Rewatch: Rome

Before Bruno Heller did The Mentalist and before Kevin McKidd did Grey’s Anatomy, there was ROME.  It is sometimes hard to overlook the historical inaccuracies and the horrendous telescoping of events but what other TV show has the largest standing outdoor set ever made and 4000+ costumes for a total of 22 episodes.

I also think it’s fair to say that this it probably the only time I will ever watch an 18+ rated TV show.  Gratuitous nudity doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Obviously studying classics, I’ve read and translated (and given presentations on … eep!) far worse things than what appears on screen but somehow reading it and watching it – two very different things!  Pornographic!  And the incest (although in itself not graphic), pretty much ruined !historicalAugustus for me forever, even if it isn’t historically accurate.

There has always been talk of a film being in the works and if they can find a studio to do it, Bruno and Kevin have promised they’d film it around their American TV schedules.  Not sure how the plot will work given how things were left in the final episode …… perhaps a flashback?  Hmm.

1.01 – I really really don’t like the credit sequence! [“What a dreadful noise plebs make when they’re happy.”] LOL. Gratuitous nakedness. I think it’s fair to say that this is the most explicit sex scene I have ever watched on TV. Okay, complete nakedness was that really necessary?! Seriously the only 18 rated TV series I have ever and will ever watch.  I cannot stand Atia. She is my least favourite character in the whole thing or at least at the beginning.  She wins me over in the last episode. Octavian watching his mother in the bath is so perverse … of course, not as perverted as what comes later on but still. I will never not be able to see the guy who plays Cicero as Mr Collins from Pride & Prejudice. Unfortunate really since there are similarities between the characters. Why IS there a lewd woman on stage? Women weren’t allowed on stage. [“Bring him back safe or I’ll use the eyes of your children for beads.”] The Blue Men group. Hehe. Brutus! That actor was in James Bond as M’s assistant. Antony is an ass. Serves you right Octavian for being rude to the slaves. [“Fortune pisses on me”] !DrunkBrutus!! Oh God not the bull sacrifice and the blood! Atia is evil … but also quite funny. Oh more full frontal nudity …

1.02 – Mark Antony is an ass. I’m not going to lie, watching this may well have coloured my judgement regarding the actual historical figure too. [“If I weren’t a genteel woman I would have you flailed and hung by the bracket by the door.”] <3 Vorenus and Pullo. [“Dormouse, perhaps?”] Nice homecoming there with Vorenus calling Niobe a whore! [“She’s not simple is she?”] Ah, these Romans have such a delicate way with words. Niobe’s reaction when Vorenus empties the bag on the table, including the phallus. “Nice …” More sex! [“MY FATHER’S COCK! How’s that for tone?!”] Cicero you just sealed your fate. Love Pullo/baby and Pullo/Niobe talking. Yeah, alright Octavia …. There is NO need for that at the dinner table. Caesar’s horse is beautiful. Great show of speechmaking there Caesar! THE CROSSING OF THE RUBICON!!! Can you see the huge holes in the side of that cot? Clearly the baby would roll out and fall onto the floor at least ten times a day!

1.03 – Poor Niobe. Vorenus/Pilo talking about women is hilarious as is Atia talking about who should kill whom [“Mother, I would rather it were not you who killed me if you have no objections”]. Love that Atia and Octavia are still bitching at each other. The graffiti that the plebs wrote on Atia’s door is really rude, I won’t translate it but I think you get the idea…. Love Cornelia telling her children the story of Odysseus. [“The Republic is more important than any friendship.”] More nakedness briefly. Vorenus/Pullo talking about the stars – really funny from a modern perspective. <3 Pullo. Lol at him trying to move the oxen. [“Gracchus! Something more cheerful!”]

1.04 – LOL at the dirty graffiti! Naked Mark Antony! Oh God, NO ONE needs to see that. Wash that from my brain now please. I like that Vorenus is a man of principle. I like the slaves and servants in this series. Those headdresses/hairstyles are awful!!! [“Octavian, don’t sit there like a prop. Say something witty!”] Love the “augur’s wife” bribe.

1.05 – [“I am not clear it is decent him being your great-uncle but who’s to say what’s decent in times like these ..”] I think I have a love/hate relationship with Atia. She’s wicked but has some hilarious lines! [“What extraordinary names these plebs have!”] Octavian’s advice to Pullo is actually very sound. LOL! More dirty graffiti! Servillia scares me. [“I’ve never actually tortured anyone. I don’t know how.” “You don’t know how?!” “They have specialists.”] Cute dog.

– !drunk Vorenus! I would probably rather die than have Atia for a mother. No wonder Octavian turned out the way he did …. Oh Lord cover my eyes!!! [“You will penetrate someone today or I will burn your wretched books in the yard.”] Atia’s gifts to Servillia. LMAO.

1.07 – I love the Atia/Octavia conversations. Lol. Vorenus/Pullo: LOST the 1st Century BC version. The Servillia/Octavia CREEPS ME OUT. [“We are the Senate of Rome!” “We are a bunch of old men with mud on our shoes.”] I feel bad for Pompey. Ugh, using the dead bodies to build a raft. Innovative but unhygienic! Pompey’s wife/kids are sweet. Servillia/Octavia – NO NO NO! Love Pompey telling that story to his children and talking to Vorenus. No poor Pompey! With his wife and children watching as well!!!

– Little Ptolemy is horrible. Pompey’s head is disturbingly lifelike. [“It’s only hubris if I fail.”] [“Roman law.” “Is there any other sort of law you wretched woman.”] Argh I hate Cleopatra! She is even worse than Atia. Don’t do it Pullo! “Give me your hands” – he will have your hands soon enough Cicero! Love how they fast-forwarded through the whole Egyptian siege.

1.09 – OMG that poor elephant! Wow they skipped over that battle too. Oh Cato … That play is not funny. !AwkwardDinnerParty! Servillia’s playing you Octavia! Octavian is reading Catullus! ….. why is he reading sexual poetry to his sister? Octavian saying that there are no gods! Lol. No no no god it’s the start of Octavian/Octavia incest. No, no, no!!! Love that it was actually Caesar who came to see Vorenus. No no no! It’s wrong! I am scarred for life! [“You look like laundry.”] Awwh Pullo is feeling left out.

