Chuck: 5×04 – Chuck Versus The Business Trip

My favourite episode of Chuck so far this season!

You always know it’s too easy when they catch the bad guy and there’s still half an episode to go. That’s how I knew that the bartender was just a red herring.

I love it when Buy More / spy life gets mixed up. The whole Buy More convention <3. Chuck/Sarah! Chuck/Sarah/car bomb. Morgan/Alex in the Buy More……

I love the fact that they’ve made Jeff normal. It’s hilarious.

Awesome’s baby yoga class!!!! Bless! Awesome gave up his paternity leave so that Ellie could spend more time with Clara! That is adorable! They are the perfect married couple.

General Beckman!!!!!

Morgan/Star Wars marathon. I suppose the Star Wars jokes would be funnier if I have ever seen a single film but I laughed anyway because I knew I was supposed to.

Awwh Morgan/Alex. I’d forgotten how much I loved the Morgan/Alex/Casey dynamic of the show. I see she’s playing the Ellie-card with the “you told me you were out of the spy life! You lied to me” but I can’t blame her. I have hope that they will end up together again before the end of the season.

CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is copying Nikita in that they spend the episode solving the crisis leading on from the previous episode and then just when you get the near the end and there’s a cute, happy group moment the next bombshell and cliffhanger is dropped.

WTF?! The only thing I can think that it’s all part of Casey and Sarah’s plan that Casey gets arrested to get him closer to Decker but given the look on Sarah’s face, I don’t hold out too much hope! Casey <3.

Do you think Chuck will get the intersect back at some point this series? Do you think the series will end with him with it?

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×09 – Dark Was The Night

So I was listening to Snow Patrol’s new album before I went to watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy (in bed, under layers of duvets and blankets like that would somehow alleviate the trauma), and there’s this track on the album called “This Isn’t Everything You Are”. Well, there’s this verse and chorus in the song that, well, kind of sums up this episode …

When you took the call
How could you know
That he’d slipped away last night
And you wish you went home, days ago
To say goodbye or just hello
Don’t keel over now
Don’t keel over
Don’t keel over now
Don’t keel overAnd in one little moment
It all implodes
This isn’t everything you are
Breathe deeply in the silence
No sudden moves
This isn’t everything you are
Just take the hand that’s offered
And hold on tight
This isn’t everything you are

See, in my little fandom world in my head after the next episode airs, someone will make a fanvid using this song based on Teddy and the aftermath and her reaction to everything with lots of Henry/Teddy in flashbacks.

But anyway, I am getting ahead of myself …

I knew this was coming. I knew it a year ago when Shonda said in an interview that there was no real room for a non-doctor character in the show long-term so I was prepared. I was so prepared that I was 90% sure that the Season 7 finale was going to end with him dying or, at best, written out with the small hope of returning a later date.

Imagine my elation when the exact opposite happened. But through the joy I knew that I was setting myself up for heartbreak but it was TEDDY/HENRY!!!! How could I not make the most of this moment?!

And so this season I lapped up all the cuteness but IMPENDING DOOM was still hanging over it, only heightened by talk of Scott’s new show etc. Then last episode we get the ruse about him wanting to go to medical school and a very small part of me thought that maybe, maybe, this was TPTB’s way of keeping him around long-term.

And then the end of the episode happened and I knew what this episode would hold but still the way it went down with Cristina and Owen and the Chief and the lies ….. wow.

I want to hate this episode. I want to hate this episode because they killed off my favourite OTP and put one of my favourite characters into emotional turmoil but I can’t because it was pretty ingenious in its dark and twisty way.

The fact that there was another crisis going on that meant Teddy had to be in the OR instead of with her husband.

The fact that although we did get a semi-goodbye scene in CT (mirroring the first time he professed his love for her!) and a phone call, she wasn’t there in pre-op to actually have that final goodbye and be the worried wife she was earlier in the season. Guilt over not being there for him and guilt over the whole med school thing.

The fact that Teddy had unwavering faith in Cristina shows such a progression in their relationship as well.

The fact that Teddy was relatively upbeat (although worried) about Henry’s situation after his operation.

The fact that she was so focussed on the whole med school thing which is just so tragic.

