If you watch as much television as I do then plot lines can get a bit repetitive.  Rarely is any twist new but rather recycled from another TV show so I decided to make a list of moments in this TV season that I didn’t see coming ….

Jane and Lisbon finally declare their love for each other (The Mentalist)



HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER IN ALL MY WILDEST DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This whole episode, from start to finish!  It was perfection!

I have waited six whole years for this and whilst I have always hoped that once Red John was put to bed, this would be a possibility, I never really thought we would get it.  I mean with Jane the way he is and everything he’s done, it would be so so so hard to have Jane/Lisbon happen whilst keeping things in-character but by God Bruno Heller managed it.

I kind of guessed Jane was behind the letter from the beginning and that scene on the beach where Lisbon worked out the code “all by herself” was really obvious.  And then the luxury hotel!  The suites!  The beautiful dresses!  The look on Jane’s face when Lisbon came down the stairs!  Lisbon being furious and throwing the drink in his face!  THEIR CONVERSATION THROUGH THE HOTEL DOOR!  JANE DECLARING HIS LOVE ON THE PLANE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!  KISSING!!!!!!!!!!

Arizona / Leah (Grey’s Anatomy)


Seriously, WTF?!  I love Arizona, LOVE Arizona.  Ever since she made her first appearance in Season 5, I have been head-over-heels in love with her.  She is cute, funny and awesome – she even made me like Callie which I didn’t think possible.  Then she lost her leg and cheated thereby falling out of favour but I started this season with an open mind …… and then she gets together with Leah the Intern and they start an affair.  Leah, WTF?!  I know Shonda needs to justify the existence of the interns (pairing off Jo with Alex, Stephanie with Jackson, Shane with Cristina and now Leah with Arizona) but SERIOUSLY?!  This came out of left-field and thereby tops this list.

The ending of the Red John arc (The Mentalist)


Where to start with this one?

i. Percy from Nikita (Sheriff Thomas McAllister) turned out to be Red John
ii. We were almost made to believe that Bertram was Red John
iii. Jane managed to kill Red John and get away with it (mostly)
iv. Creepy Bob Kirkland wasn’t Red John
v. There was a whole covert organisation of bad guys in law enforcement
vi. The show did a 2-year time jump
vii. Rigsby and Van Pelt got their happy-ever-after
viii. Kim Fischer turned out to be an FBI Agent sent to lure Jane back to the US

Deeks / Kensi (NCIS: Los Angeles)


I think since the Season 4 finale, it’s been quite clear that Season 5 would be the Deeks/Kensi season but did anyone see the final scene of 5×09 coming?  Nicely played writers.

Will / Mackenzie (The Newsroom)

tumblr_mt7jugTXbe1r1v6lio7_r1_250_zps6a8259c0 tumblr_mt7jugTXbe1r1v6lio8_r1_250_zpsca733634

One of my favourite TV moments of the season!  Whilst I think we all knew that the engagement ring would make its way onto Mac’s finger sooner or later, it did surprise me that Will managed to move past the whole ‘cheating’ thing and Will/Mac started their HEA at the end of the second season.

Webber meets his daughter and Meredith’s half-sister (Grey’s Anatomy)


I didn’t think it was possible for Grey’s Anatomy to surprise me any more but when Richard sat down on that bench next to Dr Pierce and she told him that she was adopted and recently found out that her birth mother was Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother?  I have to say I didn’t see that coming.

I wonder if this is something Shonda has always had up her sleeve or if it’s just been thought of recently to keep the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy when/if Ellen decides to move on.

Hank Voight given his own show (Chicago PD)


After being the ‘baddie’ in Chicago Fire for a season, who would have thought that bad guy Voight would have the chance to become one of the good guys in Chicago PD?  It definitely adds a different dynamic to the cop drama.

Haddie is a lesbian (Parenthood)


I got spoiled about this before I got round to watching this episode but if I hadn’t then this would have been a major shock.  Seriously!  Kind of breaks my heart as I wanted her to get back with Michael B.Jordan’s character in the final season as I loved them together.