1.10 – Atia is such a hypocritical cow. [“I don’t want my chariot slowed by giant turds.”]. Yes, that sounds EXACTLY like something Caesar would have said. Oh dear Brutus, we’re gradually getting closer to IT.

1.11 – Oh Pullo. 🙁 The land redistribution problem! Ah this takes me back to my final year at uni! Atia eavesdropping! <3 <3 <3 Pullo! Ugh, too much violence and blood spurting!

1.12 – Oooh Caesar’s wife’s dream – that’s taken from historical texts. Suetonius is one, I believe. Oh no, we’re getting to the climax. Poor Vorenus/Niobe. The Town-Crier guy is hilarious. Can’t help but feel equally sorry for Caesar and Brutus. Sad that they didn’t include the “Et tu, Brute”. Noooo Niobe!!! Funny how Pullo is the only one to get a touch of happiness at the end.

2.01 – Poor Vorenus’ family!! Meh. Oh God I did not need to see THAT. [“I know you’re only trying to be manly and that’s fine but now is NOT the time!”] [“We are senators not hired thugs.”] [“If we cannot be friends, we shall be enemies.”] Brutus and his principles! Love the juxtaposition of the two funerals.

2.02 – [“You shave.” “I kiss.”] Poor Timon the look on his face when Atia tells him she doesn’t need him. Lol. [“Mark Antony buggers boys like you for a morning snack.”] Octavia and her fruit salad! Brawl in the bedroom! Love the music at the end there.

2.03 – Oh Jocasta – Octavia’s druggie friend. Some things don’t change even through thousands of years. Dunking into the public toilets? I’d rather someone kill me! Agrippa is hot! !drunkBrutus! I don’t like seeing Vorenus like this. Brutus doing an impression of Jesus? Cicero’s speech!!!!!!!! Laede!

2.04 – Silly slave girl don’t eat the poisoned food!!! [“Because it isn’t a legal confession unless there’s torture.”] I like the other Octavian better. Maecenas! [“If this is the afterlife it is extremely disappointing.”] Vorenus and Pullo back to being awesome together. Agrippa and his crush on Octavia is adorable.

2.05 – Antony looks really different! [“Thank you daughter. I really appreciate these little chats we have in between your drug binges”]. I don’t like this new Octavian. Again, was it really necessary for us to see that?! <3 <3 <3 <3 Agrippa.

2.06 – Agrippa/Octavia <3 <3 <3. Pullo and Cicero having a normal chat! Tyro trying to save his master!! Pullo and the peaches! Brutus/Cassius talking about his birthday cake!! Brutus!!!

2.07 – OMG Jocasta/Pullo!! Hahaha! I forgot all about that!! Servillia interrupting the wedding with her calls for Atia! Atia should have invested in some double glazing, eh?! Oh don’t do that Pullo! I like Pullo/Irene – why did they have to go muck that up?! LOL how can Servillia’s voice sounds so weak and quiet outside and yet echo all over the house?! [“Now that is an exit”] [“What would I do with a giraffe?”] [“I don’t care if all Italy burns – I will not marry him”] [“I’d rather eat shit”] Obviously I knew that the Antony/Octavia would happen but when you see it play out like this, it kind of makes you lose all respect for Octavian/Augustus.

2.08 – Oh Pullo/Irene. 🙁 [“I wanted her to be here so she would know what it means to be part of this family.” “A species of benign slavery.”] I can’t believe I am actually preferring Antony to Octavian in this showdown. Deary me. [“It was nice to meet you, take care, you are marrying a monster.”] <3 <3 <3 Agrippa. What Antony did is disgusting! Oh no not Cleopatra again.

2.09 – OMG that is the ugliest prostitute I have ever seen!!!! She’s bald!!! I cannot stand Cleopatra! Memmio in the cage!! Haha! [“You are joking!!” “I can’t remember the last time I made a joke.”] Yeah, I did NOT need to see that. [“You have become girlish and sentimental. Frankly it’s disgusting.”] Oh at least that awful she-wolf got what she deserved.

2.10 – Wait, they fast-forwarded through the entire Battle of Actium?? [“I’m a soldier not a freaking magician.”] Awwh Antony/Vorenus. Cleopatra – what a bitch. Though if I were Antony, I would definitely have gone and checked first! Oh God not the snake!! Awwh Vorenus and his children! Atia’s not happy unless she’s threatening or cursing someone! Great ending.

Chuck: 4×15 – Chuck Versus The CAT Squad

How is it possible that Chuck can keep just getting better and better?  I mean every episode sends me into a flailing fit.  And it’s getting funnier.  This week’s opening sequence with the fake-ad for the CAT squad?  LMAO.

And Chuck/Sarah defy all precedent in that I actually love them the same amount if not more now that they are together.  I don’t think this has ever happened before.

I need a Season 5!  I know this show has already been given 3 lifelines but seriously…. not only could I not handle losing another one of my favourite shows this year but Chuck deserves to be renewed.

I LOVE that we’re exploring more of Sarah’s past.  The whole reuniting of the CAT squad was a brilliant idea.  It’s nice to see that Sarah does have at least 2 friends from her pre-Chuck days.  And as well as dowsing us with that beautifully awkward idea of these kickass women having that whole ‘female friendship’ thing going on, it was super funny!  I mean just getting to see Sarah hungover and complaining !!

I knew the traitor was Amy!  It’s always the ditzy blonde one.

And we finally get to see Chuck use the intersect for more than Kung Fu.  I love the way he spun around and shot the bad guys …. followed by Sarah being really angry with him!  Lol.

Morgan/Karina!  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!  I think she may be one of my favourite recurring guest-stars?  I definitely didn’t appreciate her enough the other times we saw her.  I love it when Morgan finally put his foot down and got angry.  Alex all hurt and upset was <3 and her break up speech was adorable.  Morgan’s “I love you” speech <3!!!!!!  I don’t think I have ever loved Morgan more than in that scene.

Sarah/Ellie friendship!!!!  I love these two, even way back when Chuck/Sarah were fake-dating and Ellie just accepted her in the family.  “We’re practically family, right?  But more importantly we’re friends.”  And the way Chuck just sighs with contentment as he watches them.

And I also found a new favourite Chuck/Sarah fanvid.

Friday Night Lights: 5×13 – Always

Friday Night Lights series finale: Most epic use of montage EVER.  Has a show ever gone that long without dialogue before???  And then when there was dialogue it was like one sentence … back to montage, therefore a quarter of the episode was just background music with some beautiful camera work.