The fact that they got Cristina to do the surgery without telling her who the patient was. This was just so ingenious – that scene where Owen tells her to go do the surgery and Cristina is being all arrogant and Cristina-like saying how Teddy was treating her like a valet and giving her all the rubbish easy surgeries and then again later after Henry died and she’s talking about how she hopes it doesn’t count towards a bad outcome on her score sheet because the guy had no hope and she doesn’t understand why Lexie, Chief and Owen are so upset (and you can’t even hate Cristina for it because it is so in tune with her character …. And yet you can’t help but hate her for being like that because you know the truth and the whole tragedy of it) ………………… and then that silent moment when Owen tells her who she’s just killed and her reaction which is just ……

The fact that after 2 seasons we finally got some Owen/Teddy friendship in some dark twisty way where Owen is trying to be there for her at the beginning and then caves to her request to get Cristina to do the surgery (even though he doesn’t want to because he knows if it goes badly it might break Cristina again and the Cristina/Teddy relationship and he doesn’t want his wife to be the one to kill his friend’s husband) and then he has to lie to Teddy about Henry still being alive – not just once! TWICE! And how he doesn’t want to do it but realises it was the only way. And I love Owen/Teddy and I semi-shipped them when everyone was hating on her for breaking up the Owen/Cristina and there I was in my shipper world enjoying all their moments even though I was sure that Owen would choose Cristina and Teddy would be all heartbroken.  And now this angst!

(Sidenote: You know that final Owen/Teddy scene when Teddy asks him if Cristina got clear margins and Owen responds “oh yes” – did anyone else (in the UK) think he sounded awfully like the Churchill dog in the insurance adverts? Nope, just me? Okay, moving on …..)

So now not only do we have the fact that Henry is dead and have Teddy’s straightforward “my husband is dead” emotional fallout we have FALLOUT on four fronts: Teddy/Henry, Teddy/Owen, Teddy/Cristina, Owen/Cristina.

I am really interested to see how Teddy will react once she’s over the initial shock of Henry being dead. When she finds out that Henry’s artery was calcified and that either outcome would have ended up in his being dead, she might be able to accept the fact that Cristina and the Chief didn’t kill him and there was nothing they could have done (after some initial outbursts of misplaced anger perhaps). The Teddy/Owen thing is a harder thing for her to accept but eventually she will understand that too – he couldn’t have told her, she was arms deep in a patient but I think the fact that it was OWEN and not Bailey or Chief or Lexie that had to like to her will make her anger and resentment stronger.

*deep breath* Okay so other things which happened in this episode ….

– Cute Alex/Meredith/Cristina scene at the bar following on from the last episode.

– I can’t decide if I wanted Derek/Meredith to get Zola back or not. I wasn’t that attached to Zola as a kid but for some reason at the back of my mind I always kind of thought they would get her back after all the ~drama~ because if this is the last season with the old crew then it would be nice to focus on Meredith being a mother and juggling that with her job. Obviously this is Grey’s Anatomy so I should have known better. This way there is clearly more drama with the “do we get another kid or not” thing. So I hope that the Zola thing is finally dropped and we move onto that. The Meredith fallout was wonderful – that “cry” scene with Cristina was both heart-wrenching and funny and then the Derek/Meredith “I don’t want another baby” hug and the look on Derek’s face – he didn’t resent her for feeling that way, he understood. And the Derek/Cristina “it’s my fault” / “She’ll come around, she always does” scene.

– Mark’s whole “time share” Sofia thing. Hilarious! The one bit of humour in this episode and it made me smile because his logic is faultless. And the scene later on where Arizona’s like “why wouldn’t you want to parent Sofia?! Have you seen her? She’s heart-stoppingly adorable” to Derek.

– Henry/Lexie scene – weirdly cute and touching.

– The fact that Callie and Jackson screwed up (SCREWed up – gettit?!) was actually interesting. I mean obviously with everything else that was going on, it kind of got smothered, but in any other episode I would actually be vaguely interested to find out what they did to screw up and what their punishment will be.

And then we come to the Meredith/Alex ambulance thing. I LOVE MEREDITH/ALEX SCENES just in case I haven’t said that enough this season. The way Alex was trying to give Meredith hope, the way he took the blame for everything that happened with Zola and the way Meredith took responsibility “what you did was dirty but what I did was illegal” …… oh Alex/Meredith <3 <3 <3.

