Grey’s Anatomy: 8×07 – Put Me In, Coach

Alex is my hero this season. He is being all the things I knew he was deep down but we only got to see in flashes before. In another world Alex/Meredith would be so awesome together but in this world I love their friendship a crazy amount.

And the opening of this episode was totally a throw-back to episode 2×03. I got all kinds of excited at that.

First, ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love how he has gone above and beyond to right the wrong he did at the end of last season and how he’s doing everything to get Zola back from Derek/Meredith and it was even sweeter that Derek/Meredith don’t even know that it was thanks to him that their case is progressing.

Henry/Teddy <3 <3 <3 <3. TEDDY WHY SO ADORABLE?!?!?!  Her bad softball skills was <3 <3 <3.  And Henry trying to be supportive and yet trying to get her off the pitch.  And just Henry and his jokes about dying generally and how they are SO IN LOVE.

Teddy/Cristina!  Yay!  Cristina can finally appreciate that Teddy is right and now gets to reap the rewards.  Good on both Cristina and Teddy that they’ve got to this stage.

Bailey/Meredith <3 <3 <3. I loved the fact that Meredith is so invested in this diabetes trial and that Bailey needs her help although she will never admit it and then the Chief shouting at them and basically telling Bailey to get over it.


Owen’s team speech and everyone sitting around drinking at the end!  Alex passing the flask to the Chief (Webber, not Hunt obviously.  Whenever I refer to the Chief, I am talking about Webber)!!!!

What else? The Arizona/Callie kiss on the softball pitch <3. Can Arizona wear that cute baseball cap + pigtails in every episode because she’s so cute.

Lexie/Jackson/Mark – I’ve never been invested in this triangle either way.

And then there’s April. I didn’t want to say it before now but she can join Jackson in the “characters I just don’t care about but don’t actively dislike”. I mean her awkwardness and shrillness is meant to be endearing and I guess it is on one level, like if she were a guest-star or recurring character but as a main character I just can’t get to the stage of investing in her (which doesn’t bode well if this really is Meredith/Derek/Cristina/Alex’s last season).

Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Teddy though? They are all fighting it out to be my favourite this season.  I don’t want to jinx it or anything but 6 episodes in and this season is shaping up to be AWESOME (which is when things usually get shaken up and start going downhill ….).

Chuck: 5×01 – Chuck Versus The Zoom

Remember when I said at the end of last season that I’m not keen on this whole “Morgan has the Intersect” thing? Well, that still stands but it was a lot more bearable than I thought it would be. For a start, it was nice how he was more concerned about how Chuck felt about not having the Intersect than about gloating about his super power. Plus it provided some hilarious moments. Great opening sequence! Very funny!

The whole Operation “Toes In The Sand” makes for a better acronym? Totally made me laugh more than it should.  In fact I’m still laughing about it right now.

Hee Morgan is calling it “zoom” rather than “flash”.

That Chuck/Ellie moment was sweet.  No Captain Awesome in this episode though?  🙁  Or Alex for that matter!  I can’t wait to see how she reacts to Morgan having the Intersect.

Jeffster’s insurance scam!

Hee the TITS mission and Sarah finding out!  Awwwwh!  Chuck/Sarah <3.

The whole “Master Spy” joke.

Chuck’s “Leave me behind” “dying” speech and then the video recording “guys, please don’t leave me behind.” LMAO!  With all the Nikita-type spies in my life, I’ve forgotten how funny Chuck can be!

CHUCK/SARAH!!!!!  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

Okay, I seriously hate Clyde Decker (even if I can barely remember who he is).  Go away.

Hawaii Five-0: 2×05 – Ma’ema’e

Best episode this season so far. Starting right from the start with the interesting opening with the volleyball coach.

The first episode where we met Lori, I didn’t really warm to her but she’s growing on me. Now that Kono’s coming back to 5-O does that mean she will be leaving soon? I kind of want to stay as I always thought that have the core team of just 4 people was 1 too few.

