The Mentalist: 6×22 – Blue Bird [FINALE]

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This whole episode, from start to finish!  It was perfection!

I have waited six whole years for this and whilst I have always hoped that once Red John was put to bed, this would be a possibility, I never really thought we would get it.  I mean with Jane the way he is and everything he’s done, it would be so so so hard to have Jane/Lisbon happen whilst keeping things in-character but by God Bruno Heller managed it.

I kind of guessed Jane was behind the letter from the beginning and that scene on the beach where Lisbon worked out the code “all by herself” was really obvious.  And then the luxury hotel!  The suites!  The beautiful dresses!  The look on Jane’s face when Lisbon came down the stairs!  Lisbon being furious and throwing the drink in his face!  THEIR CONVERSATION THROUGH THE HOTEL DOOR!  JANE DECLARING HIS LOVE ON THE PLANE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!  KISSING!!!!!!!!!!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate how hilarious this episode was!  Abbott – the biggest Jane/Lisbon shipper!  CHO being clueless!!!  THE ABBOTT/CHO COMEDY DUO!  “Really?!  You don’t know why?!”  “Don’t know why what?” *Abbott eyeroll* “I don’t see it, they’re like brother and sister.  There’s no way.”

The case itself, with everyone bursting into Jane’s room trying to seek revenge when all Jane cares about is drowning his sorrows – hilarious!  And just the music score throughout the whole episode <3.

The Mentalist: 6×07 – The Great Red Dragon + 6×08 – Red John


Wow, and so the Red John arc finally draws to a close.  I haven’t been obsessed with the show in years so I couldn’t tell you if the resolution really does tie up every loose end and fits with all the info we’ve been given before.  However, it was definitely a deserving conclusion.  The showdown with the FBI team, Bertram being a red herring as was Bob Kirkland and like half a dozen other guys.

Criminal Minds:  9×14 – 200
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This was everything you would want in a 200th episode.  JJ was excellent and whilst having Prentiss back was a hit, I absolutely loved how they tied JJ’s undercover backstory in with the timeline of the Prentiss/Doyle thing.  The scene between the two of them on the plane when JJ was taking Emily to Paris <3, JJ hallucinating and imaging Prentiss with her and Prentiss being the one to rescue her TWICE.  Also, bringing back Strauss <3.

The twist about Cruz was something I didn’t see coming and I liked the implication of some one-sided Cruz/JJ.  Will/Henry – yay!  Whole team love at the end!

NCIS: Los Angeles: 5×10 – The Frozen Lake



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And cue a giant leap in the Deeks/Kensi relationship.  This episode was a goldmine for Deeks/Kensi fans.  Deeks protecting Kensi from gunfire, Deeks not wanting to take the shot in case he missed, Kensi punching Deeks because of it, the Frozen Lake metaphor, the Fern/Max scene, Kensi giving Deeks her father’s knife, Kensi rushing in to rescue Deeks, Deeks taking the shot, Deeks/Kensi and the “talking about this” scene ….

And the case itself with the Gurkha was interesting too.

The Newsroom: 2×09 – Election Night, Part 2 [FINALE]



And other thoughts ….. Don/Sloan <3 <3 <3 <3. Don has redeemed himself this season. I still can’t forgive him for the way he treated Maggie but Don/Sloan are so cute I just want to forget about all the Don/Maggie era. I think Don and Maggie just bring the worse out in each other.

Whilst I didn’t think Jim and Maggie would get their HEA this season, I didn’t quite think we would be where we are with them now. Were the flashbacks to the Pilot really necessary during their heart-to-heart?  I just don’t know what to do with Maggie any more. She is probably the character I am least invested in.

Charlie/Reese/Leona – they all crack me up. Charlie is just complete love.

Grey’s Anatomy: 10×24 – Fear (Of The Unknown) [FINALE]

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Sandra Oh’s final episode and it was the perfect sendoff.  There was the ‘big drama’ of the huge trauma case to keep the episode busy but that wrapped up pretty early giving enough time for a series of perfect Meredith/Cristina moments.  Meredith putting Cristina in the cab, THE DANCING IT OUT to a song I always associate with GA, Cristina’s speech to Meredith ….. I liked that they wrote Shane out by having him go with Cristina.  Poor Owen/Cristina never really had a proper goodbye but I think that was for the best and worked well because there is no way there can ever be real closure there.

