CSI:NY: 8×01 – Indelible

I’m sorry but I don’t buy the Claire/Mac relationship. I think it’s because I’ve seen the actress in stuff before, didn’t particularly like the characters she played (Remember Life Unexpected anyone? Also, Veronica Mars) and she just seems more “steamy seductress” (aka in ‘Veronica Mars’) than Mac’s tragic wife. That’s just my own tainted opinion. This is why I prefer it when we get guest-stars that I don’t know (e.g. the wife in last week’s The Mentalist).  Also, continuity – Mac got rid of everything that reminded him of her apart from photos and the beach ball, so clearly those opera tickets don’t count?? Also, she’s meant to have blue eyes and not brown. I’m just saying that if you’re going to describe her in previous episodes and then introduce a character you’ve been talking about for 7/8 seasons, some continuity would be nice.

However, when we get to the bit when they are on the phone and we see that she’s just come out of the WTC, I forget everything above and was just with them in that moment and the noise of the plane flying overhead ………

I think the 9/11 stuff generally was well done. I liked seeing Jo’s perspective.  FLACK!!! And the first ever Danny/Flack meeting. That scene <3. Sid/Hawkes/Mac … *sniff*

I am not a big fan of Adam but that Adam/Lindsay scene is, I think, my favourite Adam scene EVER. In fact, as much as that Danny/Flack moment was great, the Adam/Lindsay wins the award for the best scene of the episode.

The end sequence with Mac’s speech and then the memorial and the beach was really moving <3.

I don’t know how I feel seeing Danny in uniform. I mean it was okay until he put the hat on and then it just made me giggle.

Adam mouthing the conversation with Jo/potential new boss was funny as was Lindsay walking in on him but what was that on Lindsay’s T-shirt? It looks like a painting of an intestine.

I didn’t like the way the case was wrapped up with that scene with the girl in the bar. I just didn’t buy her performance and I still don’t understand why killing the bouncer was necessary. And just the way she was like “well, I’m a druggie and I owed money” and then the “I’ll never forget the look on his face”. Ugh.

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×01 – Free Falling & 8×02 – She’s Gone

I need to start by saying how completely awesome and adorable Teddy was in this episode. She is like what Arizona was to me in Season 5 and 6 – a pure bundle of cuteness. Teddy >>>> everyone else basically.

And then the episodes ….. Information overload. I think the only way to deal with this is in list-format.

The Good:

Throughout all the seasons Meredith and Cristina have never actually been roommates and now they’re living together and raising a baby! HEE! Derek and Owen so not caring. Lol.

OMG Arizona holding baby Sofia. Yeah, I said I was done with this whole Callie/Arizona/Mark/baby crap but it’s Arizona holding a baby. Quite possibly the only thing which makes babies endearing. Oh no wait, Teddy’s babytalk!!!!! CAN’T STAND THE CUTENESS!!!! [“What’s wrong with her?” “She’s getting laid. She’s unnaturally cheerful.”]

Lexie/new interns. This show does have really good continuity.

CRISTINA KISSING BABY ZOLA GOODBYE! Stop making me melt! I don’t melt at babytalk but my God! Cuteness overload, especially because it is coming from CRISTINA!

Let’s go back to the whole Meredith/Cristina in this episode ….. dude, Cristina was so amazing in this episode. All last season I was saying how I found her a bit annoying and too arrogant but she was SUPER FANTASTIC in this episode. Just the way she is with Meredith brings out her best and funny side. And she was an awesome friend, even if she had other stuff going on in her life and doesn’t even like babies and yet was great with Zola.

TEDDY IS SO UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME and we’re not even ten minutes in! That scene with Cristina! The fact that they’re getting over their drama. I enjoyed seeing Teddy so cheerful in this episode and willing to give things with Cristina another go and also trying to teach her the basics. And I loved at the end where Cristina actually admitted to her that she was right and that she made a mistake because she was rushing.

HENRY/TEDDY. OMG you guys it was perfect!  Just the fact she’s completely in love and was a basketcase and the Chief had to kick her out of Henry’s surgery.  And then the last scene where they’re lying on his hospital bed and she admits that she was a basketcase and they kiss and Bailey watches them and is disgusted.  Lol.  <3 <3 <3 <3.

