Top 10 Relationships (based on story arcs that aired in 2010)

10. Ship: Jane/Lisbon (The Mentalist)

as best exemplified in this fanvid

I am still trying to scrub the whole Kristina Frye arc from my brain but it would just be sad if these two didn’t get a mention.

9. Friendship: Meredith/Cristina (Grey’s Anatomy)

Pretty much the only Grey’s Anatomy relationship that has lasted 7 seasons.  I love how Derek basically just tells Owen to accept it as a force of nature.  Of course recently their friendship has taken an interesting turn in the aftermath of the Season 6 finale and it’s been interesting to see them at an unavoidable impasse for the first time ever.

Incidentally, 2010 was also the year I fell in love with Callie/Arizona but that was over their season 5/6 moments rather than anything that happened in 2010 so I didn’t include them.

8. Ship: Luke/Becky // Vince/Jess (Friday Night Lights)

Totally squeezed in two for one with this.  These are my favourite OTPS for this show (as well as Mr/Mrs Coach of course).  Cute but realistic.

7. Ship: Thom/Alex (Nikita)

as best exemplified in this fanvid

It’s not until you rewatch the series so far that you fully appreciate how every single one of their moments slowly built up to what happened in 1×11.  I am still in denial.  (Also, we got FLASHBACKS.)

6. (Friend?)ship: Jane/Maura (Rizzoli & Isles)

I love female friendships for what they are and do not feel the need to femslash them but there’s something about these two ….  I have no idea what it is.  I mean Meredith/Cristina are probably the closest female friends on TV at the moment and they’re forever sleeping in each others beds and I wouldn’t even dream of shipping them but Jane and Maura …. the way they look at each other … I don’t know ….. Maybe Angie and Sasha have too much chemistry (in a platonic way) but it comes out all wrong on screen?  Lol.  Anyway, now it’s impossible for me to watch the show without seeing the ~moments~.  Heh.

5. Friendship: BAU Team and Cast (Criminal Minds)

These guys <3 both onscreen and offscreen.

4. Family: Baze/Lux/Cate (Life Unexpected, Season One)

as best exemplified in this fanvid
(just the Baze/Cate-ness 🙂

Yes, only Season One.  We do not talk about Season Two.  I wanted to just put Baze/Cate here as if we recall, around the time when I was meant to revising for my final exams, I became really obsessed with them.  However, just thinking about how awesome the dynamic was between them in Season One makes me sad that we never get to see that in Season Two.  So I included Lux as well and made it more of a family thing.  Season 1 was awesome, especially all the angsty Cate/Lux stuff and Baze wanting to be Lux’s friend rather than a father figure.  In Season 2 that whole dynamic was lost (as well as the Baze/Cate, obviously).  There will be a follow-up rant on this at some point.

3. Ship: Michael/Nikita (Nikita)

as best exemplified in this fanvid
Sidenote: You know how some songs are just suited to be used in fanvids (usually alternative rock songs of some sort).  For example, almost every fandom has a team video made using OneRepublic ‘All The Right Moves’.  I never thought anyone could get a song sung by Madonna and Justin Timberlake to work so well in a fanvid.  I almost hate that I love it so much.

Undeniably the OTP at the heart of the show but one that can never become canon on screen (unless in flashbacks).  So much angst, so much baggage and yet so much chemistry …

2. Ship: Chuck/Sarah (Chuck)


They’re pretty perfect.  I don’t think any thing else needs to be said.

1. Friendship: Nikita/Alex (Nikita)

as best exemplified in this fanvid

I feel like I’m cheating putting these two so high up considering it’s only been in the past couple of weeks whilst I was rewatching the series so far that I full appreciated them.
They have this whole mother/daughter // older sister/younger sister // mentor/student dynamic going on that’s so endearing (I will NOT let femslashers ruin this for me!  C’mon people, Alex was 13 when Nikita saved her life.  Shipping them is just wrong!).  Two of my favourite scenes is 1) in the flashback when Nikita touches Alex’s face when she’s having nightmares and 2) the look on Alex’s face when Nikita shows up at the gas station to save her and she runs towards her (just before Michael appears).  Ohh and of course the scene where Nikita tells Alex to start beating her up to protect their cover and Alex’s expression is like “WTF?  I can’t do that!”.  I love how Nikita saw Alex as someone worth saving and basically saw herself in her.  Also, how many times has Nikita saved Alex’s life?  In 1×11 she sacrificed herself and risked everything, including their whole plan, to save her.  And then you’ve got the whole dynamic of Alex wanting to prove herself to Nikita.
Of course the real magic about their relationship is how the writers still manage to convey the emotional connection between them when very often the only scene they “share” is through an IM conversation on the computer.  That’s pretty ingenious.

Top 6 Unforgettable Episodes of 2010

6. Criminal Minds

6.02 – JJ

Garcia: Don’t they understand we’re a family.  That’s why it works because we’re a family.  Do they even care?!

JJ: I am thankful for my years spent with this family, for everything we shared, every chance we had to grow. I’ll take the best of them with me and lead by their example wherever I go. A friend told me to be honest with you, so here it goes… This isn’t what I want, but I’ll take the high road. Maybe it’s because I look at everything as a lesson, or because I don’t want to walk around angry, or maybe it’s because I finally understand there are things we don’t want to happen, but have to accept; things we don’t want to know, but have to learn; and people we can’t live without, but have to let go.

This episode had AJ looking absolutely gorgeous, humour, subtext, plot mirroring real life, everyone crying and FLASHBACKS.  I couldn’t ask for a classier exit for a character.