I knew that Kono was working for IA and it was an undercover operation. I know that they made it vaguely obvious with the IA guy in her apartment scene a couple episodes ago but what gave it away was in TV writing terms just have her acting emo and bratty towards Chin would have been really really annoying to watch if you didn’t know she was trying to protect her cover.

Love that she actually played a big part in this episode. The scene where she was driving the getaway car with the dead body and Danny was chasing her was pretty intense ditto Steve being crazy mad at her. What Chin said to her in the interrogation room about how he would always be there for her no matter what <3. She was doing it to protect the rest of the team! <3.

It really freaks me out how much William Baldwin looks and sounds like his brother. I mean I just see him as Jack Donaghy and seeing Jack Donaghy as a dirty cop / flirting with Lauren Graham on Parenthood is just wrong.

Hee the slow motion team walk at the end.

It still bugs me that they don’t know CIA girl is (possibly) dirty.  Also, I am still waiting for a Gracie / intensely awkward Rachel/Danny scene.

Nikita: 2×05 – Looking Glass

Okay so I follow one of the writers on Twitter and he sort of spoiled me by justifying the Max storyline in a few consecutive tweets since fans were up in arms. Although he didn’t say who Max was, I had a pretty good guess so I went into the show knowing preparing myself for the worst.

This was only made worse by the fact that from the beginning when both Michael/Nikita meet Max the first thing that pops into their heads is whether he could be Michael’s son but oh no, Cassandra kept stating that Max couldn’t be Michael’s son because of his age (so you know I was just waiting for it to be revealed that Cassandra lied). The sad thing is that I actually liked Cassandra and I quite liked her relationship with Michael in that they obviously have a connection but no real UST any more.

Then we got to the last five minutes (the last 5 minutes! I made it through the whole episode on the edge of my seat and I usually like it when we get near the end of an episode because I forget what show I’m watching and clearly think that the last 5 minutes has to be plain sailing) and there was that nice Cassandra/Michael scene where she basically thanks him as a friend and knows about Michael/Nikita and it’s clear that she’s not in love with Michael or trying to come between them or anything and I was starting to relax, thinking that it just the writers’ sick twisted way of giving the fans a heart attack by throwing the whole Max thing out and then came that Nikita/Cassandra moment …… But what is even worse than the fact Michael has a son is the fact that Nikita is now in a position where she has to lie to him and keep it from him.

STOP WITH THE BLOODY GAMECHANGERS SHOW. I can’t take the need to shake things up every two episodes. Can’t we cut down these moments to like five a season max or something.

I mean god what would you do if you were Nikita! You have to keep the secret to yourself because Cassandra is right – if Michael knew the truth, he would do anything to be near his son which would ruin everything, not to mention the fact two lots of enemies will be out to kill Max in order to get to Michael. And yet after all they’ve been through how can she keep this from Michael, especially after she learnt her lesson with Alex when she kept things from her trying to protect her and it all worked out horribly?! Annoyingly, the episode as a whole was rather good even with constant fear that they were going to play the Michael/son card. Alex/Sean is growing on me and I like the fact that although Sean works for Oversight, he does seem like a good guy.

Amanda was at her evillest in this episode, killing off that poor agent. I’m sad that Alex/Sean didn’t find out the truth about that.

Birkoff was again hilarious! He had some great one liners.

I kind of felt that maybe they made the connection to Michael’s dead wife/daughter a bit TOO obvious with the whole car bomb thing? Yeah, we get it, Michael feels guilty and responsible.

Back to Michael/Nikita I suppose what we’re going to have now is a few episodes where Michael’s all ready to get back to normal but noticing that something is quite clearly wrong with Nikita. The question is will they have Nikita reveal the truth of her own accord or in the latter half of the season will we see bad guys finding out about Max, Nikita having to tell Michael the truth so they can save him etc. etc. etc.

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×05 – Love, Loss and Legacy

Favourite episode of Grey’s Anatomy so far this season!

