Grey’s Anatomy: 7×19 – It’s A Long Way Back

When I first heard about the Arizona/Callie/Mark/baby storyline I hated it.  Hated it.  Then I realised I had to accept if if I wanted to keep watching the show and still like Arizona.  But now I’m back to hating it.  This is going to sound like the most awful thing ever but why oh why oh why didn’t they kill the baby off?  Seriously, this episode wasn’t an amazing episode all round by any means but the worst thing about it was definitely all the baby stuff.  I want to go back to Callie/Arizona Season 6 when I liked them.  I don’t like this whole Mark/Callie/Arizona dynamic.  I am over it.  I tried to be patient with it but now that there is no end in sight I want to cut them out of my fandom world.  From now on Arizona can only have scenes with Teddy, Alex and anyone who isn’t Callie, Mark or Sofia.

(However, ohmygosh JCap gets major points for looking absolutely breathtaking in the stills from next week’s episode.  And I don’t like Avery with hair.  Just saying.)

Another thing I am over is this Alzheimer’s Trial.  It scares me.  I love Meredith and I don’t like what this trial makes her do (although I understand it and I think they always do a good job with explaining what’s going through Meredith’s mind as she makes these life altering decisions.  I am scared about Derek’s reaction though).  However, that twist with the Adele/Meredith conversation when Adele thought she was Ellis?  That was quite moving.

Alex/old lung cancer patient was interesting/adorable/tragic.  I thought it would have worked better being spread out over 2 episodes or something though to make the whole Alex/Africa thing remotely believable.  GA have been doing a lot more time jumps this season and I don’t like it.  Like with the Alex/Africa …. we sort of needed time to wrap our heads around something so big and yet half an episode later, the African children have arrived.  Boom!

Alex/Arizona is one of my friendship OTPs.  Hee they hugged!  Arizona and Meredith are the two characters I find Alex likeable with.

I also really liked Callie pushing Cristina/Meredith around on the bed.  No idea why but I thought it was cute.


I have nothing against James Tupper/Andrew Perkins, in fact I quite like him, but why is it that even though I know it won’t last and understand the reasons why Henry could never become a regular (he’s not a doctor so therefore no place for him in the show; Scott Foley is doing a pilot), my heart will not budge from Henry/Teddy?  Why couldn’t they have made him some sort of doctor who bizarrely doesn’t have medical insurance …. or more logically, some other member of the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital staff so they could keep him in the show, even as just a guest star now and again?!?!  I don’t even care that Teddy herself clearly prefers Andrew to Henry – that can be explained by the fact she is scared by that whole ‘nice story’ she and Henry talked about and that things with Andrew are so less complicated ….. I love them.  LOVE THEM.  They are currently my favourite thing in the show, edging out my ever-present love for Meredith.  HENRY/TEDDY!!!!!!!   (Also, it kind of jarred how Teddy had no scenes in the hospital in this episode; it was weird.  And, what, does Owen hardly exist as a character any more?!  Also, I need more Teddy/Owen and Teddy/Arizona scenes in my life.)

Nikita: 1×20 – Glass Houses

What. The. Hell?!?!  I am not a gambling person but I am willing to bet a lot of money that by the time we get to the season finale, the only three names left on the credit list will be Maggie Q, Shane West and Lyndsy Fonseca and at this rate I’m not even confident about the last one.  Seriously?!  They did THAT.  So soon?!?!  There needs to be a slowmotion button for this show.  Or can someone create an AU where they keep the exact same plotlines apart from the fact that everything this season happens over 3 seasons rather than crammed into one.  Head.  Spinning.

Just like Lyndsy Fonseca spoiled me for Thom’s death, Tiffany Hines spoilt me for Jaden’s death in a vague way in that she said she was grateful for the comments and she had had fun playing Jaden.  Past tense.  I don’t know whether I’m annoyed that I guessed that something might have happened before watching the episode or relieved because if I hadn’t known I would literally be spluttering right now!

It’s not that they killed Jaden off.  I kind of guessed that she probably wouldn’t survive until the end of the series after the way they killed off Thom but I am shocked that they did it so soon!  Just as Jaden/Alex were becoming more frenemies than enemies. We needed to explore their friendship more before they did this!  We needed to see Jaden out in the world!  We needed to see more Jaden/Alex working together and Alex trying to hide Nikita/Michael from her.  We needed to entertain the possibility that one day Jaden could be converted and join Nikita/Alex/Michael’s side.  We needed so much more exploration of this before killing her off!  Yes Jaden wasn’t exactly my favourite character or anything but I am annoyed because TPTB killed off so much potential.

This brings me onto Nathan.  WTF?!?!  First, TPTB had us more invested in the Thom/Alex non-relationship than the Nathan/Alex actual-relationship.  I liked Thom/Alex, I wanted them to be the Alex OTP endgame.  Then the episode after she killed him they shove Nathan in our faces.  Way too fast!  We needed to see Alex’s guilt over Thom more and see proof that she liked him (even in a platonic way) as much as someone with her emotional issues could.  Anyway, moving on, Nathan is around.  And yet he’s not really.  I don’t care about him and Alex.  TPTB have done nothing to make me like them or make Nathan particularly likeable.  THEN THIS?!?!?!?!  He, a civilian, kills Jaden for her.  Woah!

And I hated the way it all went down.  And let’s face it, this is the first time in 20 episodes that I’ve had a real issue with a plot point but boy did I have an issue with plot arcs in this episode.

Which brings me onto: AMANDA NOW KNOWS NOT ONLY THAT ALEX IS NIKITA’S MOLE BUT THAT SHE IS ALEXANDRA UDINOV?!?!?!?!?!  I always thought that it would Amanda who finds out the truth rather than Percy but I always imagined her finding out one OR the other (obviously once she knew one, that would probably lead to finding out the other but not at the same time).

And again not only do I have issues with the fact they had it happen so damn soon but the way they had it happen.  With some listening device in Jaden’s ear???  I always imagined the moment Amanda finds out the truth about Alex’s identity to be so much more dramatic, like her actually seeing Nikita with Alex or something.

I would love to sit down and had a conversation with the writers.  Is it a case of halfway through the season they thought they might not get picked up for Season 2 so decided that if they only have one season, they were going to make it the best damn season ever or what?!  Even Shane and Maggie said they were shocked when they found out Michael/Nikita were becoming canon so soon as they knew in cases like this, the writers ALWAYS want to drag it out.

And yet everyone is optimistic about getting picked up for Season 2.  WHAT THE HOLY HELL HAVE THEY GOT PLANNED FOR NEXT SEASON?!?!  Short of the final ever showdown with Percy and Division, I can’t think of anything!  I mean at the rate they’re going how long can they legitimately drag it out for before the awesomeness plateaus and gradually starts going downhill or we start getting into Alias territory with the incomprehensible, hardly believable Rambaldi storyline?!  And like I am half-expecting Percy to find out that Michael is another mole in the season finale at the rate they’re going, which of course is the final epic reveal that they’ve got left in their playbook.