Love the beautiful promo that they aired before the episode.  If you’re on the fence about trying this show out then I suggest watching it as it’s not spoilery.

Okay, these are my as-I-watched-it-thoughts hence the capslock and exclamation marks.  Slightly more coherent thoughts at the bottom.

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  If ever there was a more perfect time to end a series.OMG THROWBACK TO THE PILOT WITH THE INTERVIEWS.

“That’s a Texas tree!”  Coach’s answer to the argument: “There’s someone at the door.”  Lol.



“OMG my Dad must have flipped ….”  “What do you mean?”  “When you asked him to marry me..”  “You’re kidding right?!”  “No you asked him right?”

Julie telling him that he needs to ask her Dad alone “man to man” is quite possibly my favourite Matt/Julie scene ever.


Mindy!  “Don’t sleep with my sister.  That’s like incest now.”


Matt/Landry FRIENDSHIP!!!!!  Matt practising his speech out with Landry!!!  “Don’t mention you work in an art gallery.  That’s not reassuring for a football coach.”  “The crazy part is that just a few years ago we were trying to figure out just how we were going to talk to Julie Taylor and now here you are about to marry Julie ….”


Tim coaching Stevie in all the finer points of football!!!!!!!!!!  SO ADORABLE!



Mindy/Becky friendship <3 <3

Coach laughing at Matt … and then getting angry!  And the camera zooms into his eyes!

“Matt Saracen asked your daughter to marry him.”  “Julie?”  “What are you talking about?!  No, Gracie, YES JULIE.”
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No……. “I don’t know why you’re yelling at me!!  I think we agree on this!!!!” I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!!


More Tim/Stevie cuteness.

A Tim/Becky scene I actually love.  Sort of awkward there with Becky spelling it out but I like it.  “I’m finally over my crush so friends?”  “I’d say family.”

Stan repeating all the names!!!

“You guys are my inspiration.”  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

TAMI!!!!  COACH/TAMI!!!!!!!!!

I hate that Coach didn’t even say one nice word to Tami about her job offer.

Erm Julie, I love you SFM in this episode but can we just rewind to a few episodes ago before you start making all those claims about yourself?!??!

Becky/Mindy!!!!!!!!!!!!  Such a beautiful scene!

Jess/brothers!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh God JESS CAN’T LEAVE DILLON.

Awwh Coach is too nice to Vince’s Dad.

LUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEE!  The teddy bear!!!!  “I want to be with you forever and ever and ever.”

I adored the Julie/Matt/Tyra/Tim scene but it kind of made me miss Lyla, Jason and even Smash.

Okay so the real magic of the show is how they can make every side of the love triangles feel right:  Jason/Lyla, Tim/Lyla, Tim/Tyra (even Smash/Tyra?  Landry/Tyra?); Landry/Jess, Vince/Jess; (some would argue) Tim/Becky, Luke/Becky……

Coach/Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t go Jess!!! Nodding lion!

GRANDMA SARACEN!!!!!!!!!  “Hunnie, you got to call me Grandma now we’re family.”

“Julie, it doesn’t matter if we live in the same state, it doesn’t matter how old we are, we know we love each other and we know we’re perfect together.”  <3

Vince/Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know ever since that Matt/Julie proposal I kept thinking that everyone was going to propose …. that Luke/Becky scene, this Vince/Jess scene … haha!

Tim/Tyra!!!!!!!!!!!  “Tim, I’ve been in love with you since I was five years old.”  “Maybe one day our dreams can merge together.”

“Will you take me to Philadelphia with you please?”  Awwh Coach came through!  But I don’t actually want them to leave!!!  OMG the shot of their wedding rings.

Slowmotion!  Beautiful music!

Coach/Vince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “You may never know how proud I am of you”  “You changed my life Coach”

No EPIC COACH TAYLOR SPEECH???  (The prayer doesn’t count).

Can anyone say SLOW MOTION?!  I absolutely love that they cut the sound!!!  And just told it all with the facial expressions.

Wait, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  A flashforward NOW?????????????????????????????????????????

I love how they answered our questions so simply though … the zoom in on Vince in his fugly blue Panther uniform, the ring on his finger, Tinker ….

LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

Matt/Julie <3

What Jess moved away???  What about her and Vince though???  She got a ring though!

Billy helping Tim build his house!

“Clear eyes, full hearts …..” <silence>  “Yeah we’ll deal with that later.”


Underlining motto of this episode: FAMILY!  How many times did that word get mentioned?!

Things I wouldn’t change for the world:  Basically everything up until they went to the game.  It was all perfect.  All of my favourite relationships got at least one scene together: Mr/Mrs Coach, Matt/Julie, Vince/Mum, Vince/Coach, Vince/Jess, Luke/Becky, Becky/Mindy Tami/Julie, Coach/Jess, Tim/Stevie …….

I can’t believe they brought Landry back for that one tiny scene.  I feel like we should have at least seen him watching the state championship given that he was a Lion this time last year.  Also wished we’d seen Matt’s Mum.  I know that she’s really not an important character but would’ve been nice to have seen her in the background like we did Tyra and Mindy’s Mum.  Also, like I said before, in an ideal world we would have all the old gang back …….

I didn’t like where they put the flashforward.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it was ingenious and artistic and, yes, surprised me BUT as a selfish viewer in love with the characters, I wanted to see that moment of glory for the Lions, I wanted to see them all celebrate, we only got one Vince/Jess and Luke/Becky scene (in real time) and although this episode wasn’t about them and their relationship, I wanted one more scene with them hugging and kissing.

Coach leaving Dillon and going to Philadelphia……..  I love Tami, I think she deserved the job, I think all her arguments for moving were valid, I thought that Coach should have been more supportive (though I love the way he finally announced that he changed his mind), I don’t think realistically he could have handled going back to West Dillon, I think moving was the right decision……..  But a part of me wished they had stayed in Dillon just because in a hypothetical Season 6, they would obviously be in Dillon.  I’m torn.

Dear God the Luke/Becky.  I think that scene got me the most.  I mean it was realistic.  I think that is pretty much the only option left for Luke in a small town.  That or farming or maybe Army and then farming in a few years.  But if we’re meant to look at each last scene as telling us all we need to know about what happens five years from now then surely they kill Luke off?  I mean artistically from a writer’s point of view, if we were to revisit the show in five years, they could go with that right?  That might be THE event that brings Coach back to Dillon for his funeral etc. etc. etc.