5. Life Unexpected

1.13 – Love Unexpected

As summed up in this hauntingly beautiful fanvid

Cate: Are you in love with me?
Baze: What?
Cate: Look I just, I don’t want to be in denial any more and I don’t want to talk myself out of something that’s really happening, erm, you know, because I felt something this morning.  If I’m being honest, I felt it before this morning.  Since the moment you have come back in my life I have felt it and, you know, I have tried to convince myself that it is wrong, you know, like I have tried to explain it away.  Like if I act that it’s not real, it won’t be ….. I just don’t know Baze, what if it is?  What if there is a part of me that is in love with you too?

Every time I rewatch the scene where Cate goes to see Baze in the middle of the night, I pray that somehow it’s changed and Baze decides not to be selfless and noble about it and just tells the truth.
And the last scene with The Weepies playing and then …. gah – the look on Baze’s face breaks my heart.  Although this episode obviously didn’t go the way I wanted to, it played out the way it should have and in terms of story-telling, it was handled perfectly.

4. Nikita

1.11 – All The Way

Nikita: He may be marked but you’re the one who has to pull the trigger.
Alex: I know.
Nikita: And you’ve never taken a life.
Alex: I know.
Nikita: You don’t know.  Believe me, you don’t.  It takes away a part of you, you can never get back.
Alex: Nikita, are you trying to scare me?  Do you want me to back out of this?
Nikita: I want you to know with absolute clarity what you’re getting into because this is the moment when you ask yourself “how far am I willing to go?”
Alex: How far are you willing to go?

I was tempted to choose 1×09 purely for the Michael/Nikita but objectively this episode was just an all round solid piece of action, drama and story progression.  We had lots of questions answered, lots of background information given, several Nikita/Alex scenes and then there’s the whole Thom/Alex angle …..  I wish that it hadn’t happened but wow it certainly had the impact the writers were going for.

3. Chuck

3.18 – Chuck Versus The Subway & 3.19 – Chuck Versus The Ring Part II

Chuck: I’m sorry, Sarah. I’m sorry, but if I have to choose, I will always choose to protect you.

I nearly chose 3.13 instead of this as that was the episode where Chuck/Sarah finally got together but I think the finale had everything in it that makes this show good, plus it finally wrapped up the whole Ring arc.

2. Friday Night Lights

4.05 – The Son

Matt: I gotta get up there in front of everybody and say good stuff about this man. And all I really want to say is ‘Here lies Henry Saracen, his mother annoyed him, his wife couldn’t stand him and he didn’t want to be a dad so he took off to be in the army because that’s the only way he could come up with to get out of here and ditch all your responsibilities and no one could call you out on it and that worked out great so you just decided to enlist four more times and that ended up getting you killed and now here you are. And all you left behind is a mother with dementia, a divorced wife and a son that delivers pizza. Thank you for coming 100 people I do not know.’ You know what the worst part is? Even if I did get up and say all that I don’t even know if I’m saying it to him because I don’t know what’s in that damn box. It’s a closed casket– might be someone else, someone funnier or a bunch of rocks.

Matt: I hate him. I don’t like hating people, but I just put all my hate on him so I don’t have to hate anyone else so I can be a good person, you know to my Grandma, to my friends, to your daughter. That’s all I want to say. I want to tell him to his face that I hate him but he doesn’t even have a face. I’m sorry, Mrs. Taylor. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

This episode, oh my God, this episode.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more blown away by an outpouring of real, raw emotion on TV.  Zach Gilford should win every flipping award in the world for this episode alone.  Also it’s the start of the Luke/Becky.

1. Grey’s Anatomy

6.23 – Sanctuary & 6.24 – Death And All His Friends

Meredith: Shoot me.
Cristina: Meredith…!
Meredith: You want justice right? Your wife died, I know what happened. Derek told me the story. Lexie Grey is the one that pulled the plug on your wife, she’s my sister. Dr. Webber, he was your wife’s doctor. I’m the closest thing he has to a daughter. And the man on the table, I’m his wife. If you wanna hurt them, the way that you were hurt, shoot me. I’m your eye for an eye.

No finale in the 2009/2010 season can even come close to touching this in terms of how jaw-dropping, emotional, scary and tragic this episode is.  I think every show has one standout episode where even people who aren’t fans have to admit that it’s one amazing episode of television and for Grey’s Anatomy, this is it (though I hear we have a musical episode coming up so you never know, that might steal this episode’s thunder ….. O_O).

Rewatch: Studio 60

I totally didn’t give this show enough credit when I watched it the first time around. I think there were bits of it that I did really really love but the rest I just watched because of the cast?  Then of course there was that massive hiatus and by the time the second half aired, we knew it was going to be cancelled. This time around I feel the need to flail about every little thing and now that I’ve finished my rewatch, I am even more distraught that this show was cancelled than I was the first time around.   Maybe because the first time I watched, I hadn’t seen The West Wing whereas now I really appreciate the fact that it’s heavy on fast-paced, witty dialogue? I don’t know.

Danny: How did you know I was going to propose?
Jordan: I didn’t, I just hoped.
Danny: Since when?
Jordan: Remember the first time I met you?
Danny: Yeah.
Jordan: Since then.

<3How is it that despite all their baggage, Danny and Jordan have the most perfect onscreen relationship out of all my OTPs?!  And they totally had the fluffiest ever final scene.  They wrote Jordan perfectly in that she’s so completely snarky and bantery that on the couple of occasions when she’s really sweet to Danny, the whole fluffiness sort of causes a cataclysmic flail fit.

It’s kind of funny because the first time I watched the show, I thought that Danny/Jordan came out of absolutely nowhere but now I can sort of see the very very subtle build-up in the first half of the season (though I still maintain that getting Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet to do all the photoshoots and red carpet events together before the Pilot aired was very misleading.  Heh).

1.01 – This was one of those shows that didn’t really suck me in from the Pilot. I was sold by the cast alone and decided to stick with it until I suddenly did fall in love with it. Amanda Peet is so freaking awesome though. Right from the start. Took me a lot longer to appreciate Harriet though.

