Rewatch: Brothers & Sisters Season 1

1.01 – Kitty/Sarah. Rufus from Gossip Girl!!! Phone conversations galore! And this was back when Kitty/Nora didn’t get on. Also Kitty really can’t cook! Kitty/Justin! Hee mention of wine and drunkenness already! I am very disturbed by the way Kevin eyes-up Justin in the scene in the kitchen when Justin was in his underwear. The first time I watched, I totally misread that scene (before I knew who all the characters were). [“Yeah, you set me off Kevin!”] I love that shout from offscreen. Awwh Joe/Sarah! Kitty jogs? That didn’t last long! STANA KATIC!! Haha I never realised she was in this! Holly! I now realise that it’s always Justin to find out secrets! Lol! It’s Al from ER / Doc from Third Watch! I hate him without hair! WARREN!! Wow Nora/Kitty! You know, the first time I watched this episode, I liked it all the way through but it wasn’t until the last 5 minutes that I was absolutely hooked and knew it would be a keeper. I think what differentiates this show from Parenthood the most is the mystery of William etc. that runs through the first couple of seasons. It has that really long story arc joining all the episodes together.

1.02 – The funeral! Justin/Holly! [“If and when Mum dies ….” “Thank you for the ‘if’ Kevin, it was really sweet”]. Kitty responsible for Justin’s share of the inheritance! SCOTTY! Look at his hair! Wow, they really emphasised his campness at the start! I kind of love the tie-in with the war and 9/11. Sarah’s meltdown about the grass skirt. Nora/Justin showdown! Always makes me cry! Justin/Kitty!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Kitty/Justin/Nora/Kevin roadtrip!

1.03 – Kitty/Warren/Jack! Nora/Holly. Awkward! [“I don’t care who dates him. It could be you, it could be Kevin but someone in this family should be dating that man.”] Justin tells Kitty the secret! Ah! Warren/Kitty dinner <3 <3! Kitty’s speech about cheaters <3 <3. Kitty/Sarah “the morning after” talk! Hee! Sarah/Kevin/Scotty! LOL! Kitty fell into the pool! Haha! I forgot about that moment! Holly at Nora’s party! Oh dear, I know what moment this is all leading up to!!! Tommy/Paige! Awwh! I don’t like Tommy, and really don’t like him in some episodes but at the start he was more likeable than I remember. [“Can someone pass the mango peach salsa?”] THAT LINE! Hee. I remember when I first watched this episode and Nora said that about Holly at the dinner table I was literally :O. Nora diving into the pool <3 <3.

1.04 – THE photo episode! [“Is that me playing golf or having sex?”] LOL! JUSTIN/TYLER!!!! Kitty babysitting Paige and Cooper! [“You know what Cooper, you are like your own little French revolution.”] Nora/Kevin at golf!! I forgot that Justin/Tyler went to high school together! See they were destined for each other, even way back in the fourth episode of the series!!! Gosh, I’m so glad they brought her back now! Kitty trying to tell Sarah about Paige and Sarah biting her head off. PAIGE <3. Kevin ranting at Nora. Tyler is adorable! [“We’re kind of a tribe.”]. Kitty/Cooper <3 <3. Nora/Kitty <3 <3. Sarah/Kitty [“I’m really going to need you Kitty.”]. Sarah puts her head in Kitty’s lap like Cooper did at the hospital! Bless! Tommy putting his foot down with Justin. I love the family photo moment <3.

1.05 – Kitty eating!!! Jonathan sneaking in to see Kitty and scaring the crap out of her and Nora. It’s Andy from Everwood!!!!!!!! [“Are you guys making faces? This is why I hate speakerphone.”] Amber the intern. Yuck. I miss when they had family dinners in every episode. Awwh Justin/Paige <3 <3 <3. [“My son and I are no longer seeing each other socially …”]. Nora seeing Saul/Holly together! [“There’s an awful lot of mercury in swordfish. I hope I don’t turn into a thermometer.”] [“How did you get so cute?” “I was born this way. What’s your excuse?”] Justin teaching Sarah how to use the syringe. Kevin/Scotty <3 <3 <3. Awwh I quite liked Jonathan. NORA/KITTY at the end! I love that they snuggle together in bed. I love my own Mum but I would seriously love to have a Mum like Nora, even with all her flaws.

1.06 – Sarah’s stand against Nora didn’t exactly last long! Haha! $35000 for a table at the charity thing? What the hell?? [“I like it when they destroy things. It reminds me not to get too attached to material objects.”] The Walkers have the ‘Wicked’ table at the charity function <3. [“We’re sitting at the Wicked table. I’m in green. They’ll think I’m the wicked witch of the west.”] Awwh Tyler!! I love Tyler <3. [“I don’t think your sister’s happy. She looks afraid for her life.”] Nora and Holly in the bathroom! Nora accidentally buying the holiday. Nora/Sarah <3 <3 <3.

1.07 – The ranch house episode!!!! Tucker Booth! LMAO! Awwh the wood panelling. [“Mother, mother, mother. I’m sorry but when I packed I didn’t realise I would be walking into Caligula’s bathhouse.”] Nora drinking straight from the wine bottle. Justin/Tyler falling out of the treehouse naked! Haha! I LOVE THIS EPISODE. Once again, I miss the times when every episode included a big family gathering. [“Since when has this been a normal family?!” “I have to agree with Sarah on that point.”] Awkward dinner table talk. Kevin/Kitty <3. Justin’s war story! Awwh! The start of the Rebecca thing!