And the reveal about Dr Pierce being Ellis Grey’s daughter who she gave up for adoption and therefore Richard’s daughter and Meredith’s half-sister?  Woah, I did not see that coming.  Way to keep the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy!

I obviously don’t like the Derek/Meredith tension so that’s a downer in what was otherwise a surprisingly upbeat finale for Grey’s.

Nashville: 2×22 – On The Other Hand [FINALE]

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I really enjoyed this season of Nashville, much more than I thought I would.  The latter half was especially strong and I think I should have included more episodes on this list than I did.

Anyway, onto this episode ….. my absolute favourite thing was Rayna being there for Juliette and the two of them sticking it to Jeff.  I love the Rayna/Juliette frenemy relationship <3.  Oh and Deacon/Rayna, obviously I ship them but it is hard to be totally in love with the scene at the end when Luke is such a good guy as well ….  *sigh*.  Juliette/Avery broke my heart but I am glad that the whole Jeff thing is in the open and didn’t drag onto the next season.  Gunner/Scarlett scene was so so beautiful.  And then there’s Will …. so his coming out is definitely going to blow up next season but I pray and pray this means it will be the end of Layla hanging around.  I even prefer Teddy to her!

The Mentalist: 6×20 -Il Tavolo Bianco


Oh the Jane/Lisbon tension! The dinner, that scene at the end …..  “I want you to know, I really want you to be happy.”

I really like Pike but of course Jane/Lisbon is where my heart lies.  I love that Abbott is blatantly shipping Jane/Lisbon.

Grey’s Anatomy: 10×17 – Do You Know?


I am usually a bit ambivalent about Cristina and am tired of the Owen/Cristina drama but I LOVED this episode.

I didn’t realise until a fair way in that it was dream sequence – somehow I even bought the idea of Cristina getting a dog especially as it was such a, uh, unique one and I thought it was fantastic to explore how differently Cristina, Owen, and the rest of the gang’s lives would play out depending on if Cristina got back with Owen for real.  It also gave us a possible glimpse into the future lives of the characters well after when the show ends.

NCIS: Los Angeles: 5×01 – Ascension


A fantastic resolution the the Season 4 finale.  Poor Deeks.  Some awesome Deeks/Kensi moments, especially at the end …..”The place I went to in my head to stop the pain was you.  I just kept thinking about your smile, and your laugh, everything, it’s the only thing that got me through for whatever it’s worth.”

Parenthood: 5×22 – The Pontiac [FINALE]


This season has been a missed bag, due to the falling apart of Joel/Julia’s marriage.  However, this episode was a success.

My favourite part was Victor’s essay and the Joel/Julia family time.  Hetty’s news was a bit of a surprise but I liked how it was dealt with.  Zeke giving Drew the car was a wonderful moment (but I SO don’t care about Drew/Natalie).  I don’t have any real feelings on Hank/Sarah or Ryan/Amber.

Criminal Minds:  9×24 – Demons (Part II) [FINALE]


This was by no means the best season finale the show has ever done but with the numerous life/death moments and gun battles, I have to give it ‘A’ for effort.

I totally didn’t see Alex’s departure coming.  I hadn’t watched the promo or read spoilers so I didn’t know we were losing a member of the team but as it was thought it was done beautifully.  No one could ever replace Prentiss but Alex really did grow on me and I’m sad that she’s going but her final scene with Reid was just perfect.

Played: 1×08 – Poison

Jesse/Khali <3 <3 <3. Loved seeing them undercover and the scene where Khali saves Jesse’s life … it was like seeing various stages of their relationship played out in one single episode.

Parenthood: 5×15 – Just Like Home

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One of the reasons why I didn’t keep up with Parenthood whilst it aired was that I really did not want to watch the downward spiral of Joel/Julia.  They are my favourite couple in the show and one of my all time favourite married couples so it’s sad to see them like this.  However, their separation did make for some awesome scenes in this episode: Joel being a single Dad, an awesome Braverman sibling scene which I’ve waited all season for and the wonderful Victor/Julia phone call scene.  Victor/Julia breaks my heart every time.

In terms of everything else …. I am rooting for Carl/Sarah and I think it’s time for Hank to make his retreat, and I don’t really care for the Drew/Amy storyline.

