Criminal Minds: 7×12 – Unknown Subject

Another Criminal Minds episode with an awesome case! Well deserving of the 150 episode spot. I loved the idea of the importance of piano ballads and a nice twist having one of the victims becoming the perp and torture and innocent guy, except, oh wait, is he innocent?! And the two perps angle came out of profiling discussion which made sense rather than lucky assumptions. I was hooked on finding out if that man that the woman abducted was Piano man killer or not.

Great insight to Prentiss’s state of mind post-Doyle as well. Definitely my favourite case-centric episode of the season. I want more episodes like this!

11 Songs that I will always and forever associate with Chuck


11. Huey Lewis – Do You Believe In Love
Watch SceneHee, I can’t watch this with a straight face. Out of all the “slow motion “Sexy Sarah” sequences, I think this is my favourite.

10. Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
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Any scene with Matt Bomer in is a bonus.  Love the whole Chuck/Sarah/Bryce angle here.

9. Bloc Party – Signs
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This is one of those pivotal Chuck/Sarah moments.  I love Chuck’s speech to her <3.

8. Teddybears – Cobrastyle
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Chuck’s unofficial theme tune.  I’ll never forget watching this sequence the first time I watched the pilot.

7. Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime
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I love this episode a lot and it has a lot of awesome music including Johnny Nash’s ‘I Can See Clearly’ and Cassettes Won’t Listen’s ‘Freeze and Explode‘.

6. Finley Quaye – Dice
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This song will always be THE The OC song but I love that Josh Schwartz parodied the Ryan/Marissa scene so much that this scene never fails to make me laugh.

5. Eels – Fresh Feeling
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When this episode first aired I got really really obsessed with this song. It plays over such a significant Chuck/Sarah moment as I always think that this is the scene where we finally get to see that Sarah has feelings for Chuck.

4. Nina Simone – Feeling Good
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THIS SCENE. My favourite Chuck/Sarah scene, I think.  THIS SONG!

3. The Naked And Famous – Young Blood
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One of my favourite sequences in the whole show as every single ship gets a cute moment and this song is still on my ‘Current Favourites’ a year later.

2. Toto – Africa
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The first ever Jeffster performance which mean that when I watched it, I wasn’t even expecting this brilliant idea of Jeffster. And they covered one of my favourite songs and there was a really sweet Chuck/Sarah moment too.

1. Styx – Mr Roboto
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This sequence is indescribable. It is pure comedy gold. It had me in hysterics. It’s just one of those scenes that will never be matched by any other show. The moment that really gets me is when Casey and his men parachute in……. plus any scene with Matt Bomer in is an added bonus (wait, did I use that line already?!).

I have a feeling the series finale is going to deliver a final Jeffster performance?  I can’t wait to see what song they sing.

I can’t believe this show is ending.  No other show will ever have that perfect combination of action, drama, romance, comedy and music.  Oh Chuck <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.  You will always have that special place in my heart and I shall be rewatching you often.

Chuck: 5×08 – Chuck Versus The Baby

Remember when Chuck used to do awesome stand alone episodes before it got so involved with the Fulcrum/Ring/Shaw/Decker arcs?!?!  We need more stand alone episodes.  However, I am intrigued as to what the final story arc is and what big bad baddie the show is going to have to take us up to the finale? It better be better than the “Shaw is STILL not freaking out of the picture” arc.

I love love LOVE that we have had both White Collar men play CIA partners to Sarah Walker in Chuck now. And I love even more that they played the exact opposite to their White Collar characters.  Bryce FTW!

Although question about the timeline – Tim DeKay/Ryker was Sarah’s handler right before she met Chuck but before that she was partners with Matt Bomer/Bryce?  Why then would she go back to having a handler when she was obviously experienced enough to go off and be equal partners with Bryce? Also, the way that Ryker talked about Sarah having no one in her life means that he clearly didn’t know about Bryce which is weird since they are all in the CIA and clearly her and Bryce were still something during this timeline because she still looked longingly at photos of her and Bryce a few episodes into Season One.  C’mon writers, explain this one to me.

There were so many amazing things in this episode, I don’t even know where to start.

Okay, I LOVE that they brought Sarah’s old CIA boss back in for the flashbacks. LOVE LOVE LOVE the consistency with that. (If we recall, General Beckman did at one point share the computer screen with this guy until he got blown up).

I love Tim DeKay. I loved that he played the bad guy when we’re so used to seeing him as the adorable FBI husband guy on White Collar. I can’t get over the fact that Sarah has been partners with both White Collar men. These little fandom collisions really really make me happy. And let’s not forget that I love Matt Bomer as Bryce Larkin now.

Erm, so Sarah was beaten up and needs rescuing in two consecutive episodes?!?! What is this nonsense. She is SARAH WALKER. Clearly, she is off her game. Rewind to opening flashback: how badass was she when she walked into that banquet hall and gunned everyone down? That is what I call a Nikita moment because usually that stuff only happens in The CW show. Also, that moment when Sarah has the baby strapped to her and she’s holding two huge machine guns. LOL!