1.08 – Gabe! JUSTIN <3 <3 <3. Flashbacks!!!! 9/11!! Oh this Kitty/Justin storyline makes me cry so much! Nora/Kitty talking about dating. Oh God this flashback!!! It moves me every time. Kitty’s conversation with Justin about the twin towers. Tears. Justin/Kitty <3 <3 <3 <3. Sarah cracks the password! I felt sorry for Holly a bit there. Justin!!!! Flashback!! I can’t believe they ended the episode in the middle of a flashback like that.

1.09 – I love that in the episode afterwards they continue the flashbacks but it’s all from Nora’s point of view. [“Maybe we can get a family rate.”] Lol. The awesomeness of this show is in the fact it can go from pulling at your heartstrings one minute to making you laugh the next. I really do like Warren. Pity that he and Kitty didn’t work out. [“I don’t know how to say this delicately but I’m not cremating anything.”] Lol! NORA/KITTY IN THE PANTRY <3. Tommy/Kevin/Sarah roadtrip!!! ROB LOWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy chasing Kevin around. [“This country is going to bomb something. It’s the American way.”] [“That island on Lost has more civilisation than this place.”] Kevin, Tommy and Sarah getting drunk in the small town bar! Lol! [“OMG” “Don’t tell me, Dad used to be a woman?”] The start of Robert/Kitty <3 <3. Thanksgiving <3!

1.10 – Hanukkah! [“We’re secular humanists hunnie.”] Awwh Paige! Bless! The Walkers are actually pretty loaded aren’t they? I think when I was watching it the first time, it never occurred to me just how rich they are. Saul singing is beautiful. I love that Nora/Holly moment. Love this Christmas song. That last scene makes me all gooey!

1.11 – [“Only in California would a rehab look like this.”]. ROBERT/KITTY ARE ADORABLE! Especially at this stage in their relationship. Justin getting an overload of information and forced to keep secrets again. [“If you’re trying to drive me crazy, it’s okay I can walk from here.”]. Nora and Holly at work! Justin’s rehab family meeting! Kevin bringing Kitty coffee in bed <3. Nora/Justin’s tape recording always makes me want to cry. So sweet!

– The executive matchmaker episode! Heeee! Chad Berry! Lol! Scotty > Chad. Kitty and her fake boyfriend! LOL! Kitty/Nora! Hee Kitty’s “blind date” with Robert. Nora’s blind date with the gay guy. Joe’s situation in this episode is just like Joel’s in Parenthood. Nora waking Kitty up in bed! Man-fasting! Michelle!

1.13 – Nora’s fake birthday party!!! Mentions of ‘Wicked’. Joe/Sarah don’t do it! It’s a very bad idea! Nora’s Mum!!!! Kevin trying to organise the party!!! Grandma/Kevin!! Nora/Saul and the small bottle of alcohol!! The closet jokes!!! Oh God the video!!!!!!!!! I love the way Nora covers Robert’s eyes. The reaction Sarah gets when she arrives. Tyler/Justin!!!!!!!!!! I love the Robert/Kitty closer scene. [“I think you just outed two brothers for the price of one.”] [“You’re not gay. Justin maybe but you …”] Overloading Grandma with information! That’s really weird that Kevin/Tommy are discussing Sarah’s, er, technique. [“Wow, and I’m the one in rehab.”] Love that Justin moment. I absolutely love this Nora/Grandma moment. That’s why I was sort of sad that everyone hated Grandma at her funeral in Season 5. Everyone sick and Nora is looking after everyone! Yay!

1.14 – Oh this episode! I think this is one of my favourites. Robert/Kitty <3 <3 <3. The Kitty/Sarah/Kevin phonecalls!! Tyler/Justin <3. Nora in prison!!!!!! Kitty and the helicopter [“Bet you wish you packed less”]. It’s JD McCoy’s father. Ugh. Justin babysitting <3. Nora’s kooky friend! High Nora! Robert/Kitty <3 <3 <3 <3. Sarah/Nora! Haha! [“People are going to see us Kitty and I want you to know that I won’t be caring.”]

1.15 – Robert/Kitty. Lol. Flashback!!! Tommy’s obsession with his Dad. I don’t remember this episode as well as the others. Kitty and her polling data. Justin/Kitty home on a Saturday night! [“I liked you so much better when you were stupid.”]. Nora’s story “Dora”. Not my favourite episode but still some adorable moments. Sarah’s speech to Tommy about having his back <3 <3. REBECCA!!! Rebecca thinking Tommy is cute. Ugh. The therapist is absolutely rubbish.

1.16 – Robert/Kitty <3. I don’t remember this episode that well either. Nora/Tyler!! Nora/Saul. So sad! Nora mad at Sarah, Kevin mad at Saul. Worst double date ever. Sarah and Kitty arguing and Robert and Joe making a hasty retreat! Lol. ROBERT/KITTY! So sweet! Oh Tyler is so awesome! Nora/Sarah <3.

