Nikita: 1×12 – Free

I love Maggie Q. This was her response to Lyndsy Fonseca talking about the potential for any of the characters becoming involved with each other, including Michael/Alex.

However, Fonseca’s co-star Maggie Q (Nikita) suggested that the potential romance [Michael/Alex] would be “creepy”.

“It’s hard for me to think that because [Alex is] so young,” she explained. “I think if they did that it would be weird. She’s 19 and he’s a man. I hope [they don’t do it] because I don’t think that reads well.”

Q previously suggested that Michael could become involved in a love triangle with Nikita and Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean).

YES!!! THANK YOU! And she has quite a lot of input with the show so I’m hoping that they take her thoughts on this into account (though I have to say I do see some sort of Michael/Alex dynamic developing as the show goes on though this all depends on how much Nikita has told her about Michael and about her past with him.  Also, although Michael definitely likes Alex – platonically or otherwise – Alex seems to be far too busy getting involved guys around her age to give him much notice).

However, funnily enough the Michael/Alex doesn’t creep me out so much because of the age gap (presumably Michael/Nikita started when she was a recruit too, although she might not have been as young) but because that would be an insurmountable roadblock for Nikita/Alex partnership.  And since no couple in this show is ever going to get their happy ever after anyway, let’s focus on making this show less complicated than it already is!!!

Also in this interview Maggie says she’s basically against The CW’s plans to make the show less dark and gritty and more appealing to teenage girls and that she’s not going to play to that. You go girl!  The CW must be scratching its head as to how they bought a show which has gone 12 whole episodes without anyone having sex with anyone else.  Anyway, I think the whole “making the show poppier and more appealing to the CW’s key demo” is going to apply more to Alex isn’t it?  She’s going to get it on with her poor innocent civilian neighbour isn’t she no matter how much Nikita AND Division tell her not to.  Don’t do it Alex!  Listen to your mentor.  She is wise in all things.

Oh how much do I love this show? Seriously <3.  THIS EPISODE!  It was like the writers came together and agreed that they couldn’t make an episode as awesome as 1×11 at this stage so instead of attempting it they did a different sort of episode and pulled out old faithful: FLASHBACKS.  And we had Alex’s nightmare sequence, !NikitaFlashback, !AlexFlashback and cute Nikita/Alex hug of epic proportions (plus Dido’s ‘Life For Rent’ at the end!  Pretty sure there isn’t a more suitable song out there to be Alex’s theme song!),

I love the opening sequence with Alex’s nightmare and seeing Thom and having that be mixed up with her mission with Nikita and her past. Exactly how I’d like it.

Alex/Nikita hug in the department store. How cute was that? It was like they were really relieved to see each other. Love how Alex tried to share the blame with Nikita about Division believing that Thom was the mole. And the way that Nikita realised something was up with the tracker device but didn’t want to tell Alex to worry her.  The way Nikita will do anything to protect Alex is really adorable.  Like in the last episode, she risked absolutely everything to save Alex’s life and Alex still doesn’t quite get that.

FLASHBACK!!!! <3 <3 <3 DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LIKE THESE?! Michael giving Nikita eyesex out of the corner of his eye.

FLASHBACK to Alex when she was little in Russia!!!  <3 <3 <3  I love how they set it up so it wasn’t just Nikita’s actions that made Alex not have a normal life – it was sort of predestined from back in the day when her father was alive.

Alex’s apartment block is super cool.  It’s like a posh hotel corridor.  Alex and her jars of marshmallow fluff!  I have no idea what that actually is but anyway …  Ah Nathan/Alex.  I think it’s too soon after Thom.  I would have liked to have one whole episode of her just being emotionally scarred from the whole Thom thing.  I know she probably still is underneath it all but I don’t think we need another love interest for her so soon, especially since this one is probably going to be even more complicated than Thom/Alex if that’s possible!

Nikita rolling her eyes at Birkhoff’s sexual inuendo joke.  I love their relationship.  The way she threatens him is awesome.

Awwh Alex is intrigued by the thought of a social life … and she just totally kicked that guy’s ass in front of everyone.  That was super awesome the way that she did that but probably not a wise idea!  Don’t get attached to Nathan!  Things can only end badly Alex!  You know this!  Stop having ~feelings~.  Amanda speaks sense for once!!

No no no don’t tell Ryan about Alex!  Why didn’t you give him a fake reason/name?!  You’re smarter than that Nikita!  I bet you that comes back to haunt you.  Was anyone else totally surprised when Nikita was so honest with him?  I know she needs him to trust her but she could have told him the purpose of the mission without giving away the name of her mole!  Gosh darnit Ryan finding out about Alex and becoming close to revealing their secret is going to haunt me now for episodes, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

That Michael/Nikita look in the middle of the fight!  Love how everything slows down just for that split second so they could slip a ~look~ in there.  So happy to hear that they will have a talk about what happened in Uzbekistan in a future episode.