1.02 – Jordan! She’s so funny and witty! Danny/Matt and the clock! Haha! I really liked this episode – much more than the Pilot.

1.03 – Jordan love! Oooh the first hint that Jordan is pregnant! I don’t think it registered at all the first time I watched the show. Simon setting Tom up with the girl! Awwh. Haha they actually made the T shirt!!! Really nice montage at the end there.

1.04 – You know, I might be liking Matt/Harriet more this time around. Matt/Tom talking. Haha. Clever idea for an ep!

1.05 – Wait, what? Now Jordan drinks alcohol? Is it just me or are the sketches in the show not actually funny?! I mean the dialogue of the actual show is a lot funnier than the actual Studio 60 sketch show, right? Jordan imitating the English guy’s accent! Haha! LAUREN GRAHAM!!!!!!!!! Awwh that Matt/Harriet moment at the end.

1.06 – Jordan drinking wine … maybe in episode 3 when you see her hesitate and stop herself from drinking the champagne didn’t mean anything then ….. [“This is, for me, Superman’s dome of pleasure.” “Fortress of solitude?”] LOL. Lauren Graham <3. Matthew Perry/Lauren Graham/Gilmore Girls!!!!! Best scene ever!! Matt trying to explain his job to those girls! Haha! [“I don’t have any friends”] Oh Jordan, I HEART YOU. [“I think if you gave me a chance you’d find me delightful.” “Alright, let’s not go for too much on your first try.”] Tom and his parents! [“I threw the ball into a dumpster. Then I fell into the dumpster. It’s a long story …”]

1.07 – ANNA from Chuck!!!!! The “Jesus Christ” sketch is pretty awesome. Danny/Simon/Jordan scene! Haha! Jack/Chinese guy is hilarious!!! [“Et tu, Daisy?”] Haha. [“You sent assassins?!”] LMAO!!! I definitely didn’t appreciate this episode enough the first time around.

1.08 – [“I’m not white Darius. I’m English.”] LOVE TOM. Matt/Lucy hug! Awwwh! Jack’s speech to the Chinese guy. LOVE. [“You’re the one who started all this!” “I know!!!”] Oh this whole episode (and the previous one) was epic! I miss this show!! [“I’m the one who’s supposed to be protecting you.”] Awwh.

1.09 – Harriet/Jeanie. Hehe. [“I’m Harriet Hayes. The cool people are going to gravitate to me. I could have joined the CIA. They wanted me.”]. Tom/Harriet/Simon. Awwh! Those guys are sweet! [“I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as the internet. It might just be Jeanie telling people stuff.”] Matt/Lucy!!!!! Awwh sweet Danny/Jordan moment. So nice that Jordan, Danny and Cal stayed behind to rewatch the show with Matt instead of going to the wrap party.

1.10 – Haha! Parody of ‘Deal Or No Deal’. Harriet can’t tell a joke! Hehe. [“I’m an AmeriCAN, not an AmeriCAN’T”] “J-Mac” – I love that Jack calls her that! Seriously, that’s like the best thing ever!!! [“Nobody here knows how to operate an umbrella?!”] Harriet still can’t tell the joke!!! JORDAN BEING SO FREAKING AWESOME! Haha! Harriet STILL can’t tell the joke! And she still can’t!!! Yay Corinne Bailey Rae! First ~real~ Danny/Jordan moment. LOVE THESE TWO.

1.11 – DANNY/JORDAN!!! I remember the first time I watched this show, the whole Danny/Jordan thing caught me by surprise and I fell head over heels for them starting with this episode pretty much! Matt/Christmas/snow/palm trees/coconuts <3 Love how supportive Jack is of Jordan’s news. Cal and the coconut! Matt trying to get Danny to “say it”. Danny hitting the table!!! Everyone picking holes in Christmas. Jack’s “Do you need a menu?” Love how happy Matt is for Danny being in love with Jordan. Danny’s declaration of love! The look on Jordan’s face!

1.12 – Danny/Jordan/phone calls <3 [“Matt’s there because with Harriet gone for two weeks, it’s like somebody’s moved his food dish.”] I LOVE how she stares at the photo! The first indication that she loves him back!! Love that Danny is also staring at the photo!!! [“This is what I eat whilst I’m waiting for the food.”] Matt/Harriet! Hee! Wilson is pretty epic! Tom asking for Matt’s blessing to ask out Lucy. So sweet. Harriet/Jordan friendship! [“I’m a bi-atch, baby.”] Awwh! Tom/Lucy! Jack trying to speak Mandarin!! LMAO! Suzanne is a great character! Matt/Lucy convo! Awwh! DANNY/JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!

1.13 – Jack helping Tom out of the grape costume!!! Matt that is some seriously bad advice you’re giving Lucy. Cal and the snake-wrangler! Haha! Tom/Lucy!!!! Eww snakes! EPIC DANNY/JORDAN-ness …….

1.14 – EPIC DANNY/JORDAN-ness continues! The whole snake-ferret-coyote storyline <3 <3 <3 <3 Molly Price! [“I’ve got the animal kingdom axis of evil down there!”] [“We dropped her. It’s okay.”] [“Where are the executive producers?” “It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they were under the stage as well.”] Matt singing “Say A Little Prayer”. I love that Zhang actually speaks English <3. Great plot line. [“You speak English?” “I speak a few words.” “How many words?” “All of them.”]

1.15 – Jordan/chest area. Haha. Oooh flashbacks!!! Jordan/pillow fleas whaaat! The way Jordan looks at Danny when he starts talking to the baby. Hehe. Tom/Dylan are hilarious. Ahh Matt hallucinating and taking drugs.

