Without A Trace: 6×06 – Where and Why

Am I the only one who thought that the CSI/WAT crossover was the funniest thing in a long long time?

Seriously there were so many moments where I was just cracking up mainly from the way Jack and Grissom play off of each other but also just …….. everything.

Like when Jack is being all FBI and control freak like to Jack when he’s talking to the CSIs and Catherine just raises her eyebrows and gives the look.

And the Jack/Grissom/Sara scene in Grissom’s office.  I laughed so hard I actually almost cried.   Yes yes there was a moment I’d joked about long ago whereby Jack tries to pass on his infinite wisdom about screwing a work colleague to the slightly perturbed Grissom.

And then the Jack/Grissom/Elena moment in New York and Grissom just gives Jack the look saying ‘Eh hehehe this must be the work relationship you were talking about ….”

But the jackpot with Grissom/Samantha.    Tears.  There were literal tears falling down my face.  The only thing better than this would be if there was a Grissom/Samantha/Jack scene.

I know this was meant to be a deadly serious case with a lot of murders which gives the writers the opportunity to show Sara’s faith in her job breaking etc. (which by the way Grissom shouldn’t have looked so disturbed by because surely he must have known how she was feeling before now?!) but honest to god I could not stop laughing.  There were scenes in which I would have sworn I was watching some kind of DVD extra where Billy Petersen and Anthony LaPaglia kind of spoof it up to parody the crime show genre and the FBI/Police strained relationship.

Seriously though the case was weak and didn’t draw me in at all (which is a shame because I watched WAT’s previous episode and almost passed out by how shockingly good it was and I even kind of liked the Sam-being-pregnant moments although imho when Martin and Samantha were in the car together she should have just blurted out that she was pregnant to him ……) ANYWAY going off on a tangent there … yeah the case wasn’t great and the fact that they had to stretch it out over two hours only made it weaker.

But the moments!  The moments = pure gold!

CSI:NY: 4×07 – Commuted Sentences

Imagine my joy to have a CSI:NY episode which, despite the case being a bit flaky, contained just about every ship imaginable.  I mean seriously.  They were just pelting us with scenes – even scenes of ships that I don’t ship but I could see how shippers would be happy.  More specific ramblings under the cut!

No that can’t be right ….. did TPTB just give us a cute Danny/Lindsay scene?!  Nope, I must be dreaming ……  Aside from the obvious it’s nice to see Lindsay a) out in the field and b) actually doing something and being proactive.

Mac/Stella just love them being on screen together even if it’s mainly just case work.  It’s a bit random but you know the whole hairspray/chemical names lines?  It was like a mirror of basically every episode of Bones with the Brennan and Zach and sometimes Hodgins being geeky and precise with scientific terms and Booth and Cam and sometimes Angela saying “You know you could just say jars/bones/whatever ….. ” Anyone else make that connection?  Okay just me ……

I don’t know how everyone else feels about the Flack/Angell scene but I loved it because I adore Flack and I usually ship characters I love that much but until now I haven’t found someone I can happily ship him with but this scene was cute and funny and I hope we get more Flack/Angell scenes which I guess isn’t very likely since most of the time they’ll be working different cases.

Adam/Kendall is something I don’t … get.  I don’t feel it and Adam’s awkwardness is kinda … awkward and Kendall seems like someone I wouldn’t like very much if I knew her in real life.  I dunno, maybe she’ll grown on me.

Case-wise ……The thing about when they try to link up two cases which start off being unrelated is the way they’re connected is often rather shaky or just a bit too unbelievable.  So it started off with the rape victim being accused of murdering her rapist who got let off.  Obviously you know she didn’t do it from the start but hasn’t this plot line been used several times before?  Maybe not in CSI:NY but I’m pretty sure I’ve watched a case based on this in some crime show or another.  I love Flack in his flak jacket (get it?  … hehe … he) though.
Incidentally I also like how it’s not like CSI when Catherine goes through a whole lot of shit and she’s as right as rain ever after and they don’t refer back to it but here I loved how now and again they refer back to what Stella’s been through and how that gives her a different perspective on the case.

