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The Mentalist: 7×13 – White Orchids [SERIES FINALE]



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HOLY CRAP!!!  Most perfect series finale in the history of series finales (and I loved how it sort of went down the same route as The Newsroom – two perfect endings for two of my favourite shi ps!!).  I don’t even care that I was massively spoiled (I didn’t know about Vega’s death so I think that will always be the big season shock for me).

There has been so much to love about Season 7 as a whole.  Number one being Jane/Lisbon of course and number two just it being generally more lighthearted and the fact that they finally put Red John to bed and didn’t have some crazy copycat killer or anything.

Onto the last couple of episodes ….  I liked how the last ‘case’ was interesting but not overly dramatic.  You didn’t ever really think Jane was going to end up dead.  As to all the other stuff?  Jane/Lisbon proposal <3, Cho and Lisbon dress shopping, Lisbon’s family and all her facial expressions to do with them, Cho’s “Postpone the wedding?  We’re the FBI”, Lisbon’s reaction to the wedding, Rigsby/Van Pelt!!!!,

And as to the final three scenes: Lisbon pointing a gun in her wedding dress (BEST THING EVER!), the wedding and all the dancing, the final final scene … Lisbon’s pregnant and Jane never saw that one coming.

The Newsroom: 3×06 – What Kind Of Day Has It Been?


I am still so sad that Charlie died but I am happy that it gave a great opportunity for plenty of my favourite thing about Sorkin TV shows: Flashbacks!

I loved the flashbacks in this episode and loved how it tied everything up to the Pilot and how it all came full circle.  I have enjoyed Season 3 but it has lacked the focus on the actual news and the tense edge of your seat newsroom scenes that we got in Season 1.

Still, this was a worthy series finale (*sniff*).  So happy about Will/Mac/baby and Will’s general reactions to this.  Sloan is just her wonderful terrific self.  As is Leona.  As is Charlie.  Although it’s hard to be invested in them given what the writers have put us through, I am pleased that Jim/Maggie got their happy ever after.  Loved the singing and playing of instruments.

But mostly I just loved Will/Mac, the banter and the flashbacks.

NCIS: LA: 6×11 – Humbug


A nice lighthearted case, with the opportunity to see how Callen and Sam hide their real jobs from people in their lives.


Best Christmas episode ever!!!

Madam Secretary: 1×03 – The Operative


What an amazing episode – I love seeing how Elizabeth handles her work life / family life and I loved the way her two worlds overlapped in this episode with Elizabeth asking Henry to compromise his integrity.  The two of them are becoming the new Eric/Tami from Friday Night Lights.  The plot arc regarding the release of the cables and rescuing the hostage from Pakistan was also really interesting and I’m glad that there was a happy ending.

The Mentalist: 7×07 – Little Yellow House


This season of The Mentalist has been awesome!  Usually once a couple gets together my interest wanes as I all about the build-up and UST but I’m loving Jane/Lisbon as a couple!

And we finally got to meet two of Lisbon’s brothers and it was wonderful.  (As was the last scene <3 <3 <3)

Stalker: 1×17 – Fun and Games

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Oh man this show has gotten so good in the past few episodes!

This episode was non-stop action and tension.  Who would’ve thought that I would actually end up feeling sorry for Perry?!

They better not kill Ben off!

Also I love that Ben and Janice totally ship Jack/Beth.

Chicago PD: 2×09 – Shouldn’t Have Been Alone


The team work to catch the person who set the contraption which shot Burgess.

I loved the tension in this episode, where every step might trigger a bomb.  I am really growing to like Sean Roman, and his past with the dog-cop has piqued my shipping radar – hope that is not the last we see of Spencer Grammer.

Chicago PD: 2×05 – An Honest Woman

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Of all the characters that I never thought I would like and ended up liking, Voight is definitely the most surprising.

Loved this episode – it was nice to see Voight vulnerable.  Loved the team for rallying around him.  It was an interesting case and so glad that Olive/Justin have a chance for their happy ever after.
Also, the little girl dressing up as  a policeman to face down her sister’s bullies <3.

The only thing I’m not keen on is Dawson’s storyline with the rich dodgy guy and his sexy wife.

Grey’s Anatomy: 11×16 – Don’t Dream It’s Over


An amazing episode where you are actually invested in the patients – it’s been ages since we’ve had an episode like that.

The guy who chose losing his memory rather than having to live with the fact he killed someone?  So tragic.  Made for a nice moment between Richard/Maggie though.

Loved the gang hanging out in the basement – just like old times!  Callie’s “You’re like a freaking romance novel!” and “Team MerDer!” <3.  Was also nice to see a lighthearted moment between Callie/Arizona.

Whilst I am sure that Derek didn’t cheat, the end of the episode certainly had be on edge.