This episode did have a lot of positive points though.  I liked the whole Guardian’s storyline, even if I think they should have left it a little longer before playing another Guardian storyline.  I think they should only really touch on the Guardians twice or three times a season and this was a bit too close to the big Owen episode.  Anyway, yes, this Guardian was likeable and you really felt for her and glad that she has some hope of living happily ever after.  The Nikita/stepson scene was endearing as well.

Michael/Nikita were adorable.  I never imagined it would be Nikita willing to think about their happy-ever-after rather than Michael who was once a family man.  I loved all the hugs and kisses and them going undercover as a married couple and spluttering when asked about children!

Overall, it’s sad that they combined the bits I liked with the bits that filled me with shock and horror as I was too busy freaking out at the Alex/Jaden story arc to really appreciate the wonderful Michael/Nikita-ness.

I am actually terrified of the season finale now.  Terrified.

Rewatch: Friday Night Lights Season 1

1.01 – OMG the opening sequence! How it tells so much with Tim, Matt/Grandma, Matt/Landry etc.! Tim/Tyra! I am going to see them in a whole new light this time around. The interviews!!! The scouting – it’s like a semi-parallel with Vince with very different outcomes though! [“That dude could be Santa Clause and I still won’t like him”] [“I just like to hurt people”] Oh Tim!! Poor Matt having to go through the rubbish bin. Billy! I remember the first time I watched, Smash really irritated me throughout the first season but now I know that he does grow on me, I find him funny more than anything else. Landry/Matt talking about Julie!!! Tyra making fun of Lyla!! “So I heard an ugly rumour. It had to do with you and me and a certain car dealership opening tomorrow night.”] Eric/Tami!!! <3 [“Alaska, I’m just saying a much more relaxed lifestyle.” “It’s under advisement”] [“I’m starting to look at this whole damn town as an out of tune guitar”] [“Matthew, you need to get a new friend.”] Jason/Lyla – so damn cute in this scene! [“His and her closets” “Relent” “I’m just saying ..” “I know what you’re saying” “Darling, his and her closets …. His and her closets baby”] Julie trying to talk to coach about Moby Dick!!! Smash’s rap!!! <3 (ECHO – Luke’s rap in Season 5). Julie’s fake smile!!! Mayor/Jason! [“Do you like early Black Sabbath? It’ll make you mean.”] Those little kids and Jason!! Awwh Tim’s plans for his and Jason’s hunting ranch. First Coach Taylor speech! Man it must have been so much cheaper in Seasons 4 and 5 not having to fill such a huge stadium with extras!!! Actually everything in the Pilot seems so much ~bigger~ football wise with the commentary box, the headphones etc. OMG Jason! This bit always makes me cry without fail. And when Saracen gets called up and his Grandma just says “Good God”. Oh when Matt throws the football I get goosebumps. And when they win I am back to crying! And they all pray and I’m still crying. Coach’s end-speech/voiceover. Lyla/Julie hug. I don’t remember them having much of a relationship? Best pilot ever? I love it more and more every time I rewatch.

1.02 – THE THEME TUNE!!!!!! <3 [“I’m just gonna go this one time and show them my literary prowess.”] Tim crying over Jason’s injury <3 Matt/Rally girl. Lol. Tami and her “book club”. Tim/Smash fighting. Smash/Tyra! Jason saying really sweet things about Matt. Matt/Landry and the Red Hot Chili Peppers analogy. LOL. Tami/Eric adorableness. Oh I love this Matt/Coach/Grandma Saracen scene. And the Coach/Matt scene on the football field with Coach telling him how proud he is of him and how he shouldn’t be ashamed and then with the shouting. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE COACH/MATT SCENES. ‘DEVIL TOWN’ PLAYING!!

1.03 – [“If you want to dance with these boys out there you invite them to the prom.”] I forgot that Billy was so involved with the show even from the start. It’s kind of sad for the actor that he was never made a regular cast member considering how often he actually appears. Landry calling Grandma Saracen a witch! Haha! [“When you’re done I want you to go out back and water the children.”] Coach and Julie talking about getting a brown Labrador. Bless. That’s just what the Taylors needed actually to make their family perfect – a dog and cat but I guess they move around such a lot it wouldn’t be feasible. [“The last school counsellor killed herself”] In East Dillon they don’t have to worry about things like news reporters …. I LOVE this moment when Coach gets the team together in the middle of the night and makes them run in the rain. The Coach/Tim scene <3 <3 <3 <3 I love that he makes him walk home – ECHO to when he picks Vince and Luke up from prison and makes them walk home. Oh Lyla being mad at Tim and hitting him. No Voodoo go away.

1.04 – Voodoo/Smash – I forgot that they hated each other. Oh yeah Julie used to dance … that didn’t last long though did it? Ooh Riggins hates Voodoo too. Grandma/Matt is adorable <3 <3 <3 <3. Haha the Coach/Matt talk!! If only Coach knew ….. Tyra/Jason! Poor Tami having her house invaded. Love it when she tells Julie to go and buy the whole store! [“Well, no actually I think I’m gonna stay down here for a little while.”] Even when they argue, I find Mr/Mrs Coach adorable – and funny! Tami wanting Coach to just sit down and talk with the boys. Coach does actually end up doing pretty well in that department to be fair. Poor Matt! Got to love his loyalty though. Coach/Matt!!! [“Thank you sir.” “I wouldn’t get too excited. You and I are going to a dance rehearsal.”] Coach/Matt in the car having a heart-to-heart. Awwh Matt comparing the music to a painter. [“I think I told that kid to get our daughter into the backseat of a car.”] Best line ever!!!

1.05 – I’m liking Tim/Lyla more this time around. LOL Julie found a website with coaching jobs for her father! [“Texas isn’t even a state. Technically it’s a Republic. It’ll be nice to live somewhere that’s actually part of this planet.”] Voodoo – so disrespectful!! LOL Tami takes the napkins Coach is drawing out plays on and puts them down her shirt “you can forage for them later”. How can I not remember this scene?! Awwh Matt’s conversation with Julie. Ooh Mac/Coach showdown. I forgot all about this oil-suit guy and Tyra! Mr/Mrs Coach!! Smash rapping again. Smash/Matt fist-pump. I forgot that those two were apparently “buddies”. The whole team came to see Jason! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Tim crying when he sees Jason! I love these climax-of-the-game moments. Look at Landry in there with the cheerleaders!! [“Do you know what I like about me?” “That you’re married to someone as fantastic as me?”]

1.06 – Oh that Reyes kid. Didn’t Kyle Chandler get the actual actor thrown off the show because he ended up also beating someone up in RL? Jason finally calling Tim on his absence. Awwh Landry’s upset with Matt. Jason/Tim/Lyla road trip!!! [“You two look pretty pathetic without each other”] Matt did the right thing! Coach apologised to Curt <3. [“The three of us, we’ll rise up, together we can get through anything, anything at all.”] TIM I LOVE YOU. Even if you are betraying your best friend. Oh Buddy, he was real trouble at the start of the show wasn’t he?!