1.16 – Joan from Covert Affairs!!!!!!!!!! Matt/Suzanne <3 <3 <3 <3 I love their banter. Awwh Danny/Jordan/fake baby <- that whole storyline is hilarious. Love the ending with that sweet Matt/Harriet moment. Man their relationship was like a rollercoaster.

1.17 – Allison Janney!!!!!!! Talking to “Danny”!!! I really don’t remember this episode! LOL Cal to Allison over the earpiece. [“Has Allison Janney lost her mind?”] [“Is it going to be a good show tonight?” “Don’t see how.”] [“I ended up offering you my pants.” “That’s why you’re the best, Allison.”] Tamala Jones from Castle!! [“The German shepherd speaks German?”] Harriet’s impersonation of Allison! LMAO! The number of things that go wrong with Allison’s sketches is hilarious! It’s Math from Life Unexpected!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe they had a whole episode without Danny, Matt or Jordan. I know no-Jordan was probably to accommodate Amanda’s pregnancy but no Danny or Matt? No Danny/Allison Janney interaction? Still, funny episode!

1.18 – Matt/lawyer! Matt/Suzanne talking about him being high <3 I LOVE their relationship! Mary the lawyer asking Jordan to set her up with Matt! Hee. Jordan verbally kicking Danny’s ass. Gran Bel Fisher! This show introduced me to him, Jenna Fisher hosting!!!!!!!!! Danny/Matt/drugs! The ending of this episode gets me every time. The way Tom smashes the screen, the way Jordan looks at him, the way Danny gets someone to take her to the hospital, the way Danny looks at Lucy, the way Matt and Danny ask each other if they’re okay…. Gah!

1.19 – [“Is he the father?” “No but he wants to be.”] The moment when Matt tells the cast that Jordan is in the ER and Harriet just gets to her knees and starts praying …. Really touching. Danny/Jordan!! Ahhh! So so sweet! Love the flashback and how they deal with the 9/11 / war / George Bush stuff. Jordan wanting to argue with Danny! James Lesure from Las Vegas!!! DANNY/JORDAN WITH ‘HAVE A LITTLE FAITH’ PLAYING!!!! Matt/Harriet arguing about God flashbacks!!! [“We have been having this fight in two different millennia now!”] Matt telling God to show him something is one of my favourite moments as I basically share his views on the whole God thing.

1.20 – [“These are the calming influences”]. Hee! Awwh! Matt was writing a marriage proposal for Danny! That is so sweet! I forgot all about that. Danny/Matt/Harriet in the hospital. LOL. Lucy! Awwh! Haha Matt telling the writers room about the hospital news. [“They’re engaged?! To be married?!” “No, just in a conversation.”] LOVE that exchange!!! I love how in the flashbacks no one can understand how it is going to take weeks to defeat the Taliban and here we are almost ten years later, still fighting the war (well, five years later when Studio 60 was being made but nothing has changed since then). Danny is adorable standing up for his right to see his daughter. I absolutely love how he so doesn’t even care a bit that it’s not his biological daughter. So adorable. Matt wanting to come back to the hospital to be with Danny <3. I love their friendship. [“Harry, you can look all you want but you’re never going to find a guy better than him.”] I never fully appreciated what a useful tool Mary the lawyer was. She starts off just being the lawyer for that discrimination suit, then becomes a potential love interest for Matt, helps with Tom’s brother’s K&R, warns Matt about Danny’s legal right with the baby ….. Simon <3

1.21 – Jack looking for a drink in Danny’s office! I really didn’t like Jack at first but he is pretty funny and loved him this time around. [“I’m Jewish, I’ve wanted to kill Arabs long before the rest of you!” *AWKWARD SILENCE”] [“How is it that no one’s ever hit you in the head with a potato?” “I duck and weave, baby.”] Love that you can see Simon’s rant on the TV over Danny’s shoulder. I really wanted a cute Danny/Jordan flashback moment right here. I get withdrawal anxieties when they go a whole two episodes without Amanda Peet. I love the way that they interchange the flashbacks with the real time and how they have the whole comedy thing happening with the doctor and the lieutenant even though they are both life/death situations. It was cleverly done. [“I need you.” “Jack, my whole life I’ve been waiting to hear those words from you. Say them again.”] Danny/Harriet in the chapel. Sort of love how just because he needs God’s help, Danny didn’t just change his whole belief system. Mary in sweats!! [“Who are you?”]. Lol. I LOVE that both Matt and Jack are willing to part with millions of dollars with no guarantees for Tom. Love Mary/Matt convo about Jordan dying. Danny praying. Gah, so raw.

1.22 – Harriet sleeping and Danny with his arm over her and then getting up at the sound of Matt’s voice and letting Harry’s head smash on the chair. LOL. [“I’m just going to stay here and have a concussion.” “Okay”] Matt telling Danny about what happens if Jordan dies. =/ [“I said I was calm, Jack. I didn’t say that my spine had become detached from my brain.”] [“Are you in love with him?” “He’s the only one I’ve ever been in love with.”] Danny telling Harriet about Matt writing the show high! Suzanne!!!! DANNY/JORDAN!!!!!!!!!! Love how the first thing she thought of was him adopting the baby and having his surname. [“How did you know I was going to propose?” “I didn’t, I just hoped.” “Since when?” “Remember the first time I met you?” “Yeah.” “Since then.”] Ahhhhh!!!!! I think I just died and went to shippers’ heaven. Jack’s revelation! And then Simon saying he will apologise after 2 whole episodes dedicated to this! LOL! Jack and Simon literally about to start fighting! Heh. Ahh! I cried when Tom spoke to his brother and the cast started clapping. [“Thank you God.” “I heard that.”] LOL! Harriet slapping Matt! [“I’m the one person. Always.”] Kiss! [“Samantha, do you have a problem if I date a cast member?” “Is it me?” “No” “Then no”] LOL! Tom and Lucy holding hands! Lovely cast moment at the end (minus Jordan. Woe). Cal interpreting Lucy’s muffled speech! LOL! [“Hey Matthew, don’t take this the wrong way but I love you.” “Okay.” “Did you take it the wrong way?” “I took it to mean that you’re gay and you want me.” “Good.”]

