CSI:NY: 9×17 – Today Is Life

As a season finale it was moderate to poor, as a series finale it was poor and disappointing but as an episode it was …. okay. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the writers went with this sort of finale rather than a high intense action-packed episode which usually ends with a cliffhanger, but I wish they hadn’t chosen this episode to have the focus on the perps + officer involved in the shooting etc. rather than spending the screen time on the CSI team, even if it was just seeing them in the lab processing evidence.

I thought it was melodramatic and whilst I felt for the poor girlfriend of the victim, I thought it would have been better if they had left it with the scenes between her and Mac in the precinct or if we heard the start of her speech to the mob outside and then it fade to mute. We are an intelligence audience, we don’t need her to spell it out to us that the officer was innocent and it was all a case of bad timing and bad luck.

Although I thought Mac’s voice-over was also too cheesy and unnecessary, I loved the scene with the gang on the rooftop and the acknowledgement of Sid’s cancer treatment, Danny/Lindsay snuggling etc. And finally the proposal was perfect and I’m happy for Mac.

Fleetwood Mac Tickets



I can’t even begin to convey my excitement.  I listen to a lot of music and love a lot of artists but Fleetwood Mac is at the pinnacle of a very long list.


I knew they were going to play a date in London so I was all logged into Ticketmaster ready at 9am but when the page finally loaded, all the tickets for every price range / seating area were already sold out!!!  I was heartbroken, heartbroken I tell ye.  I tried again a few more times in the morning but, yes, still sold out.

Then before I left work, I thought I’d log one more time and they had added two more dates in London!!!!  I think I just got in there in time with the date that was added the most recent date.  If I hadn’t noticed until I arrived home, they would have gone too.

Gah!  I haven’t seen them in concert since 2003 (and then I was young and too new to really appreciate the experience as I was just obsessed with the ‘Tango In The Night’ album).  I don’t even care that the tickets were ridiculously priced!!!