SARAH’S MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew we would meet her this season and I was really intrigued to see how and why we would meet her. I mean think about the many different ways we’ve been introduced to Chuck&Sarah’s parents: Sarah’s Dad, Chuck’s Dad and the crazyass storyline that went with Chuck’s Mum. There’s no way they could top THAT. And instead they did it in such a wonderful way ….. and now Sarah has a sister too! I was pretty sure that the baby wasn’t actually Sarah’s but I did think we would get into a situation whereby Sarah and Chuck would now have to adopt the girl and bring her up but the minute Molly called Sarah’s Mum “Mum” I knew all would be okay and they were going with the “sister” angle. Hurray!

Morgan/Alex – I am ridiculously invested in them. I adore Alex and she makes me see Morgan in a whole new light and they are adorable.

Ellie/Awesome – ever the mixture of comedy and being adorable human beings to Chuck and his friends. Also, remember when Morgan was obsessed with Ellie and it was all awkward? I love their scenes now.

ADORED the group scene at the end. It’s usually at the end of such scenes that they introduce the next big story arc / evil guy so I was holding my breath but it all stayed fluffy and nice. That moment between Sarah and her Mum!!! I think they really work as mother/daughter.  Although, wait, what happened to Molly’s inheritance?!  Is that going to be the final arc of the series?!?!

Something needs to be said about the Chuck/Sarah but I think it speaks for itself: OTP OTP OTP OTP OTP!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we going to see Chuck’s mother and Sarah’s father again before the end of the season?  I think we’ll definitely have Chuck’s mother make an appearance in the finale and possibly have an awkward meeting between Sarah’s mother and father?!  I mean, surely we’re going to have Sarah’s mother appear in a couple more episodes?

WAIT ….. I just watched the promo for 5×09 – Verbanski is back therefore reinforcing my Casey/Verbanski OTP-ness and Sarah might be pregnant???  I feel like they’re either going to have her not be pregnant in this episode and the rest of the series will be about them trying to get pregnant, ending with her being pregnant in the finale OR she is going to be pregnant and the rest of the series is going to be about her being a spy whilst being pregnant and ending with her giving birth in the finale?  Clearly those are the only two options.  Unless it’s all a set-up and they’re actually looking at someone else’s pregnancy stick.  Which would just be weird.  But, hey, they’re spies …..

Chuck: 5×07 – Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

Chuck has clearly failed to live up to its potential this season which is a shame since this season was meant to be its AWESOME
LAST SEASON. But it did deliver two episodes which need to be talked about: the first because it contained the funniest moment of the season and the second because it was amazing with fantastic guest-stars and just general fabulousness.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY BROUGHT SHAW BACK. IS IT BECAUSE HE’S HOT?!  Is it not enough that he was raised from the dead before?!?! I kind of feel that it was a bit anti-climatic having him be behind the Decker conspiracy because we’ve gone over this ground before. However, at least this episode draws a line under the whole “CIA out to get Chuck” thing once and for all.

And because I haven’t blogged about it before: how awesome was Carrie Ann Moss?! I loved her and Casey, loved that she killed Decker for him/Sarah/Chuck. Adorable. I was hoping that Casey would end up back with Alex’s Mum but I don’t think they’re going to play that card as it’s a bit late in the game to squash that into the last few episodes, especially when she’s apparently happy in the relationship she is in. Maybe if there was one more season I would have liked them to be endgame but as it is then I’m going with Casey/Verbanski OTP.

Anyway, back to Shaw ….. the whole thing is so complicated I forget who he is really mad at – Chuck for beating him last time they met or Sarah for killing his wife even though it was years ago, she didn’t know it was his wife and Shaw would also have had to kill someone’s mother/wife/husband/son/brother in order to qualify for the CIA so why can’t he get over this?!?!?!?!?! Oh wait, yes, it’s Sarah he’s really mad at.

Nice move getting rid of Shaw’s Intersect. Does that mean we go into the final half of the season with no Intersect?! Or is Chuck going to get it back?! Do I even want Chuck/anyone to have the Intersect?!?! Worst thing to happen would be for Chuck to get it back in the final scene of the series. I want Chuck/Sarah to live happily ever after whilst still keeping their spy-lives on an ad-hoc basis.

This moment was the best moment of the episode (and quite possibly one of the best Chuck moments ever):

Words cannot describe how much I loved this moment / Beckman generally.

Casey’s message to Alex on the soft toy polar bear <3 <3 <3 <3. Ever since Alex has appeared, I love Casey even more.

ELLIE TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!! LOVE! And I love how it mirrored how Sarah saved Chuck from Shaw last time.

The perfect Christmas!!!!

Casey shipping Alex/Morgan is hilarious. As all Casey/Morgan storylines generally are.

Chuck giving Sarah his mother’s bracelet again ….. mirroring the first time he gave it to her in the Season 2 Christmas episode (one of my favourite moments) – I LOVE THE SYMMETRY! This is why I love this show! It’s the little things …. <3 <3 <3.