Oh this show! I wish it had been given more of a chance. I mean, maybe if it had then Season 2 wouldn’t have been as strong as Season 1 and therefore it would have tainted my love for the whole thing (for example in the case of Life Unexpected) but that’s a risk I would have been willing to take. This show was so awesome, with such a strong cast …… *sigh* However, I have to admit that they tied everything up perfectly.  They explained why Matt and Danny left the show the first time, they gave us huge backstory to the whole Matt/Harriet relationship and finally everyone got their happy-ever-after.

I think in my mind, I’m hoping that Mr Sunshine will be some sort of mangled continuation? I mean in the main cast you’ve got 4 people who also starred or guest-starred in Studio 60.  However, I know that that is more of a comedy rather than drama/comedy which is what scares me as comedy isn’t really my thing.  We’ll see …. I’m still looking forward to it!

And finally, I know it’s controversial and you’re all going to hate me but I’ve got to say it: Studio 60 > The West Wing for so many reasons (this a completely biased opinion.  Objectively, there wouldn’t be S60 without TWW so ….).

Amanda Peet + Sarah Paulson

Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson have to have one of the best on-screen/off-screen friendships of any two cast members in any of my fandoms.  They have been attached at the hip ever since they did Jack & Jill together.  It must have been so awesome for them to do Studio 60 together, even though there was a severe lack of Jordan/Harriet interaction on screen.

Though Peet and Paulson didn’t know each other before the series [Jack &Jill] they come across like old friends, finishing each other’s sentences, perhaps even reading each other’s thoughts. Other cast members, Peet says, find her bonding with Paulson “really annoying. People have bets about how long our friendship will last. Because we got too close too quickly.”
Paulson chimes in, “And two years later” — she switches to a dramatic voice — “it’s stronger than ever!”
Paulson excuses herself, but not long after she leaves there’s a series of rapid knocks on the trailer’s thin dividing wall, then a loud, slightly muffled declaration: “I love Amanda Peet!”
If audiences bond with Peet as completely as Paulson has, her career may well go the whole nine yards. Amateur prognosis: There is obviously a lot going on with Amanda Peet. Her Jack & Jill co-star Paulson concurs: “She’s alive. Alert. In the moment. Easily moved and. complicated.” How complicated? “Oh boy, how much tape do you have? All the great ones are a little mad. She’s a touch insane, in the best possible way, like Beethoven was.”

I have terrible stage fright. Do you guys know Sarah Paulson? She’s like my best friend who was on Studio 60. Whenever one of us does a play, for the first, all through previews and then probably for about two weeks after opening night, we just call each other and we’re like, “Why the fuck did you let me do this? Why? I’m serious!”

Go on, admit it, you’re pretty shocked aren’t you.  I was amazed.  I was all like “Let’s do an Amanda Peet/Sarah Paulson picspam” and 4 hours later I’m still here finding photos ….  And these are obviously just the public events they attend together.  Seriously, I’m not a globe-trotting film/TV-making celebrity and not even I see my friends this much!  Hee.

I want them to do a third TV show together.  I just read an interview with Amanda where she said that if Aaron Sorkin wrote a part for her, she would definitely do another TV show.  Or, you know, do you reckon if I wish hard enough we could get all the cast together and do an epic Studio 60 TV movie?  That’s not too much to ask, right?  Or like Jordan McDeer could have her own spinoff show with everyone else making regular guest appearances?  Obviously Danny would have to be a main character too.

I’m always sad that we didn’t really get to see the Jordan/Harriet friendship explored that much on screen.  My favourite moment of theirs has to be:


Jordan: Excuse me?
Harriet: Jordan!
Jordan: Hi, hi Jeanie, Samantha, great show tonight.
Harriet: Thanks. . <awkward silence> Hey we heard you got Trevor Laughlin’s pilot script about the UN.
Jordan: Yes, he was going to go to HBO but Danny as a matter of fact was the one who talked him over to us.
Harriet: Danny’s very persuasive.
Jordan: Yes, so I don’t have any friends.
Harriet: …. Because you bought Trevor Laughlin’s script?
Jordan: No I mean in general. I used to have friends, I was very popular, in my high school yearbook I was voted second runner-up for the ‘life of the party’.
Harriet: Really?
Samantha: Just missed that top spot by two.
Jordan: I know!
Jeanie: Bummer.
Harriet: Jordan, are you trying to make friends right now?
Jordan: Yeah, how am I doing?
Harriet: Fine. Do you want to hang out with us at the party?
Jordan: I would love to. I think if you gave me a chance you would find me delightful.
Harriet: All right, well, let’s not go for too much on your first try.
Jordan: Understood.
Jeanie: We’ve got to go out there and say hi to a couple people but we’ll hook up with you.
Jordan: This is so great!
Jeanie: Relax.
Jordan: Okay.
Harriet: Also I am meeting up with a guy.
Jordan: Oh the baseball player! My secretary had a copy of ‘In Touch’ open on her desk and there was a blurb about you right next to a blurb about me speculating about the various men I’ve been with in underground sex clubs.
Harriet: Yeah …
Jordan: My father enjoyed reading that.
Harriet: I bet.

Jordan: I threw the ball in a dumpster. Then I fell into the dumpster. It’s a long story.
Harriet: Well, for somebody with no friends, you’re a natural.
Jordan: Yeah?
Harriet: How did two people beat you out for ‘life of the party’?
Jordan: I know! It’s unfathomable. Fathomable. That’s a hard word to say. Fathomable. Fathomamble.
Harriet: Alright, settle down.
Jordan: Okay.