That Nikita viral video is a great idea but also scarily creepy!

Nikita kissing Ryan.  You know I could get on board this epic Nikita/Michael/Owen/Ryan thing!  Maggie said there’s going to be an episode coming up where Michael gets jealous!  Whooo!

Nikita giving Alex a way out again!  Selfless!  I love that Nikita is so willing – almost wanting – Alex to leave her and this world behind and go live a normal life, even though it would be detrimental to her overall mission.  I like how Alex becoming Agent was never part of the plan.  I also thinking promoting Alex when we’re still only halfway through the first season was a bold move by the writers.  I thought that would be a season two type of thing.  I know that they probably worried about how many storylines they could give Alex stuck in Division but still now they’ve opened the big wide world, the storylines are only going to get more complicated and now Nikita is going to be continually worried about having to save Alex’s life/cover.

Finally, I love how Alex’s past linked in with her nightmare.  They played Dido’s ‘Life For Rent’!!  <3 <3 <3 <3  Perfect song choice – !littleAlex would have been listening to it on her hidden MP3 player 6 years ago and it suits her present life so much as well!

Criminal Minds: 6×12 – Corazon

My least favourite episode of the season and one of my least favourite episodes ever.  What have I said about episodes based on religion / cults?  I do not like.  Not only do I have no interest in such things but I think trying to explain your serial killing by linking it with a religion is a cop out.  And the decapitation of  cat and dog plus seeing the decapitated human corpse – is that really necessary?  I can stand the occasional graphic dead body but killing animals, really???

And Reid’s headaches?  DO NOT WANT.  Not only are we having another Reid-centric storyline but ever since Izzie’s hallucinations/headaches I have been wary of all such storylines.  No, no, no, no, NO!  Don’t make this into a storyline I grow to hate.  This season already has so many things stacked against it!

And what is the purpose of Seaver?  I mean I want to accept her into the show and like her but how can I do that when her presence there is unexplained and how can she possibly make useful contributions to 90% of cases?!  And the worst thing is that they didn’t even explain it by having one of the other guys take her under their wing and explain everything to her in a clear teacher/student relationship to at least give her character progression – she’s just ….. there.  She contributed absolutely nothing in this episode, not to the case and not to the characterisation and episode as a whole.  I know some people used to question JJ’s role in the team but at least she played a more active role in solving the case / comforting relatives / to the show as a whole by interacting with other characters more than Seaver does.  Argh.  I mean obviously TPTB want us to like Seaver and hopefully move on from the whole JJ/AJ thing but they’re not doing a very good job at promoting her to us!!!!!

You know how when a series launches a spinoff and the cast of the original series gets interviewed, they usually say something like “yeah, I hope it succeeds, we have such a great show it’s good to have spinoffs etc. etc.” or if they’re not so keen, it’s cleverly disguised with diplomatically wording?  Well, for the first time I read an interview with the Criminal Minds cast whereby most of them indicate that they want the CM spinoff to fail (don’t we all?!) as they feel like they got shafted and they blame the Spinoff for the whole AJ/Paget thing (don’t we all?!).  Good for them, I say.  I mean it’s not like they’re afraid that if they say bad things, they’ll get fired.  *eye roll*  Also, I DO NOT like the fact Paget says that Prentiss gets involved with something which may or may not lead to her demise.  This does not sound good.  You’re not allowed to kill off Prentiss okay?!  We have a deal here fandom gods, right?  I try and move on from the whole JJ/AJ thing and you promise never to kill Prentiss off???  Deal?

Chuck: 4×11 – Chuck Versus The Balcony



Sarah: I’ve been to many places to the world but I’ve never been to a place as beautiful as this.

Chuck: I have.  Every day.  Every morning I wake up and I look at you… the way we brush our teeth tandem style, when we watch TV together, whatever, anything, always, any time I look at you, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been …. It’s just I feel like I should be James Bond right now, you know the guy who’s standing on this balcony with you right now in this moment …

Sarah: I didn’t fall in love with James Bond, I fell in love with you.

Chuck: Sarah, I’m gonna ask you a question right now so please don’t freak out, okay?

Sarah: I won’t.

Chuck: I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Going on missions and saving the day and being the hero but mostly though I just want to be with you, at your side.  Always.