1.17 – Nora’s ‘Dora’ story! Lol. Heh it’s “Max” from Parenthood. Awkward dinner party with Rebecca! I forgot how much Kitty was against Rebecca. [“My apologies but this meal has reached a whole new level of weirdness.”]. Awkward meal for Kitty, Robert and his children. Kevin trying to pull out a strand of Rebecca’s hair! LMAO! [“You are the most insane group of people I have ever met.”] Nora/Sarah. Awwh. I can’t believe after that dinner, Rebecca still hates Holly and wanted to grow up with the Walkers. I forgot about the mini Robert/Kitty angst!

1.18 – Nora’s crazy friend again! Haha! Eek! I find it so awkward watching the Justin/Rebecca interaction at this stage. [“It’s the artichoke capital of the world”]. Sarah/Kitty’s weekend away in the artichoke town!! [“Nora, you’re forgetting how to speak.”] [“There’s something odd about this town.” “Oh is the giant man-made artichoke your first clue?” “No, though that was odd.”] Sarah wrestling with the giant artichoke [“Oh stupid artichoke!”]. Heeee! Kitty/Sarah putting lipstick on each other. Lol! [“OMG Sesame Street is having a party.”] Robert/Kitty!

1.19 – JASON! I’m sorry but although I like Scotty, Jason is HOT. Easter dinner! GAME NIGHT!!!! Kitty/Robert – LOL! [“I’m going to kill you. No I’m not, I’m beyond that. You’re dead to me.”] Nora and Sarah’s Walker dance! Kevin’s dinosaur impression! Twister. Ugh, hate the Joe/Rebecca. Kind of a nice Kitty/Rebecca moment there.

1.20 – Nora/writing teacher – that IS sexual harassment! Kevin/Paige/Cooper <3. Robert/Kitty …. [“This is NOT that kind of massage!”]. Oh God the helicopter crash! God Justin why did you tell Kevin if you wanted to keep something a secret! Sweet Joe/Sarah moment. Pity that it won’t last. Gosh, Nora’s teacher really is creepy. Ouch that Holly/Sarah scene. Ah Rebecca/Joe fallout. ROBERT/KITTY and Kitty’s proposal!!!! LMAO! You have no idea how much I hated Rebecca after this episode, after the flashback. That’s why I think I could never really fully warm up to her.

1.21 – Sarah/Kitty <3. Robert/Kitty <3. Kevin/Kitty <3. Nora’s family meeting! I love it when Kitty calls Nora “mother”. Joe is kind of sweet. [“Okay can we just speak in code. You’re my mother.”]. I love the Holly/Nora in this episode! Sarah <3. Kitty on the painkillers! LOL! Best Kevin/Kitty scene EVER EVER EVER! [“I don’t know why I say these things, it’s like I have tourettes.”] Family meeting! [“Oh God where are the boundaries in this family?!”]. Best Holly/Nora scene EVER!!! [“Oh lettuce! Lettuce! That’s really scary!”] [“Kevin, did someone slip me a roofie?”].

1.22 – Awwh Tommy/Julia. Usually not too bothered about them but am sad for them in this episode. Robert/Justin <3! Nora was awesome with Tommy in this episode. Awwh Joe and Sarah telling Paige and Cooper the situation. Cute ending to the episode.

1.23 – Red Hot Chili Peppers!!! Justin, Tommy surfing! ‘Meet the ring’ dinner. Robert/Kitty! LOL! [“Were the McCallisters part of a breeding experiment?!”] I LOVE ERIC WINTER. Even more when he’s not playing Van Pelt’s fiancé/RJ’s minion. Also, Eric Winter + Rob Lowe = HOTNESS EXPLOSION. [“You’re going to see Wicked for the fifth time with Justin?!” “Sixth time actually and I know he hates musicals but after ‘Wicked’ everything will change”]. Justin is adorable – taking each member of his family out to do something they like to say goodbye. Justin/Nora <3 <3 <3 [“Because I was lying, Mum.”] [“Holly’s coming?!” “Sarah, get over it, we’ve all moved on.” “That’s easy for you to say Mum. I haven’t had the chance to hurl food at her.”]. Sarah’s hand gesture for beer! [“Wow, it’s like the passive aggressive Olympics here.”]. Nora/Kitty argument! Robert’s crazy family. Holly/Sarah <3. Jason/Kevin! OMG THE MACARENA!!! THE TENT! Wow, Rebecca backstory! Forgot about that! [“To my sister who I love completely and totally.”]. Jason the minister! Justin leaving … Nora/Kitty <3 <3 <3. JUSTIN/NORA/KITTY <3 <3 <3. [“With everything we’ve been through this year, what’s a little property damage …”]. I LOVE THIS LAST SCENE. I LOVE ‘OOH CHILD’. I LOVE THE FACT THE WHOLE CAST JUMPS FULLY CLOTHED INTO THE POOL!!!!