That scene must have been so awesome for them to play out!    🙂  You so know a Jack & Jill rewatch post is coming after I finish my Studio 60 one …. 😀

Studio 60 <3

Danny: Graham, you are talented, you are a delight and if I may say so, you are a hot-buttered biscuit.
Lauren Graham: Why did you cut my sketch?
Danny: I think the thing to remember here is that it was me who cut the sketch. It was predisorial decision involving a number of technical factors, cameras, grips, a complicated metric of
Lauren (to Matt): Why did you cut my sketch?
Matt: It wasn’t funny.
Lauren: I thought it was funny!
Matt: Ack, the writing was funny but you weren’t very good.
Lauren: Really? Because I thought the writing was one unbearably long set-up for a jingle.
Matt: And that’s why I cut the sketch. You were in a number of wonderful sketches tonight including a hilarious send-up of your character on Callico Girls.
Lauren: Gilmore Girls.
Danny: I wrote it down for you!
Matt: This is my number if you ever feel like coffee or a basketball game or something and would you give a copy of this to the girl who plays your kid on the show too?
Lauren: Is sucking up to the host time over?
Danny: Sure, go enjoy the party.
<Lauren walks away and then walks back to take the piece of paper with Matt’s number on it>
Lauren: This is humiliating.

Danny and Jordan made a bet that he can’t take care of the “Real Care Baby” for a night.

Danny: Jordan?
Jordan: Hi.
Danny: Hi, I’ll get somebody to take you home.
Jordan: Where’s the baby?
Danny: Right here.
Jordan: Was everything alright?
Danny: You can write me that cheque for a hundred bucks.
Jordan: Yeah …. I think I’ll plug it up to the computer and find out for myself.
Danny: Be my guest.
Jordan: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! What was that?!?!
Danny: That never happened whilst I was taking care of it!
Jordan: What did you do to it?!
Danny: I’ll tell you what I did to it, okay! The baby was in an accident as babies sometimes are and I rushed it immediately to a doctor of some sort.
Jordan: What kind of accident?
Danny: A freak accident.
Jordan: What kind of freak accident?
Danny: It was decapitated in an 18th century French guillotine.
Jordan: Aha, and what kind of doctor?
Danny: Our prop master and our director of special effects,
Jordan: Danny!
Danny: Hey, these guys are the best in the business.
Jordan: His eyes flew out of his head!!!
Danny: They enjoy a practical joke.
Jordan: How did the baby get in the guillotine?
Danny: This is the part of the story where I get points. See you were sleeping here whilst I was working and I didn’t want the baby’s crying to wake you up.
Jordan: Alright, a couple points. What happened next?
Danny: So I asked Tom and Simon to take care of it.
Jordan: And I take the points back.
Danny: Fair enough and for sure I don’t think you have to give me the hundred dollars.
Jordan: Well, thank you. What am I going to practise with now?
Danny: Nothing. You’re going to be a great mother. You’re not going to be by yourself. I’m not going anywhere.
Jordan: Okay, good because between the two of us …
Danny: Well, now we know not to put the baby’s head in a guillotine.
Jordan: We knew that before.

Nikita: 1×11- All The Way

Lyndsey Fonseca totally spoiled me for this episode.  That’s the danger of following the cast on Twitter.  She tweeted about something that happened to a fellow cast member and tweeter and well, it was huge.  However, I had kind of guessed that what she spoiled me for was going to happen sooner or later so having it confirmed wasn’t devastating.  I think it was actually better that I knew about it before watching the episode otherwise I might be a wreck right now.

This episode was so so good and that was even with the fact that Michael and Nikita didn’t even share a scene together (not really anyway).  I am so glad that we finally had a Melinda Clarke/Maggie Q scene and that Nikita and Alex had lots of screen time together.  Nikita is one of those shows with a lot of backstory and so many story arcs floating around all at once so I am glad that we finally got a lot of stuff explained and questions answered in this episode and all points where I was like “yeah, really, how long can they get away with that for?!” were wrapped up.

Thom!  Noooooooooooo!  I really liked Thom and Thom/Alex!  Not obsessively so but enough to want this to be the OTP of the show.  The way it played out?  SO TRAGIC.  I loved how it all built up to it with the scene in the locker room, the scene during the reception, the fact that it was him who shot the target and him who held her after Nikita was captured, him who realised she was the mole ….. Alex’s flashback to them kissing …. I can’t believe TPTB made Alex be the one to kill him.  That’s so devastating.  That whole scene in the corridor after she realised she had shot him?  GAH.
Wow how’s Jaden going to react towards Alex now that she killed Thom and got promoted?

I love how they explained why they decided to have Alex join Division, how she got recruited etc. and tied that in with the fact that she couldn’t pull the trigger.  Also Birkhoff FINALLY finding out about the shell/IM system – man every time Alex sat down at the computer, all I could think of was that surely sooner or later someone would find out about it.

Really nice idea to have Amanda torture Nikita by using that video footage as it gave us a lot of insight into Daniel/Nikita too.  That scene where Nikita broke free?  If you watch it frame by frame, it looks really funny!  Hehe.  Some crazy awesome fight scenes in this episode too!

I can definitely see where the Michael/Alex shippers get their material from.  It scares me as I am sure sooner or later, Nikita and Alex are going to come to loggerheads over something and I don’t want it to be over Michael.  Love triangles?  No thanks.

Lyndsey Fonseca totally blew me away.  I mean Maggie Q/Nikita has always carried the show but Alex really came into her own this episode.  Awesome stuff.

Finally, this cast has some seriously cute dogs:


Lyndsey’s, Tiffany’s and Maggie’s.  That last one never fails to make me laugh – love how her dog is as tall as her in that pic!

