Life Unexpected: 2×01 – Ocean Uncharted

Hmm Life Unexpected …. why does Lux’s new crush look like Jones 2.0 (less pretty though) and Paige the new bartender looks like a Lux 2.0? It’s creepy.

They so didn’t need so many new characters and definitely not introduce them all in the first episode back. You know, it would have been nice to have one episode with just the old crowd, then gradually introduce the others one by one maybe. It’s a given but I don’t like either of the two new women at the radio station.

Oh Baze,. <3 <3 <3 His scenes with Cate in this episode broke my heart. In the hospital when he asked her whether it would have made a difference if he had gotten to the church earlier and she didn’t answer him …… <3 These two are joint top with Chuck/Sarah at being my OTP at the moment. I just love all their ~moments~ even if they can’t be together romantically.

Oooh what happened with Ryan and Julia???? Is it something big or something really small that they’re making it seem like big for the ~drama~ because I do think Ryan is a nice guy ………. but then maybe too kinda perfect? Usually in TV, it’s all about the flaws characters have and it seems like he doesn’t have any with the way he handled Lux, Cate/Baze (though obviously he’s getting to the end of his tether with that one) etc. However, why can’t Ryan/Cate just be happy in their marriage for awhile (apart from the whole Baze thing obv.) It’s like when Chase/Cameron and Justin/Rebecca got married and things immediately went downhill. How can Derek/Meredith be the most stable married couple?!?!?!?!?! Seriously.

I’m not overly sad that Bug has left. I tend to be apathetic to most that happens in Lux’s life outside of Baze and Cate, as I watch the show for, erm, Baze and Cate. I did feel kinda sorry for him but if they continued to back-and-forth thing between him and Lux this season as well, it would have gotten old very fast. Is Jones making an appearance? Or is it all about Eric now? Eww he’s her teacher? This goes against all my moral principles. And yet this should be interesting ….

Oh Paige is Ryan’s sister???? Man this has just become a love quadrangle or something (possibly a pentagon, depending on who Julia is)!!!

Criminal Minds: 6×01 – The Longest Night

I wasn’t overly fond of the finale plotwise but the fact they killed Eric Close might have something to do with it as well.  I was looking forward even less to being one episode closer to JJ’s final one.  =/

Morgan/JJ look … I’m sure JJ wouldn’t have taken it personally.  Morgan/Garcia … ouch.  No way would Morgan have said that about Garcia no matter how upset he is.  “She gets the job done every time.” Thank you Hotch.  Really don’t like Morgan being snappy at Garcia – it’s like the whole natural order of the world’s been changed.

Awwh sweet Morgan/Prentiss moment…. until he snapped at her too.  I don’t like this !angstyMorgan!  But he apologised to Garcia, bless.  All is right in the world now …. except it’s not because they’re clearly setting up JJ’s exit by making her be a hostage negotiator.

Hang on, didn’t we have an unsub’s backstory being that he was forced to see his mother be a prostitute in Season 4?  I just rewatched this.  Still, I hate that I feel a bit sorry for the perp now, though I guess we’ve already had “pure evil” in the form of the Reaper.

The looks on the team’s faces as they listen to JJ over the radio….. oh wow, JJ’s speech.  <3 <3 <3 <3  TPTB killed the Aunt as well??  Ouch.  Awwh Morgan/daughter and JJ watching them.  Overall it was a pretty good resolution to a storyline I wasn’t particularly fond of.  Not sure whether I like the fact they made us feel a sorry for the unsub and therefore a bit sad when Morgan shot him.  Oh JJ, I miss you already.

Rewatch: Criminal Minds Season 4

4.01 – Poor Hotch and Kate!  Love how worried everyone on the team is about each other.  Hated watching the CCTV of Hotch and Kate getting blown up – it looked scarily real.  Kate rambling about cinema/movies.  I never paid much attention to her when I watched it the first time around as I was too busy freaking out about the BAU team but now I know what’s going to happen to her, I feel sorry for her.  Morgan on the Subway train … literally couldn’t breathe  ~intense~.  I love that Morgan’s gun has a torch on it … but what I want to know is why they all don’t have one?  Oh Morgan and the bomb .. completely OTT but since they usually do realistic but gritty on this show, I can let them off this once.  Prentiss/Cooper … awwh.  The thing that bugs me the most about this episode is what the hell happened to all the other terrorists?  Clearly they couldn’t be found but when they heard that their big, bad leader killed himself wouldn’t they try to do something.

4.02 – Awwh!  The cat!  Oh God, not a hammer!  They always comment on Reid’s hair!!  Reid’s “Evil Twin, Eviler Twin” theory – LMAO at the looks on Morgan and Prentiss’ faces.  Seriously, lol.  Garcia/Prentiss/Morgan and clowns!  Haha.  Prentiss/Rossi and Barry Manilow!  Prentiss/Reid “he looks so real”.  They’re really pulling out the jokes on this one.  Rossi/Hotch – nice moment there for the shippers.  I think it’s fair to say that I don’t feel so bad obsessing over TV shows when there’s people out there obsessing over serial killers.  Awwh team moment at the end about Morgan/Reid’s driving!