Things I learnt from this rewatch:

– Stana Katic in the Pilot!
– Rob Lowe and Eric Winter need to share a screen more.  I paused the video and just stared for a full five minutes.
– I will always side with Kitty on pretty much anything.
– I now fully appreciate Justin’s awesomeness.
– Holly/Nora food fight is so funny.
– Peter Coyote cannot play a character which isn’t even slightly creepy.
– Sarah fighting with that artichoke is never not funny.
– Justin/Kitty tugs at my heartstrings in every scene they share.
– Tommy is actually bordering on likeable in this season.
– Robert/Kitty, Justin/Tyler, Kevin/Jason = OTPs.
– I really am not a big fan of Rebecca.  I know everyone was obsessed with her and Justin and that dynamic alone is really creepy and only gets worse when you know how it plays out at this stage, but also she is not a nice person.  Pretty awful actually in this season but in a very hidden sort of way.
– Truest words ever uttered:  “You’re going to see Wicked for the fifth time with Justin?!” “Sixth time actually and I know he hates musicals but after ‘Wicked’ everything will change.”  I LOVE the multitude of Wicked references actually <3.

This is my favourite season of any show ever (hmm, might have some competition from certain Friday Night Lights seasons … will come back to you on that) in that every episode is magic. I’ve rewatched it four times now (which is a lot for me) and it just leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy and like one of the Walkers. It’s my comfort show <3.

Chuck: 4×24 – Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

Okay, call me confused but I thought the device was meant to kill someone almost instantaneously?  Wouldn’t Sarah be dead before they got her into a bath of ice cubes (I gather that slows down the effect of the device?)?  Oh wait, we’re not really meant to be too concerned with the semantics are we?

General has legs again!

So many cute moments …..  I know Chuck/Sarah have a lot of cute moments generally but man they were CUTE in this episode!  The opening scene in bed!  The dry run of the wedding!  Morgan talking to Sarah whilst she’s unconscious.

The way that Ellie tells Devon to take out the CIA guard all business like!  I LOVE that moment!  Awesome is so Awesome!

CASEY!!!  The CAT Squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Casey’s “Russians …. so many Russians!”  Throughout this whole episode Casey was totally my favourite character.

LMAO!  The church sign!  TPTB are SO CRUEL!

OMG Casey’s crying!!!


I know they had to make the wedding as different to Awesome/Ellie’s as possible and they made this one ~serious~ rather than humorous but I still missed having a Jeffster performance!

I don’t like what Decker said about them all being pawns.  If what he says is true then it’s all other-worldly and confusing and brain can’t handle it and I don’t want to get into a situation where “Chuck/Sarah happened because it was planned”.  I mean WTF?!?!  Can we just ignore that whole conversation actually.

I also do not like that Morgan got the Intersect.  I have issues.  I think it would be an interesting/humorous way to end the series if this was the series finale and we didn’t actually have to explore Morgan+Intersect but having it play out on screen next season?  Meh.  Can he have it for like 2 episodes and then have it suppressed and given back to Chuck?

I do quite like the idea of Chuck/Sarah/Casey being freelance spies and the fact that Chuck has a hell of a lot of money.  Also liked the way the Volkoff storyline played out and it ended with him definitely being good and not becoming evil again which I feared throughout the whole episode.  I mean overall the Volkoff storyline turned out the have a pretty good ending – the fact that he was actually a good guy and it was all a persona due to the intersect?  Nice twist.  I think the whole Vivian Volkoff thing was a bit meh but even that turned out to be okay in the end.

However, I’m going to be honest and say that I am so glad that this was not the series finale because it was a little anti-climatic; I have enjoyed pretty much every other season finale more than this one (not to say I didn’t enjoy this one but you know, if I had to rate them) which was weird because this one was THE wedding, what the show has been building up to for 4 seasons and I just didn’t feel it.

It was heavily focussed on the spy stuff (I like the spy stuff but not the OTT stuff like the motorbike and the Russians parachuting in) and Decker – too sudden introduction, not enough funny Jeffster moments and not enough use of the minor characters: Buy More, Alex, CAT Squad.  I am disappointed, not majorly so, but I do think that the episode where Chuck/Sarah get married shouldn’t be the same episode where they spend time and energy setting up the “gamechanger” – not enough screentime to do either one justice.

Grey’s Anatomy: 7×22 – Unaccompanied Minor

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re just not going to enjoy an episode?  Well, that’s how I felt going into this.  I was wrong though.  I did enjoy it.  A lot more because I had so low expectations!  In fact I will go as far as to say that this was my favourite episode of the show for a VERY long time.  Shocker right considering that I think most of you guys disliked it?  Also, as someone who has watched the show for Meredith and Derek/Meredith from the Pilot, how could I be so happy given how that relationship ended?

I have faith.  They will end up together.  And they have been through a LOT worse.  And considering how much Derek apparently loves Zola, he WILL get over it, even if it takes some time.  That’s all that needs to be said.  I’m a believer.

Okay so the Meredith/trial thing?  It wasn’t as painful as I thought the reveal would be.  I liked that Meredith wanted to keep everyone else out of trouble and that she was willing to take the consequences.  I was quite surprised that Alex so quickly became the one who did something wrong.  I get Cristina hating on him but I was quite surprised that Owen said what he did to him.  Obviously major Derek/Meredith fallout but I was prepared for that.  I understand why Derek feels the way he does but I am with Meredith on this – life is more complicated than black/white and the fact it was Adele DID make a difference and that doesn’t make her a bad mother.  Guys, she has matured so much!  The fact that Owen called her the only universally liked individual kind of says it all (though really doesn’t that award go to Arizona because she’s never had anyone hating her apart from Callie).