Rewatch: The Inside

Dear Lord, I remembered that this show was pretty dark but I’d forgotten how it’s so dark that it makes Criminal Minds look like a comedy show.

And I counted. They put the lead character, FBI Agent Rebecca Locke, in mortal danger 7 times in 13 episodes (that’s 7 episodes in 13, not the individual traumas per episode: e.g. a helicopter crash, a fight with a killer, a fall down a hill, held at gunpoint by a little girl, whacked over the head by the perp – yes, that all happened to her in episode 1.10). That’s some serious character whomp!  And when you take into account her past, it could eat Patrick Jane/Red John angst, for breakfast.

Like by episode 5 we’re already paralysed-in-a-bath-tub-of-blood-having-wrists-slit-by-crazy-killer kind of angst:

(cue awesome team rescue moment!)

Danny: ADAM BALDWIN LOVE; Mel: One of the awesomest wittiest female crime fighters ever (seriously, I dare you not to fall in love with her); Web: creepiest boss ever; Paul: totally has a knight-in-shining-armour complex when it comes to Rebecca; Rebecca: wow, I can’t even.  Angstiest, most complex screwed-up character ever?

1.01 – Chilling start finding out that the victim was their colleague. Danny being all Casey-like. There are similarities there, right? Lol. Oh I forgot how much of this show was on “behavioural science” as well. This and CM could definitely be in the same universe! Oooh suicide, I remember being shocked at that conclusion when I first watched this. Who could do that to themselves?! Paul/Web showdown! [“Look after her” “Count on it.”]

1.02 – The fact she lies down and plays with the cars is a bit weird. Pretty sure her logic about the back yard is a bit weak? Ooooh this is the creepy girl with the fake tears isn’t it? Carter/Mel and the coffee! Lol. Such a psycho child! Mel/Rebecca talking. [“What if the little girl’s there?” “Shoot her.”] Haha! Mel is adorable! <3 Dear Lord, this is the most unsatisfying end to an episode of a crime drama episode ever! That poor mother!

1.03 – [“Did you just make a joke, sir?” “No.”] Haha. [“No Danny, it’s a support group for very clumsy people ..”] [“How do you spell silhouette? I’m just going to put shadow …”] That Paul/Rebecca scene was pretty intense. They really like torturing her don’t they? I think TPTB put her character through more trauma in 13 episodes than any other cop show. Web is so creepy! The way he makes Paul roleplay the bad guy. So twisted. [“Doesn’t look like any church I’ve been to.” “You’ve been to church?!”] [“You’re my first parishioners.” “EVER?”]

1.04 – [“All he was missing was a T-shirt that said ‘serial killer’ on it.”] Heh. [“Prefiler?” “You like? It’s mine.”] Danny and Mel are fricking hilarious! Creepy guy. He was in Lost, right? Definitely an interest idea for a case. [“I don’t even have a joke.”] Danny’s expression at the kid pointing a gun at him! Was it really necessary for Rebecca to be kidnapped again? Doesn’t this happen to her in like every episode? “You know you did the right thing, right? Right?”

1.05 – [“You know if we did ‘Boy-Girl’ it wouldn’t look as weird.”] Hahaahah! Rebecca looks absolutely terrified! Mel’s “we’re ordering in” look! Danny/Mel!!! [“Do you wanna talk about it?”] Man Rebecca’s a good actress. Oooh her telling the Becky George story. Danny and Mel finally learning the truth! Web basically telling Rebecca not to trust the others. Harsh. Mel/Rebecca …. Awkward silence. Mel rushing to Rebecca’s rescue! Danny shooting the crap out of the perp!! Awesome team moment at the end.

1.06 – Web is a sick sick twisted boss for continually pushing Rebecca to her limit. [“Sure you’re not the one who wants to know where her buttons are”] Yes, Danny, think you hit the nail on the head! Creepy arsonist guy! Mel: [“Less of an ex and more of a “y” as in “why god why?!””] LOL! [“She is disgustingly perfect.”] Mel!!!! [“If he wasn’t already out lead suspect, this would be exciting!”] Sadistic, yes. Danny/Mel [“I’m offended on your behalf.”] Oh look, Rebecca’s in trouble again …. Paul to Rebecca’s rescue!!! Ahh her abductor’s still alive.  Like really real-alive?  This could have been the major story arc of the show if FOX had given the show a chance.  🙁 Overall, I think this episode is my least favourite of the series?

1.07 – Paul holding the heart? Eww. Nice to have a case that isn’t Rebecca-centric. [“Maybe Rebecca’s the killer.”] Oh Mel, you are so so awesome! Man that is a dark and twisty theory! Danny and Mel standing up to Web about Paul <3 Epic end to case.

1.08 – Usually this kind of thing happens to shake things up after a couple of seasons or something. They played this card early! Carter’s old-school laptop! Web/prostitute. Creepy! Oh God, no one needs to see that. Oh Web is so twisted! I can’t even fathom … why use Paul’s name with the prostitute? Web with the rubber gloves – CREEPY! Okay, I’ve changed my mind. This one is my least favourite episode. I don’t get how Web gets to come back after he used an innocent girl as bait.

1.09 – Oh sick, sick, sick! This show is so twisted! I will never not laugh at the way “herbal” is pronounced “erbal”. Rebecca randomly just decided to look down the sewer grate for the scissors?? This episode is warped. I miss good old-fashioned senseless killings. Rebecca looking out for Paul for once. [“Paul didn’t tell me how beautiful you were.” “Oh, er, thanks.”] [“Is she allowed to just make up terms?!”] Another Paul-centric case but I want to know about Mel and Danny! No show does creepy psycho killers like this show.