4.03 – My favourite episode this season!  Prentiss FTW.  Ugh, Reid’s hair.  LOL Susan’s sister from ER / guest star in a billion other things.  When that SWAT guy breaks the glass – really beautiful angle on the camera there!  Awwh JJ, Morgan worried about Prentiss/Reid.  Rossi saying he’s emotionally involved and can’t be objective cos he cares for P/R.  Bless.  Hotch squaring up to that guy!  Oh super awesome Prentiss copping to being FBI to save Reid <3.  Awwh Reid apologising to her.   Awwh Morgan protective of Prentiss.  Love the lots of Emily-ing going on.  Prentiss calling for Reid and Morgan.  The Prentiss/Reid convo at the end!  <3

4.04 – Prentiss/Morgan/hot tub – LOL.  Oh wow, I remember this episode!  It freaks me out.  It’s like a mini horror film and definitely holds your attention, even though it’s not one I’d like to rewatch over and over again, especially not in the dark.  Awwh JJ making sure the baby can’t hear what they’re talking about!

4.05 – Derek Morgan in action, making his smooth move.  Lol.  I can’t remember what I felt about Agent Todd the first time around  (man I hardly recapped any CM eps in the past.  Sort of why I’m doing this so I have something to go on during future rewatches) but I think I liked her but obviously missed JJ.  LOL!  Prentiss/Morgan/Reid laughing about Morgan/Reid’s love life.  JJ/Reid making their exit from the room before Hotch gives the investigator a talking to!  Awwh!  JJ/Reid/Prentiss baby talk.  LOL that Prentiss/Morgan/Reid/JJ/Todd moment at the end and Reid and Prentiss profiling Morgan!

4.06 – Another Reid story arc begins … so sweet that JJ’s baby entered his dream though and he was calling for her … and then he’s woken up to find the whole team staring at him!  I am sad that the Reid/JJ from early Season 1 never went anywhere but having said that, I wouldn’t change the way things played out for the world (take note CBS.  Grrr).  Oooh it’s that guy from Journeyman and Joan from Covert Affairs guest-starring!  JANE LYNCH!  <3  Love the scene of the team laughing around the dinner table.

– LMAO – Rossi’s hand signals telling JJ that Prentiss is hungover <3 <3 <3 <3.  Awwh really sweet moment with JJ telling Reid to take care of himself.  Rossi and Morgan in Reid’s hotel room watching trashy TV.  <3 <3  Hotch walking in on Prentiss/JJ/Jordan’s girly convo!  Hee.  Garcia/Morgan’s flirting “I do give good phone” –> Hotch and Prentiss’ looks LMAO, especially Hotch!!  Jane Lynch is awesome in this.  Clearly drama is her thing as well.  JJ refusing to admit she’s in labour “because Reid needs us right now” – how sweet <3.  Hotch’s matter-of-fact “I’ll get the car”.  <3  All gathered round JJ’s bed, Prentiss’ “as long as he doesn’t inherit the accent”, JJ calling Reid “Spence”, “you look beautiful”, such a sweet ending!  I’m glad that they revisited the JJ/Reid friendship this season.

4.08 – Just like 4×04, another intense, freaky episode.  Reverse profiling is a nice twist on the norm.  LOL at Reid’s joke and Rossi trying to save him from public humiliation.  Todd/Morgan clash, Todd/Hotch!  Lol.  “Have they???”  Hotch/Garcia/Kevin .. haha, Prentiss/Todd.  I remember the first time I watched, I was shocked by how the end played out.

4.09 – Poor Todd getting a talking to from Hotch.  I don’t actually think she did anything wrong.  Ohh Prentiss/Viper .. what a sleazebag!  Garcia/Hotch convo .. heh.  Reid/Todd and fake jewellery!  Haha.  Prentiss’ “Oh this is really going to suck” <3 <3 <3.  Reid in the club is hilarious!  Reid/bartender … awwh.  Prentiss/Todd/Viper … <3  “I wouldn’t let you on my Facebook page”.  Awwh I liked Reid’s bartender.

– I can’t remember this episode.  Hmm, some of it seems familiar but it’s all a bit vague.  I remember the fight club.  Good episode.

4.11 – Oooh I remember this episode – the toy cars!  That awesome car stunt was clearly unnecessary!  Haha.  Gina Torres from Standoff!  Have to admit, pretty awesome stunts.  Oh the twist at the end when you find out he had already killed his family!  I forgot about that.  Awwh Jordan/Rossi.  Oh the end!!!!  JJ and the baby cheering the guys up!  LOVE.  “Smiling at Derek Morgan.” “Gas”  Hotch/JJ <3.  Another great episode.  Wow, how could I have forgotten how much I liked this season as well as season 3?!

4.12 – Another case which was a bit different, starting in the middle of the BAU’s investigation.  I felt so sorry for the daughter.  Good episode.