What I want to know is whether this is the end of the whole matter?  Meredith is suspended, end of story or is she going to have to suffer additional punishment.  I want this to be the end with some small mention about the trial being stopped or whatever at the start of the season.

OR does this mean that the whole hospital is going to lose its FDA approval and Chief’s clinical trial is going to be shut down and therefore this will affect Henry’s survival chances …………!

Cristina’s pregnant?  Meh.  She did get points for telling Owen because for a moment there I thought she wasn’t going to and then the angst would come next season from her guilt.  The way it all played out?  Very true to their characters.  Cristina has not been in my good books a lot lately but I love that she stuck to her guns.  The sheer horror of her having a baby just to please Owen and then obviously realising that she still didn’t want a child when she had a child was something I always feared for Arizona.  Now with Arizona that’s never going to happen because she HAS to love the baby to stop Mark basically replacing her.  With Cristina, there is no way she could have a baby.  I knew that and if she did then I would just be waiting for her to start regretting it which would be even worse.  So, yes, I am totally on Cristina’s side on this. Of course she could have been a bit more understanding to Owen’s wishes but, hey, that’s Cristina.  However, it needs to be said that I do see Owen’s POV as well, I can understand the frustration of loving someone and wanting to be with her no matter what but the pain of her denying you the one thing you’ve always wanted.  I felt sorry for him.  But he knows Cristina, does he really think he can change her mind about this?  He’s a bit naive.  Isn’t he more worried that she agrees and then regrets it later?  What kind of life for them would that be?  It’s an impossible situation really.

I thought that Cristina was going to have a miscarriage when she kept talking about needing to lie down but that would be repeating Season 2 / Meredith’s storyline last season.  Hmm.  There is still time for that to happen or for her to possibly change her mind about having the abortion though I don’t really see that happening in a realistic way.

Sidenote: I thought Cristina was an awesome friend to Meredith in this episode.  That scene at the end where Meredith asks her why she didn’t tell her and she says “well, you were having a bad day” gets major friend points.

Mark/Lexie – I’ve never been invested but I quite liked Mark in this episode and that speech that Lexie made about always loving him and always coming back to him <3.

Avery/Lexie – Ditto above but it was cute when she looked at him through the window.  Again the whole situation doesn’t really make me feel anything one way or the other!

Avery/April – That scene was cute.  Poor April!  The shock of realising her new friends will hate her!

Callie/Arizona – So glad that THE BABY wasn’t mentioned though was a little surprised that we didn’t even get a glimpse of them at the montage of the end.  Surprised but not disappointed.  I adore Arizona but any chance the threesome could take a month long hiatus and not be on our screens for the first part of next season?  I like them more that way.

Eli/Bailey – I’ve had issues getting over seeing that actor as a crazy serial killer but I really really liked him in this episode.  That end scene where they talk about meeting Tuck <3 <3.  I finally approve.

Alex/Lucy – That hurt.  But kind of nice that she didn’t turn out to be 100% a bitch who stole his job?  I mean there were feelings there.  Shonda said that if Rachael wasn’t going off to a new show then there would be hope for them longterm and I would have been okay with that.  I mean she seems like she could have been okay in comparison to some of Alex’s previous love interests …..

Alex – Turns out that I liked him in this episode.  He gets points for trying to rectify his betrayal and let’s face it, at the nub of it, he did the right thing (for the wrong reasons) and he got a lot of crap for doing so!

Meredith/Zola – Wow, unexpected cuteness.  I never really saw it before but that scene where she takes Zola home and talks to her?  I finally see Meredith being an okay mother.  This episode made me love Meredith more.  She stuck to her principles but she didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.  The thought of having to take Zola home and suddenly be a mother by herself freaked her out but she did it anyway.  The only thing was that I thought she was a bit insensitive at the end when Cristina told her about having an abortion and then Meredith was like “come upstairs and help me with the baby”.  WTF?  Heh.

Teddy/Henry …………….. <3 <3 <3 <3.  Gah!  I have been preparing myself for their break-up for WEEKS and then THAT happened????  I don’t think I have EVER been so surprised to get a happy ending (at least for now) as I have just then.  Seriously, I wouldn’t say that surprise was quite as big as the one The Mentalist gave me but guys, I have been preparing myself for this episode to signal the end of my beloved ship for so long that it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t happen.  All I’ve ever heard from Shonda is that there is no place on this cast for someone who isn’t a doctor and I get that, I respect it, but are you telling me that halfway through next season Henry is going to die or that Henry/Teddy are going to break-up?  Because do I have to fear that from now on or do I get to enjoy blissful Henry/Teddy being happy without worrying about that?  STILL, POSITIVE THINKING GUYS.

The way it was all done though.  The first scene with the whole rockstar comment and the fact that he makes he laugh a lot.  Then the scene where he was angry at her which broke my heart but was so powerful and then the last scene ……….. <3<3<3<3<3.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SURPRISING AND HAPPY THAT MOMENT MADE ME.  I kept checking to see how much more of the episode we had left and worrying whether we were going to get another scene which somehow counteracted the flailiness but no, nothing!