1.10 – Becky’s kidnapper is back! I don’t really remember this ep. Oh yeah, now I do. They survived a helicopter crash? Cos that’s realistic. [“There is no way she would’ve left Danny.”] True in this case but how can you be so sure Mel? I wouldn’t put it past Rebecca. Poor Rebecca! Another rough episode for her. Evil parents. [“Five more minutes in that house and I’d have become a serial killer.”] The whole team in the hospital. Awwh Mel/Rebecca kiss. [“Never apologise for what happens when you’re unconscious.” “In college I lived by those words.”] Oh yeah, the little girl is actually the figment of her imagination, a projection of herself!

1.11 – [“These late Friday nights have killed my social life.” “Why don’t I give you a ride then you can pretend we’re on a date.” “How pathetic am I that I think that’s a sweet idea.”] Danny/Mel <3 Rebecca at a bar, getting hit on! The cute bartender! Rebecca being pissed that Paul interrupted them. [“I wasn’t attracted to him!!”] LMAO that scene with Rachel and all the men watching the interrogation. The way she just looks at them. [“You two talk to Rebecca’s bartender.” “He’s not my bartender!!!”] The look on Rebecca’s face when Mel basically pimps her out. I love the Paul/Rebecca dynamic but I do wish we’d gotten more Rebecca/Mel too. Mel smiling at Rebecca’s phone call! Oooh great ep! Loved how it all played out. Hee both Web and Paul instantly saying “no” to the hostage trade.

1.12 – Corey the bartender’s back!  [“She’s probably do that freaky thing where he starts talking like the victim and then solves the whole case.”]  Hehe, true.  Though at least she gets it wrong some of the time or fails to see the whole picture, unlike Patrick Jane.  Rebecca hair-twirling!  Mel’s [“What are you looking at?”] to the gargoyle!  Awesome shot Danny!  [“If you’re a good boy at the doctors, I’ll buy you an ice cream cone.“]  Look how neatly that wallpaper came off.  Lol.  Ugh Web!  Stop talking Rebecca out of having a life and a chance of happiness with Corey!!

1.13 – Mel, Danny, Paul’s interaction in the kitchen!!!!  Mel’s impersonation of her dog being sick is the best thing ever!!!  [“You can tell me about your weekends whilst we wait.”  AWKWARD SILENCE.]  Rebecca’s expression when she wakes up is literally “Oh God, not again.”  Heh.  [“Do you think she’s got normal stuff or like a ‘serial killers of the world’ doll collection?”]  LOL!  !dreamRebecca talking about kissing her co-workers.  [“Oh my God, do you think she was robbed?!”] [“I’m still not shocked here.”  “You will be.  I might have oversold that one.”].  The team reading out Rebecca’s IM convos about them.  Awkward!  Paul/Rebecca so implied there!  MOST HORRIFIC LOOKING SERIAL KILLER EVER.  Love how Mel addressed the fact that Rebecca’s always the one to get taken.  [“Paris Hilton would be more credible as a Fed than you chubby!”]  [“I may be a bad house guest Ronald but you are a morbidly obese, cannibal serial killer …!”]  Do you reckon by the time they did this episode, they realised they were going to get canned so they decided to just go crazy with it?  LOL!  It’s like a parody of the worst film ever!  [“It’s been a couple of days so we wanted to make sure you weren’t like kidnapped or anything.”] The ending!
Team love!  <3


And then after finishing the marathon, I watched the latest Criminal Minds episode.  I suppose having just watched Rachel Nichols on The Inside, I was in no state to give an unbiased opinion but there are similarities between Rebecca Locke and Ashley Seaver (beyond the fact they’re played by the same actress), right?  Rachel replied to my tweet agreeing that they had a lot in common and then this other fan (who apparently had been having this epic tweet convo with Rachel) randomly tweeted me saying that when she was watching the whole episode all she could think about was how it was like a CM/The Inside crossover!  The Inside fan inside of me isn’t delusional!  Phew!

Friday Night Lights: 5×05 – Kingdom

This episode of Friday Night Lights, one of the best ever.  Definitely in the Top 5.


“I like country, but this is rap
You put them together, it sounds like crap
You better look out because I’m Luke Cafferty
If I start rapping, y’all might laugh at me.”
Oh, Luke.  <3

“We’re men, we don’t ask for directions and we fix our own cars.”  Oh Billy!

THIIIIIIISSSS!!!!  I literally had to pause it because I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Why don’t you do that thing you do.”  Stan!!!!!!!  Weird, crazy guy.

The scene where the boys are all out on the hotel balcony talking and Coach is listening to them below?  One of my favourite scenes ever.  <3

“Tomorrow buddy.”  “Tomorrow.”  Vince/Luke.  I love their friendship.  If I didn’t know better I’d want to ship them after this episode …..  “You and me together.  Who’s gonna stop us?”  Luke!!!!  Marabelle!  Drunk “brother” talk…  <3 <3 <3 <3

Coach and Tami, both drunk, talking to each other on the phone!  “What are you wearing?”

VInce/Jess on the bus!!!!!!!  SO SWEET.

The only thing letting this episode down was the whole Julie storyline of course.  I know they wanted to keep her in the show for the final season and all but it’s so forced and with hardly any interaction with other regular characters, she’s basically carrying that part of the show by herself.  Why couldn’t they have got her to go to the same college as Tyra and then the two of them could have their own mini spinoff on the show.  Sad times as that is definitely the weak link in an awesome season.

Criminal Minds Cast Love

I know what I think: at the end of the day I still miss JJ and will never stop mentioning her in every single post about Criminal Minds ……… but I still can’t stop watching and the latter part of the news gives me hope.  Also, how can you stop watching the show when they post photos like the ones below on Twitter:

Paget apparently hand-stitched the “Gray” onto Matthew’s chair.  Seriously, how can you not love a cast who hand-stitches things for each other?!?!

This show is my rock.  It nearly always delivers no matter what.  But I still miss AJ.