The whole Cristina/Owen thing. THANK YOU SHOW!  You dealt with it in the only realistic way possible and that was having Owen back down. I totally called it on the Cristina/baby thing. Everything Meredith said in her speech to Owen is exactly how I see the situation. Cristina simply can’t have that baby for her sake and the child’s. I loved that Meredith spelt it out to him and made him see sense. Loved even more that Meredith used her own experience with her mother and how she knows what it’s like to be an unwanted child and that having this child and not loving it would basically kill Cristina. I also liked that moment where Cristina tells Meredith that she wished she liked children because if she did this whole baby thing would be making her happy and Owen would be talking to her etc. We really got to see Cristina wanting to make the relationship work but you can’t just expect her to change one of the core factors of her personality. And Owen being there for Cristina at the abortion <3. I mean they will still obviously have issues but he finally accepted that he knew who Cristina was when he fell in love with her and he had no right to suddenly expect her to change.  THANK GOD.

Arizona/Alex has that perfect dynamic. Usually these kind of friend/mentor relationship-dynamics in Grey’s Anatomy end up in sex so do you know how nice it is to be able to enjoy the Arizona/Alex for just what it is. Arizona telling Alex that he needs to make up with his friends and [“Also, it means I have to worry about you because no one else is.”]

Cristina/Alex was AWESOME. I loved Cristina beating him up and then making his heart stop and then enlisting his help and then helping him with the EKG at the end. The whole arc was nice and it was kind of realistic how Alex went from being hated guy to back to being a friend at the end.

Alex/Meredith ….. just that moment at the end where he puts his arm around her and helps her walk away. Gah. I LOVE THAT MOMENT. I love the Alex/Meredith relationship.  I want more of it in future episodes.

April ….. well, I can’t say I particularly felt sorry for her for being an epically bad Chief Resident and for screwing up but I did like the Avery/April friendship bit at the end.

Arizona/Callie/Mark/baby ….. yeah, I know I’m not meant to care but they were all really cute in this episode. That scene near the end where they are all watching to see what happens with Derek/Meredith/Zola and then they all run to go and check on baby Sofia and then debate about whether they should wake her up or not.  CUTE.

THE CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chief! < 3 <3 I think it’s fair to say that he has never been as great as he was in this episode! I  mean the way his story inter-connected with the Teddy/Henry as well. Teddy knew something was up, thought it was just her being a crazy wife but it was actually because the Chief wanted Henry to have the device fitted before all the shit went down. I mean I know he handed the trial over to Bailey (yay, loved their whole interaction too) but, you know, just in case for some reason the trial couldn’t continue at least Teddy’s husband has the treatment. Remember when he didn’t approve of the relationship.

What do I feel about him sacrificing himself and taking full responsibility so that Meredith can get her job back? Well, I guess it was the only option. Obviously Meredith had to be fired but clearly we couldn’t have what might be Meredith’s final season having her sit at home do nothing so what other way could she continue practising surgery at Seattle Grace? This. And let’s face it the Chief did technically ruin Meredith’s childhood and she did help him with the drinking thing and he did basically silently willed her to make sure Adele got the drug and she took a huge risk because she wanted the best for him and Adele, plus he’s had a successful career and needs to have more free time to look after Adele anyway, not to mention the fact he needed to do this so that Meredith could keep (hopefully) Zola. On the other hand will everyone resent Meredith when she goes back to work? If I were her could I let the Chief take the blame for this? I mean the guilt! I know this way it does in a way work out best for both parties but still having to carry around that weight with me …. It’s such a complex situation but I kind of loved the way it played out because I didn’t see it coming. What this episode really needed was a scene at the end with Chief/Meredith. I hope we get one next week where Meredith says she’s going to tell the truth and pay the consequences and Chief persuades her that it’s better this way.

The Bad:

Don’t talk to me about the Derek/Meredith/Zola thing. I knew it would be painful but I hate Derek being like this. It’s like that time in Season 2 where he basically called Meredith a whore and hates her even when he had no right to judge considering he strung her along and never told her he was married etc. That really tainted him for me but I think this is even worse. He now is fighting to keep his baby and he still can’t cut Meredith some slack even when he must understand on some level why she did what she did. I mean, yes, what she did was wrong on a professional level but it doesn’t make her a bad person and unfit to be a mother. Ugh, he needs to get over it.


It was weird seeing the random couple at the start. For a minute there I wondered whether I was watching the right show. Grey’s never does that sort of intro with focussing on the patients pre-injury! Can’t say I particularly cared about them. I can’t believe there were only 2 sets of main patients in 2 episodes.

The Gunther storyline was, well, it was. I was just watching and waiting until we got to the bit where Cristina hurts Alex.