Although, for that moment after they kissed I felt for sure it was going to be a “hahah yeah, I love you but clearly we have no chemistry and we’re better as friends” moment.  I think I saw that in a romcom once and it has broken me.  Seriously, that thought actually ran through my head.  But then she spoke!  And said she was falling in love with him!  And I just melted into a pile of goo!  I love these two an insane amount.

I AM SO OBSESSED!  I haven’t been this ship-obsessed since Michael/Nikita thoughts started to form about October time.  THESE TWO ARE ADORABLE.


TVLINE | Speaking of guest cast with pilots in play: Did you have psychic intel that Scott Foley’s CBS show wouldn’t get picked up??
No, and let me tell you, we were holding our breath. I wish all the best for Scott, but we were holding our breath. We fully planned to go forward with [the Teddy/Henry] story in a slightly different way if he had gotten another television show, but we knew we were ending it this way no matter what.

TVLINE | So Foley will definitely be back next season?
I am very hopeful that we will see him again.


The”case”?  I’m not going to lie, that scene in the cafeteria where the woman who had just lost her son wants to stay for the unaccompanied minor and then everyone else does too.  It did move me.  There were almost tears.  It’s her!  The mother!  The one who doesn’t actually look like Robin Tunney but looked like her in that one episode of Criminal Minds.  Holy crap all these strange characters are having an affect on me!  I actually just fell in love with them all.  I had that a TV show has made me have faith in humanity again.

Okay so next season has the potential to be a much better season than this one.  Shonda said that because it may be the last season for the original cast (don’t make me deal with that situation), the focus is going to be on Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Derek.  That’s what the focus of the show should always be on for the most part.  You know how much I love Arizona but my God did the Callie/Arizona/Mark drama ruin this season.  I mean, dude.  And then there’s of course going to be Henry/Teddy WHICH DOESN’T INVOLVE IN HIM DYING.  I AM WARNING YOU SHONDA.  If there has to be a death, you better give me ONE WHOLE SEASON of fluff beforehand.

Man it just occurred to me that there were a lot of weddings in this season.  Four weddings, 3 of which were between main character/main character.  Is that a record for a show?

Criminal Minds: 6.24 – Supply & Demand

KEVIN!  Was wondering when we were going to see him again!  Glad to see he and Garcia are still together and no one felt the need to break them up just because they’ve been together for 3 seasons.

I also like that Gideon gets a mention now and again.  Some shows just like to deny the existence of past characters.

I’ve seen that actress playing that Agent Andi Swan somewhere …. hmmm.  I definitely liked and felt sorry for her character.  Can she please be a recurring character showing up maybe twice or thrice a season?  Possible love interest for Hotch?

Interesting case!  Can’t believe that twist with the girl being part of the abduction ring.  So glad that they saved the FBI agent and killed that awful twisted leader girl.  Also, it was kind of nice not have have a *major, epic, finale* with a member of the team in danger since we’ve always had that and already had that with Prentiss a few episodes ago.

Please give Ashley Seaver something to do.  There is currently absolutely no point to her character at the moment, especially since she will no longer be the “token female”.  So frustrating because the writers should be going out of their way to make her character especially likeable.

Okay, so JJ didn’t really contribute to the fact that this was an interesting case for once but still.  Hahaha!  At the shot of her legs!  Waiting in Rossi’s office!  JJ’s coming back!

I can’t wait to find out what the deal is with Strauss and what Hotch is up to.  Is anyone going to leave the team, even for a bit?  Clearly they should kick Ashley Seaver out as she isn’t contributing anything to the team and they could save money there.  Overall though this episode has left me feeling optimistic that this show can get back to its old self.

Hawaii Give-0: 1×24 – Oia’i’o

Danny/Rachel <3 <3.  Okay I don’t like that they’re doing it behind Stan’s back and I thought they wouldn’t reach that stage until the next season but <3.  WTF??  She’s pregnant???  What is it with the two new shows I am watching this season moving at warp speed.  SERIOUSLY?!?!? I mean obviously I find them cute and adorable but pregnant?  Moving back to New Jersey??  Dude, we’re only at season one.  They do get points for not playing the “I don’t know whether it’s yours or Stan’s card though”.  The ending?  “Danny doesn’t love me and left me at the airport” drama already?!  I love these two but can we go back and explore the bit in between Rachel/Danny hating each other and Rachel/Danny sleeping together more??  Remember those days when my ships took at least 2/3 seasons to get together??

The money!  The Governor!  The exploding car!  Kelly Hu!

God I love the theme tune!

When I heard mentions that the Governor was coming back I knew she would be behind it all!  I didn’t expect (but not entirely shocked) her getting killed though.  Was it mentioned that someone got killed in spoilers?  If it was then I would’ve put money on her as it’s far too early in the show to touch Gracie or Rachel.

Poor Kono and the whole money thing!  Just as Chin is in the clear!

And can we just take a minute to appreciate how Danny took everything in his stride.  Wow.  If I were him I’d probably be freaking out at this point.

Wow things are in a bit of a mess aren’t they?  Can’t wait to see how things work themselves out.  It was an amazing episode all around.  I probably need to rewatch the season to fully appreciate it more and follow the threads through about Steve’s father’s case.  I like how they didn’t exactly end it on a major life/death cliffhanger but still obviously left you wanting to see the next episode right away.