NCIS: Los Angeles: 5×22 – One More Chance


A good case and some very cute light-hearted Deeks/Kensi moments.

The Night Shift: 1×05 – Storm Watch

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TC/Jordan <3.  Love that moment where she blows her hair.  So cute.

Parenthood: 5×18 – The Offer


Absolutely heartbreaking scenes between Kristina/Max/Adam and Joel/Victor in this episode.  The only disappointing thing about this episode is Drew.  He seriously needs to get over Amy/Nathalie already and Amber shouldn’t be enabling him!

The Night Shift: 1×01 – Pilot


A great opening to the series.  I’ve been waiting for this to air ever since I read the synopsis released at the 2013 upfronts.  The TV world needs more hospital dramas.   TC/Jordan <3.

Criminal Minds: 9×05 – Route 66


I loved the Hotch/Haley/Foyet dream story that played out.  The case itself with a guy who “kidnapped” his daughter was also interesting and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy even though he is a killer.

Criminal Minds: 9×07 – Gatekeeper


A really interesting case of a serial killer targeting apparently random people rounded off by the team singing karaoke.

NCIS: Los Angeles: 5×02 – Impact

It's a Love Story 2

Whilst it was great to have Nate back to evaluate Sam and Deeks, the real joy of this episode came from the final scene between Deeks/Kensi which not only mirrors other times they have been to each other’s houses with takeaway but also has Deeks utter the immortal words “It’s a love story”.

Chicago Fire: 2×07 – No Regrets


Massive train crash … woah.  Also the first episode which really endeared Clarke to me.  Casey/the kids are cute.

Chicago Fire: 2×04 – A Nuisance Call


Jay/Dawson, Shay being breaking down after a guy commits suicide in front of her and the end of the arsonist arc.

Played: 1×05 – Guns

I loved getting some Jesse backstory.

Chicago Fire: 2×09 – You Will Hurt Him


Shay goes off the deep end and Severide makes a plea to Dawson to help which tugs at my heartstrings.  Cruz/Leon.

Chicago Fire: 2×10 – Not Like This


The firehouse is about to close – or is it?  The gang come up with a plan to save firehouse 51, Dawson’s dreams of being a firefighter are revealed, cute kid with a petition and Casey is injured.

Hawaii Five-0: 4×08 – Akanahe (Reluctant Partner)

I didn’t realise until I had finished watching that this had one of the Jonas brothers in it.  Anyway, I didn’t see the twist coming.  Very smooth plot and good way to get Steve and Grover working together.

Nikita: 4×02 – Dead or Alive

Nikita is reunited with her team, Owen/Sam and Alex team up, Ryan has an awesome whiteboard thing going on and Birkoff, well …. intriguing twist there!

Chicago PD: 1×15 – A Beautiful Friendship [FINALE]


Great to get some Lindsay background and some nice Halstead/Lindsay scenes.  It wasn’t as an action-packed episode as I feared but the ending made me sad – I really like Archie Kao.

The Mentalist: 6×16 -Violets


A nice light-hearted episode which was interesting from start to finish and full of Jane/Lisbon moments (and speculation from other characters whether they are/aren’t a couple).  Loved them going undercover as a couple and Lisbon getting a legit love-interest to make Jane jealous.

Chicago PD: 1×01 – Stepping Stone


Pilots are usually hit or miss but this one was awesome.  It gave a great introduction to the characters and was fast-paced and thrilling.

Hawaii Five-0: 4×10 – Ho’onani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father)

Don’t judge an episode by its summary – I thought I wouldn’t be interested by an episode driven by the past of two elderly men but it was surprisingly interesting and I loved the flashbacks to WWII.

Hawaii Five-0: 4×13 – Hana Lokomaika’i (The Favor)

Whilst I like Chin Ho, he isn’t a character I am particularly invested in so when I read the summary for this episode and saw that it was a Chin -centric episode and explored his past and his relationship with Malia, I didn’t think it would turn out to be particularly interesting.  Boy was I wrong!  It was definitely one of the best episodes in the recent batch.  Nice tie-in with Steve’s father as well.

Nashville: 2×10 – Tomorrow Never Comes


Peggy is finally killed off!  Hurray!

I also liked the idea of Deacon working with Gunner and creating an alternative music festival stage.

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