…. and then the rest of the scene didn’t quite play out as planned but the intention was there.  <3 <3 <3 <3  Could these two get any cuter?!  Seriously <3.

First, the proposal!!!!!  I think I would have preferred it if it had been something extremely epic (not in a restaurant or on a balcony) and that Sarah didn’t expect it (I mean, I think it’s good that they talked about it in the beginning of the season but it would have been nice to have the moment itself be a surprise).  However, that wouldn’t be very Chuck like.

The opening scene was hilarious!  The way Chuck had to rush around to stop the champagne, string quartet, balloons and horse and carriage!  Bless!  I loved Morgan being “mission control” and walking Chuck through his proposal plan but what I loved even more was the  the Morgan/Sarah scene where she demanded he tell her all the intel on Chuck’s proposal and she took over the mission because she wanted to make it perfect for him since he was worrying so much about it being perfect for her.  Oh and then when Casey also started helping Morgan with the proposal mission!!!!!!  Casey “shipping” Chuck/Sarah is literally the best thing ever!
Morgan giving Sarah permission to marry Chuck.  [“I think for the first time in my life I’m nervous!”].  Sarah slipping the ring box back into Chuck’s pocket so as not to ruin the moment, the moment itself …..

And they had to interrupt it, of course they did….. but then Casey telling Chuck about his proposal and telling him that “all you need is the girl” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Casey is so awesome.

Now I want to know how they’re going to do the real proposal.  Is it going to be something simple in the finale where they’re all drained from everything they’ve been through and Chuck just says “Sarah, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a really long time, will you marry me?” or will they be seconds away from near-death and he blurts it out or will she actually ask him?

Looking ahead, I’m not going to lie, I am nervous about this Sarah double agent storyline.  Not sure how she is going to convince Volkoff that she betrayed her country but also the guy she clearly loves.  The thing about this show that I learnt from last season is when it gets given a shortened season and then gets supersized, the first half is really strong, then it gets a bit dodgy in terms of big story arcs but then it goes back to being awesome by the finale.  I just hope this double agent thing doesn’t last the rest of the season.

But to end this on a high note, let’s talk about Lester’s storyline …. LMAO!!!!  I think this is one of my favourite Jeff/Lester storylines.  Hilarious!  Jeffster covering Whitesnake <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  I actually really genuinely liked their version of “If It’s Love” too.

Rewatch: Burn Notice Season 1

When you can’t remember who the hell the recurring characters are when they pop up again and a little baffled as to the ins and outs of Michael’s burn notice, you know it’s time for a rewatch!

1.01 – Great Pilot! So glad that Fiona lost the dodgy accent though! Lol at the kids Michael gets to lie to the policeman about the FBI guys. Did we ever find out what happened to Lucy? (ETA: Yes). The guy who plays Javier is that guy who held Jane at knife point in the CBI and then got run over and Jane used his corpse to get a confession!!!! Barry!!!! Madeleine’s hypochondria!!! Michael/kid! Michael/FBI guys. Hehe.

1.02 – I loved the Sam/Fiona hating each other angle! LOL at the car blowing up.

1.03 – I remember this episode really well for some reason. I think I’ve rewatched the first half of Season One quite a few times each time I’ve tried to complete a rewatch marathon. Love how he finds and keeps the spark plugs! I found Fiona quite annoying early on but she’s grown on me now.

1.04 – Nate!!! Good episode! Cold-hearted assassin with a peanut allergy? Bit of an Achilles heel there!

1.05 – Another good episode. Love that they use cooking stuff to make fake C4. I love it when Michael has a gun pointing at him and he just starts laughing hysterically. Taking all their weapons? Nice play, Michael! Throwing the guns into the water? WHAAAAT? Awwh I miss the FBI guys! Veronica!!

1.06 – Poor Madeleine. She always gets caught in the crossfire. Ooh mention of Lucy! Virgil/Madeleine! LOL at Fiona hijacking the conversation and making Michael talk about their relationship. That guy was a detective on CSI wasn’t he?

1.07 – Car chase! I wish someone would hand me $10000 over a counter. Veronica/Sam. [“A Cadillac? What could you possibly be doing to these women?!”] Love Michael as the psycho! Loved the way he trapped those thugs in the car. That scene where Michael the Psycho robs Fiona whilst she’s in the car and he’s like “Fi, sell it!” and she starts screaming and punching him? Funniest facial expressions, ever!! Really liked this episode. Nicely played with Bly.

1.08 – Fiona’s snowglobe collection! Barry/Sam’s one name association game. LOL at Fiona trying to make Michael jealous. <3 Michael buying Fiona the Miami snowglobe.