1.07 – Dorky dancing!! Look at Smash selling himself there. Coach/Jason [“Hell son, we all want you there.”] MINDY!!! I’d forgotten that she appeared as early as Season one. I’m even sadder for and Billy that they were never made regulars now. I forgot about Mr “Hall and Oates” guy. He echoes Tim Riggin’s story and Tim’s advice to Luke about how winning State will be the high of your life but you then got to leave it all behind. Billy used to have a golf career? Hee. Landry giving Matt dating advice. Oh dear. That’s some good advice Coach is giving you there Smash! Tim’s speech <3. Awwh Matt asked Julie out. Don’t do it Smash! You’ll regret it, trust me.

1.08 – Tim/Billy/Tyra in the supermarket!! Tami/Lyla! Coach/Tami talking about the Matt/Julie situation. Matt/Smash “working” the Alamo Freeze. Coach in a wheelchair! Coach/Jason! Coach/Julie ping-ponging. Coach giving her some fatherly and wise advice!! [“Contrary to popular opinion I am very good communicating with women folk.” “Hunnie that is ridiculous.”] I love Smash’s Mum. Can’t believe Smash took money from the congregation though! Billy/Tim <3.

1.09 – [“At least she’s not interested in a serial killer or one of the Riggins”] Coach/Tami deciding what Matt and Julie are going to wear on their date!! Matt’s “I’m Matt Saracen, QB1” line makes me cringe every time. Matt pretending to be his grandfather and singing makes me cry with Julie and Landry watching <3. Oh so that’s how Smash got his nickname. Tyra/Jason friendship! Forgot all about that. Love them doing impressions of Riggins/Lyla. Awwh Buddy/Lyla “I was unfaithful Daddy.” “It’s only a game, you’re my daughter.” I LOVE YOU BUDDY. On the first watch, this is what made me like him rather than just finding him irritating. Matt/Julie kiss.

1.10 – OMG is that bitchy little Cheerleader also the bitchy little girl on Greek?? [“Who’s Landry?” “The Lance kid.”] LMAO. Mr/Mrs Coach laughing at Julie! Smash/Pastor’s daughter. LMAO! Coach/Tami trying to deal with the Matt/Julie situation is hilarious. They’re watching ‘The Office’, Matt shakes Julie’s hand. [“THEY HAD A BLANKET.” “You’re an idiot.”] Hahaha. Awwh Lyla <3. Haha the team in drag, dressed up as cheerleaders!!! Tami/Lyla <3. [“I’ve been making this gumbo since Michael Jackson had a nose like yours.”] <3 Smash’s Mum. [“Please drive safely, watch the curb whoever you are.”] [“I’m gonna have a Matt chat.” “That sounds like a truly terrible idea.”] [“But he loves to refer to himself in the third person which, by the way, is incredibly annoying.”] Coach plays golf? Awwh Tim you’re so sweet. [“Lyla Garrity, yeah the whore with the website.”]

1.11 – Matt’s Dad. [“What’s the Scarlet Letter about Tim?” “It’s about a gal named Scarlet obviously.”] [“It’s part of my job to make sure you don’t grow up STUPID, it’s bad for the world.”] Landry being Tim’s language tutor!! Haha! Awwh Coach/Matt/Matt’s Dad. Haha Landry’s band. Oh Landry/Tim [“OMG you can’t read can you?”] <3. Coach/Tami fighting over the trash. Landry reading to Tim!! Haha! Oh I love this storyline! The way that Matt’s Dad doesn’t know how to handle his Grandma is tragic. Tami/Jason talk <3 Tim/Coach [“I bring this up because as usual my wife is always right.”] Matt/Dad showdown. Tim came to see Landry’s band <3. [“Listen to me, we’re all family here. I will do anything for you, you know that.”]

1.12 – Awwh Matt taking care of his Dad. Smash telling Waverley that “no one walks out on the Smash” – she should’ve slapped him. Smash saying that Matt/Julie are his friends and they talk about intellectual non-football stuff. LMAO. “Waverlash” Hahahahahah. Matt/Julie <3 <3 <3. Oh Tyra, you rock! [“I love you guys and you’re the best parents in the world.” “No hunnie, something terrible must have happened.”] [“Nothing’s going to crush Matt Saracen. He’s like a little stink bug. Nothing can crush him”] [“Night Mum, you’re the best.” “What do you mean she’s the best?! What about me?! Hey!] [“He’s just a stupid guy. It’s not like Jesus Christ left you.”] [“He’s trying. What else can you really ask of anyone?!”] [“I don’t want to pay attention to her, I want her to pay attention to me”] Someone slap Smash for me! Just the look between Tim/Tyra at the Rodeo means so much more now. Tyra/Mum <3 Buddy praying in Church! LMAO!

1.13 – [“Guilty pleasure, babe.” “Stress in a bottle.”] I love how Coach uses the tag line from the radio in his speech to the team. I love that Coach/Smash/Smash’s Mum showdown scene. Tyra/Mindy/their Mum scene! [“Mother, you are a barrel of bad advice.”] The look on Mr/Mrs Coach face when they realise the Mayor’s a lesbian! Grandma talking about Coach Taylor <3. [“This town just gets weirder and weirder.”] Smash’s Mum is one of the most underrated characters ever. Oh God this Matt’s Dad farewell scene mirrors the final Luke/Becky moment.

1.14 – Well, that’s one way to shut Buddy Garrity up!! Matt/Julie’s date got hijacked! The start of Tyra/Julie friendship. I am glad that Coach is riding Smash hard. Awwh Billy looking out for Tim. I totally forgot about Coach and Matt’s foray into the world of television. Coach/Smash and the little kids <3 <3 <3!!! [“What the hell, you want a hug or something?! Get out of here.”]

1.15 – Awwh, great win!! Oh Mac, I know you mean well but STOP TALKING! You’re digging a hole for yourself. Tami punishing Julie and Tyra! Landry’s smell theory!!! LMAO! Just hearing the word ‘powderpuff’ come out of Tyra’s mouth is hilarious. Smash actually makes a good argument to Waverly. LOL! Tyra out on the field! Coach laying down the law to Julie …. And then suddenly being so interested in the fact she’s playing quarterback <3! Coach/Julie playing football in the dark – MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!!! Tyra/Lyla showdown. Landry telling Coach off!! I love that Julie running scene! Oh Mac NOW you are an ass. Tami/Coach <3 <3 <3. That end scene is kinda powerful.