And the fact that Jess moved away?  That killed me too.  I also think that was unnecessarily cruel.  Necessary for Jess to have story development in the finale but still.  I mean what happens with Vince/Jess?  They were more OTP than Luke/Becky and we never get to find out if they even try to give things a go since the last ever Vince/Jess scene was before he knew she was moving.

So, yeah, the above things aren’t things I disliked.  I don’t really wish that TPTB had done it differently because the way they did it was probably realistic, in-character etc. etc. etc.  It’s just me wanting a fluffy ending, rather than a realistic one.

Overall a perfect ending, definitely one I am happy with.  *sniff*.  Someone buy me a one-way ticket back to denial land?

OMG THE INTERVIEWS AT THE END!!!!!    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love this cast.  Always have, always will.

Chuck: 4×14 – Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible

Ahhhhh! It was like TPTB read my post last week and decided to heed my advice and handed us this fantastic episode basically fulfilling all of my wishes: bad guy (girl!) of the week, Casey/Kathleen (not that they shared a scene but still I count this as development), Mary being an awesome grandma, hilarious scenes all around, the start of what I am sure will be an epic arc of FINDING OUT MORE ABOUT SARAH’S PAST!!! Score!!!!!!!!

Other complete awesomeness: Chuck/Sarah/Casey saying they desperately need a mission to get out of the intense family situation, Chuck/Sarah bickering, Roan Montgomery working in Buy More, Mary/Ellie/baby scenes, the fact that they kept playing the Oceans 11 Theme …….

It was a perfect “normal” episode (i,.e. one without any EPIC events).  Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be awesome too.


And the whole General Beckman/Roan Montgomery storyline generally was absolutely golden.  I didn’t really see it coming but it was perfect character development for the General.  The writers are geniuses.  And we got a flashback WITH GENERAL BECKMAN IN A DIRTY BLONDE WIG.  LMAO.
THIS SHOW <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

Rewatch: NCIS Season 1

1.01 – [“NCIS anything like CSI” “Only if you’re dyslexic”] Agent Fornell! Hang on, shouldn’t he and Gibbs know each other? Isn’t that engrained in their backstory?! Okay, it’s the pilot so I can let it slide. I can see where Gibbs/Kate shippers get their material from, especially in the Pilot. ALAN DALE!! I love how sarcastic Kate is. GREGORY ITZIN!!! Nice play with the body swap. <3 Gibbs sleeping on the autopsy table. [“Ducky, why would Abby going to a fat party?”] Kate explaining her relationship with the Major to Gibbs. Awkward! Gibbs/Kate in the toilet. Awwh poor Kate. The Pilot has definitely grown on me since the first time I watched it. It sort of has a different feel to the rest of the series, less procedural.

1.02 – I love the theme tune, it’s so addictive! I remember this episode really well. Parker from Veronica Mars!!!! Love that Gibbs gives her her boyfriend’s jacket to wear. Tony explaining to Gibbs what Dashboard Confessional and emo music is. Kate/Abby fist pump! Kate/Abby gun/tattoo talk! [“How did you get into NCIS?” “I smiled.”] Awwh Gibbs and the little boy.

1.03 – [“For the last time Kate, I was only trying to get my seatbelt on.” “Right … seatbelt.”] Mention of the sexual harassment seminar. Hehe! Gerald and his earplugs. Love Gibbs/Abby signing at each other. [“You should wash your hands with soap for saying that”]. I wish I could draw half as well as Kate. Fornell!!! GREGORY ITZIN!

1.04 – [“We’re not all sleeping here are we? Together?”] Another episode I know well. I think I’ve rewatched the first half of this season quite a few times. Love Abby’s keyboard. LOL at her playing the game. [“You know this reminds me of something ….. actually I can’t think of a thing that it reminds me of.”] Lol Ducky! Haha the ship assistant throwing clothes at Tony. I forgot all about Kate being Catholic. Awwh Tony touched her shoulder checking that she was all right. Abby explaining the case to Ducky. Tony’s present to Kate!! [“I work with pigs.”]

1.05 – I love the theme tune and credits. TFOAs – Things Falling Off Aircrafts. Hee. [“Why do you need two ‘B’s? Second one’s for bastard”] Gibbs and his bad eyesight! [“He does this just to screw with me, doesn’t he?”] Haha Kate and Gibbs’ chick flick / guy’s flick move analogies. Jan from The Office!!!! Gibbs waking up when he smelt coffee!

1.06 – LOL! They look hilarious in those helmets. Tony and Gibbs confusing Kate. Tony being jealous of Gibbs/Stan. Heh. [“I have no idea what you just said.” “Neither do I but the intent was sincere.”] [“Please Gerald, this is not dinner theatre.”] Tony/Kate racing to the admin room. [“DiNozzo, how’s she doing?” “She’s smiling.”]

1.07 – McGee!!!! [“You look like hell.” “A woman loves to hear that, Tony.”] [“I’ve never experienced Gibbs without his morning coffee. We’re in uncharted waters here Kate.”] This episode isn’t as familiar as the rest! You tell ‘em Kate! Hee McGee asking about Abby. [“I just know that there’s a point here somewhere.”] That’s so cool that the submarine does that! Erm, Gibbs/Kate. Awkward. That is so cool that they torpedo the dead body off the submarine. A really really good episode. Couldn’t remember a lot about it so it was like watching it for the first time again.

1.08 – Funny opening. [“The women I date think the smell of sawdust is sexy. That’s why I don’t date many women.”] Everyone seems to be spilling Gibbs’ coffee nowadays! Paula Cassidy!!!!!! Ooh I think this episode has some of my favourite moments in it if I remember rightly. Tony/Kate fighting over the bedroom. The iguana! Kate and Gibbs bursting into Tony’s room guns at the ready! Kate winking at Tony! [“I need coffee.”] Abby/Benjamin. The look on his face when he sees all the other bottles of perfume. Awwh. Bless. Tony staring at the iguana. Kate/Tony brother/sister banter. Ducky’s mother. Lol. Kate sticking up for Tony and telling Gibbs he can be a real bastard. [“My cursor has moved across places that would make Tony blush.”] Kate trying to comfort Tony about Paula. Kate trying to get Tony to fix things with Paula. Bless. [“Why do women always want to fix what doesn’t need fixing?” “Makes us all warm inside.”]