1.09 – Michael and Fiona pretending to be a normal happy couple! They look so awkward!! [“I was vague. I said I was a freelance superhero, Robin Hood type of guy.”] Nick’s pretty funny. Awwh, cute dog. [“Yellow pages?? Bro, I have a computer.”] Cool rescue. Ahh that bureaucrat! Forgot how this played out.

1.10 – Michael getting his Fake ID – this is where all the episodes start to blur into one. Can’t remember this. LOL when Fiona thinks about running back to get her shoes and then quickly changes her mind when the guy comes out with a shotgun. Lucy DOES return! Yeah, this isn’t ringing any bells. [“The memory box? I don’t remember …I’m kidding!”] Good one, Madeleine! I don’t like the Michael/Evelyn angle. Nice twist! I forgot that the “worried mother” was just all an act.

1.11 – Michael watching Sam eat the fried chicken and Sam watching Michael eat the yoghurt! Lol. Richard Schiff!!! [“This is your family” “Ooh I know”] Nate! Sam trying to hug Fiona! Lol. [“How do you want to handle this?” “Well, I think the ball is in your court.”]. Hehe. Intense Michael/Mum scene. [“He tried to kill you.” “Happens all the time.”] I really don’t remember this episode either. Wow, definitely wasn’t expecting the car to be hit by a grenade, Sam kidnapped and Richard Schiff to get shot! Love Nate/Michael teaming up. Nate’s really grown on me. Awesome car stunt! That’s a super awesome shot of Michael throwing Fiona the gun whilst she’s running. Barry! I am totally gripped! I’ve completely forgotten how they manage to get Sam back. Love the way all the armed agents suddenly backed off. Nicely played Michael. Awesome explosion and rescue op. Love that causeway/bridge thingies they have in Miami!

Wow so many episodes I’d completely forgotten about, it was like watching most of this season for the first time again!  This show is so good!  I mean where it really shines is in its ability to make Michael’s life and all the gun fights and exploding cars seem real and like this could actually be happening to a real person rather than it just being a serialised action film.

Grey’s Anatomy: 7×12 – Start Me Up

Grey’s Anatomy, I have put up with a lot of your crappy cringe-inducing story arcs over the years.  A LOT.  Who can forget Alex/Ava or George/Izzie (worst thing is that it happened and didn’t go anywhere) or the absolutely worst one of Izzie/!ghostDenny.  But this one just takes the cake.

I am not shocked.  I watched the whole episode simply waiting for my fears to come true and they stuck it in the final minute, of course they did.  And they set it up so well with Meredith NOT being pregnant and Arizona being nice to Mark and calling him her brother.

I hate this storyline on principle.  The weirdest thing is that I actually see Mark and Callie having a baby together working.  I can picture them raising this sure-to-be-screwed-up child the best they can as friends/whatever their weird relationship is.  However, there is no way you can make me believe that Lexie and Arizona are going to be okay with this.  Everything last season shows that neither of them will ever be okay with this.

I presume Callie’s going to keep it?  I mean we’re going for maximum drama with this aren’t we plus it wouldn’t fit with the whole of last season if she didn’t.  So how far are they going to go with it?  Is she going to have a miscarriage?  Well, they’ve played that card with both Cristina and Meredith already so maybe they’re going for a hat trick?

I cannot be sold on a happy-ever-after scenario on this.  Arizona cannot be okay with this.  Do I picture some possibly cute/hilarious moments with 3/4 people trying to raise this kid, Arizona being left alone with the baby and having to deal with it?  Yes but it’s all superficial.  You can’t get over it.

(Sidenote: I love having Arizona being portrayed as being all awesome and perfect but I have to agree that the whole Africa thing and this episode was really good and giving her character depth and showing how flawed she really is.)

So, yes, I am positive that Callie/Arizona will end up being a Derek/Meredith-like OTP in the longrun but although Derek/Meredith had huge obstacles and DRAMA to overcome, there wasn’t an actual “creation of life by sleeping with my friend” in there.  You’ve lost me, Shonda.

Why do I keep watching this damn show, you ask?  Because infuriating as it is, whenever one godawful storyline starts, there’s usually one in progress that I like.  In this case it’s Teddy/Henry.  I feel like I say this every time I talk about GA but I love Teddy.  I have loved her since her first appearance on the show, I loved her with Owen and I love her now.  This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I loved Kim Raver in the first couple of seasons of Third Watch but now I can see past that and admit that I love her character too.  When I read about this whole Henry/Teddy thing, I did think it was going to be Denny/Izzie 2.0 which I didn’t like but somehow I’m loving Henry/Teddy and I want them to be more than husband/wife and, you know, actually date eventually (but TPTB feel free to drag it out as long as you like!).  I love how she was all businesslike thinking it was all about the paperwork and then realised how wrong she was about it in the episode.  Of course this means that sooner or later TPTB are going to make Teddy do something to make me dislike her (I scrub the Mark/Teddy from my brain).  I’m going to start mentally preparing myself for that now.