1.16 – [“Consider yourselves married now. Congratulations, gentlemen.”] The start of Landry/Tyra!!! [“I’ve got a guidance counsellor emergency.”] I love Coach coming to Tami for advice. [“Anyone else I can talk to?” “The three of you scare me.”] [“Do you mind if we make a stop at the ‘women with low self esteem’ palace?”] Julie hanging out backstage at the Landing Strip totally echoes Becky in Season 5. Hahahaha I forgot that they got arrested! [“All the other parents have picked up their perps, why can’t we pick up ours?!”] Haha brawl on the football field!! Love the standoff with the police and Mac standing up for Smash. [“You don’t need to worry about me. In a fight I just sort of stand at the back and yell stuff.”] Matt/Julie <3.

1.17 – Matt/Julie …. Hee. Smash giving Matt sex advice! Jason in Austin! I forgot all about this. Buddy talking to Coach and Coach not wanting to know!! LOL! OMG THE FIRST TAMI/JULIE SEX TALK!!!!! Tyra/Julie sex talk!!!! LOL! Tim <3 <3 <3. Tami/Coach trying to get their heads around Matt/Julie! [“The deer’s staring at me. I feel like it’s judging me.”] TAMI, I LOVE YOU. Matt/Julie – so adorable!! I love Tyra trying to take care of Tim and her Mum.

1.18 – Lyla looking after her brother and sister <3 [“What is that thing on our front porch? It’s moving. That’s Buddy Garrity. Make him go away.”] The look of horror on Tami’s face. Tyra taking care of her Mum <3. Julie walking in on Buddy! That kid is really annoying! Thank you Tim for telling him to shut up. [“Why don’t I just stick pins in my eyes?!” “Well, I think that’s a terrible idea.”] [“I’m going to go to my room and do some homework. With the doors locked.”] [“Nothing is bigger than us”] so sweet Jason! Tami/Tyra!!!!

1.19 – To be honest Julie’s reaction the moving news is perfectly justified! [“Mrs T, you gotta be kidding me?!” “Oh no sweetie, I’m as serious as a heart attack.”] Tim standing up for the annoying kid! Cute! [“They got some top notch balleters”] The look Tami gives Coach!!!! Tami trying to talk to Tyra’s Mum and it having absolutely no affect!! Buddy’s TV advert!!!!!!!!! Jason and that girl! No! Mr/Mrs Coach dancing!!!! Tyra joining the Taylors for tutoring and dinner and her Mum getting all mad! Matt/Jason/Tim/Smash <3 <3 <3 <3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Absolutely love Jason coaching Matt and the others playing. Coach/Julie. Tyra/Mum at the father/daughter dance <3. Lyla at her father’s dealership smashing cars!!! Matt/Smash asleep! [“That is so Brokeback, man.”] I actually don’t mind the Tim/his neighbour. Coach/Julie <3 <3 <3. This is so definitely one of my favourite episodes.

1.20 – Coach seeing Jason training Matt <3 <3 <3 [“I don’t want to eat turd.”] Wow I really don’t remember this episode! The money in Matt’s locker? The explosion? Train derailment? How can I not remember this?!?! I remember them having to play the game on a really dodgy field but I could not for the life of me remember the reason why. Wow that’s hard core. Landry trying it on with Tyra again. Wait, Lyla and Waverly hang out, talk about boys and shoot stuff???? You would’ve thought I’d have remembered that. Lol. Landry/Tyra in the library. Hee. Tim/Beau’s mother …. I find them kind of cute this time around. Is that really wrong?! The look on Landry’s face when Tyra uses the phrase “it’s a date”. LMAO! Tami and Coach in the field with the cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [“Where would people pee?”] [“The cows are more supportive than you are.”] The cow coming up to Tami and you can so tell that is Connie laughing in RL. Mr/Mrs Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I love that scene between Jason/Lyla when she calls him a jackass. Awwh Smash as the good guy. THE KILLERS <3 <3 <3 Tyra!!!! Oh God!!!! Best football game ever! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Gosh, just the end of the game and Matt/Julie and Smash/Waverly and then with Landry/Tyra, Coach/Jason …..

1.21 – Tami waking Coach up! Awwh Landry/Tyra! Listen to Matt’s advice Landry!!! DRUNK COACH! Awwh Matt/Julie!!! [“You don’t have any laurels Saracen.” “Not a damn laurel.”] Poor Tyra! Poor Landry! Tami telling Coach she and Julie are going to stay in Dillon….. that doesn’t go down well. Poor Tim! Poor Lyla! Oh no Lyla watching Jason kiss that girl. Tim/Tyra and the friends talk. Awkward roast! Buddy stealing Smash’s joke about Matt!!! I love their little one-liners about each other … and then Tim’s. AWKWARD. I literally wanted to die. Tami’s speech! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Mr/Mrs Coach so cute …. And so nicely played Tami!

1.22 – I forgot that Voodoo makes another appearance! Tyra/Landry … awkward! Smash’s Mum/Tami <3 <3 <3. Landry and Tyra’s whole family and Grandma Saracen. Heeee! Tyra singing in her car!!!! OMG all the women singing in Landry’s car – BEST THING EVER!!! Tyra/Lyla! I LOVE THIS SCENE! [“Garrity get in the damn car.”] Buddy/Coach! Coach’s speech! Voodoo wanting Smash to join his team! I love that Julie tries to defend Coach to Matt, even though she doesn’t want to leave Dillon. [“You’re pregnant like you’re going to have a baby pregnant?”] Hee! Mr/Mrs Coach <3 <3 <3 <3. Wow the Panthers really got thrashed in the first half of the game. Ooh Smash got hurt! Every time I watch the final play of the game, I want to cry! LOL! Damn beautiful background instrumental music. Lyla/Tyra friendship <3. I love that Tami is standing barefoot on Coach’s shoes <3. Coach and his adorable “there are more important things than football speech” to Tami. I love Tami’s reaction “No!”. I love that Julie walks in, asks what is going on and then there is silence before ‘Devil Town’ starts playing. I love the parade! Look at Grandma Saracen so happy! Jason’s speech! I love that Matt starts applauding the Coach. God I love this show!

100 Thoughts on 30 Rock

I haven’t watched 30 Rock‘s 100th episode yet but here is a fun list: 100 Thoughts On 30 Rock.  My favourites:

2. What did we say to express blurgh before Blurgh?

25. Before Liz Lemon, women had to actually kiss their handsome love interests on-screen.

29. So, how old is Kenneth?

30. And who is going to give him a traumatic-childhood-memoir book deal already?

60. Tina Fey gives great awards speeches more consistently than anyone else, ever.

72. Julianne Moore’s Boston accent is much better if you imagine she is partially deaf.

77. Now that Glee has run Sue Sylvester into a brick wall, can Jane Krakowski finally have her Emmy?

86. This is how drinking coffee feels: “It’s like my heart is trying to hug my brain!”

95. We hope NBC continues to struggle, if only so 30 Rock can continue to make knowing jokes about it.

100. Who will smart, funny women have to obsess over when Liz Lemon is gone?

Brothers & Sisters: 5×17 – Olivia’s Choice

Best Brothers & Sisters episode in a VERY long time, possibly my favourite of the season! First, Sarah describing some sort of erotic scenario between Kitty and Seth.  It was funny but also sort of weird …..