You remember what I said last week about Jackson Avery?  Well, his mother – now there’s a character who is interesting.  Can we bring her on as a recurring character?!  I liked her interaction with all the characters, especially when she found out about Meredith and told Jackson that he had chosen the wrong Grey.  Lol.

Oooh Lexie looks ridiculously pretty with her hair like that!   Definitely the character who has changed her hair the most on the series!

THE WHOLE ZOLA ARC.  Guys, I can’t even!  I never thought I would be that invested in the Derek/Meredith/Zola thing because there’s already far too many storylines concerning babies on this show but CRISTINA/ZOLA.  BEST THING EVER!!  That scene where Cristina is telling Zola all about her parents and how awesome they are and Owen’s watching her and is all ~cute/heartbreak~.  And then the way that Cristina tells Meredith she’s going to stay with Zola all night because she knows that’s what Meredith needs her to do.  Character who has really stepped up to the plate this season: Cristina.  She is at her awesomest this season.

And Derek/Meredith singing to Zola over the phone!  <3 <3 <3 <3.  It was such a heartbreaking scene and for the first time I full bought how invested they are in Zola – not just them but their whole circle of friends.  Alex was WONDERFUL in this episode.  First, the moment in the skills lab when he looked at Meredith and then forfeited (before he even knew the page was about Zola) so that she could get in on an awesome surgery and then when he found out about Zola and just kept on wanting to tell Derek/Meredith.  The conversation with Cristina where he wanted her to take responsibility for the decision because last time Meredith didn’t talk to him for months and he couldn’t go through that again.  I love that Meredith means so much to him.  One of my favourite dynamics in the show because they are so screwed up and Meredith is the only one who really gets Alex and the only one who has ever really been there for him when he’s having a rough time and Alex appreciates that <3.

Bailey / Ben / Nurse thing – I can’t say that I was ever particularly bothered about this triangle but I am quite surprised how it all turned out.

Arizona telling Callie that she wants a piece of paper saying that she is Sofia’s mother <3 <3 <3.  Also liked how Alex hit the nail on the head with his comment about that in the operating room.

And now let’s talk about how Henry was in this episode and yet didn’t even have a moment with Teddy!  EPIC FAIL SHOW!  BUT they moved in together and had a housewarming party!  Yay!  I liked the Henry/Bailey/Nurse scene.  Hee.  And the scene where Teddy asks Bailey if Ben’s butt would be joining them.  LOL.

This episode wasn’t one of those Grey’s episodes that blows you away with ~emotions~ and ~epicness~ but it had so many small moments that made me happy.

Last thing: Owen/Teddy – why the hell don’t they share more scenes together.  I think the last time that they had a scene/friendship moment was a year ago when Teddy married Henry.  C’mon Shonda!  There’s a dynamic there that we need to see more of.  Sure she used to be in love with him and then there was that period of awkwardness but now they’re both married and happy with other people, can we please remember that they used to be best friends and they fought in a war together.  I really really wanted a scene where Owen talks to Teddy about the whole Cristina/baby/marriage situation at the end of last season/beginning of this one and although it worked better with Meredith putting Owen in his place, I just want one good Owen/Teddy scene show and I DO NOT want to have to wait until something absolutely tragic happens like Henry dying/leaving (and if/when that situation ever arises, I think we’d get a good Teddy/Arizona scene there rather than Owen/Teddy).

Nikita: 2×04 – Partners

First up it was definitely an interesting idea to revisit the case during which Nikita faked her death and made her escape from Division. OF COURSE someone had to get captured/hurt in the process and of course Nikita feels guilty and responsible. Will Nikita ever not feel the need to save the world? Go-Go is working with Zetrov’s evil people? TWIST. Is everything entwined with everything else in this show?! On reflection though Russian spies/assassins working with one of Russia’s biggest companies isn’t that shocking. It just didn’t occur to me.

