CSI:NY: 8×14 – Flash Pop

I loved this episode! Yes, really.

The fact that Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill both from Greek guest-starred helped (even if that meant I went into the episode thinking that one of them had to be the murderer, and probably Spencer) but the whole episode was fantastic.

I loved the way they flashed back and forth from the present day crime scene to the 1950s crime scene, ditto the autopsies.

Loved Lindsay mentioning Montana.

Loved the way they filmed Flack conducting the interviews with the other lab techs and asking each member of the team about Harland. The whole episode was filmed really beautifully actually.

I’ve never had any feelings about Mac’s latest lady friend until this episode but I think I like her.

The scene where Mac and Jo watches the lab techs mourning with the flowers and candles <3……. What I didn’t like was the scene after with Jo being mushy in a high, squeaky voice afterwards.

It was really weird for me to see Casey Cartwright as a cold-blooded killer! Kind of scary. Sad that she and “Beaver” didn’t share more scenes together. Love this interview with the two of them. Greek reuinion FTW!

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×19 – Support System

Did anyone else think it was really awful the way that Bailey, Arizona and Callie treated Teddy in the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? I mean I know it was meant to be funny and it was at the start (although I expected better from Bailey), then I was glad that Arizona shouted at Callie and Bailey but then we got to the last scene where Teddy arrived at their apartment was all excited about their girls night in and everyone else’s reaction made me mad. Poor Teddy. It’s not even like she has any other friends because Owen is a giant douche (in every way) – though I do wish we had more Teddy/Owen angsty scenes.

Which brings me onto the Owen/Cristina. I am not particularly invested in them as a couple but for the record I am Team Cristina all the way and always have been. However, I do appreciate that this was probably the only way to write them out of the “you had an abortion” hole.  Now we can move onto the “you cheated on me” cycle.  I love the whole Owen/Meredith/Cristina thing and the way Meredith respected Cristina’s need to be alone whilst still letting her know she was there for her.

I have always loved Meredith but I doubly love her this season. I love the way she protected Lexie and told the others to back off and the way she decided to help the others and share her wisdom and study together at the end.

Teddy and Meredith <3.