Overall though, it was a good episode.  Not mind-blowingly good but I was certainly satisfied as to how several storylines played out (apart from Derek/Meredith) and I wasn’t expecting to be.  There were a lot more cute moments than I was expecting and let’s face it the core message of this episode is that Cristina is Meredith’s person and their friendship is one of the most important things about the show and they really really explored that well in this episode <3.

Criminal Minds: 7×01 – It Takes A Village

I can’t think of any other fandom which has canon so heavily influenced by external events.  The team used to keep each other at arms length with a few episodes of team bonding thrown in now and again and then this episode was all like GROUP HUG WE ARE A FAMILY, which is obviously how the cast is.

Nothing made me happier than seeing those opening credits. <3 <3 <3

Morgan devoted months and months searching for Doyle to avenge Prentiss’ death. MONTHS you guys, MONTHS all by himself for the most part!

Oh dear God, I actually found myself feeling sorry for Doyle there when he realised Declan had been abducted. And I was weirdly interested in the whole Prentiss/Doyle-ness.

You know when you know so much about an episode, especially the “shocking moments” like Prentiss still being alive, JJ coming back as a profiler, Hotch with the beard before the episode airs, it’s a wonder whether there can possibly be anything left in the episode to surprise you. So yes obviously this episode wasn’t as ~intense~ as you expect to go hand in hand with epicness but there were still surprises.

That moment where Prentiss started apologising and hugging everyone? That surprised me. I think I always pictured her being kind of quiet and nervous and feeling awkward at being hugged rather than initiating it?  And I thought that scene would be ~awkward silence~ and Garcia forcing her into a hug and basically full of awkwardness “hi guys, I know nothing I say will help you get over the shock” but it was actually more “let’s hug it out!  I love you guys!”

And then the way that everyone managed to focus on the case again and park their feelings of shock and hurt and confusion? That is some serious compartmentalisation. But Morgan! Morgan! Did you see the way he was looking at her throughout that whole scene???? It was perfect you guys! And I never ever thought I would get a Morgan/Prentiss hug because in Prentiss’ past-Criminal Minds life neither of them would ever initiate contact like that. I mean, dude, THEY HUGGED.

Speaking of which Prentiss/JJ being all bffy and the arm around each others shoulders? Seriously, wow. This is like Paget and AJ playing themselves rather than their characters? And this is in the middle of the investigation. Isn’t Prentiss meant to be super worried that Declan has been abducted?! She risked everything for him!!! And, okay, JJ and Prentiss being like that isn’t so weird considering she knew she was alive and apparently they kept in contact but what was weird? The very last moment and Morgan has him arm around JJ. Seriously, the only people who generally initiate touch in this show is Garcia and JJ and then every other situation/character it’s like a ~big deal~.  And especially since Morgan should have some serious issues with JJ (although it wasn’t made clear whether everyone knew that JJ knew about Prentiss’ fake death or not in the episode or whether they thought it was just Hotch who knew) I was seriously waiting for them all to group hug in that very last scene. This was bordering on an episode of Friends.

This may sound like I’m criticising but I’m not. I’m happy but surprised. Suddenly I’m watching a show where people hug and Prentiss calls Seaver “Ashley” even though they were never friends. It’s just weird seeing Real Life morph into canon so much.

And the way that Prentiss was all business-like with Doyle, not even thinking about what happened the last time they met, and the fact that the writers didn’t even go with that cliché <Prentiss is still in pain and clutches her abdomen as it twinged with pain and she thought back to everything she had gone through> deal.

Yes, I admit I did want to see Prentiss being weak and less girlpowery and showing signs of the trauma she’s been through but I suppose we still have chance to explore more fallout later. It’s still weird that this brought them together so much though – I mean there should be some sort of distance as the team get over the shock and remember everything that Prentiss did in her past life and the lies and everything she put them through. At least we had Morgan pulling away as everyone gathered round her photo. I’m expecting Morgan/Prentiss and Morgan/Hotch fallout and hopefully some JJ/Reid fallout.  And some episodes of resentment and distance and then they can go back to being all best buddies.

Anyway, I liked the way everything storywise played out. Not having Doyle abduct Declan but rather have him abducted by someone who hates him who was actually working with his evil mother who wanted to hurt Doyle and earn some money was a nice twist when everyone must have gone into the episode thinking that Doyle would be the kidnapper. It was weird because we do remember that Doyle was this evil son-of-a-bitch who “killed” and tortured Emily, right? And yet throughout this episode he was this father who you weirdly wanted to be reuinited with his son….

And then the ending! You know, for awhile I didn’t actually think Doyle would end up dead but I was also wondering how they would do it without it being portrayed as a straight out revenge killing. Poor Declan having to see his mother and father killed in the same moment and the look on Prentiss’ face <3.