Sarah doing the robot dance!!!!  I mean just imagine it: Rachel Griffiths being hilariously awesome.  I wish there was a video on YouTube or a gif or something to illustrate this.  And there’s this tiny moment where I think Rachel and Calista are RL laughing and then it’s edited into another take.

And then at the end of the same scene:  Sarah/Kitty fist-bump explosion!!!!  It’s the fact that Kitty’s face is so serious that is what makes it hilarious!  I would really like to know how long it took Rachel and Calista to film their scenes for this episode because it’s non-stop hilarity!  I love the way Kitty describes Seth just before the fist-bump though.  So sweet.

The dinner!!!!  Kitty trying to play it all seductive and Sarah spying on her with her cosmetic mirror.  Sarah whoring Luc out to flirt with Berklee!  The funniest thing ever!!!!!!  I mean the fact that Sarah is willing to do this for Kitty’s sake and what is more she doesn’t even give it a second thought that she’s sending her fiancé to flirt with another woman!  Haha!

Kitty doing a mini robot dance in her chair!!!.

And then when Luc gives Sarah the “blowing up in your face” hand gesture.  LOL!

This is why if ABC think it’s a too expensive show to make what with all the big names and poor ratings, they should do a spinoff called Sisters and have it just be about Sarah and Kitty and maybe special guest-star appearances by everyone else.  I mean every time these two are in a scene together I usually end up crying with laughter!!!!

I love Seth/Kitty!  When they’re together I forget all about Robert.  They were so cute in this episode.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  When Seth came to Kitty’s apartment at the end, for a minute there I thought he was going to propose and then Kitty and Sarah could have a double wedding but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What else?  Nora/Lily the dog was cute.  The whole Olivia storyline?  I’m not keen on Olivia herself.  I don’t find her as endearing as all the Walkers do and I don’t really like how she suddenly appeared and all of a sudden we basically have another main character.  However, I did sort of like her in this episode.  I wanted to punch her brother when he said he didn’t agree with Kevin/Scotty’s lifestyle.

Now that Tommy seems to have disappeared again, I have suddenly realised why this season has been so mediocre. It’s all the annoying recurring characters: Brody, Saul’s boyfriend, Olivia ….. if it was just all about the regular cast than maybe this season would be better. It’s not that I don’t like Nora and Saul having love interests, it’s just I think they got the casting wrong. Instead of making me warm to the characters, they repel me. Where have they gotten it right this season? Casting Ryan Devlin as Seth. Oh yeah <3. He said that if they get a Season 6 he will most likely become a regular cast member (this is why this show will always have budgetary issues ….) so for that reason alone, B&S needs to get renewed (also, Callista, why did you insist on doing less episodes this season?! The episodes without Kitty are just boring, not to mention I can’t believe that because of her absence, they didn’t really make a big deal of their 100th episode).

Nikita: 1×17 – Covenants


Nikita, Nikita, Nikita.  How is possible that every time I finish an episode, I think that there is no way they can top that and yet they always come back with something which just blows my mind?!?!


Dear show, we are only 3/4 of the way through the FIRST season and it already feels like we’re on Season 4 or something!  I’m beginning to think that maybe we should be limited to one new episode per month because it takes me about that long to digest and recover from an episode (JUST KIDDING.  I NEED A NEW EPISODE NOW!  OMG THE PROMO!!!).

I love that this was a Michael/Nikita centric episode.  I love Alex and her character is arguably the most interesting one but she has had a lot of centric episodes and, well, the show is called Nikita.

FLASHBACK!  Nikita flirting with Michael.  <3 Ooh something is going to happen between them during this mission!

Oh gosh I wanted to run into the screen and give Nikita a hug after that scene with Michael (which, btw, I forgot to breathe for the duration).  I don’t think we have ever seen her so desperate and upset.  Also, I think she needs to stop highlighting the fact she wants him to join her side.  I think it should be more implied and clearly that argument isn’t going to work when Michael is as furious as he is.

And it all comes down to Kasim!  Of course it does!  I LOVE that they played that card.  I only just realised that it was a Kasim-centric episode when I read the episode summary.  I think it would have been even better if they hadn’t put that in the episode summary.  Kasim would be one of the reasons why Michael wouldn’t go running to Percy and Amanda (the other reason being that he loves Nikita, of course).

Alex came to check up on Nikita and immediately knew something was wrong.  “Something’ wrong, what is it?  I can tell.”  “If you want me to stay, I will”.  <3 <3 <3
And yet Nikita didn’t tell her what happened.  Probably wise but still if things had gone crazy wrong, Alex would have been in danger (not that I believe Michael would have ever revealed the truth to Percy/Amanda).

FLASHBACK!!!  <3 <3 <3  So this is their first time …. or not!  Ohhhhh he tells her about his wife and child <3 <3 <3  Like every scene I have ever wanted to see between them is playing out: when they crossed the line, when he told her about his past, her promising him to help him track down Kasim ….. <3 <3 <3 <3

I had always assumed that Michael/Nikita had had more of a ~relationship~ back in the day but apparently nothing much actually happened ….. it was all UST all along?  Wow I think I love them even more now!

Ooh Nikita and Go-Go.  Scary!

Nathan/Alex …. this is not good.  For the first time I actually found Nathan kind of adorable.  Thom >>>>>>> Nathan though.  Oh ALEX.  HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING FROM NIKITA?!?!?!  S

he’s going and making the exact same mistake Nikita did despite all of Nikita’s warnings.  Division are going to kill him!  Do you want that you silly girl?!?!?!

Percy/Michael …. do you think Percy knows he is making Michael hate him more rather than making him more loyal?!

OMG THE FIGHT SCENE AND SWAN LAKE PLAYING!!!  Epic!  And also really funny in an unintentional sort of way.

Michael/Nikita!  Nikita threatening Michael!  Oooh they hate each other at the moment.  Okay clearly Michael hasn’t gotten all the black box information.  Nikita should know that.

KASIM WORKS FOR DIVISION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!  PERCY TOLD HIM TO KILL MICHAEL’S FAMILY?!?!?!??!??!  This is like the best reveal ever!  It ties everything up so neatly and basically just pushes Michael into Nikita’s waiting arms.

You know, I KNEW that Percy was evil but I didn’t think he was THAT evil!  I thought his one bit of humanity was understanding Michael’s need for revenge, even if he wanted to work that to his own advantage.

If I’m nit-picking then you got to laugh about how it all came down to knowing a code to unlock the phone.  I mean this is a huge gamechanger, the reason why Michael will join Nikita, finding out the truth about Percy and it all comes down to something so small?  Lol!