– Love the team at the gun range. [“If we screw this up I have a suggestion: we break into Gibbs’ basement and set his boat on fire.” “That’s cold, Kate. I knew there was a reason I liked you.”] Awwh, Tony/Abby. [“Gibbs will get in. He has clearance that will let him see the dead aliens in Area 51.” “Because he probably killed them”] Kate gave Tony her cap? Awh. Kate’s drawings. Tony, Gibbs and Abby finding Kate’s drawings of themselves <3 <3 [“I’m a man of action, Kate.” “More like an action figure.” “Why, do you want to play with me?” “As in you look good but really can’t do much.” “But I look good.”] Being embalmed whilst you’re still alive? Got to be a bad way to go. [“That must have been one lonely old lady.” “And one pissed off poodle.”] LMAO! Gibbs waking up cheerful – Tony/Kate …. not so much. <3 <3 Kate. [“Now I know why everybody in the CIA hates these guys.”] I love the ending of the episode! Tony and Kate letting bullets fly, the marine with the wounded ear, Gibbs leaving Tony/Kate bickering.

1.10 – Tony sleeping in the office! Gibbs on his boat! Love the way he warms up his coffee. Oh gosh, I remember this episode! Kate gets played, right? Kate and the doctor! Asking whether he’s related to Ducky! Kate don’t bond with the victim! She’s not who you think! You’re setting yourself up for a fall! She’s lying to you Kate! The fact that the company is called BFF makes me smile. Oh so she was buried alive, there’s at least that. I thought she made the whole thing up. Love Tony telling Gibbs they have to do something for Kate.

1.11 – I am so jealous of Tony and his doughnuts. Hee Kate psyching him out about his weight. Tony in Ducky’s “suit”. Lol. McGee!! Crab in the body bag! Love Kate teasing Tony! Hehe! [“We IM each other almost every day.” “You do? That’s good right?”] Tony and Kate exchanging looks about Abby and Ashton. [“With the exception of finding a decent barber, Gibbs can do pretty much anything he says he can.”] Sometimes Ducky’s ramblings are actually quite interesting.

– It’s Sawyer from LOST, right?? Kate’s tattoos. [“Where is it?” “Nowhere you will ever see.”] Love Ducky’s long story and then Gibbs saying “that’s a right foot.” LOL. Hah! Darlene – I love that name! [“Cremation – It’s a dead end.”] LOL! Kate’s expression when she hears Gibbs flirting. Not such a sweet old lady after all! Haha Gibbs ~knowing~ all about Kate’s tattoo!

1.13 – “Iraq will pretty much be over” … erm?? Sick timing there. TJ Thyne!!! [“That’s not how they do it on CSI.”] All those dolls are creepy! Abby’s impression of Ducky! Tony/Kate’s “dirty” conversation … about how to use chopsticks!! [“Alone eating Chinese food again. What a refreshing change, Kate.”] Haha Gibbs saying that Tony/Kate bickering reminded him of marriage. Kate as a marine!

1.14 – Awwh Tony’s Kate’s emergency contact. Charlie the sheriff! Love Tony and Kate’s expressions regarding the Gibbs/Charlie. Twins. Of course!

1.15 – It’s that guy from LOST! Love Kate’s jumper. Gibbs telling them about Rule 12 <3. [“Do all Marines build boats?” “Only the ones that have been married a few times.” “Why’s that?” “The other ones can afford to buy one.”] I love them all running out of the house waiting for the bomb to explode and then … nothing. Love them talking about Pirates Of The Caribbean. Tony/Kate drawing! Love the way Gibbs trapped those people tailing him. The start of the Gibbs/Fornell elevator talks! Tony/Kate asking Ducky for advice regarding Gibbs. Tony/Kate/Abby staging an intervention <3.

1.16 – I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. It is an awesome episode but it also marks the beginning of the end for Kate. 🙁 Gibbs being annoyed at his lack of knowledge about modern technology. Lol. Abby’s phobia! I forgot about that. Love the way Gerald’s screaming drowns out Kate swearing. I still don’t really get the Kate-Ari ~connection~. Tony being all nervous and rambling. [“Maybe it’s like falling in love. It can happen just like that.”]

1.17 – Tony trying to take Kate’s mind off of Ari. [“Have you ever been in a men’s room before?” “No. Have you?”] [“Abby, you’re spending too much time talking to Ducky.”] That is some driving Gibbs! Tony/Kate going out for Chinese together <3.

1.18 – Kate sleeps with a gun <3 [“Kate rules” “I thought Abby ruled” “Good women don’t mind sharing a throne, Gibbs.”] McGee!!!! LOL Abby equating the squabbling JAG lawyers to Tony/Kate. Gibbs and his glasses.

1.19 – Tony answering Kate’s phone. Poor guy. Cute McGee/Abby moment. Oh is this the “Tony kissed a guy” episode?” The building manager thinking that Tony/Gibbs are “together”. Kate/McGee talking about Martin Sheen. [“Permission to shoot him?”] McGee’s “how do I take the safety off”. Lol. [“OMG Tony’s on a date with a guy.”] [“Okay, give it to me Kate, I can take it.” “What was it like tonguing a guy?” “Forget it. I can’t take it.”]

– Why the hell would he drink a drink from a stranger when he knows someone is out to get him?! Hee Tony/Kate. [“You two aren’t, you know ….” “Oh no, no, no way, we’re just, uh, co-workers.”} What Abby does when she’s bored <3! Gibbs/Tony in the car. Gibbs obsessing over Ari. Kate and Tony sleeping at their desks <3. Tony!!! Nice twist at the end there.

1.21 – Palmer!!! How does Palmer get a signal on his mobile phone. Aren’t they in the basement? [“I thought they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together?” “That’s because the king only had horses and men.”] Remember the last time you went undercover Tony? Nice twist. Kate playing the “Tony kissed a guy” card again! Hehe.

– [“You don’t know much about dating.” “Why don’t you enlighten me?”] ADAM BALDWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby talking to Kate about McGee <3 [“What kind of person would I be if I had this knowledge and didn’t share it with you.”] Kate propelling! Awkward Priest/Kate flirting.

