2014/2015 {Ongoing}

Shay dying in the first few minutes of the season premiere (Chicago Fire)


Nooooo!  She was my favourite thing about this show!  She was such a unique and awesome character.  Why did they have to choose her to be the one to die?!  :(:(:(:(:(

Vega getting killed (The Mentalist)


But but but but I really liked her!  And I loved her dynamics with Cho and Wylie.

It all happened so fast and because we didn’t actually see her get hit, I thought it was all a ruse for a bit.

Charlie dying (The Newsroom)


Unfortunately, because I wanted to delay the inevitable and I wanted to save up the last few episodes of The Newsroom to savour, I got spoiled about the fact that TPTB kill Charlie off so my reaction when I saw the scene wasn’t shock was just “Noooooooo!”  He is one of the most dynamic and hilarious characters on TV!

In a way I’m glad that I was spoiled as I don’t know how I would have coped otherwise.

Shonda Rimes kills off Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)


Okay so given the promo for the episode and that Patrick Dempsey has been wanting to leave the show for some time, I guess this wasn’t such a shock …… but I guess the shocking thing is the way it was done.  I’d rather they have killed him in the shooting in Season 6 finale – it would have been a better way for him to go.

Poor Meredith.

Cruz is a Zumba teacher in his spare time (Chicago Fire)


Single most funniest thing EVER!

Peter Mills leaves 51 (Chicago Fire)

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Although I was spoiled about this beforehand, I am really gutted that he is leaving.  He was one of my favourite characters and I loved him and Dawson together.  Loved his parting line to her.

Rossi finds out he has a daughter, bonds with her and invites himself to fly to the other side of the country to meet her husband and his grandkid all in the space of one episode (Criminal Minds)


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