CSI:NY: 9×08 – Late Admissions


Flashbacks!!! I loved them all! Seeing Lindsay as a teenager with her 3 friends <3 <3. I love the fact that they came back to this whole storyline after six seasons. Nice consistency and realistic that it would probably have taken that amount of time (if not more!) between the trial and the execution.

Ahhh Lucy is named after one of Lindsay’s friends who died!!!!

I loved that we got to see Lindsay’s father! We hardly ever get to see character’s parents in this show and I love that they explored Lindsay’s relationship with her father.

The scene where Lindsay watches Daniel get executed was so powerful.

And the end where Lindsay comes back to NY and Danny is waiting for her outside their home <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. And the fact that she held onto his back pocket as they walked up the stairs was the cutest thing ever!! This ship is worming its way back into my heart after FIVE freaking years and all because of Lindsay’s Montana storyline. The symbolism! The fact that this was the storyline that made them become canon!

As to the case, it was interesting and solid and a good counterpart to Lindsay’s personal storyline.

This show has made me speechless with its awesomeness this season. Seriously, I am beyond wowed.

CSI:NY: 9×07 – Clue: SI

Another great episode! Poor Lindsay! I loved the whole idea of lab pranks and I loved her reaction to the whole thing and everyone’s reaction to her wearing the sunglasses. Great consistency when she was using EDNA (again, someone tell me how this damn thing works?! No way does it have a sample of every known material in the world. This really bugs me!!!!) and she checked the microscope before she used it.

I love Danny/Lindsay walking through the zoo together and Lindsay demanding to see Danny’s badge, not convinced that he didn’t pull the prank. And the snow leopard!!!!

And Danny showing up with flowers to take Lindsay to dinner because he was the guilty party wanting to prank Adam! Loved that moment between the two of them.

Mac/Christina – loving their relationship more and more. Sweet ending.

Then the case itself was really good. Clever idea using Clue as a basis for planning the murders and the misdirects with the mugger and then the doctor being suspects. Also liked that the nature of the murder took the CSIs to different locations in New York.

Perfect episode alert!!!!!!

Criminal Minds: 8×08 – The Wheels on the Bus…

This episode was amazing! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Definitely the best episode we’ve had in awhile, and it was especially surprising because the focus of the episode was on the hostages and the hostage takers, more than on the BAU team. They absolutely nailed the casting with the kids by making you actually care whether they live or die. That Billy kid was cute.

Two gamers kidnap a school bus and reconstruct their favourite killing game by making their hostages complete missions and kill each other? Brilliant! And at the end where the Billy kid just looks at the girl in disbelief that she actually killed their friend. I kind of thought that at the end there where they were being reunited with their parents, dead kid’s parents should have been there going “where’s my child?” The ending with Garcia/Rossi – LOL, how many phones does Garcia have?!

Parenthood: 4×08 – One More Weekend With You

I generally think this show portrays real human situations perfectly with a lot of reality and a lot of heart. It rarely gives me anything to complain about. In this episode, for instance, we had the perfect Ryan/Amber (and the moment in the ocean!), Julia/Joel learning to balance their time between two children and Kristina being heartbreakingly ill from the chemo (oh and Drew having sex but let’s just ignore that storyline completely because the one character in the TV universe which I am not okay with having sex is Drew because he looks so young and because of his character I thought he would/should be a virgin until at least college and even then, we do not need to know about that aspect of his life because he’s so innocent ….) However, in this episode we also had Kristina being so ill that Adam went to Crosby to get cannabis.

Let’s make this clear: I hate it when characters even go so far as to smoke normal cigarettes on screen. I hate smoking.

I don’t believe Kristina would have given in so soon given her family situation etc. However, I appreciate that cancer and that sort of pain is the one situation in which I can’t judge her for seeking relief from drugs.

But the one thing I have real uncontrollable anger issues with is the fact that Crosby just had cannabis lying around in his drawer in the first place, that Adam expected him to, and that Jasmine didn’t completely explode at this.

I’m sorry, whaaaat? He has a kid, he is now married and being responsible. Do responsible mature adults just keep a bag of cannabis in drawer for a rainy day? Why is Adam, Jasmine, Crosby and Kristina all okay with this scenario?! Why aren’t any of the responsible adults going absolutely crazy that Crosby still keeps cannabis around the house whilst he is apparently trying to do everything in his power to raise Jabbar right and be a good husband to Jasmine …. AND HE STILL POSSESSES CANNABIS.

CSI:NY: 9×04 – Unspoken

Just go right on and surprise me, show!  This was one of the best episodes we’ve had in 4 (?!) seasons without a doubt.

An epic 30 minutes of the show with no dialogue, just Green Day songs playing. The no dialogue really really worked.

Lindsay being hospitalised!

Seeing Lucy that grown up freaks me out because I can’t believe we’re in Season 9. My fandom head is still in about Season 6 or something.

That poor innocent kid/Flack trying to save her <3 <3 <3.

The various flashbacks.

The tension with the killer in Lindsay’s hospital room.

Aaaand the senator guy played by Neal McDonough starred with Anna Belknap in Medical Investigation. FANDOMS COLLIDE! Shame they didn’t share a scene.

Danny called Lindsay “Montana!”

Kid/Flack hug!

Wow, this episode held my attention all the way through. I’ve always said that the most powerful CSI:NY episodes are the ones where a part of you feels a bit sorry for the perp and in this case I did feel sorry for him. Obviously trying to kill the woman at a public event was completely the wrong call but he wins points for actually caring about children, being a good teacher and changing his mind about hurting Lindsay and you could tell he was heartbroken about the innocent girl’s death.