But the continuity bothers me.  It’s like Stella’s would-be boyfriend and Mac’s stalker is thrust on us in the first few episodes and then it’s like yeah, whatever, they don’t exist any more and then all of a sudden it’ll be *major drama* alert when they reappear.

Grey’s Anatomy: 2×16 – It’s The End Of The World & 2×17 – As We Know It

This cap makes them look like they’re actually kissing.  It’s quite disturbing.

Yes that is Cristina actually laughing.

I think the two different shower scenes at the beginning and end of the episode was a really clever idea.  You’ve got that opening scene to catch the viewer’s attention but then you have the stark contrast at the end.

Cristina’s supportive face.  Totally not believing Meredith’s feeling that she’s going to die today.

Quiet board.

The interns.

Bailey’s back!


One of my favourite scenes.  Cracks me up every time.  “How mid-century of you.”

Run Alex RUN!

“I did not just say that.”

Bring it on.

That’s it, you tell them Dylan!

Sexy sexy guy.

“You MORON!”

Love this moment.  You have that awesome Chris Martin track playing and then you just see Meredith and she’s whispering “What have I done?  What have I done?”

“OK, you know when you don’t need to be made fun of? Like when you have your hand inside a body that’s got a bomb in it and a stranger is Velcro-ing a flak jacket to your boobs.”  Meredith has some of the best quotes in this episode!

OTP.  Okay, it’s just me ……

Burke’s super-cool pose.

Izzie and her men.

Izzie having an inappropriate reaction to the thought that Meredith’s about to become a corpse.

Alex not being a jerk.

“… but I tend to be glass half-empty these days …”

Addison wants to kill George.



“I gave you sex in a linen closet.”

Cristina: “Meredith’s the girl with the bomb.”

Meredith’s freaking out face.

McDreamy’s McDreamy face.

Derek/Dylan hybrid.


“You did good.”

Anna Nalick rocks this whole sequence.  I became obsessed with ‘Breathe (2am)’.

Pink Mist.  R.I.P. Dylan.

Chief’s Wife: “That’s not the she he was asking for.”

She would blatantly have more cuts on her.

And I love the following three-in-a-bed moments because firstly you have the whole SERIOUSLY moments and then you have George saying “Does anyone want to have sex?” which totally foreshadows future episodes.

CSI: 7×24 – Living Doll

CSI Season 7 Finale = Worst Finale Ever.

It was just boring. Nothing happened. Sometimes seeing it from the criminal’s perspective heightens the suspense but this time it just killed what little zap the story had left. It’s such a shame since some of the best (using that word liberally) episodes this Season have been the miniature-killer ones.

It was nice to get some Grissom/Catherine scenes – just to see them work together as friends and sharing glasses and such. And the scene were Grissom matter-of-factly tells the team that he loves Sara – the look on everyone’s face was just … special.

And I think Greg actually spoke in this episode though if you blinked, you probably missed it. It’s the finale for gawd’s sake – give all your characters something to do at least! The absolutely tragic thing about it is that I couldn’t care either way whether they kill Sara off or not. I mean that’s just sad that I’m so apathetic to it. If they don’t, then even though I definitely don’t ship Grissom/Sara, I hope we get an action-packed tearful, emotional rescue scene so at least I can say that something happened.

Even by the poor standard of CSI these days, the finale was incredibly poor. Not even frustrating or parody like or un-CSI like. It just fell completely flat.

CSI: 7×20 – Lab Rats

Am slightly concerned that based on the last episode, and the whole shaving scene three episodes ago, CSI is turning into a parody of its former self.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed ‘Lab Rats’. I really did. I love Archie like woah and I think Wendy’s really cool. (Though before this episode I liked Hodges but by the end of ‘Lab Rats’ he really started to grate on me.) The brief moments with the other CSIs were funny and amusing.


So the basic idea of this episode was to remind the audience of the miniature killer story so far so the flashbacks were pretty dull as I’ve seen all the episodes but I can understand why they wanted to do this………. but they went waaaaay too far with the physical humour. The whole Grissom/Doc/Rat thing was borderline but Hodges’ flashback?????!!!!!!!!!! (And Wendy really reminds me of Sara in the good old days. Just thought I’d throw that out there.)