And then when they were fighting over who should stay in the ambulance. Alex shouting at Meredith to get out! Meredith shouting at him to get out and telling him that he’s not going to alleviate his guilt by letting her let him die in an ambulance.

The slowmotion crash!

The scene back in the hospital when the phone went dead and the way Mark took charge and told Jackson to take over for Derek.

You’re all going to think I’m a horrible person for saying this but there was a point when I thought “why, why are you risking your whole life for a baby. A baby”. I mean if it was a kid or an adult then I could understand it more but all I could think of was that they were going through all of that risk for a baby that would probably not survive anyway and although the mother would be sad, it wouldn’t be AS tragic than if it was a 5 year-old kid on life support or something. Yes, I’m a horrible person but I think you were meant to question Alex/Meredith’s decision a bit – not only was it just the whole doctor thing “we can’t leave a baby to die whilst we save ourselves” but it’s because of Meredith and her whole baby drama and because of Alex and his whole Meredith drama.

I was ridiculously relieved when Meredith and Alex finally stepped out of the damn ambulance and even better – it didn’t even blow up the moment they were out as I expected. Then we saw the dead bodies which was weirdly horror-movie like. Of course I suppose in the next episode they will find one of the people are still alive and then one of them will go back into the ambulance to get supplies and then the ambulance will blow up because that is so Grey’s Anatomy ……

But still the big cliffhanger is not what will happen to Alex and Meredith and the baby and the dead bodies, it is how will Teddy react to the news that Cristina killed her husband and that Owen lied to her. That is what I am so incredibly invested in.

Pan Am: 1×07 – Truth Or Dare

Pan Am … THIS SHOW! How amazing was this episode?!?! I mean I don’t even know where to start! The Dean/Colette and just generally her adorable expressions in this episode (and the fact that Dean let her fly the pane says so much about just how “fond” of her he is. Also Karine discovered on set that she can actually tie the cherry stem with her tongue so that bit was real! LOL); Joe/Laura – can anyone remember the last time there was such a jaw-droppingly sweet, beautiful one-episode romance on TV (Gaius Charles I LOVE YOU!) or Niko/Kate who I didn’t even think I cared about until this episode totally won me over in a cruel bittersweet way.

Karine Vanasse confirmed on Twitter that there is more “Dean/Colette romance” to come. HELL YES. No idea what that means – that could mean that they actually share a scene and have a “moment” or there could be actual romance before the end of the season. I think they were filming episode 9 or 10 when she said that. If this show is only going to last a half season then obviously I want something concrete to happen between them but if this show miraculously gets a full season and even more miraculously gets renewed (TRY CHANGING THE TIME SLOT ABC!), then I want them to drag it out a bit (obviously).

I know that this episode was Maggie-lite but when she does have lines, they are hilarious <3 <3.

Okay, the truth-or-dare scene with the girls on the plane getting drunk (and why are their stockings strewn everywhere?!) was hilarious! Laura noticing that Dean does seem awfully fond of Colette <3 <3. Laura’s “nude photos” announcement and the fact that Kate is horrified. “He wasn’t the right guy for sex. He was the right guy for nude photos” and Colette’s “there’s a right guy for that?!?!”. LOL!

Dean and Ted walking in on them! Ted asking Colette what’s wrong with her mouth. The way they all scramble to find their clothes.

The sailors! The sailor dressed up in Pan Am uniform!

Joe & Laura

I think I like him as Joe more than I liked him as Smash! Wasn’t he just SO ADORABLE?!?!

The Joe/Laura was really sweet. Interesting exploration of race tensions as well (especially that small bit after his speech to the guy getting married and how they’re clearly all buddies and yet he won’t get to go to the wedding because it’s in a country club and he’s black). I love the way that Laura liked him from the beginning but then got conscious about what other people would think about her liking a black guy and then all the way to how she held his hand in the middle of Grand Central station and then he got beat up and then she admitted to him that she had been afraid and then that wonderful scene in Kate’s apartment <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

“Have you ever been on a submarine? There’s a lot of grey. Grey pumps, grey engines, grey gauges, gray steel. Big grey ocean trying to crush you like a tin can. So you can imagine what’s it’s like to come up from all of that grey and see…. you.”