I liked the whole Kelly backstory. Interesting character. It made me sad that she was working for Go-Go and it was all a setup to betray Nikita but it was a clever twist because I really thought that she was another innocent person that Nikita was going to save. I should have learnt my lesson with that episode at the end of last season with that ex-Division agent that Nikita/Michael wanted to save and the twist with that.

The whole train scenes were epic. That fight! Woah! How much rehearsal do you think that took?! So amazing! Oh the whole Nikita / Kelly / Alex thing – it’s all so complicated! Nikita wants to save Kelly, Alex has been sent to kill Kelly/Nikita, Kelly wants to kidnap Alex, Nikita wants to save Alex, Michael wants to save Nikita, Nikita kills Kelly to save Alex, Alex looks at Nikita/Michael wistfully.

That Nikita/Alex scene though – I needed a scene like that, it was perfect. First, Alex looking at the tender Nikita/Michael moment <3. Nikita saving Alex’s life again, the Go-Go/Zetrov thing is revealed, Nikita asking her to come with her and Michael and that they would protect her and Alex saying she has to go back to Division but it was done in a “they really are the best option to keep me alive” not in a “I’m doing it to spite you Nikita” way. I also liked how Nikita took what Kelly said to her onboard and apologised to Alex for not telling her the truth from the start. Alex needed to hear that. And then she helped them get away. Progress! Michael comforting Nikita. Adorable scene. I love how he appreciates how much Alex means to her and I liked that he told her that Alex is coming around and will hopefully one day join them <3.

As much as Michael/Nikita are OTP and always will be, the Nikita/Alex is the real core relationship of the show. If when the final episode of this show comes, Nikita/Alex aren’t hugging it out and being all bffy and adorable I will be heartbroken for a long long time. Whatever happens in between, they have surely got to be as endgame as Nikita/Michael are.

Criminal Minds: 7×04 – Painless

LOL!  This photo, as well as making me almost spit out my drink, reminds me that we still have a Strauss-plot thread outstanding.  Wonder when we’re going to find out what’s going on with her.

When Prentiss was in Paris she played loads of online games of scrabble with JJ.  That is just <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.  And the whole ‘Cheeto breath’ thing.  Hee.  I think that might be one of my favourite bits of Criminal Minds canon.  I loved that JJ was there to help Prentiss through the tough times.

Reid’s practical joke on Morgan was hilarious!!!!!  I wonder if this is a storyline that will continue, maybe not have every episode full of Morgan/Reid practical jokes but one or two dotted throughout the season.

Jack = cutest kid ever.  Jack/Hotch = cutest thing ever.  And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like children.  Jack is just <3 <3 <3 <3.  More Hotch/Jack scenes please!

The case wasn’t wow-worthy but it was interesting.  Is it too early to say that the case writing as well as team moments are getting better this season?  Also, it was nice to see Beaver from Greek on TV again!

Pan Am: 1×03 – Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Why hello there new favourite show.  3 episodes in and we already have the most heartbreaking storyline / scene of the TV season.  Oh Colette.  I just want to give you major major hugs right now.  Also, she is ridiculously pretty, especially when she’s sharing scenes with my imaginary boyfriend Captain Dean Lowrey.

And Maggie!  MAGGIE!  When she has her determined face on (i.e. most of this episode) she is hilarious.  MAGGIE RYAN – THE ULTIMATE 60s FANGIRL.  A small selection of my favourite Maggie faces so far:

loved all the Dean/Colette scenes of course but that scene at the end with Colette/Kate?  GAH.  The way she talked about her parents and the Nazis and just the way Kate didn’t know what to say … I didn’t know what to say after a scene like that!  It’s one of those scenes which leaves you speechless.

And the scene in the embassy/mission when Colette sings the Nazi National Anthem.  It was one of those moments on TV that is just too painful/awkward to watch.  And the look on everyone’s faces.

The most heartbreaking scene though was during Kennedy’s speech when Kate turns back to look at Colette and she’s forcing a smile and a wave with tears in her eyes …. that scene <3.

