Mike & The Mechanics – Let Me Fly (15/52)

Love the piano intro to this ballad, the verse and then the soaring chorus and the moment the backing singers come in gives me chills.

Some of my favourite pop/rock songs are those that combine a little bit of a gospel choir in their tunes.  I dare you not to be singing along with this by the time you’re halfway through.

Excellent song from an awesome album.

Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl (9/52)

I was not, like everyone else in England seems to be, an Ed Sheeran fan right from the start.

I was put-off from trying him out because I couldn’t understand why a singer-songwriter and ace guitar player would want to insert rap into his songs.  Also, I’m not keen on the constant references to smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol in his lyrics.

But as much as I wasn’t won over by +, I was hooked by some catchy songs on X and Divide is more of the same.

Galway Girl is really catchy and I love the Irish fiddle.  I can’t believe Sheeran even had to justify this song to his record company!

OneRepublic – Wherever I Go (20/52)

One of my most played songs from recent years is OneRepublic’s Preacher.  I can’t tell you how many times I listened to that song in 2013/2014, I was addicted!

This week I heard OneRepublic’s latest offering and from the first watch of the crazy video I had it stuck in my head.  It’s insanely catchy and makes you want to dance in your seat every time you hear it.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Keith Urban – Fighter (feat. Carrie Underwood) (18/52)

I am a latecomer to Keith Urban’s music, with him only really coming coming into my music orbit with his album FuseRipcord is another hitmaker though and one of my favourite songs from it is Fighter with Carrie Underwood despite it being completely uncountry and totally pop.  It is just so happy and positive with a catchy chorus when Keith/Carrie sing one line each.

If you’re married to a Hollywood actress what better way to promote the song by making a goofy amateur video of  the both of you singing along to the song in your car.