And now the team is back together with no punishment? I mean, dude, after that investigation and the fact that they did break a lot of laws and get agents killed and then Strauss is like “well, okay, you can all be a happy family together again.” I sort of expected more than that.

But I like Strauss. Not in an intense “she’ll make my top female characters list” type of way but the fandom needs to cut her some slack.

Favourite moment: Prentiss starting at the photo of herself on the “wall of the dead” and Rossi trying to take the photo down. AND GARCIA HAS SERGIO. I am so so happy that we found out what happened to Prentiss’ cat. And then the moment where Stauss says Prentiss can rejoin the team and Prentiss’ “May I think about it …………. I’m in” and everyone smiling, even Hotch! And and Prentiss quoting the Oath and the end group hug scene.

MY TEAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Mentalist: 4×01 – Scarlet Ribbons

So I had a LOT of questions after last season’s finale and this episode answered, erm, most of them and then proceeded to leave me with a ton more, which is a sign of a good episode, right? Anyway, it was a really interesting episode, I was hooked and it drew me back into the flaily “this is why I love this show” mood so there’s that.

LISBON IN HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually thought they would skip over that part and have a time jump. Awwh, she’s so worried about Jane … and then Bertram is a dick. Can we all agree that after a scene like that surely Bertram has to be evil. He did quote poetry for a reason dammit. Even if I have to write it in my own canon Bertram is working for Red John, end of story.

Jane is actually concerned for Lisbon. And makes her laugh. I loved the Jane/Lisbon scenes in this episode. But even if it was Red John he killed, she isn’t a little mad at him???? I mean, dude, rewind to Season One.

They did a good job with Van Pelt. I think the way she was this episode was quite realistic considering everything she’s been through. Cho and Rigsby were awesome.

I did not expect them to find out the truth about Timothy Carter so soon. I thought it would be something they dragged out so we weren’t sure whether he was an innocent guy or not but I suppose this was the only way to get Jane out of prison and get back to the procedural element of the show.

Whoever played his wife was a pretty awesome actress. Although when you watch as many shows as me, you tend to suspect everyone of not being who they seem, I did think she was the innocent, naïve wife ….. and then she turned into this evil bitch. But she was very convincing, yes? There was a minute there when I did think that Timothy Carter was actually innocent (but then obviously Jane would spend the rest of the series in jail until the team found the gun/cell phone – actually that wouldn’t have been a bad angle keeping him in jail for a few episodes), although then I suspected the preacher and the woman as being part of Red John’s cult.

So, yes, the man wasn’t Red John, just as I expected but they did do a pretty good job of explaining their way out of it. Except not really because we still don’t know how he is connected to Red John other than being one of his minions. Ooh intrigue. This episode may totally have gotten me invested in this storyline again.

I have issues though: The way Jane got his bail money and got free of prison? Way too easy. He just happened upon some hardened criminals who happened to be millionaires?? And, wait, they actually let suspected cold blooded killers out on bail??? The fact that Jane got the “not guilty” verdict. WTF? I seriously don’t get that. He had no proof that that guy was Red John and even if he was, even if he obviously deserved to be killed, Jane is still guilty. I mean Timothy Carter’s gun wasn’t found so it wasn’t a case of ‘self defence’. Jane still killed a man in cold blood. What is wrong with the justice system in Sacramento??? And the fact that the jury didn’t even need a long time to deliberate. Basically, Jane should be glad that I wasn’t on the jury panel. I’m not saying he deserved life in prison but I think he definitely deserves some sort of punishment. I mean what kind of message does it send?? I had no idea how the show was going to get Jane out of jail but I am slightly infuriated by this. (Only slightly, I’ll get over it by the next episode I am sure).

I am pretty sure that Lisbon shouldn’t be driving. I know she was driving an Automatic but I am also pretty sure two hands is required. And it wasn’t even that she drove once in desperate circumstances, she spent the whole episode pottering round in her car a day after she had been shot, when she was in extreme pain, on painkillers and only had one usable hand. I mean, dude, Van Pelt should so have been driving in that first instance.

Did it never occur to Jane that real Red John could have told one of his minions all that stuff about his wife and daughter and how they smelled? Yeah, yeah, I know in that moment Jane was enraged and saw red and probably didn’t have time to consider that possibility but I mean Jane’s really got to start accepting that Red John is smarter than him.

I still don’t know whether Bertram is evil or not. This really bothers me.