CSI:NY: 3×18 – Sleight Out of Hand

Okay, firstly screw the case.  I think for a show to really succeed there’s got to be a large focus on the characters (check!) combined with a realistic, intriguing case.  But my review isn’t going to be about the case this time.  After all, personally, the magician case this time?  Not so good.

Murder of 4 girls ten years ago in Montana?  Now that’s a case.  But more on that later.

Now, expect fangirly and spontaneous anaphora of particularly emotive words.  But, oddly enough, for an amazing episode, I do have criticisms.  But they’re so tiny and they had to exist for the whole OMGAMAZINGNESS to exist so I’m just mentioning them now to get them away.

I wanted to see Lindsay’s parents.  (this isn’t a criticism as I know there wasn’t time etc. etc) this is just a statement of a wish of mine.  They’re written, understandably, into many fanfics and I just wanted to meet them for my own curiosity.  Oh well, imagination rules!

Another thing I want to know his how Danny found out about Lindsay’s past/why she’s in Montana.  I want to know whether she called and told him / whether Stella/Mac gave him hints / or what.  I mean he knew by the time he got to Montana so please god tell me how as it’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life.  Or at least until I get it out of my system.

Danny talks to himself a lot in this episode.  I be worried about him.  He needs a psychiatrist ….. just kidding.  The fact that he was suffering from tiredness and having visions of beautiful, happy, bouncy Lindsay was, erm, I dunno.  It didn’t sit well.  The premise for his tiredness was believable but unnecessary.  Plus with him being so tired, he obviously could not have gone another twelve hours or whatever it was without sleep without making mistakes or …. I dunno, I just don’t like the Danny-being-tired plotline for no good reason that I can’t explain so let’s move on ………

Danny does airport-shopping.  It’s a fact.  Gone with the blue shirt, in with the dark purple one, new jacket, new jeans by the time he arrives at the courthouse.  And no he didn’t have time to shop and change in Montana because I did the maths and the whole situation is probably impossible given the restrictions on flight times anyway so if you add in a shopping trip it just doesn’t work.

I guess with Stella being possibly HIV Positive, we’re going to get this mentioned for the next six episodes or whatever it is left of the season (OMG only six more episodes?  *cries*  Where has this season gone?!) but the whole website inclusion was just a bit too blatant.  But again, I understand the reasoning.

The mountain-forest-wheatfield shots screaming ‘We’re going to Montana’?  Hmm.  I don’t have a better idea how to portray it but it was rather too ….. obvious?  Poetic?  It’s nearly 4am and I can’t think of the word.  I’m just dissecting waaaay too much.

The music during pretty much the whole episode?  I usually love the original music scored for CSI:NY but this episode?  Especially during the end?  Waaaay too romantic and exaggerated.

The end scene.  OMG how can she have a problem with the !OMGDannyAndLindsayNearlyKissScene?  Okay, first there’s the fact that they don’t actually kiss………  Actually, that’s a good thing.  If they kissed it would scream ROMANTIC COMEDY even more than it already did so I’m actually glad they didn’t.  After all, we all know that we are going to see them kiss sooner or later.  Plus I have a penchant for writing post-eps so if they kissed I would have absolutely nothing to work with.  Anyway, I digress.  So instead they went with the cliché, often-used plot device of an interruption, most often found in fanfiction.

Hey, I LOVE clichés.  I’m a MASSIVE ADVOCATE of the cliché but when it appears real and alive before me on my screen?  The only word comes to mind is SERIOUSLY?!?!  The slow motion at the end when Danny and Lindsay are about to kiss?  SERIOUSLY?  That happened?  That wasn’t in my head or in my imagination?  Or in Lindsay’s head. ‘She tugged on his hand and he turned towards her.  Now she was free from the demons of her past, she could finally do the one thing she had been wanting to do all along.  Their heads slowly came together in slow motion.’

Okay, enough with the bad points.  In fact, they’re not bad points at all.  They were just serious surprising moments to be found in a Crime Scene Investigation show as all.  Personally?  I love the gooeyness and rom comness.  I just had to put that in there because I expect the people who watch the show only for the cases would probably find the last scene a irking and the ‘Danny sees Lindsay’s vision’ way too cliché and soppy.