4.13 – Prentiss and the girl were cute but most definitely not my favourite episode.

I like Jordan Todd.  If they left her exit a bit more open ended and they HAD to write out JJ and Prentiss, then I would be okay with her coming back and maybe continuing the rapport with Morgan.

– Love the beginning with the banter about horoscopes and Prentiss’ age <3  I have a thing against “psychics” ever since Kristina Frye.  UGH!  Embalming and necrophilia!  Yeah, this one’s not one of my faves either.

4.15 – Awwh!  JJ showing Morgan and Garcia photos of Henry.  A serial killer copying the MO of serial killers is definitely a good idea.  Sweet Rossi/JJ moment at the end.  Those two hardly have any interaction as it’s mostly Rossi/Prentiss but both this episode and the preceding one have ended with a sweet moment between them.

– Mercy by Duffy!  Oh I remember this episode …   Prentiss/Reid/the Madam – LOL!  The look on everyone’s face when the prostitute calls Hotch.  I did actually feel sorry for her at the end.  Nice to have a female serial killer once in awhile!

4.17 – PRENTISS-CENTRIC EP!!!!!  It’s a real pity I don’t like these religious/satanic eps in general.  Awwh!  Little Emily!  Priest telling Rossi to take good care of Prentiss.  Hodges playing at the end.

4.18 – The start of the Reaper storyline!  I’d forgotten how it all started!  Obviously the shock value of finding out that George Foyet was actually the reaper was gone this time but now I can appreciate the clever intricacies of this episode.  Rossi giving Hotch his gun and telling him he might as well kill himself now really shocked me the first time around.  “It’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”  Ah the end of this episode chilled me to the bone.

4.19 – Ooh arsonist.  Haven’t had one of them in awhile.  Casual dress!  Oh god the burn victim!  You don’t even see things like this on hospital dramas!  Poor Garcia.

4.20 – Even though I’ve seen this before I totally forgot that the woman wasn’t the perp and that both unsubs were Adam!  Freaky!

4.21 – Wow this isn’t ringing any bells so far though I recognise the guest-stars from other shows.  Oh wait, is this the one where the brother kills the boy and it isn’t related to the other crimes?  Is it wrong that for a split second when Hotch was getting all in the face of the paedophile, I felt a tiny bit sorry for the unsub?  Oh dear, I’ve been watching this show too much.

4.22 – Ooh I remember the fandom flailing when it was first revealed that Alex O’Loughlin was going to guest-star.  Was that really 1 and a half years ago??  Wow time flies.  Why does Hotch always insist on wearing that awful tie?  Ugh when perp plugs his bullet wounds with bread .. that always creeps me out.

– I don’t understand – why doesn’t she just run through the trees and down the bank where the car can’t follow her?  Even if it’s steep, she’ll have a better chance at surviving!  LOL at the banter on the plane about men’s love for their cars.  Hurray JJ on TV fulfilling her job description!  Nice one Hotch – almost did yourself serious damage there.  Awwh!  Kevin/Garcia.  Good that he pops up now and again for continuity.

4.24 – Oooh I like this episode!  I always thought that it made a better season finale than the actual season finale.  I know the anthrax plotline is probably as cliché as the Season 3 “NYC terrorism” one but it had all the features for an epic season finale: national security, unpredictability, tension, Reid in danger, team love.  I love it when JJ calls Reid “Spence”.  Love Prentiss’ doubts about how they’re handling the situation and the media blackout.  Awwh!  JJ worried about Henry and her convo with Hotch.  <3 Reid/Morgan/anthrax.  Garcia/JJ worried about Reid.  Awwh Reid/Garcia/message to Reid’s mum <3.  Reference back to Reid’s drug addiction!  “I’m about to get naked.  Is that something you really want to see?”  Rossi/Prentiss:  “Don’t Emily me”.  Again with the Subways playing an important part.  Morgan: “We are a team.  We’re going to go down as a team.”  Rossi: “I’m sorry for Emilying you back at the house”.  Awwh!  Nice Rossi/Prentiss moment – they’ve had quite a few this season.  <3 JJ and Hotch calling home, worried for their children.  Reid/Morgan …. love how everyone, especially Morgan, calls Reid ‘kid’.  That’s a real scary ass bio-chemical storage facility.

4.25/26 –  We all know how I feel about this finale but I tried to rewatch with an open mind.  Duuuude how did I not register that Sharif Atkins is in this?!  Okay Morgan, enough of the “brother”ing.  Ugh, SICK SICK SICK.  Dear God, I actually can’t look any more!  LOL Prentiss: “I don’t know as much about pig farms as you might think”.  Okay, I admit it, I fast-forwarded through most of the second half of this.  The ending with Hotch/Reaper was a classic though.

Conclusion: I definitely don’t give this season enough credit.  In my mind, Season 3 is always the one to beat but this was pretty darn good too ….. well, until we get to the finale which obviously tainted the rest of the season for me the first time around.  Also, it’s a whopping 26 episodes!  Woah.  Wish they made it 24 and ended with the anthrax episode.