I KNEW IT WOULD COME DOWN TO NIKITA KILLING KASIM!!  I KNEW IT!!!!  AND I LOVED THE WAY IT ALL PLAYED OUT.  I am sort of sad that it meant that Nikita had to kill someone in cold blood rather than Michael doing it.  I mean we know how Nikita hates killing for the sake of killing and although Kasim is an evil, evil man, the reveal that he was told to do what he did by Percy kind of makes us feel a tincy wincy bit like maybe he should be spared …….. oh no, wait, he is still an evil terrorist.  Yes, you go girl!

Michael talking about his family and Nikita crying!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

“I was coming here to double-cross you.”  “Well, you did it.”  I loved that Nikita was harsh to him at that point.  It kind of needed that.

Now Nikita has two moles in Division.  Whoo!  Sort of wanted Michael to just shoot Percy though.  Do you reckon if we get, say, a third season TPTB will have Percy be killed and the objective of the show will change from bringing down Percy to attempting to clear up all the mess …. I know that wouldn’t really work but with the rate we’re speeding through plot arcs, I’m half expecting Percy to be dead by the end of the season!!!!!!


The funniest thing about all of this is that my main worry has always been someone finding out that Alex is the mole, even Michael so when I knew the moment would come when he discovered the truth, it didn’t even cross my mind that the episode wouldn’t be all about that.  I mean it was hardly discussed.  Michael didn’t even want to know how/why/anything about the whole Nikita/Alex thing and it wasn’t even mentioned again after the first five minutes.  Obviously now he will keep the secret but I am wondering whether Michael/Nikita will tell Alex the change in circumstances.  And if they don’t when she finds out, is she going to be crazy mad at the fact they kept it from her?

Also, call me crazy but this is my usual reaction when my OTP gets together: I love that it finally happened but I kind of wish that maybe they had dragged it out more?  I mean with everything that happened in this episode it most definitely cleared the way to Michael/Nikita being together but I sort of wish they ended the episode with the whole “I came here to doublecross you” line.  Then in the next episodes we see Michael/Nikita making plans to bring down Division etc. and all the UST and it all drags out to them finally ending up in bed in the season finale or something.
I mean gosh now they’re together, don’t tell me they’re going to be happy together for the rest of time without TPTB splitting them up again ……  I suppose the best we can hope for is that TPTB allow them to be happy / their relationship fade into the background a bit after next week’s episode before they feel the need to “deal with it” again.  Obviously Michael/Nikita together forever and all that but don’t tell me they are literally going to be together from now until the end of the series.  That would be like the first time that has EVER happened on a TV show!

But for now I am just going to watch the last scene over and over and over again.  I don’t think Maggie’s ever looked prettier than in that shot when she’s at the computer and Michael walks up behind her.  I dunno, it must be the lighting or something.  And then when ‘Cosmic Love’ starts to play and you all know what it’s leading up to and when she turns away and when he grabs her and kisses her.  Gah.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

The plot progression in this show is INSANE.  I never thought I’d say this but I wish that the writers would discover the idea of “filler episodes” just so that every single episode doesn’t feel like a season finale.  It is not good for my blood pressure!!!  Lol.  I mean what about the promo for next week?  Heeee!  Showdown!

Rewatch: NCIS Season 2

2.01 – LOVE the scene where Kate goes to sit down at her desk and finds McGee under there. [“Don’t let him intimidate you McGee. That’s my job today.”] Yes Kate, that’s appropriate clothing for climbing up a roof. The human jigsaw puzzle! I remember the first time I watched this episode, I was really shocked that it was the father behind it all. That’s kind of depressing. Love the end bit with Tony/Kate giving McGee a headslap.

2.02 – Crazy 50s psycho killer. Hate Tony being sexist. Gibbs’ driving and Kate hanging on for dear life!! Ugh! The blood pouring from the priest’s head!

2.03 – [“Eww Tony! You are getting way too comfortable around me.”] I’m not really intrigued by the whole alien angle. Tony/Kate bickering. Very Romeo and Juliet. Awwh Tony bought Kate flowers! So what if he went through her purse – he was still thoughtful enough to track down the number of Kate’s favourite florist!!!

2.04 – [“With all the bad karma you’ve built up with women alone, I’m surprised that something hasn’t fallen off.”] McGee and the Petty Officer! [“4 years of Latin has finally paid off”] I love how Ducky calls Kate “Caitlyn”. Yay a Ducky-centric case. Tony checking Kate out. Kate’s massive “Ewwwww!!!” is hilarious.

2.05 – I loved seeing Kate, McGee, Gibbs and Tony in the gym! Kate totally kicked McGee’s ass. Kate had 3 older brothers? I forgot how much Kate encouraged Tony to mess with McGee’s head. [“Well, at least I get to give Gibbs the finger.”] I can’t remember this episode at all. [“Realising how sad this sounds, you are the closest thing I have to a friend, Gibbs.”] Fornell!! Awwh Tony wants to be Kate’s baby-daddy [“Do you think anyone will believe that you actually slept with Kate?!”] Tony/Kate as chavs! Hahahaha! [“We made a good couple Kate”] Great episode.

2.06 – Ah this is the point where my recollection of the cases starts to fade. OMG they blew the dog up???? OMG the way Ducky just ripped its limbs off!! It’s the son from HIMYM! Tony called Kate dear and they fight about the toilet seat! Haha. Kate singing in the shower! Tony brushing his teeth! Gibbs not knowing what a USB stick is. Haha. Tony and Kate babysitting the kids – I don’t know who got the rawest deal. Tony/Kate eavesdropping. The ending with McGee’s “special ordering”.

2.07 – I don’t think I like the whole “b&w screencap of the way the scene ends airing before the scene starts” thing. [“Cold case?” “Icicles”] LOL the team saying that they lost the perp [“he must have shimmied down the drain pipe” “I would have liked to have seen that.”] Kate dancing with the old man and she’s crying!

2.08 – Ducky’s got a crush!! Paula Cassidy!!! Kate teasing Tony about Paula and Tony teasing Kate about her mystery man. [“You’re the man Ducky. Why can’t I find someone like you?” “Well if this doesn’t work out, I am available.”] Why is Kate going around with the rubbish bin? Don’t they have their own rubbish bins?! Oh poor Kate! She can’t handle the fact that she shot the guy.

2.09 – Tony making Kate call him ‘Sir’ ….. and he’s still flirting with the engaged doctor ….. [“I swear the two of you are worse than my brothers and they’re practically psychotic”] [“12 years of Catholic school says that ain’t never gonna happen.”] Tony still can’t use chopsticks – nice continuity. Abby undercover!!! Gibbs bought McGee coffee. Tony’s cyber date! He always seems to end up dating men pretending to be women ….

2.10 – Nice opening, interesting set-up. Tony undercover!!! McGee trying to explain the case to scary woman!!!! Tony naming his fake dog Kate! Hehe. [“I’m worried for Tony. There I said it.”] [“Gibbs is driving.” “I’m saying a prayer in many languages.”] It was like watching this episode for the first time again! Man I really don’t know most of season 2 as well as I know season 1.