BUT OMG THE GOOD POINTS.  Firstly, there’s the whole end scene which is cliché and I love it……. But I’ll save that to the end.

Things I loved about this?  Stella/Sid’s banter over the dead body.  Flack/Hawkes banter about Houdini – OMG how funny and utterly cool was Flack in this episode?  *marries Eddie Cahill*……  Danny setting Mac on fire?  Love, love, love.

Mac giving Stella a rose?  I mean, seriously, I’m not greedy.  I knew we were getting Danny/Lindsay in this so I really did not expect a Mac/Stella moment too.  Okay so it wasn’t really a moment some might say.  But usually those kind of unmoments moments are what gets me through the week.  You know, writing unspoken UST into scenes presented as purely platonic.

But my favourite non-Danny/Lindsay scene?  The Stella/Lindsay phone scene.  Any of you who are crazy enough to have read my rambles recently will have scene that regarding relationships in CSI:NY I go: Danny/Lindsay, Mac/Stella, the Stella/Lindsay friendship.  So this episode gave me check, check and check.  I love their friendship so sue me.  I love how Lindsay looks up to Stella and how Stella looks after her and calls her kiddo.  I love that with this show the writers have built relationships between all the characters and made all those relationships important, even the platonic ones like Stella/Lindsay and Danny/Flack.   So YAY Stella and Lindsay talk.  Stella gives Lindsay advice.  Stella calls Lindsay kiddo.  Stella notices Lindsay’s not quite right.  End perfect sequence.  Which gets even more perfect by Stella telling Danny about said sequence.  Incidentally did anyone think that Danny looked like a giant DOOFUS in this scene?  Don’t get me wrong.  I know they were playing up his tiredness and distractedness when it came to Lindsay but seriously?

[Let me just say here that if we don’t get a scene whereby Stella & Lindsay talk about the whole HIV thing I’m going to cry.  A lot.  And I’ll be offended on Lindsay’s behalf that Stella didn’t confide in her.]

ANYWAY ….. The Lindsay-vision scene?  Cheesy like hell but oh so cute.  Pregnancy definitely suits some people and Anna Belknap and Amanda Peet prove that.

Danny walking out of his apartment door with nothing but his keys?  Cute.  The talking to himself?  Not so cute.  Haha!  I’m picky!  I really thought that when he was looking through his post he was going to find another card from Lindsay or something to give him solid ground to fly across the country.  Hmm.  Guess it just makes it all the more cute that he went anyway.   Bit of an unnecessary scene though.  Would have worked better if we see Danny at end of shift in the locker room pondering there.

Now now, we finally make it to Montana.  Where both the prosecutor and the defendant were incredibly hot.  No, wait, wasn’t meant to be focussing on them.  It’s Lindsay’s moment……

The moment when Lindsay sees Danny walk into the courtroom?  Totally stole the show for me.  I watched it over and over and over and over and over and y’know it was so good if the writers had left it at that and not had the end scene then I would probably have yelled and screamed, but in the end that look would’ve placated me.

And then THE shippy scene at the end ………. No one does a hand-hold like Danny and Lindsay.  It beat the Michael/Sara handporn in a recent ‘Prison Break’ episode and that’s saying something.  The hug?  Okay, no one can nail a hug scene like David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel as Booth and Brennan in ‘Bones’ but then they have had tons of practice so it’s not really fair to compare Carmine and Anna to them.  It needed to be longer and prolonged I feel but Danny seemed in a massive hurry to get out of there.

BUT when he goes to walk away and she grips his hand and doesn’t move making him turn around?  Favourite shippy moment.  Love love love love love love.  And the horrified look on her face when the reporters interrupt?  Absolute CLASSIC Lindsay-look.  The old Lindsay Monroe is back ladies and gentlmen. I LOVE.

I’ve only just realised that we don’t actually get to hear Danny/Lindsay speak any words to each other which is slightly disappointing but works so well.  But OMG the MUSIC?!  WHY? WHY? WHY?  They might as well have a hung a ‘THIS IS OUR SHIPPY MOMENT’ sign over Danny and Lindsay’s head.