Bailey/Nurse ….. I can’t help but see that guy as the creepy psychopathic killer from Lie To Me.  This means I automatically cringe every time he’s in a scene, especially if he’s kissing Bailey.

And incidentally Avery/April.  It’s going to happen, right?  Did you see the smile on his face after she hit him for staring at Alex’s med student (who by the way is played by Amber Stevens who was paired with Avery (aka HOTNESS MONSTER) on Greek!  Reunion!).

I’m copying my LIST into this post too:

Inter-hospital “relationships”  …….because it’s pretty hard to keep up with who has/hasn’t had an “encounter” with each other …..

(Just included main characters / important recurring characters.  Doing this from memory so please point out mistakes/people I forgot)

Alex (6.5)

: Izzie, Syph Nurse, Lexie, Callie, Addison, Ava (did they sleep together?  Still counts anyway), April

Callie (5)

: Alex, George, Mark, Erica, Arizona

Mark (5)

: Addison, Callie, Lexie, Teddy, Reed

George (4)

: Meredith, Callie, Izzie, Syph Nurse

Bailey (3): Husband, Ben, Nurse

Meredith (3)

: Derek, McVet, George,

Dylan (only in my mind)


Derek (3)

: Addison, Meredith, Rose

Izzie: (3)

: Alex, George, Denny

Cristina (2.5)

: Burke, Owen, Jackson

The Chief (2)

: Adele, Ellis Grey

Lexie (2)

: Alex, Mark

Arizona (1)

: Callie

Owen (1)

: Cristina

Teddy (1)

: Mark

Jackson (0.5): Cristina
April (0.5): Alex

Friday Night Lights: 5×09 – Gut Check

Okay, why isn’t the entire fandom universe exploding with flail about how flipping awesome Jess is?  Seriously.  She’s one of my favourite realistic-yet-totally-awesome characters on TV.  I love how she is the only one who called Vince on all the crap he’s been pulling.  Yes, the team did try and make him see sense and Coach went about it in a passive aggressive way but Jess is the one who stood there and stood up for herself whilst making him see sense.  You go girl!  You’re too good for him (at this moment in time anyway, I do want them to get their happy-ever-after and I know from the promo for next week’s episode that Vince does get an attitude adjustment and goes back to being the Vince we all know and love).
And the Coach/Jess scene.  I mean it was so simple, nothing happened …. but the way Coach says “you know I’ve got two daughters of my own.  Take all the time you need” <3 <3 <3.
But the way Jess sat down with Luke and helped him learn the playbook for the sake of the team?  <3 <3 <3  You know, I wish that Luke/Jess were a ~thing~.

Oh Vince.  I absolutely cannot stand his father.  I cannot emphasise this enough.  Credit to the actor and director though because the way they film it and zoom in on his expressions, you can really feel his anger and contempt for Coach Taylor.  I am so glad that Vince is finally beginning to realise that he isn’t God.  Hats off to his mother for gently getting him to see that his father doesn’t know it all.  That’s one of the first times we’ve actually seen her be a proper mother.

Every time I begin to like Becky, something happens to taint my love.  I think her wanting to work as a waitress at the Landing Strip is a natural, realistic progression given her friendship with Mindy (love how Mindy was against it.  Mindy has really grown into her own this season.  She has turned a minor, slutty, chavvy character into someone who cares and might actually be a decent mother despite appearances) but it doesn’t mean I like it, especially as Tim is back next episode and I do NOT want any Tim/Becky relapse.  However, I am so happy that Becky used the money she earned to buy Luke a present.

Luuuuke!!!!!  I had no idea that he was a senior and Vince was a junior?  I thought they were both the same age.  I LOVE LUKE.  It was great to see him as QB, the way he came to Coach begging him to use Vince, the way he struggled through the game but eventually won it <3 <3.  It was good for Vince’s character as well as obviously this was perfect to make him see the whole team’s success is not just because of him.  I can understand Luke not wanting his parents to meet Becky but I like how in the end he firmly said she was coming to dinner with them.  “He kissed her!  Did you see that?  He kissed her!”

Tami/Epic … not sure where this storyline is going.  Is that the end of it or will there be more?

