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Holiday in the Hamptons (From Manhattan with Love #5) by @SarahMorgan_

Holiday in the Hamptons  (From Manhattan with Love #5)“Long story. Come to think of it, everything in my life is a long story. I don’t seem to manage the short, simple version. Forget novellas, I’m War and Peace meets Game of Thrones, without the dragons and dead people.”

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4.5*

Trope: Reconciliation Romance

Chemistry: Simmering

One-Sentence Summary: Broken hearts learn to heal at the beach

Review: Ahhh this was everything I hoped it would be ever since we first met Fliss in New York, Actually.

Seth and Fliss gave me all the FEELS and the build-up and UST between them was borderline overwhelming. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of their story so that’s all I’m going to say about their relationship for now.

Other things I loved was the beach setting and the relationships between Fliss and Grandma and Fliss and Harriet (hope we get to enjoy more of that in the next book) – I love the contrast between Fliss the impulsive feisty one and Harriet the quiet reliable one. I thought it was a nice idea bringing back Chase/Matilda from the novella that started the whole series and cameo appearances from the three heroines from the first trilogy in the series.

If all that wasn’t enough to win me over then the abundance of cute dogs sure did.

I am looking forward to Harriet’s story but can’t help but feel that the series has peaked with this book as writing reconciliation romances definitely seems to be Morgan’s forte.

New York, Actually (From Manhattan with Love #4) by Sarah Morgan

New York, Actually (From Manhattan with Love, #4)ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 3*

Chemistry: Low Boil

One-Sentence Summary: “Must Love Dogs” with secrets

Review: This was a bit of a schizophrenic read for me:

+ I love dogs
– I frown upon dogs being used as props

+ Using a dog as a Meet Cute is cute
– Using someone else’s dog to stalk a woman is frankly scary

+ Dogs are cute
– Molly have erotic thoughts whilst watching Daniel stroke a dog made me want to throw up
Molly watched, transfixed, as those long, strong fingers caressed her dog. Her pulse sped forward. Her insides tumbled and turned. And still she stared at those hands, watching as he seduced her dog with easy, comfortable strokes

+ I like New York
– The first few chapters with the repetitious stalking in Central Park made me want to stop reading

+ I loved it when Molly turned up at Daniel’s office to call him on his lie
– There were just so many lies/hidden truths between them

+ I LOVED Daniel’s sisters and Molly’s gay best friends
– I liked Daniel/Molly

+ I love Sarah Morgan
– This book didn’t completely win me over

Overall, what I took away from this book was that it was a bridge to Fliss and Harriet’s stories that I am really looking forward to, especially Seth/Fliss’s.

2016 Love Is … Book Awards

What better way to celebrate my birthday and kick off the flood of end-of-year posts then picking out my favourite books of 2016:

2016 Crime – Procedural
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Crime – Thriller
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Non-Fiction
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Non-Fiction – Biography
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Cop
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Enemies To Lovers
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Fake Relationship
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Festive
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Firefighter
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Friends To Lovers
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Friend Of Sibling
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Novella
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Reconciliation
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Sport
Winner & Runner-Up

2016 Romance – Suspense
Winner & Runner-Up

In order to qualify all books have to have been published in 2016

Miracle on 5th Avenue (From Manhattan with Love #3) by @SarahMorgan_

Miracle on 5th Avenue (From Manhattan with Love, #3)“Here lies Eva, whose Christmas wish was to find herself up close and personal with a man, but didn’t specify the circumstances.”

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4*

Trope: Festive romance

Chemistry: Simmering

One-Sentence Summary: Opposites attract in a NYC penthouse apartment at Christmas

Review: No one quite writes a festive romance like Sarah Morgan!

This book had an unusual setup in that I don’t think I have ever read a book where the “Meet-Cute” goes quite like that or that the Heroine gets paid to be a crime writer’s inspiration! Bonus points for originality.

Lucas Blade is an anti-Christmas, anti-love, brooding hero whilst Eva sarah-morgan-lucasis the overly optimistic, ridiculously nice heroine. It really is a case of opposites attract and watching these two dance around each other was magical.