2.11 – Kate pretending to be Tony’s wife and the hand/facial gestures silently discussing how many kids they have. Tony and McGee trying to get the whiteboard out of the elevator!!! [“You look fine. What’s wrong with fine?” “I’m going for hot here Tony.”] Kate going undercover with the hot pilot/murder suspect. Kate giving Abby a massage! Ah yes, here is all the friendship that Abby mentions in that recent Kate/sister/flashback episode. I love the ending with Kate/hot brother pilot guy flying to New York and the voiceover “so you’re Catholic, right?”

2.12 – Gibbs and his team 2.0. Haha. Tony 2.0!!!! Tony snooping around Kate’s desk again! Kate/Abby talking about superwomen. They all have information to tell! Abby/McGee competing as to who had the worst job. [“Boys night out” “Which means girls night in”] Awwh Abby/Kate holding hands. That is some dirt innuendo-ing Gibbs/woman hand-sanding going on.

2.13 – Back to Ducky’s human jigsaw puzzle!! Kate’s dating Tony’s fraternity brother! LMAO! [“Drawn out digression is a privilege earned, Mr Palmer”] [“You’re an Italian. You’re a Gigolo! If you look down my blouse, I’ll disembowel you. I have a knife in my brassiere”]. LOL Ducky’s Mum. That is one creepy taxidermist. [“I’m a Federal Agent, Ma’am.” “That’s what they all say.”] Tony/Mrs Mallad <3 <3 <3 Awwh Ducky/Kate. Tony blowdrying the Corgi!! [“One can always tell a woman’s intention from her panties.”]

2.14 – Kate’s afraid of the dentist! McGee has to go investigate by himself. God that’s a big SD card – Old school! Tony “strangling” Kate. Poor McGee – he had to watch the girl he liked get murdered. Does this mean that McGee/Abby wasn’t a real thing at this point? I hate that we never get any clarification on that. Kate/McGee friendship. McGee getting hypnotised. Tony/Kate food fight. [“Any more food-fights in here, I’m joining in. With peas” “Frozen peas?” “Nope, from a can.”]

2.15 – Tony/Kate talking about the … pornstar. Kate trying to argue that men and women can just be friends. I totally agree with you Kate but I don’t think you’re going to be able to convince Tony! Awwh Abby made Kate a hat ….. and the two of them totally took McGee’s money! [“One day you’re going to have to tell me how you do that.” “Easy – they can sense sarcasm.”] Awwh Gibbs and the Jack Russell!! McGee’s poison ivy! Palmer walking in on Ducky/McGee’s inspection. [“Would you say I’m attractive?” “Sure” “Then how come you’ve never ….” “I know you.”] Kate/Jack Russell! [“Awwh good dog, I think I’ll call you Tony.” “It’s a bitch Kate” “I know.”] [“Is it just me or do you think Tony likes me?” “I think it’s more than obvious Tony likes you.” “Not my usual type but kinda cute.” “More like adorable. Maybe we can share Tony?”] Kate/Abby/doggie!! CUTENESS! How can I not remember this scene? Also, what happened to the dog after Kate’s you-know-what? Gibbs smiling at the fact that Kate/Abby used Tony’s hat to feed the dog.

2.16 – Tony/Kate bickering and Ducky agreeing to marriage counsel them. “Sexually charged bickering” Tony/Kate undercover in the club!! Haha! Jimmy/Abby superglue.

2.17 – Oh God the eyes! Erm Kate, what is that you’re wearing on your head?! Tony warming Kate up!! McGee/Kate referring to the fact that Tony kissed a man last season GAIN! Haha. The look of horror on everyone’s face when McGee spills Gibbs’ coffee. Well, Kate did say she wanted to go on holiday. Haha that “ipod”.

2.18 – I really hate when they emphasise the fact that Tony is a player / when he objectifies women. Definitely my least favourite aspect of his character. I find it really quite offensive. I’m trying to think of other TV characters that do it as much as him. Alex and Mark from Grey’s Anatomy? Yeah, don’t like them either. The wax in the victim’s hair is the wax from a surf board – the friend’s fiancé is the baby-daddy and the friend killed her. See, easy, solved the case already and there’s still half an episode to go. McGee going through the car wash <3. Tony’s mancrush. [“It’s like this pact to get drunk and laid supersedes everything.”] Tony’s evil laugh when he sees Kate’s ‘wet T-shirt’ competition photo!

2.19 – Nice continuity with the mention that Kate dated Tony’s fraternity brother and Kate’s wet T-shirt competition. I love that Kate got Abby to help her photoshop a picture to stop Tony blackmailing her. The smile on Gibbs’ face!

2.20 – Tony/Kate sneaking into McGee’s apartment and taking bets on McGee’s underwear preference. [“George Clooney could not get laid in this place.”] Okay so this definitely confirms the end of McGee/Abby by this point …. That college guy is really annoying. Again, reference to the Wet T-shirt photo. You go Gibbs!!

– Abby/Kate spending the weekend together. Abby’s signature! Coleman again!!!! Tony’s car! Haha!

2.22 – Oh I LOVE this episode (hate the next one). Wait, did Tony just say ‘wankers’?! No, I’m serious. Gibbs has never had a cold [“If you were a bug, would you attack Gibbs?”] [“Let’s hit the showers Tony!” “Thought you’d never ask.”] <3 all of them showering together. [“Kate, play it safe. Go with Tony.” “THAT’S safe?!”] The hot doctor “Brad Pitt”/nurse combo!! Abby/Gibbs! Gibbs/McGee in those suits!!! [“Last thing I need is another wife.” “Life Gibbs, you’ve got to get a Life.”] It’s CAM FROM BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the fact that Kate lied about being infected too and then starts shouting at Tony so he doesn’t feel alone <3 <3 <3. [“If I catch your cold I’m going to be very pissed.” “She’ll be okay, right?”] [“Why are you doing this, Kate?” “Damned if I know but I’m doing it and you’re not going to tell Tony.”] Reference to the wet T-shirt contest and the transsexual AGAIN!!! Wait, I thought Gibbs told Cassie to change her clothes? Kate crying. Kate/Ducky <3 Can’t believe Tony almost died over a lie. Tony/Kate <3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3. I love them and this episode so much! Oh Sasha, why did you have to leave? I can’t believe they put this amazing episode right before the absolutely tragic next episode.