Matt/Julie!!!  I loved everything about how their storyline played out this episode.  Matt being super nice to her but then getting her to see sense ….. but then running after the car to let her know that he still wanted to be together and that they would work things out <3 <3 <3 <3

And the promo for next week’s episode when Vince shows up at Coach’s house and tells him not to go and Becky being sweet to Luke <3 <3 <3 <3.

Rewatch: Veronica Mars Season 3

It has been so long since I watched this show I can honestly say the whole thing is like a blur to me. However, what I do remember is that I am the only person in the fandom who prefers Piz (and Piz/Veronica) to Logan (Chris Lowell, I love you). Therefore, I decided just to rewatch the third season – it was like watching a new show! I can’t believe how much of this I had completely forgotten.

3.01 – Love Veronica’s snarkiness towards the TA! Remixed theme tune!!! Vinnie!!!!!!!! Piz!!!!!!!!!! Mac! I totally can’t remember anything about Keith’s storyline! What did he do for Kendall? [“A Saturn for a Mars.” “In Neptune” “Yeah, the planets really aligned for this one. Now get Uranus moving, the Mercury’s rising.”] Parker! See I can only ever see Julie Gonzalo the actress as the reporter in an early episode of Nikita now. Okay, Logan/Veronica is kind of sweet so far. Man I really can’t remember Keith/Kendall/roadtrip guy’s storyline! Ahh Keith! Logan/Ryan! Noo Parker!

3.02 – Hee! Veronica’s face when the sorority girls started singing!! [“Worst Roman orgy, EVER.”] I sort of remember the whole guards/prisoner exercise though can’t remember how it plays out. Okay, who is this guy? That guy’s brother? Haha! Veronica on the dance floor! [“The 70s had the hustle, the 80s the moonwalk, we have the faux-lesbian dance.”] Rupert Holmes! Hee. Awwh the poor den mother. Dear God Parker that wig is BAD. Logan streaking! No Piz but great episode.

3.03 – Weevil!!!! Love that Veronica got Weevil working for her Dad! I’ve seen that football player in some other shows. Can’t think what though. Moving onto another familiar face, is that Ryan Devlin? Regina Spektor! Okay, I admit it, Logan is much less annoying in this season so far.

3.04 – LOL! Keith/Logan/Veronica dinner. Wallace! You’re back on my screen! Oh no, he’s gone again. Dick!!! Keith/Harmony! Where’s Back-up? Where’s Mac? Where’s Piz? Where’s Weevil? I think where this show went shaky is its inability to use all of its regular cast members regularly. Logan has a brother? Played by Logan from Gilmore Girls. LOL!!! … Ooh who is actually a reporter.

3.05 – Love that Veronica got Weevil in and did her presentation on him. Hee Veronica’s speech about the Dean’s wife’s car. Where’s Piz??? Where’s Mac? Where’s Parker? Cliff!!! Lamb’s robot. Hehe. Pizza guy!

– Ryan Devlin again! [“Did you just make a Jane Austen reference? It’s official the end of days is upon us.”] Piz/Parker! Piz in his bathrobe! Wallace is great! Keith/Harmony! Holy crap! The car crash scared me!

3.07 – Piz/Veronica being roommates! I love them! The sweet but dim girlfriend. Vinnie blackmailing Keith. Vinnie helping Veronica. Wendell!! Hee. Awwh thank God Logan was there. We haven’t seen Mac in ages!!!!

3.08 – Logan being protective. Awwh. [“The sheriff is an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”] Veronica pretending to be the news reporter! Lol. Where’s Mac? Ugh what happened to Chip. LOL at Veronica and Keith breaking in. Veronica’s bodyguard!! Awwh, I did actually really love Logan in this episode. Season 3 Logan is miles better than what I remember him to be like.

3.09 – Piz and Mac! Wow, opening sequence! Awwh Logan’s break-up speech! So sweet. The lunch queue! Their reactions to Piz being all happy and clueless! Poor Dean O’Dell! Veronica begging Mac! Hehe. Piz’s look at Mac when she buys a soda cup! Piz dancing and Wallace watching him! LMAO! I LOVE Mac’s T-shirt! So it WAS Ryan Devlin’s character. When will Veronica ever learn not to drink anything which isn’t out of a bottle?! Parker to the rescue! Noo the Dean!

– [“Just so you know, we are approaching critical pathetic mass if the girl who most wants to host gentlemen callers is the most recent victim of a sexual assault.”] Parker, I love you! Dick that’s disgusting!! [“It’s an ongoing question in the private eye game “how naked are you willing to get for a case?!”]. Veronica rocking out! Hehe! [“I’m saying there’s a saddle, Veronica, and we should be back in it.”] OMG that monkey is SO CUTE. Piz/Veronica!! Aww Piz!!

