Grey’s Anatomy: 9×18 – Idle Hands

It has been so long since we’ve had a practically perfect episode, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally love an episode this season.

I love the way the plane crash / bankrupt hospital arc was resolved and although I am sure they will run into trouble in the future, I loved that this was basically a drama-free episode. Loved the fact that they renamed the hospital Grey+Sloan.

The cases in the episode ….. the cancer boy was adorable and I liked the pranks. The teacher with cancer – tears in my eyes you guys. I thought it was beautifully played out.

Everyone waiting to use the new fancy machine …. Glad that the ER is back. Definitely makes the hospital an infinitely more interesting place.

Cristina rocked in this episode and I am glad that Bailey got the funding as I didn’t like her being at odds with the others.

Arizona/Callie <3 <3 <3 <3.

Meredith/Derek are having a baby boy! I loved Meredith in this episode with the way she was being so pessimistic about the baby (and Alex egging her on!). It is so totally Meredith and I definitely understand why she was being like that.

Also, they played awesome music in this episode.

Clannad @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (20 March 2013)

On Wednesday I went to see Clannad. For those who don’t know they are an Irish folk band made up of two brothers, their sister (siblings of Enya who was part of the band but left) and their two Uncles.

Brian Kennedy was the support act and completely blew us all away. He sand and played his guitar with no backup band and has a phenomenal voice. FYI all those who like Josh Groban/Westlife (ugh)/any of the hundreds of other artists who have covered the song, Brian Kennedy was the first one to record ‘You Raise Me Up’. I don’t blame him for being incredibly proud of the fact. Original is best as he proved by finishing his set singing it acapella.

Clannad …. Ahhh … where to start?! Moira Brennan and the harp!!!!!!!!!!! Pol who plays basically every instrument there is and sometimes all of them in one song.  Their set was awesome. I don’t know their entire discography but they played all my favourites with a good mix of songs sung in Gaelic and English and explained what the Irish songs were about.  And when they sung ‘In A Lifetime’, they invited Brian Kennedy back on stage to sing with Moira and it was awesome. Here is a video of a performance of it from a couple of years ago.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.