2.23 – Awwwh McGee caught Kate sketching Tony. McGee totally ships Tony/Kate. Awwh they miss him – but Kate misses him more!!! [“Did you know he told everyone you tried to sleep with him in Paraguay?!”] Ewwwwww! The snake!!! Awwh Tony saved her life! From the killer snake! [“My life in your hands. I always knew it was going to end this way.”] Stop jinxing it Kate!!! Awwh Tony saving Kate and McGee from the bomb and ordering them to run. Kate screaming for Tony. Oh I can’t take this any more! This episode!!!! [“Dammit Tony I should just take you home and get you in bed…. Okay that didn’t come out the way I intended.” “Are you going to buy me dinner first or should we go back to your place …”] Everyone’s worried about Tony! YOU SHOULD ALL BE WORRIED ABOUT KATE!!! SHE GETS MURDERED IN THIS EPISODE!!!! [“You know Kate’s really been worried about you.” “Kate worried about everything.” “No no I mean REALLY worried.” “What’s your point Probie?” “Well, I think that maybe, you know.” “Me and Kate? It’ll never happen.” “Why not?” “She’s too smart for that.”] And the way Kate and McGee set Tony up with Kate admitting she liked him and might consider marrying someone like him …. <3 YOU’RE KILLING ME SHOW!!!! Tony/Abby lying down together on the lab floor! Gibbs/Ari! The whole team sleeping at NCIS to protect Gibbs. Kate’s hair!! Kate calling Abby’s dream a ‘bête noir’, Fornell saying he would like to put a bullet through Ari’s forehead … nooooo!! Mention of Paula Cassidy!! Oh God I don’t know whether I love or hate the fact that seconds before she’s shot, Kate throws herself in front of Gibbs to stop him getting shot, gets shot but she’s wearing a vest, she/Gibbs/Tony joke, she stands up then Bam!!! Kate! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Worst finale ending EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER.

Spoiler Alert: No matter how many times you watch this season, Kate still dies.  Epic fail.

Grey’s Anatomy: 7×18 – Song Beneath The Song

It wasn’t the worst thing I have ever seen but can we not do it again any time soon.  I mean I was fine with Callie’s out of body experience but every time the character in the scene (e.g. Owen in ‘Chasing Cars’)’s mouth started moving in sync with the lyrics whilst performing other actions, I just cracked up which obviously detracted from the life-or-death intensity we were meant to be experiencing.  What I want to know is how the actors managed to film those scenes without cracking up!

Also, it felt so rushed.  I know it was necessary to cram all the songs in there but it was at the expense of the emotion and stuff having the impact they were going for.  I feel better if they dragged it out in a two-parter.  Like, did Addison actually speak?  I know the episode wasn’t about her and her return to Seattle has already been explored before but I would have liked for a bigger scene with Mark especially considering their history.

‘Breathe’ was …. meh!  I have such an intense love for both the song, the episode it played in and Anna Nalick generally that nothing can come close.  Chyler Leigh didn’t murder it but it was just … boring.

Alex/Arizona scene <3 <3 “What do you need?”  Once again the only times I love Alex are when he’s with Meredith or Arizona.  They bring out the softer side of him.

Owen’s ‘How We Operate’.  LOL!.  Hilarity!  Loved the Meredith/Alex/Cristina scene.

I liked Callie/Arizona in the car in the clouds and Arizona telling her constantly to put on her seatbelt.  Is Callie going to resent Arizona for the crash in future episodes?  This episode was all about the realisation that she loves Arizona but perhaps it hasn’t all sunk in yet.  Yes it is Callie’s fault for not wearing a seatbelt but Arizona was driving and she was distracted by proposing marriage at the moment of impact (though in my mind the crash happened because of the idiocy of the other driver not because of Arizona).  I like that in this episode everyone didn’t kind of blame Arizona and although Mark said some very harsh things he didn’t exactly go there either.

‘Running On Sunshine’ is the funniest thing EVER.  EVER.  EVER.  Gah Henry/Teddy <3 <3 <3.  The day I found out that Scott Foley was cast in a pilot, I almost cried (well, I didn’t almost cry but I did experience feelings of sadness and disappointment.  I realise now that my main interest in the show is tuning in to find out if Scott Foley’s guest-starring and whether we’re going to get more Henry/Teddy developments).

I loved Callie/Arizona ‘Universe and U’ scene.  The duet was really beautiful.  I haven’t been feeling the Callie/Arizona love at all this season which is sad because I had such an intense love for them this time last year but this moment restored some of my faith.  Also when Arizona talked about feeling like their baby’s mum that was the first time I actually believed that she had changed her mind about children because up until that point I had been unconvinced.

I actually really liked the ‘How To Save A Life’ sequence in the end.  I felt really sorry for Teddy as I will always side with Teddy over Cristina.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Cristina as a character because she is interesting and has a lot of good points but I just know that if I knew her in real life, she would really annoy me whereas Teddy has this endearing way about her that makes me want to give her a hug and defend her, especially since everyone loves Cristina but there isn’t a large Teddy fanbase.  Basically, yes for Cristina saving Callie’s life but Teddy’s “I can’t teach you any more” was totally justified.  However, I can see why Owen gave the surgery to Cristina at that moment because she seemed so confident whilst Teddy was panicking.

I am really annoyed that we don’t get to see who sang the final ‘How To Save A Life’ at the very very end of the song.

Meredith, I love you.  Always have (mostly) and always will.  The scene in the elevator was heartbreakingly awesome.

In conclusion: Meredith, Teddy and Arizona >>>>>>> everyone else.  The singing gets better once you watch it all in context.

CSI:NY: 7×18 – Identity Crisis

I’ve heard a lot about this episode, mainly about how it was all about Jo and her family.  Sidenote: didn’t we have to wait seasons and seasons before we got any sort of background on Hawkes, Flack, even Stella to a certain extent?

Anyway, the opening did grab my interest, more so than probably any other episode this season (mind you, it’s not like I can actually remember any other episode) and I was hooked pretty much all the way through.

Nice to have some Danny/Lindsay banter, even if Adam had to be there.  I liked the Lindsay/Hawkes scene with the jello people and guns.  Flack/Lindsay!  Love that Lindsay had a lot to do in this episode and not just in the lab.

<3<3<3 Taylor Kinney .  I know him briefly from that sorry excuse for a show Trauma (I thought it would be like Third Watch.  It didn’t come close).  I actually felt sorry for the murderer though.  I think it’s always nice when you do – the whole episode has more of an effect.

The Ellie “finding her real mother” although very cliched was sort of interesting.  She kind of took it all rather well don’t you think?  Also, the fact that Jo adopted her when she was still too young to remember her mother but after Jo was divorced must mean that she and her ex-husband have been divorced for at least a decade?  Or did I get that completely wrong? Jo’s son looks nice.  Kind of felt that they brought him in for no reason though.  Guess we’ll be seeing him play a “major part” in a future episode.

I loved the Mac/Jo scene in his office but the end scene made me slightly concerned about where Mac/Jo is heading.  I mean yes all that ‘you’d make a great father’ stuff is so Jo, even just Jo being friendly but under normal circumstances I also would think it’s those sort of scenes that would make me start shipping characters, especially since it seems to be modus operandi for episodes to end with Mac/Jo going out for dinner together.