As well as the romance, this book deals with grief and loss and follows two people trying to move past that grief-rutt they’ve been stuck in. I love how Lucas and Eva founded what they needed in each other to close those chapters of their lives.

My one gripe was that I was so sure that when Lucas proposed the abandoned puppy would be there waiting, or at the very least when they got back to his apartment. I feel robbed of a secondary happy ending!

I thought there were hints in this book as to what Morgan’s next series is going to be about and I’m glad that my suspicions were confirmed. Can’t wait to start reading the spinoff from this series.

“To friendship,” Frankie continued. “Because true friendship transcends differences. I’d rather read a thriller, you’d rather read a romance. It’s okay. I forgive you for having weird taste.”

Sunset in Central Park (From Manhattan with Love #2) by Sarah Morgan

Sunset in Central Park“I disagree. A book can give you most things a relationship can. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can transport you to different worlds and teach you things. You can even take it out to dinner. And if it bores you, you can move on. Which is pretty much what happens in real life.”

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 3*

Trope: Friend’s brother

Chemistry: Low boil

One-Sentence Summary: A relationship-phobe falls in love with her best friend’s perfect brother

Review: For all those longterm fans of Sarah Morgan out there, you’ll be as pleased as I am to learn that this book revisits the setting and characters from her previous trilogy and a large chunk of the story takes place on Puffin Island. Yay! It was a real pleasure to go back to that idyllic setting and make a pit-stop in the lives of those couples.

For those of you who have never read the Puffin Island books then a) you’re missing out but, b) don’t worry, it’s not a prerequisite to enjoying this book.

Focusing on the central romance in this book though, I have to say I was a tad disappointed. It’s always interesting to read a romance where the guy is more invested in the relationship than the girl and has been pining away for awhile, and I liked Matt for that. However, I have to say he was just a bit too perfect to be a nice match for Frankie.

As for Frankie, I really liked her at the start because we have a lot in common (book > socialising) but man she had enough issues to sink Puffin Island. I get it, we all have issues as do our heroes and heroines, that’s what makes their stories interesting but it seemed that all the characters were focused on in this book were these issues: Frankie herself and Matt and all her friends spent a huge proportion of time talking about her issues, discussing her issues and using her issues as an excuse etc. etc. It just weighed down the book so much for me that when Frankie started to let herself enjoy being with Matt, I wondered if this was even still the same character!

Sleepless In Manhattan by @SarahMorgan_

Sleepless in Manhattan: Midnight at Tiffany's Bonus“Love is a gift, Jake. The most important, valuable gift of all. You can’t buy it, you can’t produce it on demand, and you can’t switch it on and off. It has to be given freely, and that’s what makes it so precious. That’s what I’m offering you.”

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4*

Trope: Brother’s best friend

Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio

One-Sentence Summary: Paige’s brother’s best friend helps her start her new business

Review: I adore Sarah Morgan’s romance trilogies and I was so excited to get an ARC of the first full length novel in her latest trilogy set in New York.

I have to admit that it wasn’t love at first sight for me. I liked the standard setup of our three heroines who are all best friends and are a bit down-on-their-luck when it comes to their careers and love lives. I even liked the setup of Matt/Frankie and am looking forward to their story. What didn’t quite sit right with me (at the start of the book anyway) was the Jake/Paige dynamic.

I usually love a good “brother’s best friend” trope so I’m not exactlySarah Morgan - Jake sure what about these two that had me cringing from the start but I squirmed – and not in a good way – at their interaction. I think maybe it was to do with the fact that Paige kept reminiscing about the time she declared her love for him naked and he rejected her. That’s pretty squirm-worthy.

Then the elevator scene happened and woah, I was suddenly squirming for a whole other reason! Jake/Paige set the pages on fire and I was hit with a fireball of chemistry. Not to give the whole thing away, but I loved the way Paige took charge and moved their relationship forwards after that.

From that moment on I was a goner and was swept along with Jake and Paige’s tidal wave of love.

