Criminal Minds: 12×01 – The Crimson King



13 serial killers escaped and they only have 5 left to catch at the season opening?  That’s a bit disappointing.

Great introduction to the newest member of the team showing him undercover attempting to smuggle criminals into Mexico.  What really made me fall in love with Luke Alvez though was all his interactions with Garcia.

This episode plot was a really good one when everything you thought you knew about who was the perp and the victim is turned on its head.

This episode left me with the feeling that this might well be one of the best seasons we’ve had for awhile what with the cast shakeup and especially Paget coming back.

Code Black: 2×01 – Second Year

I will never understand the creative decisions behind this show.  Bringing in Rob Lowe?  That’s something I can get on board with.  Introducing three newbie residents?  Always worked well for Grey’s Anatomy.  But getting rid of Neal and Christa and promoting the asshole Campbell and the sluttish Heather to series regulars?  Whaaat?!

That aside, the episode was okay. I thought Mike’s brother falling out of the helicopter was a bit much but it was a nice family-orientated episode.

I like Rob Lowe’s character but now it remains to be seen how long I can continue watching the show for him, Rorish and Jesse …

Chicago P.D.: 4×01 – The Silos


And my favourite show is BACK and there were cute Halstead/Lindsay moments.  I want a Jay in my life please.

I liked the way the aftermath of the finale was handled.  Hopefully that’s the end of the investigation into Voight and it’s not something which keeps getting dragged up for the whole season.

I do feel sorry for him and liked the sweet Voight/Lindsay moment at the end.

I really liked Roman/Burgess and am sad that he’s gone but I liked the actress who plays Burgess’s new partner when she was in Quantico and her partnership with Burgess in this episode was kickass.

The Killing Game by J.S. Carol

The Killing GameARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4.5*

One-Sentence Summary: A hostage situation involving Hollywood’s elite plays out in an LA restaurant

Review: When done well, there is nothing quite so edge-of-your-seat thrilling as a hostage situation whether in a book, TV show or film. You get to see how characters react in a highly tense situation and there’s usually a clever battle of the minds between the hostage taker and the police.

The trouble is that nine times out of ten, the resolution is a bit of an anti-climax as there’s usually a low volume of deaths and a high volume of survivors.

Well folks, let me introduce you to The Killing Game which does not hang around in terms of piling up the body count and if you’re expecting lots of background and build-up then you’re going to be disappointed. You get a short introduction to the main character “JJ” and then the author basically jumps right in there with the hostage situation which plays out for the remainder of the book.

Definitely one to whizz through in a couple of sittings: tense, gripping and full of twists and turns.

Quantico: 2×01 – Kudove


Ah this show is BACK!

At the end of last season I truly wondered how they could set up something which has the foundations to be as interesting and surprising as last season whilst still retaining the time-jumps that I love so well.

Well, I think they’ve done it!  The setup with Alex and Ryan going through training at the Farm mirrors what they went through at Quantico.  We’re going to get lots of Ryan/Alex cuteness and angst*.  We’ve been introduced to intriguing secondary characters as well as seeing a glimpse of familiar faces.

And of course there’s a massive terrorist plot.

Give me more.

* They have had so many things thrown at them and so many more things will be thrown their way to keep them apart but I can’t help but ship Ryan/Alex.

To Love and to Cherish (The Wedding Belles #3) by Lauren Layne

To Love and to Cherish (The Wedding Belles, #3)ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4*

Trope: Friends-to-Lovers

Chemistry: Simmering

One-Sentence Summary: An accountant forces a wedding planner to confront their mutual attraction

Review: This one was so hard to review!

I don’t know whether it’s because I’d been looking forward to Logan/Alexis’s story the most that when it arrived, it just seemed to be …. rushed. The pacing for me was off.

I loved the start of the book and learning how Logan/Alexis first met. I loved the dancing around each other that Logan and Alexis did and the kisses full of UST. Then as soon as they cross the line, things move really really fast with Logan having waited for 8 years, suddenly unwilling to wait any longer for Alexis to process what was happening between them. Alexis has an epiphany moment and then suddenly -boom- happy-ever-after is achieved.

Logan’s commitment to take over his father’s business was never lauren-layne-loganreally resolved either even if it is made clear he never ended up moving back to London.

I did like how it was the guy who was the one pining over the girl who refused to see him as anything more than a friend. I also liked how with Logan there wasn’t any denial of his feelings, he OWNED his feelings for Alexis without apology.

Four stars because overall I loved Alexis and I was invested in her relationship with Logan, even if didn’t play out quite how I would have liked it.

For Better or Worse (The Wedding Belles #2) by @_LaurenLayne

For Better or Worse (The Wedding Belles, #2)ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 5*

Trope: Friends-turned-lovers

Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio

One-Sentence Summary: When neighbours become something more

Review: When I first read the summary for this book, I have to say it didn’t give me any real excitement; to me, this book was just the filler before we got to Logan/Alexis’s story.

But ohmygod I loved it.

It’s not the usual friends-to-lovers story in that Heather and Josh aren’t friends for a longtime before they get together and they acknowledge their attraction early on, even if they don’t cross the line for awhile. There is fun neighbourly banter and I loved the whole 4A/4C nicknames.lauren-layne-josh

Also refreshing is the fact that it’s the guy who has the secret and the angsty past that he is hiding underneath his happy-go-lucky attitude.

This was a fun, flirty read and everything you could want from a Lauren Layne romance ….. (apart from the whole use of the word “bullocks” (should be bollocks)).

Chicago Med: 2×01 – Soul Care

What a very mediocre start to the season:

  • Rhodes’s new boss is a serious ASS
  • Charles’s daughter springs out from nowhere
  • Choi totally offended Maggie
  • And all of a sudden Natalie is suddenly ready to move on but of course not with Will but with Jeff

I really hope the show regains the magic of the first half of the first season pronto!

Flashpoint Season 3

So what the hell happened to Leah?  She came in to replace Lou at the end of last season and then disappeared without a trace by the start of the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss her presence and the show worked with the team as it is but still I would’ve expected some sort of explanation!

I don’t think anything is going to be able to match the first season in terms of cases but this was an okay season.

3×06 – The Other Lane – great case around Ed’s brother and how the viewer and the team were never sure whether he was a good or bad guy.

3×08 – Jumping at Shadows – Favourite episode of the season without a doubt.  Amazing little actress they found to play the girl.  Liked seeing Greg connect with his son.

3×11 – Terror –  When I read that this episode was a Jules-centric one I had high hopes but it was quite disappointing in the end.  It was good for some !jealousSam but the case was a bit boring.

3×13 – Fault Lines –  Victor Garber and the return of Officer Sabine who I really like.  It was interesting getting into the psyche of the team.  Was interesting seeing flashbacks to the cases that affected each of them the most.  This must be the start of Wordy’s illness that I read about?  Poor Ed, he’s had it rough this season. Yay for Sam/Jules getting back together.

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