3.11 – I love Weevil. Great case! Veronica and the hooker search engine scene! LMAO! Keith singing! Hehe. The Keith/Veronica conversation about seeing hookers! Veronica and Keith’s sheriff costume. Haha. This is the funniest episode for awhile. Poor Max!!!

3.12 – I love how in this show minor characters keep popping up again and again. Logan/Madison. That is low, Logan! If I were Veronica, I would definitely have had her car crushed.

3.13 – Wallace!!!! No Piz, Mac or Parker again. That little girl is really annoying. She’s been in some other stuff too. Mario Kart!!!!! Okay so Logan/Heather is really sweet. Awkward elevator ride!!! [“Quit flirting with me old man”]

3.14 – Veronica in jail was hilarious. I love Cliff!!! Oooh the start of Logan/Parker I think. Liked the whole scavenger hunt thing. I’m getting Piz withdrawal symptoms. Lamb!!!!!!!!!! Noooooo!!!!

3.15 – Still no Piz?? I was actually starting to warm to Mindy. Shame. Wallace!!!! [“I’m just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are.”] [“So there’s these DVDs …” “Does he have ‘A Bug’s Life’?”] Hehe. Parker is so sweet. Love that she put her friendship with Veronica before a relationship with Logan. Another epic story arc concluded. There was always something creepy about Tim since the moment we met him in the season premiere.

3.16 – Awwh Logan/Veronica scene was nice. Love that Parker is making Logan be a better person. ~Dramatic~ slow motion scene! Logan/Mac banter in the cafeteria was hilarious. Piz/Wallace/Veronica! Yay! Veronica in the photo development place! Hehe. [“We don’t all really look alike, Mr Mars.”] Veronica drinking Dick’s drink in the elevator! Piz/Veronica!!!! Yay!!!

3.17 – LOVE Wallace/Veronica doing the whole “girl-talk” thing about Piz. PAUL RUDD!!!!!!!!! He looks a bit like an older Cappie in this. LEO!!!! <3 <3 Piz is even more adorable than usual in this episode. I totally agree with what Desmond says about The Beatles not being a rock band. Vinnie! Awwh Piz/Veronica hand-holding.

3.18 – Piz/Veronica! So cute!!! Parker’s parents!! Dick’s Dad!! Apollo and Olympia? Cheesy much?! I loved the way Dick shouted at his father. It’s very rarely that I get to say this but Dick, you rock. Awwh, poor Piz.

3.19 – [“I’m a girl.”] Awwh. Piz/Veronica!! She was really sweet to him. Usually it’s the other way round. Oh, Weevil. Weevil’s message on Veronica’s answer machine! LOL! DIANNA AGRON! She was in that episode before as well. Piz quoting John Mayer <3 Wallace’s stalker … [“Walk me to work. I’ll show you what the inside of a library looks like.”] Awkward campfire. Nooo Logan! Don’t beat up Piz!!

– I love how loyal Wallace is to Piz and Veronica and how he wanted to “have a conversation” with Logan for beating Piz up. Poor Parker. That’s it, you tell him Veronica! [“After all these years do you not instinctively fear me? Maybe you should write yourself a note.”] Yay Weevil/Veronica friendship. [“It’s a cluster of morons. Don’t worry, they’ll let you back in.”] Veronica singing Daniel Powter <3 Piz and his guitar! [“You know, you’re adorable when you surveille.”] They brought Leo back for nothing? [“And what a beautiful day that will be for Mars the family, Neptune the town, Milky Way the galaxy….”] Oh poor Wallace. Lily and Duncan’s father!!! Those paintings are creepy. I’m glad that we got most of the story arcs wrapped up.

I love this season a lot. A huge surprise was the fact that I actually ended up liking Logan a lot more than I remember ……… until he went and did something which reminded me why I don’t like him.  Wallace, Piz, Mac, Parker <— So awesome <3.

Parenthood: 2×11 – Damage Control

Has anyone else seen this week’s Parenthood?  I think it was my favourite episode of the series so far and it wasn’t even a ~big~ episode with group family dinners and drama!

