First Time in Forever by @SarahMorgan_

First Time in Forever (Puffin Island, #1)

Rating: 4.5*

Cover: Yay

Chemistry Rating: Simmering

One-Sentence Summary: Emily is just trying to adapt to a life on an island with a small child when the perfect guy enters her life

Review: Sarah Morgan has wormed her way into my favourite ‘must-read’ authors list in the past year. After the perfection which was the “O’Neil Brothers” series I was so sure that nothing could possibly top that. Well, the first book in her new “Puffin Island” came darn close!

I just loved everything from Emily’s vulnerability to Lizzie’s cuteness (I know who would have thought you would hear me extolling the praises of a kid) to Ryan who made me feel all gooey inside to the secondary characters to the setting to the perfect pacing and writing.


I do have a question though: are we ever going to meet Ryan’s other siblings and do they have issues over the fact that Rachel was clearly Ryan’s favourite?!

I can’t wait for Zach/Brittany’s story next as I love a good reconciliation romance.