Castle: 3×24 – Knockout

I’m not as obsessed with this show as everyone else but wow they do the “big episodes” well.  That’s when they really deliver, that’s why I keep watching.

I don’t think I breathed during the opening ten minutes.  Wow.

Sidenote: Does anyone think that the title credits music is totally inappropriate for episodes like this?  It’s kind of cheeky and cheerful and totally disrupts the mood.  They should do what other shows do and get rid of the title sequence for episodes like this or just have a black screen with the name of the show at the bottom for a couple of seconds, minus the inappropriate music.

I’d actually forgotten a lot of the stuff to do with Beckett’s Mum’s murder so I’m glad we had that mini-summary courtesy of the whiteboard.

Gosh that Castle/Beckett moment in Beckett’s apartment.  I loved Castle there, loved him and it’s very seldom that I feel that way about him.

OMG Captain Montgomery <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  His speech to Beckett!!  I have a sense of FEAR AND FOREBODING.  I’m going to be right about him being killed, right?

Oooh when I heard that someone was going to die, I thought it was going to be him and I also thought there might be more than meets the eye.  But still, WOW.  This isn’t quite as bad as the whole Zach storyline on Bones and way more believable but, you know, bold move writers, bold storytelling.

Ryan/Esposito!!!  That scene outside of the bar is just ….. there are no words.

MONTGOMERY!  Castle/Beckett!

Okay, clearly Beckett is not dead but woah, I was NOT expecting that ending.   I thought that the climax was the Montgomery thing.  See the trouble with having an ending like this is that you know Beckett’s not dead, you know who wanted her dead, you know that (probably) the next season it will open a few weeks into her recovery / her first day back at work after recovery.  If they’d shot, I don’t know, Esposito or Ryan then it would be more of a cliffhanger.  Of course, the real cliffhanger could be “did Beckett hear Castle say ‘I love you’?”.  My money is on she did but she will act like she didn’t for as long as possible.

Can I just repeat how much I love Castle in this episode because I think it needs to be said, especially from me.  Best episode ever?  Yes, in terms of writing, how gripping it was and just, well, everything apart from the fact next season there will be no Captain Montgomery.  *sniff*

Chuck: 4×22 – Chuck Versus Agent X

I don’t even know where to start!  How about the Las Vegas / Las Vecas thing?  I found that legitimately funny.  Pure magic!  The tone of the comedy in this show exactly suits what I like and that’s why I love it so.  Sidenote: I love the camera angles in this episode, for example when Awesome was explaining about Las Vecas ……  and again with Ellie/Sarah.  I can’t describe it but if you’ve seen the episode then you know what I mean.

Sarah/the strippers …….. boy I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable!!  [“Ooh is that a gun?  No.”] <- just the way she said that line made me crack up!

I LOVE THAT ELLIE FINALLY KNOWS THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT CHUCK!!!!  And she’s been into Castle <3.  I love that there are finally no secrets between Chuck/Ellie for the first time since the Pilot.

And then we come to the Agent X’s mother.  Oh dear Lord, best minor character EVER.  The way she was with Chuck, the way she was with Casey – the fact that she got so much of Casey’s admiration!  THE GRENADE AND THE KNITTING WOOL!!!!!!!!

Question: why is Volkoff’s lawyer guy driving a car with the steering wheel on the left if they’re in England???  Also, I am pretty sure you’ll never see a car like that on the streets over here unless it’s an import.

I KNEW THAT VOLKOFF WOULD BE AGENT X!!!!!!  I mean obviously at first I thought there would be a chance that Agent X was referring to Chuck but then I knew the only option left would be Volkoff.  How does Chuck’s Mum fit into all of this?

Chuck: 4×21 – Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner

I’m catching up with a few back-logged episodes of Chuck now that I know I don’t have to savour them as the last episodes ever and I just reached 4×21 which has to be the best episode we’ve had in a long time.

It’s good to have a 100% light-hearted episode now and again and this was absolutely hilarious.  Plus loads of !littleSarah flashbacks!!!  Also, the guy playing the evil guy is Doyle from Criminal Minds!  LOL!  That alone makes him scarier than he actually was in this episode.

Vivian Volkoff is this season’s Shaw 2.0.  We need more stand-alone episodes like this one.

I loved all the Sarah flashbacks.  No need to go into them all individually but I think they did a good job of showing the relationship between Sarah and her father and explaining why she is the way she is.  I loved the relationship with her father in real time too.  I always approve of getting more Sarah backstory.

Sarah’s Dad / Awesome <3 <3 <3 <3.  Okay, I have to say that Awesome/Clara is SO CUTE.


The Super Shuttle scene!  LOL!  The way the CIA strike team mobilise.

General Beckman!  So awesome!  They need to give her legs again.

OMG CHUCK’S MIX CDS!!!!!!  The whole fake wedding thing was a cool idea.  “Cop Face” – Casey the security guard again!  Hee.

So excited at the Casey/Kathleen.    I’ve actually been looking forward to this moment the whole season.  I kind of thought she took it rather well though.  I would have been freaking out!  Anyway, I love their whole story arc in general.  It’s hard to think of Casey as having a love interest ….. apart from in this situation.