There was just one thing that I feel like didn’t get wrapped up properly in this book.  *SPOILER*Near the beginning of the book Jake does a search on his laptop (presumably for his biological mother) and finds out that she is happily married with children. I kept waiting for Jake to either run into his mother and have to deal with his feelings towards her or at the very least mention this fact to either Maria or Paige. *SPOILER*

“You’re sure you love me?”
“Very sure.” He gave a lopsided smile. “Truly, Madly, Deeply until I’m Sleepless in Manhattan.”
Emotion filled her. “I’ve told you, that’s not a movie.”
“It should be. It’s a great title…..”


2015 Love Is … 5* Books

Congrats to all my 2015 5 Star authors …..:

5Star Reads


2015 Love Is … Book Awards

2015 Crime
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Non-Fiction
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Animals
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Cop
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Cowboy
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Enemies To Lovers
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Fake Relationship
Winner & Runner-Up

Fake Relationship

2015 Romance – Festive
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Firefighter
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Friends To Lovers
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Novella
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Reconciliation
Winner & Runner-Up

Past Love

2015 Romance – Sport
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Suspense
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Entangled Publisher
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Romance – Harlequin Publisher
Winner & Runner-Up


2015 Favourite Romance Series
Winner & Runner-Up

Lauren LayneSarah Morgan

In order to qualify all books have to have been published in 2015

Christmas Ever After (Puffin Island #3) by @sarahmorgan_

Christmas Ever After (Puffin Island, #3)“There are no buts. You can control a lot of things, Brit, but you can’t control your heart.” Her voice broke. “You can’t control that. And my heart belongs to him even though he doesn’t want it. It may have been a short relationship, but it was the most honest, true, real relationship I’ve ever had. With him, I never felt like I should try harder to be something different.”

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 5*

Cover: Yay

Trope: A festive delight

Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio

Review: Oh wow, this was the perfect festive read set in both my hometown and my fantasy hometown.

I loved everything about it from start to finish but I especially loved the chapters with Alec’s family and when they were convinced that Alec/Skylar were a couple.

‘His grandmother turned to his mother with a puzzled look. “What did he say?”
Suzanne Hunter raised her voice and spoke clearly. “He said he doesn’t want a woman.”
“That’s what I thought he said, but it doesn’t make sense. Why wouldn’t he want a woman? Is he saying he’s gay? Has he come out?”
“He’s not gay, Mum.”
“Are you sure? Because Skylar is a beautiful girl. The only reason a healthy, vigorous, single man wouldn’t be interested in her would be if he were gay. And that would be fine. I want him to know we’ll love him whoever he is.”
Alec clenched his jaw. “I am not gay.” He was aware of Skylar, sitting Sarah Morgan - Alecacross from him. Her head was bent over Nelson so he couldn’t see her expression but he was fairly sure she was laughing.’

I mean you know it’s the perfect book when the only criticism you can make is that I am sure that Alec’s family wouldn’t be calling Father Christmas “Santa”, and that I thought that jumping to a proposal when Skylar had only just come out of a longterm relationship and they had only been together a few weeks was a bit too much.

This book was literally everything I ever wanted in a contemporary romance, complete with snow, dogs, and Christmas. Highly recommended.

Some Kind of Wonderful (Puffin Island #2) by @sarahmorgan_

Some Kind of Wonderful (Puffin Island #2)Rating: 4.25*

Trope: Reconciliation romance

Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio

One-Sentence Summary: An archaeologist returns home to Puffin Island and can’t avoid her former husband and ex-bad boy

Review: After a series of 5* reads Sarah Morgan has definitely secured her place in my list of favourite authors. I’ve been looking forward to Zach/Brittany’s story since we first got hints of their story in the previous book in the series.

Zach/Brittany’s sexual chemistry and sizzling tension certainly did Sarah Morgan - Zachnot disappoint and I loved seeing it all play out in what has to be the most picturesque setting for any contemporary romance series.  I fell in love with Zach’s broodiness and Brittany’s radiance and Morgan succeeded in making me really excited for Alec/Skylar’s book.

Why then does it not quite get five stars? Whilst Zach/Brittany gave me all the FEELS, I just felt that parts of the book were a bit repetitive – the back and forth about needing to talk about the past and the constant reminiscing of what happened a decade ago.