Castle: 4×01- Rise

Okay, so it probably would have been a good idea to have rewatched the finale before seeing this episode. The summary at the beginning wasn’t nearly enough to make me relive what I felt back in May and now everything is rusty.

The opening sequence was beautifully done even if I did think things were getting a touch melodramatic with the Castle/Martha “I put her in the crosshairs” bit.

Beckett doesn’t remember anything … or does she?! I so bet she does! Look at the way she was watching Castle closely, reading his reaction.

Iron Gates. Hee.

And then the rest of the episode happened. High points being that Castle/Beckett moment on the swing and Castle/Alexis. Low point being the case. What was that?! That was a pathetic attempt at a case, even if this episode wasn’t about the casework.

Interesting game-changer with Castle having to persuade Beckett to stop investigating her mother’s case. The whole mythology and backstory is a bit blurry in my head so can’t comment on how realistic this whole thing is.

I really really don’t know why I can’t get into this show as much as the rest of the fandom. I think it’s Castle – when he’s not having those “I’m in love with Beckett” moments, I find him quite irritating.

PS. See I knew Beckett remembered!

Combat Hospital: 1×13 – Do No Harm

I thought by its premise it would be Grey’s Anatomy in Afghanistan or rather Off The Map in the desert. Sort of is, sort of isn’t. It doesn’t have the hilarious witty dialogue and one-liners that Grey’s Anatomy is famed for, nor the constant sex but it does have medical stuff and camaderie.

It takes awhile to find its feet but once you get to a few episodes in, there are some really good episodes. It is, as you would expect, heavily focussed on the medicine and the war and the Afghan/western relationship.

Best characters / story arcs:

Will / Rafeeq

He’s a no-nonsense head Nurse who builds up a relationship with this Afghan orphan who doesn’t speak. It’s adorable.

Colonel Marks

Tough but fair boss.

Vans the Interpreter

He’s awesome. Not to spoil it but there is one episode that surrounds him that you will never forget.

Rebecca/Bobby friendship

She’s Canadian, he’s American. They come over on the plane together and have this endearing friendship and let’s face it, how many male/female friendships are there with no UST and no shipping potential?


She’s an Australian psychiatrist. She is awesome and Rebecca’s friend and roommate.


(He played the Prince in ‘The Prince & Me’ in case you’re a Julia Stiles fan like me …..  She apparently played Catherine in Hawaii Five-0 but I couldn’t remember seeing her at all.  Epic fail)

I said that this show wasn’t about romantic relationships and it isn’t but then there’s these two. Basically despite the playful flirting at the beginning, you begin to think that they are never going to go there (he’s a bad boy with a reputation and deep, dark secret as they all do … and she’s too smart for all that.  Plus they are trapped on a base in Afghanistan) and then in the last 3 episodes it all kicks off and they end up being OTP.

As to the finale itself – I can’t believe they killed Suzie. And like killed her outright – she didn’t even get a dying speech / will they won’t they save her moment.  I felt really sorry for Bobby as well – although everyone had a nice story arc, I kind of feel they left his story very much unfinished and this whole Suzie thing didn’t help.

Burn Notice: 5×12 – Dead To Rights

I like Agent Pearce. Even if she did play Rose on Grey’s Anatomy. I am glad that it seems like she is going to stick around next season as well? I like how they made Tavian admit to framing Michael early on so the episode wasn’t all about the fact Pearce still thinks Michael is Max’s murderer which is how I thought the finale was going to play out.

Madeleine’s speech to Michael basically telling him to appreciate his friends. So necessary! LARRY! Tim Matheson <3 <3 <3. The whole segment inside the British consulate I was just waiting for the “big moment” to happen and then wow, the twist at the end. So didn’t see that coming although maybe I should as I think the show has played the “victim is actually the evil mastermind” card before.

The thing I love the most about the show is how it constantly reinvents itself. I mean you might wonder how a show about a burnt spy can constantly evolve but every finale is a game changer setting up a new scenario for the next season. Nicely played.

‘There Is Only One Thing That You Gotta Know, Criminal Minds Is The Best Damn Show ….’

Holy crap you guys!!!! I CANNOT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I LAUGHED THIS MUCH.  I can’t even begin to choose a favourite moment but I think it’s got to be AJ at the end …… The expression on Paget’s face throughout the whole thing when they are on the plane.  Thomas Gibson.  Mathew Gray Gubler …..  There are no words.

Reckon we can have this as the new theme tune?  LOL!

MY CAST <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.  Dear other fandoms, BEAT THIS.  I dare you.