down the traditional route of hating your guts.”  Hee.  And the whole “Not good enough lesbian for you.”  Arizona does have a point though – Callie was kind of slutty back in the day!

Cristina holding back a screaming Meredith is one of my favourite moments from this episode.

Oh god when April came running up I was like “NO NO NO NO NO” – Derek was so close to talking Mr Clark out of it …… after this I sort of wanting Mr Clark to shoot April as well, even though I know you’re meant to feel sorry for her when she’s reeling off her personal details.

When the gunshot sounded and Lexie fell to the ground, I kind of guessed that it was him that was shot and not her.  What surprised me was that he was still alive and only got hit in the shoulder.  C’mon SWAT!!!

Oh this scene.  <3 <3 <3  Arizona broke my heart when she kept on saying “there’s only children here” and then shielded the little girl.  Callie, wow, Callie.  Whilst Arizona’s freaking out, she steps up and walks right up to the gunman to give him the bandages and tells him to go.  Then if that isn’t enough she gives that really endearing speech to the little girl about how Arizona is the best doctor in the world and how people feel better just by her walking into the room and how she has a super magic smile and then she gives Arizona this look which says “stop freaking out” and “I’m still in love with you” at the same time.


Avery was pretty awesome in this episode (even if he does only have one facial expression).  I kind of like the Avery/Cristina dynamic.

Cristina is awesome.

You’ve probably noticed that there’s not a whole lot of Alex/Lexie/Sloan in this recap.  It’s because they’re probably my least favourite characters and didn’t find their little piece of the jigsaw to be that interesting.  However, if I have to choose then I guess I prefer Alex/Lexie to Mark/Lexie but I’m glad that Alex’s love for Izzie did not just diminish as soon as Katherine Heigl left the show.  I did feel sorry for Lexie though and loved how she was there for Alex even though he thought she was Izzie.

And here’s the end of the triangle.  Although I actually liked Owen/Teddy, I’m glad that nothing happened and that the whole triangle-thing is resolved (hopefully for good) now.  I love how she told him that it’s okay to choose and told him to go.  I think that’s why I really like her because although she’s in love with Owen, she’s never tried to steal him for herself and respected the Owen/Cristina-ness.

Again, you get to see how much Meredith’s grown.  She’s actually comforting Shadow-Shepherd.

OH GOD THIS SCENE.  CHANDRA BROKE MY HEART!!!!  Have we ever seen Bailey just give up before?  Dear Lord!  At this point I was like “For God sake do that thing they always manage to do in TV shows where they perform surgery with like a spoon and a shoe-lace, don’t just give up!!”  And the way that Mandy Moore (yeah, never did learn her character’s name) just turns away.

Okay at this point I think I thought the reason why Owen was acting a bit weird towards Meredith and April was because he saw Derek flat-lining.  I think when I saw that Mr Clark was in there holding a gun to Cristina’s head, I was surprised because I thought the only way to get into the OR was where Meredith and April were sitting?

I love how Cristina refuses to stop the surgery.  <3

<3 Meredith’s speech.  “Shoot me”.  Not because she’s suicidal, like when she stuck her hand in with the bomb, but because she would rather die than lose Derek.  :(:(:(

Owen tries to play the hero and fails.

Even though I guessed that Avery had detached the wires and that Derek wasn’t really dead, Meredith’s reaction was heartbreaking.

I love how calm Cristina is when she asks “Is Owen dead?” and then tells Meredith to save her guy because she’s saving hers.

How completely tragic is it that Percy asks Bailey to tell Reed that he has always had a crush on her?  Love the moment when Mandy Moore goes “she already knows, girls always know.”  So true.  And then, like Shonda said, just as you’re starting to like him, he dies.

The look on Owen’s face when Meredith says she’s having a miscarriage.  🙁  I really didn’t think they were going to have her find out she’s pregnant and lose the baby in the same episode.  At this point my hopes of the episode ending with Meredith at Derek’s bedside telling him she was pregnant kind of went out the window.  Lol.

For, like, the first time this season I truly love Richard.  When he poured out the alcohol instead of drinking, I was filled with pure relief.  And the speech he gave to Mr Clark?  So rare do you get to hear someone talk someone else into committing suicide.  Usually it’s always someone talking someone out of doing it.  I know in Richard’s case it was self-preservation but I thought it was very realistic how he didn’t try to play the hero and save them both.  What wasn’t realistic was when you see him later, he’s not covered in blood.

Did I feel sorry for Mr Clark during this scene?  All I could think about was how his speech about going into a store and buying a gun was coming across as political commentary on the writers’ part.  In terms of setting up a plotline where someone goes round the hospital shooting everyone, I do think that this was probably as realistic as they could get.

At this point I would probably refuse to ever set foot in another hospital again, no matter how sick I was.

I am quite surprised they resolved this whole baby issue so quickly because Callie/Arizona have been relatively drama-free so far when you consider how much ~drama~ Alex/Izzie went through.  Obviously I’m sure they’ll be more angst in store for C/A in the future but I definitely think they’re in the together-forever stage now.  Do I think what happened in this episode was enough to change Arizona’s mind about having children convincingly?  Idk but I think what she says is true: that it’s proved that Callie will be an awesome mother.