I absolutely love seeing Sarah like this.  The last scene <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

Is it wrong that I am legitimately annoyed that Chuck and Sarah didn’t get their money back from the “wedding planner” though?!  I mean I know for the story to work, they had to get the money from her father but honestly the injustice of it all!  They are the freaking CIA!!!

Followed by the equally awesome next episode which could be a contender for the best non-Chuck/Sarah centric episode ever …..

The Little Old Lady just completely stole the show.

CSI:NY: 7×22 – Exit Strategy

I loved the whole slow motion, muffled sound thing when Mac was sitting at the desk. Very artistic.

Not being funny but an old case that comes back to haunt Mac?  Twice in a row?  Really?  That’s, erm, creative.  I get them having the season/series finale being Mac-centric but wouldn’t it make sense to have had the previous Mac/old partner story arc earlier on and stuck a Jo-centric episode beforehand?  Remember the beautiful Season 2 season where in the latter half each character had a “centric” episode … *sighs wistfully*.

When they sent out that postcard to all the news sources wouldn’t they have blocked out the ex-girlfriend’s address completely??  I mean who knows what kind of crazy people she could have coming up to her door.

It was a bit Without A Trace-ish with the missing girl but it was definitely an interesting case, one of the best of the season.

Epic use of montages at the beginning and end of the episode

I actually, honestly, believe that this works perfectly as a series finale.  I mean it was sort of understated rather than an all-out guns blazing like the previous episode but it was nice.  Like with the Brothers & Sisters finale (and I can’t believe I’m comparing these shows), everything is tied up but gives you the idea of what will happen in the future – Mac possibly leaving, changes for the Messer family etc.  the only sad thing is that there was hardly any Hawkes or Sid in this episode.  Actually there was hardly any screentime for any character apart from Mac, Flack and Danny.

If it does get another season then this episode is going to seem like such an anti-climax “yeah, yeah, Mac’s never actually going to leave the crime lab because shows always play this card” whereas the way this episode is played, you do actually believe that he’s going to do it.  Perhaps if there’s a next season they will have him leave the crime lab and then some “epic thing” happen to bring him back …… I don’t know, I kind of want this to be it.

Nikita: 1×22 – Pandora

Nikita finale time …  I honestly had no idea what to expect in this episode.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show where I couldn’t even speculate as to what was going to happen.  I mean usually you are fairly certain that at the end of the day the good guys are going to win and that no major character is going to be killed despite all the hints to the contrary?  With this show, that is so not a given.

Erm, Percy, Nikita is not dead.  She can’t be.  The show is called Nikita.  Someone should really tell him that.

Love that Birkoff/Michael scene.  Loved all Birkoff/Michael scenes in this episode actually.  I knew he’d be a good guy.  I love that he ships Michael/Nikita!

HOLY CRAP AMANDA!  I knew she had to have a heart somewhere!  Still, can’t quite believe she did that for Alex …… I mean I expected that she’d kill Alex but not that she would do it for her own good and set her free!

RYAN SAVES NIKITA <3.  He is sort of adorable.  The whole thing in the CIA?  I didn’t think Percy would plant the nerve agent in the black box to kill the CIA agents.  It never occurred to me.  I thought that he implanted a virus or something so he would get all the CIA data and wipe their system.

Percy looks so freaking scary with blood dripping from his lip.

Awwh Nikita/Alex.  My heart breaks a little.  Obviously I am glad that Alex saved Nikita’s life but the fact that things between them are so angsty and tense and although I don’t think Alex HATES Nikita, I think she resents her an awful lot and like she said, doesn’t trust her any more and is basically going to spend the whole of next season going against her.

AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “New Division”.  Wow.

Michael/Nikita driving off into a very grey sky.  Wow.

And still no mention of Nathan.  WTF?!?!  Alex was meant to have legit feelings for him and even though she’s got a lot going on, we still haven’t seen him since he killed Jaden for her.  I think some follow up is necessary!!!

Can you believe I only started watching this show out of curiosity to see Maggie Q on the small screen and the only Eurasian lead on television?  I got sucked in pretty fast after that.

I’d probably said that 19 out of the 22 episodes were perfect.  I mean I didn’t expect any of the plot arcs to play out the way they did so kudos to the writers for surprising me nearly every time.

No other show’s first season can compare to Nikita‘s.  Talk about fast-paced or what.  I am surprised they didn’t drag out the Michael/Nikita and make it into a “will they, won’t they” thing.  I’m sort of sad about that as the way I see it, the only way is down from here.  Lol.

I was expecting:

Season 1 – Alex in Division
Season 2 – Alex graduates to Agent
Season 3 – Michael/Nikita gets together
Season 4 – The writers decide to do something “different”

I can’t say I am overly enthusiastic about the plans for Season 2.  You know me, I like the main characters to play happy families.  However, it will be interesting to say the least and this show has shown that it can write some amazing story arcs, even if they are unexpected.  The dynamic of this show seems to change every episode!  I can’t believe it’s changed to Alex + Amanda Vs Nikita + Michael with Percy and Birkoff somehow in the mix.  I am cautiously curious about Season 2 but if all else fails, we’ll always have this epic awesomeness that is Season 1.