However, we did have Michael B. Jordan making me swoon, the endearing Julia/Joel/Sydney/dead bird arc, a Sarah/Drew/Amber scene and most importantly, we had some Sarah/Julia scenes!  I have been waiting a season an a half for this!!!  My favourite thing about Brothers & Sisters is the Sarah/Kitty relationship and I’ve been dying for some sisterly scenes in Parenthood.  Finally!  Nevertheless, no matter how realistic and believable as the dynamics in the sub-families are, I actually have a hard time believing that Sarah, Julia, Adam and Crosby are brothers and sisters.  I don’t know, I think it’s because the B&S siblings really exaggerate that whole dynamic and behave like they’re squabbling teenagers when they’re around each other whereas in Parenthood, they’re more distant …. which is probably more realistic?  I don’t know, what do I know?  I’m an only child.  Hee.  But ever since it was announced that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are in a relationship (really happy for them!), I can’t even enjoy the brotherly/sisterly Adam/Sarah scenes without thinking about that.

First, I have to say that I have little interest in the Crosby/Jabbar/Jasmine storylines. I don’t mind them and sometimes they’re cute but I think Dax Shepherd has a really funny face and that distracts from everything else.  That last scene where Jabbar was throwing a tantrum was kinda annoying.

Wow, the first episode where I actually liked Craig T.Nelson from start to finish!  I like his relationship with Drew.  Drew is seriously the sweetest teenage boy ever!  I love the whole Sarah/Drew/Amber dynamic.  It’s quite funny because in the first couple episodes of the series, I didn’t really like Amber.  I especially didn’t like the storyline with her having a crush on her teacher/Sarah’s boyfriend (mostly because I hate the whole student/teacher dynamic) but then we got to see that she’s not a “bad girl” and she has some really sweet adorable moments.  Loved the scene in this episode where they’re all in the car and Drew and Amber are talking about this girl who likes Drew and then Sarah tells them about the dangers of alcohol and Amber just touches her shoulder and says “I’ll be careful.”

The most amazing thing about the Julia/Joel/Sydney storyline was how they managed to make it simultaneously heart-wrenching and funny.  Sydney was so cute when she was all worried about Amelia.  When Joel realises the bird’s dead and he’s just like “Well, crap”   <3 and he and Julia lying about it just being asleep.  Even when they talked to Sydney about death, it started out being quite funny when they lied about Amelia dying just an hour ago and then it got really really sweet!  I love the way they film the show like Friday Night Lights, and how they zoom in at just the right minute to capture the emotion in the actors’ faces etc.  The last scene, though, with just Joel and Julia watching Sydney and they talk about heaven and his Mum and the fact that Julia’s hungover …… <3  “I like thinking about her in heaven with that STUPID bird …I kind of hate you for that.”  I sometimes think that he’s too sweet a guy for her but am glad that they worked out their problems.

Sarah: I’m gonna have a girls’ night out with my sister.  I mean when was the last time we had a girls’ night out?
Julia: I don’t actually know that we’ve ever had a girls’ night out.
Sarah: C’mon won’t it be fun?
Julia: You’re asking me to hang out with you?  Is that what’s happening?!
Sarah: Do you wanna party like it’s 1999 or what?
Julia: Okay!  That’s kinda my 13 year-old fantasy coming true actually.
Sarah: It is?  Did you think I was so cool?
Julia: Yeah.  We get to hang out with my cool older sister.
Sarah: Well now I think you’re cool and I really need you as a friend.

Heee!  Glad that they finally had a girl talk, even if Zeke had to come in and interrupt them.  It was kind of sweet/awkward how they told each other their problems but they didn’t really have any advice or comfort to give each other.  Like you could tell they definitely weren’t close when they were growing up.

Alex: I’m solid.  I want you guys to know that.  I get that you guys are parents and I understand how crazy this all must sound but you go down the road you go down when you’re younger, you learn what you learn from watching, imitating what you see right in front of you, but when you grow up, you get to make your own choices, choices that are going to define who you are, your morals, what you’ll stand for or what you’ll fall for, who you want to be.  I want to be completely honest with you guys so thank you for letting me be.

I have never been a huge fan of Haddie but I have loved her ever since they brought in Michael B.Jordan as Alex.  I just love their relationship.  I am never much for “bad boys” but he’s reformed and so sweet.  It was the most awkward thing though when the first thing Max says to him is “you’re black” and then goes on about how if he and Haddie had children, they would look just like Jabbar.  I cringed SO MUCH.  Anyway, moving on, I loved everything Alex said over dinner.  And his speech!  He was honest it was refreshing.
Although I am totally on Haddie’s side (I want more Michael B.Jordan on my screen, dammit!  Though realistically I’m guessing he’ll have to be gone by the end of the season?), I can sort of see why Adam and Kristina reacted the way they did.  I only wish that it wasn’t after Alex was so charming.  The most heartbreaking scene though was the end when Alex was all excited to hear what Haddie’s parents thought of him and she had to lie and say that they loved him.  The smile on his face!!!  <3