1.23 – I’d forgotten how they’d foreshadowed Kate’s death a whole season before. [“Gibbs you’re making me nervous. Scary scenarios are popping into my head like you’re here to fire me or to tell me that I’m going undercover as DiNozzo’s wife.”] Abby’s bluegrass music! Awwh Ducky/Kate kiss. Ducky’s human jigsaw puzzle! Medical school isn’t 4 years in the UK. Paula Cassidy! Threatening Tony to get Kate to co-operate! Hahahaha Ari went to the University Of Edinburgh too. I can tell you that medical school there is definitely not 4 years! Tony really can’t say Edinburgh can he?! [“I can see why you keep it with the paint strippers”]. Awesome episode.  *sigh*  Only one season to go, Kate.

Friday Night Lights: 5×12 – Small Town/Texas Whatever

Seriously how can Billy and Mindy afford to have twins as well as look after Stevie?!?!  I think it’s important for me to state once again how much Mindy (and Billy to a certain extent) has grown on me this season.  I mean there you have a prime example of how a relatively minor character can still have huge, beautifully written character development.  LOL at her freaking out about having to live in a tent.

I love how politely Tami pointed out to Coach that they’ve always moved for his job and the whole “18 years” comment.  “I’m going to say to you what you haven’t had the grace to say to me.  Congratulations, Eric.”  Again, I think Coach really needed to be more supportive but I guess the way it played out was realistic.  I sort of want a situation where Coach finally decides to move for Tami’s job and then something happens and the college withdraws the job offer to Tami or something so they can stay in Dillon?  I can’t bear the thought of them not being in Dillon.

TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (And Tyra’s Mum!)  Tyra/Julie friendship.  THIS IS OLD SCHOOL!  Tim/Tyra – even MORE old school.  “Tyra please don’t go.”  You know, at the beginning of the season I thought they were going to get Lyla back and end it with Tim/Lyla but Tim/Tyra is kind of ….. right?  “Alaska, Tim?”

Poor Luke at his meeting college meeting.  I love how he tried to be grateful but you could tell that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get excited at the prospect of going to nowheresville.  Awwh Luke/Becky.  For the first time he’s normal rather than an absolute angel.  I absolutely LOVED the Tim/Luke conversation.  I’m also glad that the whole Tim/Becky thing was dealt with and Becky was honest with Luke.

Awwh Jess wanting to be a coach so much.  Vince’s Speech!

Vince:  Before football I was going nowhere fast, straight to juvie.  Playing for the East Dillon Lions probably saved my life.  I got a bond with my teammates that will never be broken.  I got a Coach that’s been like a father to me.  He shows up and gives a hundred percent every game, every practice.  It’s more than just a game to us: football is our life.


DEVIL TOWN PLAYING!  Vince/Coach Hug!  BEST MOMENT EVER!!!  The guys running around the Lions field <3 <3 <3 <3.

Matt/Grandma Saracen!!!!!!!!!  Awwh she mentioned his father!


I cannot believe that it’s the series finale tonight.  I don’t think I’ve full experienced an ending of a show like this.  In most cases the series finale happens when a) the show’s run has been too short to get fully emotionally invested in it, b) I stopped caring about/watching the show long ago or c) the writers don’t know the show’s going to get cancelled so the last episode is just like any other episode.  This finality must be like what all the LOST fans suffered through last year.

I mean I actually feel like I’m a resident of Dillon about to get kicked out of my own town!  I want to stalk the characters’ lives even after the finale.  I feel like I’m about the lose a dozen of my best friends.  Is this a normal reaction?  How will I cope without having Kyle Chandler on my screen every week?  Will the rest of my life be made out of an endless cycle of FNL reruns as I try to feed my state of denial?  Will there be public mourning and group therapy sessions provided?

Friday Night Lights: 5×11 – The March

Wow did we really just speed through 4 football games in one episode?  So we’ve fast-forwarded through at least 2 months?  It actually worked really well.  I mean it must be hard constantly having to write football games which has that “will they win ….. oh yes they do at the very last minute” tension in it without it being repetitive.

I absolutely loved the scene where the guys showed up on Coach’s lawn and the fact that he basically loved them for it.  It’s those glorious little moments that I’ll miss so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the epic game-winning, slow-motion scenes too but something as simple as this?  It just says so much.

I love that they’re making Vince’s Dad the bad guy again rather than a bad guy trying to be good.  Every time he’s on screen I am overcome with the desire to inflict physical harm on him and I much prefer Coach playing the father figure to Vince.

Oh gosh, JESS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME.  I absolutely loved her scenes with Coach and how she doesn’t let the odds deter her from following her dream.  A female football coach?  Hell yes.  And I kind of love how Coach didn’t immediately embrace the idea because that would have been too open-minded for anyone to believe but he let her passion for it win him over.

That Tim/Billy scene?  So real, so heartbreaking but so necessary.  Tim is this amazing guy with the whole bad boy image but with such a huge heart underneath it.  No wonder he’s angry with Billy – he went to prison for him!

I am so proud of Tami ……. but I hope she doesn’t go.  I don’t know if I can take the thought of the Lions/Panther existing without Coach Taylor.

Vince/Mum!!!  ADORABLE.  I love that he’s now this super cool hotshot football player …. who still loves his Mum and isn’t afraid to show it.  Every time there’s a scene with Vince and his Mum I want to melt into a puddle of goo and MARRY VINCE.  (Or I’ll take Luke.  I’m not that fussy because Luke is just *squee* ….. moving on …)

Top 12 Best Uses Of Music In A TV Episode

If I could have any job it would be the music producer on a TV show.  You know, the guy who gets to choose what music is played over what scenes in an episode.  Coolest job, ever.
Since that’s never going to happen, I decided to make this list.  I chose them based on how much I love the music and moment itself combined with general effectiveness.  I avoided using any examples of ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Mad World’ since nothing screams “this is an epic moment of TV” than those two songs.  Also ignored any Christmas songs.  I tried not to over-think it for once and limited myself to the ones that immediately popped into my head.  I could have probably done a Top 100 (half of them from Grey’s Anatomy and Chuck alone!).


11. Foreigner – Hot Blooded
(Bones: 1×15 – Two Bodies In The Lab)

That’s why, I’m hot blooded, check it and see
I got a fever of a hundred and three …


This actually has something in common with #1 in that there’s music playing, you think everything’s okay and then bam, huge explosion.
I love this scene.  It’s a great song by one of my favourite bands and Booth and Bones are being completely dorky and playing air guitar pretty much like what my friend and I used to do on a Friday night at uni whilst cooking dinner.