“You’re the guy. Next time I have to close my eyes to feel safe, I’m going to pretend I’m right here.”

I just loved their whole story arc so much. The way he talked about his “momma” on the plane. The glass hummingbird. The fact that he hid it in her bag and the look on her face when they found it! GAH!

In terms of longterm story arc then yes the Ted/Laura is interesting and cute but how can anything beat Joe/Laura now? <3 <3.

Niko & Kate

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I even cared and then this episode happened. Kate was just wonderfully tragic! That scene in the interrogation room. Gah.

“Both, I’m both. But I’m also yours.”

And then the bittersweet resolution at the end, at the airport!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOW DOES THINGS TO ME!

Sidenote: That Kate/Laura scene on the plane where they talk about Niko was really sweet “Love trumps everything”.

Dean & Colette



I don’t know what I love more – the fact that Colette felt compelled to test Laura’s theory by seeing just how fond Dean was of her or just the look on her face when SHE FLIES THE PLANE! But, seriously, the way she looked at him when she asked to fly the plane <3 <3.

I am pretty sure that Colette is the only girl who Dean would let drive his car or FLY THE PLANE!

“This would make me very happy.”

Also, she said “Roger that Captain” <3 <3 <3 <3.

And the moment later on when Maggie says “Pilot and their secrets” and Dean just looks at Colette and Colette is grinning <3 <3. HEEE! They kept the fact that HE LET HER FLY THE PLANE a secret <3.


Grey’s Anatomy: 8×08 – Heart-Shaped Box

I know I say this every week but man I love Grey’s Anatomy this season!

Derek/Meredith being happy and positive about Zola!

The whole heart-in-a-box storyline with Cristina. The funny scenes with the Chief/Cristina and Chief/Avery.

GEORGE’S MUM! I have been looking forward to this episode ever since I heard they were bringing her back. Nice move writers – it’s about time we think about the fact that George actually existed. I know it’s boring for the characters to dwell in the past, not to mention the fact it isolates viewers who may not have watched the series from the beginning, but it’s about damn time that George was mentioned!

George’s Mum/Meredith <3. “George said you were the best”. I love how happy George’s Mum is to see Meredith. It’s really endearing.

George’s Mum/Callie+Arizona. “Dr Robbins”. “Dr Torrez”. Heee! I really liked Callie in this episode! Turns out my favourite Callie moments are basically all the times she’s awkward about coming out to people!

And the George’s Mum/Callie moment later when Callie tells her about liking women and being married and having a baby and Mama O’Malley doesn’t care about all of that, she just wants to see photos of the baby! That moment almost made me cry! It was just so touching!

Bailey/Meredith and the George thing. The thing I love the most about this is how they tied in George’s death with Meredith/trial thing and how Bailey explained why she’s so mad at Meredith. That whole scene where they talk about George’s death and how George was Bailey’s favourite – top notch writing there! And that scene before where Meredith argues that she’s good enough to do this surgery on George’s Mum using Zola’s custody as an example and then when Bailey advises her on what to wear <3 <3 <3.  I am happy with this resolution to the Bailey/Meredith rift!

Teddy/Henry <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!  Wow, he slipped that one in there about going back to medical school!!!!  I was almost as shocked as Teddy was!

The author/Lexie. Loved it! Loved seeing Lexie get so into the book and good call making the time-travelling love story be a parallel to her own love life situation. Lexie generally was adorable in this episode.

Hee, Arizona loves Alex but she won’t tell him to his face. She wants him to get the Peds fellowship and think he’s amazing <3.

Alex’s little bit about thinking of George made him think of Izzie <3 <3 <3. So glad we at least got to talk a bit about George and Izzie this episode. I really hated the way Alex spoke about George earlier but I thought his explanation about how thinking of George makes him think of Izzie was pretty sweet <3.



Covert Affairs: 2×11 – The Wake Up Bomb

Good episode! I’m glad this show is back after its surprisingly good first half of the season. And this episode had everything: foot chase, Annie being hurt (twice!), bomb explosion, Annie being kidnapped, car chase, hot love interest …..