Grey’s Anatomy: 11×12 – The Great Pretender

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How nice to have a relatively lighthearted, enjoyable episode.  Things I loved: Meredith/Maggie, Meredith/Alex, Meredith/herself, Arizona and Herman bonding, the scene where Herman, Alex and Jo take the piss out of Arizona, Owen/Amelia cuteness, Ben/his brother – finally a chance for Ben to have a storyline.

Chicago PD: 2×11 – We Don’t Work Together Anymore

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Ahhh Jay/Erin <3 <3 <3

Loved seeing Erin get to grips with working with her new taskforce.  Interesting case and a really sweet moment between Burgess/Roman.

The Mentalist: 7×09 – Copper Bullet


I really enjoyed this episode.  I thought it was going to be all ‘high stakes’ and tense due to it being about Abbott’s secret but it turned out to be a rather lighthearted, old-style con.  Complete, with a lovely team moment at the end, and a chance for Jane to tell Lisbon what he is really afraid of.

Chicago PD: 2×06 – Prison Ball


I’ve always liked, but never really loved, Atwater but he really came into his own in this episode.  Loved that he and Burgess still hang out.  Ruzek and Atwater undercover in the prison was awesome and I loved that Atwater really kicked ass.

The secondary story with Burgess, Roman and the juveniles was also good.  Roman is becoming a favourite of mine.

Chicago Fire: 3×03 – Just Drive The Truck


The best thing about this show is Shay and since they killed her off in the premiere, I did wonder if I could ever enjoy this show again and how long I would keep watching but I have to say that this episode was really good.

I liked the action side with the fire truck crash and then having to deal with the fallout, especially poor Cruz.  Thankfully, they didn’t drag out the resolution over several episodes. Then there’s Mills and his story arc.  I just knew he was going to fill Dawson’s slot as a paramedic and it will be interesting to see how he and Dawson get on in their new roles.

NCIS: LA: 6×16 – Expiration Date


A great Deeks/Kensi centric episode but I think it’s fair to say that this episode was also equally special because of the Deeks/Thapa friendship.  I’m sad that they killed him off.

Nashville: 3×09 – Two Sides To Every Story


Juliet stalking Avery was hilarious!  Loved seeing Avery, Scarlett and Avery sing and play together again.

Grey’s Anatomy: 11×07 – Can We Start Again, Please?

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It was nice to see Meredith bonding with her ‘sisters’ Maggie and Amelia.  This episode really made Amelia grow on me.  Really loved the group scene at the end in Meredith’s old house, especially Callie’s exclamation that they are all related by sex.

I didn’t think I would like Arizona’s story arc this season but I have to say that the Arizona/Herman has got me intrigued.  This episode was a strong episode case-wise because of Arizona’s case and the sweet man who saved his wife from the fire.

Nashville: 3×15 – That’s The Way Love Goes

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So many things to love about this episode – Avery, Scarlett, Gunnar forming a band and Gunnar trying to come up with a band name was the best thing ever!  Loved Rayna/Deacon/family moments.  Liked Scarlett/doctor although I’m rooting for Gunnar/Scarlett of course.  And thank God Rayna finally knows the truth about Deacon’s condition!

The Mentalist: 7×02 – The Greybar Hotel


Oh I so much love that Jane and Lisbon together now and I adore their teenage awkwardness around each other.

Hurray for a centric-Lisbon episode and the chance for her to go undercover and Jane come riding to her rescue.  I only wish that they waited until further down the season to play this card (maybe the series finale?) and that maybe Lisbon got beat up a little bit and had to go to hospital and woke with Jane by her side ……

Stalker: 1×13 – The News


I just want to state for the record that Perry is really really creepy.  I seriously hope they wrap this arc up by end of the series as every episode has been sitting on the edge of my seat.

Anyway, this episode had a great case and an adorable team ending.

Forever: 1×01 – Pilot


What a great start to a new crime procedural show with a twist.  I like the ongoing arcs of Henry’s ‘fan’ and also him having to make sure that no one actually sees him die and be reborn.

Chicago PD: 2×08 – Assignment of the Year


LIndsay/Halstead undercover in a sex club <3

Oh Antonio, I knew that this side-gig would not end well for you.  Interesting case.  I’m sad that his marriage is done for though.  His poor kids!

Stalker: 1×08 – Skin

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A really interesting episode without too much actual skin-crawling creepiness.  I really felt for the reformed skin-head guy and liked how there was more than one suspect.

NCIS: LA: 6×05 – Black Budget

tumblr_ne5jq4dUQJ1qdvep5o4_250 tumblr_ne5jq4dUQJ1qdvep5o5_250

This episode had the right mix of humour and action.  Sam and Callen’s interactions with the Mexican family were hilarious!  The plot was interesting and there were lots of bullets flying.  I liked that Granger came to save the day and that it wasn’t the real Delta team committing fraud.

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