Maggie and her obsession with Kennedy was hilarious!  FANGIRL!  And don’t we all see a bit of ourselves in her?  I loved the way they chose to do her ~moment~ with Kennedy.  Very clever TV writers!

Still not a fan of the whole CIA/spy/Kate storyline but I can deal with it in small doses and the other characters have lots going on to distract you. I read an interview with former Pan Am stewardesses and apparently the whole spy thing IS based partly on real life.

I thought this episode was really well made.  The way it started at the beginning with the flight out and then showed us the start of the return flight before going back to fill in the previous 24 hours.  Plus I thought the way they filmed the crowds of people rushing to see Kennedy give his speech was nicely done.  And the scene on the staircase with Colette and the people moving around her.

Castle: 4×04 – Kick The Ballistics

Although I can hardly remember anything about the serial killer story arc apart from the fact he is creepy Hardy-from-The-Mentalist is now Ted on Pan Am, I really enjoyed this episode. In fact I think that if the show was more about Ryan and Esposito than Castle and Beckett I would actually enjoy it a lot more.

I still don’t quite get the obsessive relationship between Ryan and his gun. I appreciate all the explanations he gave for why he felt so responsible but I still couldn’t quite get to the level of understanding it. It just gets weirder if you see the gun as some sort of phallic symbolisation but we won’t go there ….

The ending was great though. I really did think that Ben Lee was dead and I kept thinking we would get some major Ryan angst fallout so it was a nice surprise to see that it had been part of the plan. Nicely played show because usually I’ve watched too many crime dramas to fall for things like that.

These are the episodes that I keep watching the show for. Solid case-writing + Ryan <3.

Idina Menzel @ Royal Albert Hall, London (06 October 2011)

I want to marry Idina Menzel. Seriously, not only is her voice the most magical thing ever but she looked gorgeous on stage in her white dress and bare feet. Plus she dissed Glee! She DISSED GLEE, you guys!  It was the funniest thing ever!  She even mouthed the words “what the —-“ in relation to it. And she called Barbara Streisand a bitch and rapped about her son Walker’s poop. She made me cry with laughter.  You know when you hear that perfect piece of music and it gives you chills – when she sang ‘No Day But Today’ from Rent …….. And until you’ve heard her sing ‘For Good’ a capella without a microphone in the Royal Albert Hall, you haven’t heard it the way it is meant to be done.  More on this later ….

And Marvin Hamlisch was conducting and he’s something of a legend. It said in the programme that he has an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony and I turned to my friend and I was like “EGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Unfortunately she doesn’t watch 30 Rock but those of you who do will get the significance. He’s one of only two people in the world who have been Egotted!
Kerry Ellis was in the audience <3. Woot!  (And like the entire London West End theatrical world!)

So the concert started with Marvin Hamlisch and the Royal Philharmonic playing an instrumental arrangement from ‘A Chorus Line’ (which he wrote) and ‘My Fair Lady’ (he said that Idina is a fair lady so it’s only right that they play it!).  Marvin Hamlisch is absolutely hilarious. He said that someone had asked him to play Happy Birthday for their friend and he sat down at the piano and did it in different styles like Bach, Beethoven complete with the accents.  Shortest first act ever!

And then it was time for Idina! Oh she’s so ridiculously perfect.

When she first got on stage she turned round to the people behind her (if you’ve been to the Royal Albert Hall you’ll know that there are these crappy seats behind the stage on both sides) and was like “if I knew you guys were going to be up there I would have worn a sexier dress around my ass” and then because her dress was low-cut she looked up at the people in the high seats in front and was like “I bet you’ve got a good view” and then Marvin was like “I’ve got a pretty good view here too!”  Those two were adorable – they had this whole comedy routine going on.

In between almost every song Idina told a funny story from her life, like when she came to England to do Wicked and she got held by immigration for 5 hours (you should hear her do an English accent!  It had me in stitches!) and tales from back when she was a wedding singer and was told to carry on singing even after a man had had a heart attack on the dance floor.

