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Jack Savoretti @ Royal Festival Hall, London (29 March 2017)

Jack Savoretti – what a guy. There is nothing he doesn’t do well, whether that be songwriting, singing, whistling, guitar-playing or general performing and that is why I decided to go and see him in concert twice in four months.

The venue was different (November was the gig-friendly Eventim Apollo at Hammersmith whilst this time was in the more traditional all-seated Royal Festival Hall) but the setlist (and all the few “stories” in between songs) was pretty much the same as in November. Hearing the excellent renditions of the same songs again by no means diminished the enjoyment.

It’s so hard to choose highlights as it was true perfection from start to finish.  However, special mention has to go to the solo ‘Soldier’s Eyes’ which was just Jack and his guitar in all his glory, the amazing vocal solo at the start of ‘Breaking The Rules’ during which he was accompanied by his music director on piano and of course the ones that got everyone on their feet singing and dancing like ‘Home’, ‘The Other Side Of Love’ and ‘Start Living In The Moment’.

It was the closing night of the tour and I loved that Joseph J. Jones the support act was invited back on stage (accompanied by a beer in his hand) to sing with Savoretti on’“Knock Knock’ during the encore

As someone whose favourite band is Fleetwood Mac, I am used to going to concerts where I am one of the youngest people in attendance (though I wouldn’t consider myself actually young any more!) but I have to admit that I was surprised at the fact that the grand proportion of the audience was indeed of the slightly maturer generation. I feel sad that youngsters these days have no taste in music and a guy with an excellent voice who plays his own guitar and writes his own songs has no appeal.

Acoustically the Royal Festival Hall was without fault but the ban on photographs was very disappointing and the first time I’d experienced this during a gig. You are never going to get everyone to comply to the rules but watching the numerous venue employees walk around trying to get people to stop taking photos was incredibly distracting. I can understand this rule for plays and musicals where you are relying on people to pay to see the same thing night after night but the people who go and see live concerts probably already have the songs  in their music collection so some photos or videos of the gig floating around the internet are hardly “spoiler alerts”.

Here are a few photos I managed to sneak (and no I wasn’t one of the ones who got told off!).

Lastly I just wish to say Savoretti firmly deserves all the success he has gotten recently and I have never been more glad that he decided not to give up on his music career when the going got tough a few years ago.  As a fan from the beginning, I hope that in the next concert, I will get to hear the song which first introduced me to Savoretti : ‘Blackrain’.

Nashville Cast @ Eventim Apollo, London (18 June 2016)

The music has always been my favourite thing about Nashville so I was so happy to be able to get tickets for when Chris Carmack, Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen and Charles Esten came to town.  I mean who would have thought that a group of country singers are so popular in London that they had to add two extra shows!!

Anyway, what a talented group of people!  They act, play multiple instruments, song-write and have wonderful singing voiced to boot.

The concert started out with each of them coming on stage individually to do a song and then introduce the following act.  Then they all came on individually again to do a few songs each – a combination of songs from the show, original material and covers.

If I’m going to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the song selection.  I really wanted Clare to do Black Roses, not to mention more  Scarlett/Gunnar songs and even some of the upbeat songs from The (Triple) Exes which the whole team could have done.

However, what we were given was still exquisitely performed.  Needless to say Clare’s song that was written for her about her brother’s cancer completely stole the show.  It was absolutely amazing and so full of emotion.  I looked on iTunes as soon as I got home to see if I could buy it but unfortunately it’s not out there to buy.

Whatever songs they chose to do, I definitely think we could have done with more than two songs with the four of them on stage together but it was enjoyable all the same.

Click here to see my photos from the concert – not too shoddy if I say so myself,  even though we were up in the Circle, Row P.

Taylor Swift @ The O2, London (11 February 2014)

IMG_5484Last night was Taylor Swift’s final show in her sold out “Red” tour and I was lucky enough to be in the audience whilst she played to a packed O2 crowd.

Whilst many fans will claim to be a fan of an artist before they “became famous” in an effort to get some sort of street cred, I can honestly say that I was a fan of Taylor Swift before the majority of people in the UK had even heard of her.  Back when she was just a young country singer who played guitar and wrote her own songs.