10a). Finley Quaye – Dice
(The OC: 1×14 – The Countdown)

I was crying over you
I am smiling I think of you
Misty morning and water falls
Breathe in the air if you care, you compare, don’t say farewell
Nothing can compare
To when you roll the dice and swear your love’s for me …


The two things I remember about the show is a) awesome music and b) this completely and utterly cheesy scene.  Now since I haven’t even thought about it in years but it jumped in my head when I was thinking about music, that’s how memorable it was!

10b). Finley Quaye – Dice
(Chuck: 1×06 – Chuck Versus The Sandworm)


Because Josh Schwartz is awesome, he parodied the scene in Chuck with Chuck playing Ryan’s part and Morgan playing Marissa’s.  Absolutely hilarious.  See, that’s the power of a song – it will forever be associated with OTT slow motion running scenes.

9. Ray LaMontagne – Let It Be Me
(Criminal Minds: 6×02 – JJ)

And when all your faith is gone
Feels like you can’t go on
Let it be me
Let it be me
If it’s a friend that you need
Let it be me
Let it be me …


I’m not a big Ray LaMontagne fan but this was the perfect song for this scene.  I love the way it plays over the flashbacks of JJ and the team being cute and awesome together and when she does her voiceover.

8. John Hiatt –  Have A Little Faith
(Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip: 1×19 – K& R Part 1)

When the road gets dark
And you can no longer see
Just let my love throw a spark
And have a little faith in me
And when the tears you cry
Are all you can believe
Just give these loving arms a try
And have a little faith in me …

I can’t find a video of this anywhere!  Noooo!

Gah, this episode!  This song!  It starts playing when Danny proposes to Jordan all the way through to when she gets taken into surgery and through all the flashback sequences with Matt and Harriet arguing how there is/isn’t a God.  (I 100% agree with Matt’s arguments on the matter by the way but I admire Harriet’s faith).  It’s such a beautiful song and a beautiful montage.  Then at the very end Matt gets the phone call from Danny telling him that Jordan’s in surgery and he just looks at the ceiling and says “show me something”.  It’s what I call a perfect moment of Television.

7. 30 Rock Cast – Midnight Train To Georgia
(30 Rock: 2×10)


Whenever I’m having a bad day, I watch this clip and it never fails to cheer me up.  Tina Fey, I am still waiting for that musical episode by the way!

6. The Five Stairsteps – Ooh Child
(Brothers & Sisters: 1×23 – Matriarchy)

Some day, yeah
We’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun
Some day
When the world is much brighter …


Brothers & Sisters has played some awesome music over the years.  Another one that really sticks out is Rickie Lee Jones’ ‘The Horses’ at the end of “36 Hours” (the Justin Intervention episode).
I chose this one though because it’s such a lighthearted moment and the perfect scene to end a perfect season.  I love this song and have several different versions of it <3.

5. Jose Gonzalez – Teardrop
(Friday Night Lights: 4×04 – A Sort Of Homecoming)

Water is my eye
Most faithful mirror
Feathers on my breath
Teardrop on the fire of a confession
Feathers on my breath
Most faithful mirror
Feathers on my breath
Teardrop on the fire …


I have yet to be able to watch this sequence without crying.  I mean I can think of a dozen sadder scenes in TV, it’s just the way they filmed it and the song they chose and the moment where Matt’s Mum opens the door and sees the soldiers standing there?  That’s what gets me every time.  And the fact that it’s left to Julie to break the news!  And then the episode which comes after <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

4. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
(Grey’s Anatomy: 2.27 – Losing My Religion)

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?


I know most people would call this THE quintessential Grey’s Anatomy moment with THE song that everyone associates with GA and it does deserve its place on the list even though it’s probably not my personal favourite.  The one thing Grey’s knows how to do well is make a song famous.  If the rumours are true then the cast is covering ‘Chasing Cars’ in the musical episode.  Someone hold me now.

3. Moby –  One Of These Mornings
(Without A Trace: 1×05 – Suspect)

One of these mornings
Won’t be very long
You will look for me
And I’ll be gone …


Do you want to know how powerful this music/scene is?  It has been YEARS since I watched this episode and I still can’t listen to Moby without thinking of paedophiles.  THIS SHOW RUINED AN ENTIRE ARTIST FOR ME WITH THIS EPISODE.  Not to mention the fact that the actor who plays Graham Spalding has guest-starred in just about every other one of my shows and all I can think of is PAEDOPHILE.  I still can’t get that scene out of my head where Jack talks to him about young boys and Spalding just closes his eyes and licks his lips in ecstasy.  Got to hand it to all involved though, this episode certainly had the intended effect i.e. it has scarred me for life.

2. Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms
(The West Wing: 2×22 – Two Cathedrals)

Through these fields of destruction
Baptisms of fire
I’ve witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher
And though they hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms …


This is undoubtedly one of the best British rock songs of all time.  It used to give me chills before I even watched The West Wing but ever since I saw this episode? Wow.  How can you not get goosebumps from watching this scene.  It’s just …. amazing.  This will always be my favourite episode of the series.
And because I am full of useless music trivia, the album that this song appears on (also called ‘Brothers In Arms’) is the 4th best selling album in the UK, ever.  Not even The Rolling Stones made the Top 10.

1. Anna Nalick – Breathe (2am)
(Grey’s Anatomy: 2×17 – … As We Know It)

‘Cause you can’t jump the track, we’re like cars on a cable
And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe… just breathe …


Still my favourite episode of the show ever.  I will never forget the shock I felt when suddenly the music stopped and the wonderful, dazzling Kyle Chandler blew up in a million pieces (which, btw, led me to start watching Friday Night Lights).  Loved the way we had Meredith and the bomb, Bailey giving birth, Derek trying to save Bailey’s husband and the way it all came together during this sequence …… it’s such a fantastic episode.  ‘Breathe (2am)’ is such a beautiful song as well.  Grey’s always plays awesome music but we also had Chris Martin’s ‘In The Sun’ in this episode too if I recall.

And then there’s ……


1. Toto – Africa
(2×14 – Chuck Versus The Best Friend)

Ellie: Hunnie, you’re not seriously considering this lame band for our wedding day?
Awesome: No but let a man have his dream, even if it’s for five minutes.