I-just-………………..  I feel like, regarding all the Lindsay scenes, I’ve just watched someone film the scenes from a fanfic and stuck them into an episode written by a writer.  I LOVE THEM with my mind, body and spirit (hehe!) but I’m still in a state of suspended disbelief I think.

Hope for the future?  I want Mac/Stella/Hawkes/Sid/Flack to comment on Danny going out to Montana (but I think this is something rather too trivial to actually make it on screen).

And I want the writers to not screw up my favourite couple.  I’m personally all about the UST.  That’s the part I find exciting, waiting to find out when my OTP are going to get together.  Of course I love the part after too ….. but only if it’s handled right.  I don’t want any third person involved and jealousy which isn’t of the cute unfounded kind.

So now to enjoy the fun and the fluff before the Angst reappears.  I don’t want to spoil the ecstatic moment but we all know this is American TV Drama and the happily-ever-after only ever exists in our imagination.  Cynical?  Me? Never!  But for now OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG DANNY & LINDSAY!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

CSI:NY: 3×17 – The Ride In

Crazy crazy episode but brilliant. When Mac saw the giraffe walk past at the end? LMAO! And Stella had some of the best lines ever! ‘Smoking kills’ and ‘What are we playing? Who gets cancer first?’ Flack was his usual hilarious self too.

For anyone who’s a smoker (which I most definitely am not) I guess you could get annoyed by the blatant anti-smoking campaign this episode carried especially when they did that ‘CSI shot’ of the lungs filling up with tar etc. and using the shots of Osama Bin Laden etc. in that video ……. coupled with the HIV storyline I think it’s good that they’re touching controversial matters. Probably wouldn’t have had all 3 in one episode but there you go – Lindsay leaves a big hole. :p The whole Sid thing definitely felt forced and contrived but if CSI:NY has set out to make people aware of HIV and all the different aspects (can’t be passed on from mouth to mouth etc.) then I guess we’re going to have a good few moments like this week’s. Having said that, it could be done a lot worse and the moment with Stella and Sid at the end was very sweet.

Mac and Stella moment at the beginning. Firstly I’m glad that Stella told two people in one episode and not kept it a secret for several episodes etc. etc. because blatantly even strong Stella would have told Mac pretty early on. And it was so sweet the way Mac held her and their faces were touching and she had her eyes closed and *flails* the shipper in me died because I was waiting for a scene like that in ‘All Access’ and was sorely disappointed.

But hello? I expected Lindsay to get some kind of mention in 4 episodes and at least see Danny give one longing look. But on the other hand with Stella’s storyline if they had Lindsay being mentioned in there too, it would be too heavily character focused so I can accept the lack of Lindsay especially since she’ll be back SOON.

CSI: 7×15 – Law Of Gravity

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing against Grissom. Most of the time. After all I ship him. With Catherine. But as far as I’m concerned, the past four episodes where he has been absent have been the BEST since Season 3 (or parts of Season 5 at a push). I mean KEPPLER. He was intriguing and interesting and the past 4 episodes have had him and Catherine sharing the largest chunk of screentime which couldn’t make me happier since Catherine is the only character in the show that I really truly care about anymore. Oh and Archie because he’s adorable. And actually though I hated her inclusion at the beginning, I’m turning into a big Sofia fan as well. And of course Wendy had her biggest part yet in this episode!

Anyway, I digress. The last few episodes with Keppler and Catherine playing the biggest roles were among the best of the season in my opinion. I think the writers outdid themselves trying to compensate for the loss of Grissom and it really paid off. Amazingly so. And I love Catherine playing a big part but not in the ‘let’s have her kidnapped, possibly raped, involved in a car crash, have her daughter kidnapped, have her father die in her arms’ kind of way.

Onto the episode …….I can’t believe they killed Keppler!!! I think I was more upset than if they killed Grissom off which shows that there’s something seriously wrong there!