Alex Blake quits the BAU (Criminal Minds)

tumblr_n5lqi1KWwF1tuhkuio2_250 tumblr_n5lqi1KWwF1tuhkuio1_250

I totally didn’t see Alex’s departure coming.  I hadn’t watched the promo or read spoilers so I didn’t know we were losing a member of the team but as it was thought it was done beautifully.  No one could ever replace Prentiss but Alex really did grow on me and I’m sad that she’s going but her final scene with Reid was just perfect.

Isaiah Washington Returning (Grey’s Anatomy)


Given the cloud under which Isaiah Washington was forced to leave Grey’s Anatomy, I never thought we would see him back again, even if it is for Cristina’s farewell.

Paget Brewster Returning (Criminal Minds)

I really thought that she was out for good at the end of Season but am glad to see her again in the show’s 200th episode.

Kensi’s missing fiancé reappears …. (NCIS: Los Angeles)


… and it turns out he ran away from her because of PTSD, joined a tribe in the wilds of Afghanistan, converted to Islam and married an Afghan woman and had a daughter and then became a contact for the CIA who were then trying to kill him.

We are let to believe that Birkoff is an evil double when in fact he was just trying to save his estranged father (Nikita)


It took me a long time to believe that Birkoff wasn’t in fact a double.

Ryan committing choosing suicide rather than be brainwashed by Amanda (Nikita)


Unfortunately I got spoiled that Ryan dies but I have to say I did not expect it to happen the way it did.

April gets married to Jackson the same day she left another guy at the altar (Grey’s Anatomy)


Or really the whole of the midseason premiere.  This season has been shockingly awful and whilst it was a bit of a shock to find that April/Jackson were married, most of the episode was just shockingly bad – Shane, Leah, Stephanie, Jo – I just don’t care about them, Alex/Dad – again, couldn’t careless, Callie/Arizona – like riding a really bad rollercoaster this season, poor Meredith has lost Derek to POTUS, Bailey was irritable in this episode, in fact the only person that I could stand throughout the whole thing was Ben.

Dwain gets murdered and Topher gets shot (The Night Shift)

To be honest I expected more from this episode and I was really hoping that Jordan would be the one to be in danger to bring out TC’s protective side.  Still, was shocked to see Dwain and then Topher go down.

Nick Jonas (Hawaii Five-0)

I can’t claim to have ever listened to the Jonas Brothers or watched any of their TV show (they had a show, right?!) but in a case of writing someone off before they had the chance to prove themselves, I scoffed when I heard he was going to guest-star on H50.  Well, blow me – he was surprisingly good!

Jesse/Khali and their lightning speed relationship (Played)

I love this little-talked-about show and especially loved shipping Jesse/Khali so I feel robbed that they basically got together and broke up in one episode!  Whilst I completely understand that it’s not the sort of show to have a long drawn-out relationship drama but I still feel robbed.  Robbed I tell you!  Therefore, I am hoping for a) a second season and b) revisiting the Jesse/Khali goodness.

A Resident makes a sexual harassment complaint against their boss (Grey’s Anatomy)

The shock here is not that finally someone spoke to HR about the sexual goings on at Seattle Grace Hospital Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital but rather it took the writers a DECADE to use this obvious plot arc.

And some WTF moments from shows that I don’t even watch …..

Ted and Robin are confirmed as OTP (How I Met Your Mother)


I stopped watching this show after the third season mainly because I was a huge Ted/Robin shipper and I was told repeatedly that there was no hope for them long-term.  Imagine my happiness to find out that they do end up together at the very end!  So whilst the rest of the fandom is spitting blood, I have a big smile on my face.  Perhaps in the distant future I will catch up on the rest of the series now ….

Will Gardner is killed off (The Good Wife)


I have only ever watched a handful of episodes from Season One, but even I knew that Will/Alicia were OTP so I am as shocked as everyone else that TPTB decided to kill Will off.

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