I remember the first time I saw this episode, I couldn’t stop laughing!  It was such an ingenious idea.  Absolutely love the song.  And then I began to appreciate the entire scene, especially for the sweet Chuck/Sarah moment.  Notice how Lester’s voice has really improved from this first song.

2. Styx – Mr Roboto
(2×22 – Chuck Versus The Ring)

Awesome’s Father: Son, why are you letting Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian wreck your wedding?


I absolutely LOVE the look of sheer horror and disgust on Ellie’s face whenever she hears a Jeffster song.  It’s classic!
WORST wedding song ever!  My favourite bits are when Casey and the Marines come in to save Chuck/Sarah/Bryce and then at the very end after all of that Jeff sets the fire alarm off with his indoor fireworks.  The whole scene is just so epic!

3. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
(3×09 – Chuck Versus The Beard)


Probably my least favourite performance out of all of them.  Love the Buy More employees with their toy guns though!

4. John Denver – Leaving On A Jet Plane
(3×14 – Chuck Versus The Honeymooners)


Chuck and Sarah run off together, Jeffster play an acoustic set and Awesome and Ellie get very drunk to cope with it all.

5. Nazareth – Love Hurts
(3×17 – Chuck Versus The Living Dead)


Haha!  They get given money to stop playing.  It’s scary but Lester can actually sing quite well.

6. Bon Jovi – Blaze Of Glory
(3×19 – Chuck Versus The Ring: Part II)


I love how they decided to turn what should have been this ultimate epic, serious battle into a moment infused with humour thanks to the Jeffster video playing in the background.

7. Whitesnake – Is This Love?
(4×11 – Chuck Versus The Balcony)

Jinsana: Lester, that was the most uncomfortable five minutes of my life.


There might be something wrong with me but I actually, honestly, really like their version.  Haha!  How NOT to impress a girl.

8. Salt-n-Pepa – Push It
(4×13 – Chuck Versus The Push Mix)

Lester: Cover Song By Cover Song We Are Shaping The Youth Of America.


Haha!  I think it’s fair to say that Jeffster reached a whole new level of inappropriateness with this song.  Poor Ellie.  <3

Chuck: 4×13 – Chuck Versus The Push Mix

Holy crap you guys!  Last week’s episode of Chuck!  How is it physically possible to go from crying due to absolute hilarity to crying due to utter cuteness/perfection/happiness for all 3 OTPs in the space of five minutes?!?!  No wonder Josh Schwartz said the final ten minutes of this episode was the greatest ten minutes of the show’s history.  And apparently they wrote it before they knew they would get the backorder of episodes so this was originally intended as the series finale?  And consequently it now becomes the “greatest mid-season episode ever”.  I just can’t!  The way this show goes effortlessly from action to comedy to drama is just astounding.  AND they used a song by a New Zealand band which has just been voted one of BBC’s sound of 2011.

Lester: Without us that kid is going to grow up listening to Snow Patrol and Coldplay and we just can’t have that can we?<Cue mother of all hilarious scenes ….>

With all the Jeffster songs we’ve had this one edges out “Blaze Of Glory” and has just topped

“Mr Roboto” being played at Awesome/Ellie’s wedding.  I just could not stop laughing.

This is how you do character progression!  Look how much Chuck has matured, finally becoming the super cool spy with a plan when his family needs him the most.  Loved the plan that he and Morgan drew up!  Chuck/Morgan kidnapping the wrong guy!  LOL!  Morgan and the wetsuits!  Haha!  Morgan’s yoga technique through the lasers and the awkward nakedChuck/Morgan hug.  The way Chuck tricked Volkoff into giving the voice activation for Hydra!  And General Beckman!  Yay!  You go Chuck!  I love how he made use of Orion/his father.

Loved Mary/Sarah working together.  I hope that they keep Linda Hamilton around and have her go on a couple of missions with Chuck and Sarah.  I think that could be pretty cool.

Volkoff/Timothy Dalton is funny!  That video phone call with Frost/Mary/Chuck’s Mum was hilarious.  However, glad that we’ve finally seen the last of him (hopefully.  I don’t want a repeat of last season where Shaw just refused to die!) being out in the big wide world.

Awesome freaking out at becoming a father <3 <3 <3 <3.  Casey giving him the talk and telling him how he regrets not being able to be there when Alex was born <3 <3 <3.  Love that scene.

Casey not letting Sarah apologise for throwing him out of the window.  It’s nice when we get to see their friendship/partnership.

Alex!  What a great little addition to the core six.  Love getting to see her relationship with Casey and Morgan develop.  Are we going to get to see her Mum again soon?  Possibly see Casey get his childhood sweetheart back?

Jeffster!!!!! I almost wet myself!  This is on a level with Mr Roboto for complete inappropriateness.  And the look on Ellie’s face when she starts hearing it come through the tannoy system!  I think that’s what cracked me up so much!

And then the whole “Young Blood” sequence – everyone’s paired off into their little sub families: Morgan/Casey/Alex, Awesome/Ellie/Baby/Ellie’s Mum, AND THE FINAL FINAL FINAL SCENE.  Chuck/Sarah – The Proposal Scene!  The way the camera panned out so we couldn’t hear anything but just see it.  Gah!  THIS SHOW!  THIS SHOW!

I have to say that I could see how this would have been a satisfying end to the series.  Not that I’m not grateful that we still have another half-season at the very least to go but now they’ve wrapped up Volkoff’s storyline, how are they going to create a bad guy ever eviller than him so quickly? Can we go back to having the “bad guy of the week” like we did in the early days??  And remember last season when we had a solid first half to the season but the second half kind of grew weaker?  Basically, I don’t know how they can top this.  That’s the trouble with this show always being in danger of getting cancelled.  If they had gotten the full order of 22/24 episodes at the start then we could have seen Chuck without the Intersect for longer, had a couple more episodes with Sarah going undercover with Chuck’s Mum (the way they rushed it meant it wasn’t really believable how worried Chuck was about her becoming like his Mum when she was only gone for like one episode) and they could have made the whole final ‘bringing down Volkoff’ even more spectacular and then the final montage would have been even more satisfying than it was …. i.e. outstanding instead of really awesome!  Still, I’m definitely excited to see where the show’s going to go now.  I presume we’re going to get to see a Chuck/Sarah wedding complete with a bundle of mission-related interruptions and JEFFSTER!