Poor Catherine! If I thought they gave her a hard time in previous seasons, they’re practically torturing her this season! Now they’ve gone and killed off the latest person whom she liked and trusted. I liked the fact that Keppler managed to shoot Frank to stop him shooting Catherine though. And I thought Grissom was a bit harsh to Catherine when she phoned to tell him that Keppler had phoned her and Gil was like ‘he’s not your priority’ and she was just like ‘I just wanted to tell you ….’ At least Grissom was there to pull her away from the ambulance when Keppler died. =(

So I think we established from this that I care about Catherine, Keppler (who’s dead), Archie, Sofia (surprisingly) and sometimes Grissom when he interacts with Catherine. Oh and I like Brass too! What about the rest? Warrick I’ve always been ambivalent about, Sara’s beginning to irritate me a bit, Greg’s just kind of there and Nick? I’m so disappointed in Nick! I used to be a massive Nick fan but these past few episodes he’s also beginning to annoy me too. Glah.

But yeah, ‘Law of Gravity’ = amazing episode. It just upsets me greatly that we won’t be having Mike Keppler pop into the lab now and again. *sigh*.

So I change my tune, if WP decides not to do CSI anymore then there could still be life in the show yet, especially if they make Catherine supervisor. In fact, it might even be better for the show!

CSI: 6×24 – Way To Go

I painfully wrapped Season 6 of CSI. Even if we ignore the OOC Grissom and OOC Sara and all the shippy moments, it was still painfully weak. Having to have Brass flatline twice, a man wearing a corset and a man who wanted to kill himself because he was diabetic to make it drama was just so weak it hurt. The cases were definitely a mid-season type case. I have to say, definitely was not a big fan of Sofia when she joined in Season 5 but throughout Season 6 as a detective she’s grown on me and I never thought I would say this but I would actually prefer it if she and Grissom had a thing rather than Grissom and Sara because at least Grissom/Sofia have chemistry and makes it more believable since he’s actually asked her to dinner before and not turned her down consistently.

Good things about the finale …. well, not a lot. The return of Ellie was a smart move as it added dynamic and some sort of much needed interest. Also liked Sofia’s concern for Brass, after all they’ve been through a lot together early on in the season. Nick/Warrick banter about the prostitute, Nick/Grissom about the head, Hodges/Nick moment, Catherine’s witty remarks. But that’s pushing it because there’s usually a lot of the above in every episode so nothing special to make it a finale.

Bad things. Top of the list would be the forced Grissom/Sara moments of which there were several as if they were trying to force all the moments which should have been spread over 6 years into one episode to justify the sleeping together. The whole dual with the cameras was so cheesy and pathetic and SO OOC for Grissom it hurt. (More a Nick/Sara, Greg moment). And then the lame ending. I’m sorry but even if I were a GSR shipper, I would be disappointed with the lame way they got together and the ending …. Whoever tries to call that a cliffhanger needs a head check. And it was lame lame lame lame even if I could stand the pairing. For instance I would rather not take any shippy moments than have such a forced ending to a season if it was with a couple I liked. Onto other things …. lack of Greggo in the episode, the fact that I thought we were going to have more scenes of Warrick with his wife, complete lack of Grissom/Catherine interaction. (I don’t count them standing watching Brass as interaction.)

As much as I love Sara with Nick, Sara can’t carry the show. As much as people say Grissom IS the show, I think it’s his interaction with Catherine/Nick/Greg/Hodges/Brass/Sofia that carries the show (in this season anyway). So when you have Grissom and Sara as the main focus of the show it will die. Catherine does the drama well which is why so many episodes have been character focussed around her and when that doesn’t happen for awhile, it shows.

It’s going to scrape through Season 7 and unless the writers get a grip it’s going to end in Season 7. Billy Petersen leaving might actually give the show a chance to revive itself with a new focus for Season 8.

I’d already resigned myself to the fact that Catherine/Warrick is going to happen eventually (I had hardly noticed the ‘chemistry’ until 6.01 but at least in that episode, the groundwork was laid.) but that might never even get a chance now with GSR cos surely the writers don’t want to kill the show by making it all about the relationships (after 6 years of nothing.)
I really don’t want to see CSI die off after it’s done such a lot for TV so I hope Season 7 is nothing like parts of Season 6 (notably the finale).

CSI doesn’t need to do big finales. Season 5 worked because it had plot and substance but it seems they made a half hearted attempt with Season 6 because they felt they had to and it just fell flat.

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