She sang Barbara Streisand songs of course and she told us the time she sang for her and President Bush (when she was telling the story she just called him Bush and then had to retract and be like President Bush and everyone laughed) and how she was nervous and honoured to sing a Barbara Streisand song TO Barbara Streisand and all about high-fiving Beyonce and Beyonce coming up of a hole (in the stage but it’s just the way she kept on mentioning Beyonce and hole) and then how she sat at the same table as Streisand at the after party and how Streisand didn’t even speak to her so she and Taye sat there doing Tequila shots and then at the end Streisand turned to her and was like “did you sing for me tonight? I didn’t have my glasses on.” And then at the end of the story Idina was like “… bitch”.  Absolutely classic!

Then she spoke about Rent and when she mentioned it everyone cheered and she was like “You know Rent? I was told that you guys hated it over here?!” and she told this really moving story about Jonathan Larson and how he had an aortic aneurysm the night of the dress rehearsal so the whole cast really felt like they had to make the show a success in his honour, and how she met her husband through it and how Taye used to leave her these cute little post-its on her mirror during the show <3 <3 <3 <3. Then she sang “No Day But Today” and it was magical because she got the audience to sing “no day like today“ softly on repeat with her and it was <3 <3 <3.  PURE MAGIC!

Oh Glee!!!  First of all she said how she was offended that they cast her as a mother to someone who is, in real life, 25 years old! And then she said when she read the first script and saw that they were going to sing ‘Pokerface’ as the big mother/daughter reunion song, she was appalled at the fact it is THE most inappropriate song ever.  And then she proceeded to sing it and she kept stopping in the middle of the song to continue her Glee story and every time she came to an inappropriate line in the song e.g.“bluffin’ with my muffin’ / love-glue gunning” she emphasised its inappropriateness for a mother/daughter scene and one time she mouthed “what-the-****” and everyone cheered.

She talked about her son Walker and how she and Taye are always singing to him and making up songs. That was when she rapped about poop and sang some other songs that they composed for him like ‘Good Morning Walker’ – seriously, how cute!

She didn’t sing any of her songs from her solo albums which I was sad about when I looked at the set-list before the show but during it I forgot about this and just loved every version of every song she did sing. I would kill for a studio recording of her version of ‘Roxanne’ which she mashed-up with ‘Love For Sale’ (another Idina story there …) and her version of ‘Tomorrow’.

She opened with ‘Life Of The Party’, obviously sang ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ and ‘Funny Girl’, and she sang ‘I’m Not That Girl’ quite early on and you could totally tell that most of the audience had gone there for the opportunity to hear her sing Wicked songs. And she sang a song from Chess!

Towards the end she said she was going to sing a song without the microphone and as soon as she started, you could tell that everyone knew it was ‘For Good’ from the opening note and it was just the most beautiful thing ever. I can’t even describe it. Hearing it a-capella like that gave me CHILLS. And as soon as she finished everyone was on their feet giving her a standing ovation.

Then she sang ‘Defying Gravity’ and, well, <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. More amazing than any recording, whether it be the Wicked soundtrack or her solo album version. Cue another standing ovation, of course.

For her encore she sang ‘The Way We Were’ with Marvin on the piano (who actually wrote the song for Barbara Streisand. He really is musical royalty) and then she sang ‘Tomorrow’. I LOVED her version, even though that’s usually a song that is just too familiar.

Such an awesome awesome night. Possibly the best concert I’ve been to in terms of it really just being about her and the orchestra without all the pyrotechnics that usually come with other shows, plus it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  She thanked everyone for spending the money in these difficult times and she said that RAH is one of the most beautiful places she had ever performed at.  She has such a wonderful personality and an absolutely beautiful voice and is just side-splittingly funny.  Seriously, I would pay that money all again just to hear her tell stories about her life even if she didn’t sing a single song!  THAT is how awesome she is!