I liked that chef guy! I liked him enough to think that maybe they were creating him as a long-term (i.e. a few episodes long) love interest for Annie until they brought up his ETA past and I realised he was going to be case-related.

Auggie/Annie are as adorable as ever in their scenes. Whilst I’m happy with nothing actually happening for awhile, I do wish the writers would progress their relationship a bit. Maybe show them being a bit jealous when other guys/girls are brought into the picture? I can’t believe that even Auggie isn’t allowed to know where Annie’s safehouse is!

The whole Danielle situation. I totally understand where Danielle is coming from, not only does she feel betrayed and lied to but she has to protect her children (especially now her husband isn’t in the picture. Or is he? Whatever happened with that?!) but I do feel sorry for Annie. And now their relationship is so angsty and yet so interesting! Loved that scene at the end between them <3 <3.

Oh Jai – I really do not care about you or your storylines. I don’t have anything against him but I do feel his scenes are a valuable waste of screentime. I spent the whole episode trying to recall what his story arc even is and whose side he is actually on and who he is protecting and then we get to the end and it turns out that he is a hypocritical selfish bastard who was just doing it all to get a promotion. Can we get rid of him already?

The Mentalist: 4×07 – Blinking Red Light

If Jane set up Panser to be killed by Red John, why didn’t he follow Panser and then when RJ came to kill him, they could catch RJ (or rather attempt to catch RJ).

Now I know that RJ is cleverer than Jane so it’s true that he probably would have realised that Panser was under surveillance and wait to strike but I thought that Jane/Lisbon would have at least attempted something because for me that screams a wasted opportunity both in terms of catching RJ and just good TV writing.

If Jane is clever enough to see that justice is served on an evil serial killer who would otherwise have gotten away with murder and to pit him against RJ, then he is good enough to use him as bait. They know RJ’s one weakness (he can’t stand people slating his reputation) and they so should have used that opportunity to set a trap (like I said, even though RJ is probably too smart for that, the fact they didn’t even try …..) and I always thought that they would eventually start going down the “bait” route to try and get RJ (which they now can’t do without being in danger of reusing a storyline). And Jane is so sure of himself and was so sure of the fact that Red John was still out there that he didn’t need to waste this opportunity just to prove that RJ is still alive, he could have used it to attempt to corner him as well.

Also, Lisbon will have been watching the interview so she must know what Jane did (i.e. give Panser enough rope to hang himself with) but is she going to be annoyed and disgusted by what Jane’s done? No. Should she be? Yes. Obviously Panser deserved to be punished but she is meant to play by the rules and accept that sometimes the criminal justice system doesn’t work properly. She should be abhorred at what Jane’s done. Especially since that now makes 2 bad guys that he’s killed (either directly or indirectly) and she can’t be okay with him going around doing things like that. And this is why I can’t be okay with Jane/Lisbon with the way things are. We always knew what Jane was like: he was arrogant, self-centred, out for revenge, but somehow I didn’t think we would get to the stage where he does things (twice in a short space of time) which ends up in people being dead and not suffer the consequences. This is House territory and you know how I felt about House as a character.

Castle: 4×07 – Cops & Robbers

Castle and I have an odd relationship. I watch for the “big” episodes and watch everything in between simply because my OCD self can’t stand to just watch odd episodes of a show here and there.

This was a big episode and therefore I loved it because Castle really knows how to do big episodes well.

Where to start? I think with the fact that I love focusing on the fact that Beckett is in love with Castle. For a long time it’s been Castle and his feelings for Beckett and I can’t really care about Castle much beyond the fact that he is the guy Beckett loves and the guy that Martha and Alexis call family. But Beckett’s worry for him in this episode! All the worried looks and the hand squeeze! And when the bomb went off! And the reunion moment! Well played show! I did sort of suspect epileptic guy as being a bit dodgy but I thought that was a misdirect and that he really was a sick guy brought in for plot purposes just to let Beckett inside.

Am still shocked that all the mercenaries were killed. Great episode writing in terms of it not being a straightforward robbery, explaining the importance of the deposit box, wrapping up the ex-wife and son storyline without the gang actually being there in person (that really seldom happens on shows. Usually we’re expected to believe that they can fly across town and still be there to save the day just in time).