Of course the episode wouldn’t be complete without someone’s heart flat-lining, anxious stares at the monitor, and then -phew- heart starts beating again.

Oh, Meredith.  🙁


So, yeah.  Shonda knocked this one out of the park.  The show gets extra points for creating the intense drama without killing off a single major character.  What do you guys think?  Where do you want Season 7 to pick up?  I’m guessing there will be some sort of time jump, even though I’d like to see the scene where Meredith tells Derek about the baby.  I’m also hoping that they have a proper wedding some time.

House, MD: 6×21 – Help Me

I’ve really liked this season of House …  well, apart from the whole Chase/Cameron thing falling apart (but although I was against bringing her back for that one ep, I definitely think it brought closure to that ship and was glad it happened.  Plus there were some very sweet CC moments in it).  There’s been quite a few awesome episodes both case-wise and character development-wise.  For a long time, whilst I always liked House/Cuddy, I could never see how it would actually work because I couldn’t picture House in a relationship with anyone and didn’t know how much of his behaviour towards her was him actually liking her or whether he was just being House but I think they’ve done a good job this season (and last season) in convincing me of his true feelings for her and, you know, on reflection, the whole Lucas/Cuddy was a good idea as it brought a whole new dynamic and made House realise some things.

Oh wow, this episode, this episode.  LOVED IT.  Maybe my favourite House finale?  I don’t know … but they didn’t do anything ~funny~ like with fantasies or hallucinations or anything.  It was just straightforward, raw.  Cuddy out in the field in a jumpsuit!  Full of House/Cuddy moments.  Gah, the way they looked at each other after he climbed into the ambulance and just before he shut the doors.  Oh God the patient!!!!!  When Foreman ran forward an opened the ambulance doors and everyone inside just sitting there ….

The end with the way it mirrored last season’s finale!  OMIGOD CUDDY’S SPEECH!!!!!  During the speech she gave him earlier when she told him she didn’t love him, I obviously gathered that she was lying but it made me think that we’d have to wait until next season to see that but then OH MY GOD!!!  So so so beautiful!!!!  “How do I know I’m not hallucinating?”.  AND THE LAST SHOT OF THEIR HANDS LINKED.  BEST HOUSE FINALE EVER.

6 seasons and I think they’ve had the perfect progression.  If they’d dragged it out even longer then it would be too long but if they’d had it happen any sooner then I would never have believed they had any hope of ever finding happiness in each other, no matter how they felt for each other.

Brothers & Sisters: 4.24 – On The Road Again

I think overall this season has been pretty weak (I blame the whole Ryan plotline – man did they get it wrong with the characterization/casting there ….).  There were some really good episodes dealing with Kitty’s cancer but then they wrapped that storyline really abruptly.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m also watching Parenthood which is essentially the same show (down to the philandering father with money problems) but with different characters and more children and that obviously has all the shine of being new and having a strong first season (though not as amazing as Brothers & Sisters was …).  Now with Rob Lowe gone, I don’t know how strong the fifth season is going to be.  ETA: Ausiello’s reporting that the next season might be shorter at 18 episodes – although I live by the belief that the more episodes = more enjoyment to be had, I think this might work better for this show?  I mean with 5 seasons, there’s only so many family fights that can be had.  Though with Saul’s HIV, Robert’s death, the new water situation, Kevin/Scotty’s baby, the year fast-forward, there could actually be more than enough “new” drama to spread out over a normal length season?

However, onto the finale itself – one of the best episodes of the season.  Sarah was freaking hilarious in this episode.  And loved the Kitty/Nora/Sarah storyline.  It also helped that it was relatively light on Rebecca and Holly.  Loved that Saul actually got a storyline – yes, an actual storyline!  <3 them playing under the water at Narrow Lake.

Sweet Robert/Kitty moments which, I guess, made what happened even harder to accept.  Damn Rob Lowe wanting to quit!!!!  C’mon it’s called Brothers & Sisters, clearly he was never going to be the main character and get all the screentime.  Grr.  As soon as the camera shot to them driving in the dark I was like “nooooooo!” and then when all the others were there driving … I was like, NO NO NO.  I was expecting them to kill off Robert but having the others as collateral damage too?  Evil.  I have to say that I am so grateful for not showing the moment of impact.  I was waiting for Robert/Kitty’s car to crash and scare me but the way they did it having it revealed from Justin/Rebecca’s perspective so to speak was classier.  Love the way that they panned out from !deadRobert/Kitty so you could see the extent of the crash.  The red herring with Robert’s hospital visit – sneaky …. of course everyone thought that it was going to be his heart that was going to be his downfall***.  Of all the alternatives, I am glad that they killed him off rather than had them divorce.  At least we had some cute Robert/Kitty moments this season.

*** Though really, WHO WOULD LET SOMEONE WHO HAD JUST BEEN HOSPITALISED FOR HEART PROBLEMS DRIVE???????  When they were at the house and I saw Robert get in the driving side, I was like WHAT????  I mean they could have had the same plotline but with Kitty driving and make more logical sense.

I don’t like Tommy but I kind of expected him to make an appearance in the finale.  Anyway, to sum up:  AWESOME episode, yay for Saul getting a storyline, Sarah is awesome, Kitty/Robert moments galore *sniff*, awesome acting all around.