Carrie Underwood @ Royal Albert Hall London (21 June 2012)

I don’t usually take a lot of photos at concerts but I managed to get quite a few nice ones of Carrie Underwood.  If you want to see more then go here.

In an interview with BBC earlier this week, Carrie Underwood said that when she first announced her first UK gig at the Royal Albert Hall, she wondered whether anyone would buy tickets as we don’t “do” country music over here and yet the concert still sold out within 90 minutes.  That is pretty impressive for an artist who had never done a concert over here before and, before Monday, had never released an album in the UK.

Although there was no support act which meant we had a long wait for Carrie and her band to come on, it was worth the wait.

She was INCREDIBLE. It was the ‘Blown Away’ tour but because she has never toured over here before, her setlist was incredibly varied with a mix of songs from all her albums, not just her latest. My favourite album of hers is ‘Play On’ and I could have done with hearing more songs from that but she did play ‘Undo It’ which is one of my favourites and a definite highlight of the concert. From ‘Blown Away’, I really really wanted her to play ‘See You Again’ which is a favourite and I thought that for her encore, she should have done that and ‘Play On’, which are lyrically appropriate.

As it is she ended the main set with ‘Before He Cheats’ (Yay!) and did ‘I Know You Won’t‘ and ‘Blown Away’ for the encore.

Her setlist included the obvious ‘Good Girl’ (opening), ‘Cowboy Casanova’, ‘Flat On The Floor’, ‘Last Name’. From her latest album was ‘Two Black Cadillacs’, ‘One Way Ticket’ etc. And older songs included ‘Temporary Home’, ‘So Small’, ‘Wasted’, ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’.

She also did a cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ which was not only exceptionally brave but equally brilliant.

Overall, it was amazing and I am sure with the response she got from the audience and critics, she’ll be back again soon – I’d love to see her in a smaller venue like ‘Hammersmith Apollo’ or ‘Shepherd’s Bush’ but she could equally sell out a stadium!

And the gig got given 4 out of 5 stars from The Evening Standard.  Woop!  Come back soon Carrie!

PS.  She is so ridiculously pretty, it hurts.

CSI:NY: 8×18 – Near Death

I found the scene between Mac and Claire in the empty lab corridor really really melodramatic. Melodrama has its place – in Grey’s Anatomy, not in a procedural crime drama. In fact the whole episode was just …. I don’t know, trying too hard?

I mean I liked the structure with the flashforwards and backwards in time and Mac having a “ghost” scene with each character but overall it was just too cheesy for this sort of show to work.  But once I got over that then ….

Favourite parts:

– Flack mentioning Mac saving his life! ‘Charge Of This Post’ – Still one of my favourite episodes of the show.

– Flack mentioning the fact that he didn’t get to tell Jess that she loved her before she died and his conversation with Mac about this – HUGE CHEERS FOR THIS!  Flack still misses her!  Bless, I actually would have thought he would have moved on by now. Favourite moment of the season right here.

– Everything that came out of Flack’s mouth during this episode.

– Christine/Jo banter about Mac’s middle name.

– Mac and Hawkes mentioning Camille.

– Lindsay/ginger cat.

– The school bus yard. Lindsay firing her gun!

– Mac/Lucy/Lindsay/Danny <3 <3 <3 <3.

– The final scene with Claire. Yes, I was finally moved.

– The final group scene with Mac’s return.

Next season I do not want Adam out of the lab full time. No, no, no, don’t make him a CSI. I will cry. He is the only character in this show that I’ve never been able to think about growing to like. Don’t give him more screentime.

Anyway, this would have been the perfect series finale. In fact I’m sad that it’s not going to be because they can’t top this creatively and logic dictates that if they know that next season’s finale is going to be the series finale, they’re going to lay on more melodrama ….. Hee, I just read what I wrote about last season’s finale: I actually, honestly, believe that this works perfectly as a series finale. I mean it was sort of understated rather than an all-out guns blazing like the previous episode but it was nice. Like with the Brothers & Sisters finale (and I can’t believe I’m comparing these shows), everything is tied up but gives you the idea of what will happen in the future – Mac possibly leaving, changes for the Messer family etc.

CSI:NY may well win the prize for the most false-series finales before the end.