Now she has become more mainstream and poppier and an idol to many tweens, her concerts have become some sort of bizarre fancy dress competitions (there was even a girl dressed up as a pumpkin – glad I didn’t have the seat next to her!) for young girls (and even their parents).

Anyway, The Vamps, a wannabe OneDirection boyband were the support act.  The lead singer looked about 14 years old and due to their cover songs, I am pretty sure there are a whole generation of young people out there who think that they, and not The Killers and Simon & Garfunkel, wrote ‘Mr Brightside’ and ‘Cecilia’.

Thankfully they weren’t on stage for that long and then it was time for the main act.


State of Grace

Holy Ground


You Belong with Me

The Lucky One



Long Live

Sparks Fly

Burn (with Ellie Goulding)

I Knew You Were Trouble

All Too Well

Love Story


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Interspersed IMG_5471with the multiple costume changes and neverending monologues (luckily Taylor is genuinely very engaging and could probably recite the telephone directory and still keep her crowd engaged) was some really good music.  ‘Red’, ‘Mean’ and ’22’ were highlights for me from the first half.

Then Taylor took to the “B” stage allowing those of us at the back of the arena to get a better view.  I was so glad she played ‘Sparks Fly’ which was my favourite song from her third album, and one of my favourite songs of hers overall.  You’ve got to hand it to the set designers – it was really cool to see the small stage lift up in the air and rotate.  Then a little basket came down from the ceiling, lifted her up and transported her back to the main stage.

IMG_5516There she was joined by Ellie Goulding and they sang ‘Burn’.  I like Ellie Goulding but am not a particular fan of that song so personally I wish they had chosen another song, like ‘Lights’.  Still, it was a great performance.

‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ rounded out the concert with no encore which I think surprised some.  Personally I think ‘Starlight’ would have made a great encore “… I said, “Oh my, what a marvelous tune”, It was the best night, never would forget how we moved.  The whole place was dressed to the nines, And we were dancing, dancing, Like we’re made of starlight …”

Overall, I preferred her ‘Speak Now’ tour mainly because I prefer that album.  Whilst there are fantastic songs on all four albums, I am still waiting for the day where she plays some of the gems from her debut album (Tim McGraw, Teardrops On My Guitar, Should’ve Said No).




Fleetwood Mac @ The O2, London (27 September 2013)

I know it’s going to come as no surprise to anyone but HOLY CRAP FLEETWOOD MAC BLEW ME AWAY UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY.

No concert will ever ever ever come close in my lifetime. I can’t even begin to describe it.

Every time they came on stage, Lindsey and Stevie came on holding hands, they hugged, Stevie told wonderful stories, dedicated ‘Landslide’ to Christine (!!!!), AND CHRISTINE PLAYED ‘DON’T STOP’ WITH THEM!

What other band, not to mention a band of their age, plays a 23 song set an plays non-stop for almost 3 hours?!?!?!?!

‘The Chain’ – God just hearing this live with the whole arena singing along

‘Dreams’ – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Sad Angel’ – This is my favourite of the new songs and Lindsey had an awesome guitar solo

‘Rhiannon’ – I’ve always liked this song but I have become OBSESSED with it lately. Hearing this live was a dream come true.


‘Big Love’ – Acoustic version with Lindsey killing it on guitar. Wow.

‘Landslide’ – Stevie dedicated this to Christine McVie who she called her ‘big sister’ and mentor and loads of other nice things. So so SWEET! LOVE THIS SONG. I bought a T-shirt with the lyrics to this on it.

‘Without You’ – Stevie told a very long story about this song and how she wrote it prior to Fleetwood Mac when Buckingham Nicks was still a thing. They sang it to each other <3.

‘Gold Dust Woman’ – Awesome drum solo! This was really long with lots of solos, including Mick on drums.

‘Stand Back’ – Love that they did a Stevie solo song. Would have loved to hear ‘Edge of Seventeen’ but they rocked this one. Wanted to get up and dance.

‘Go You Own Way’ – Absolutely incredible hearing this played live in an arena with everyone singing along.

‘Don’t Stop’ – Even though I was pretty sure it was coming, I almost hyperventilated when Mick announced Christine McVie. She came on with Stevie and she hugged Lindsey and rocked it on keyboard. Absolutely amazing seeing the classic line-up of Fleetwood Mac all together again, I never thought it would happen again in my lifetime. And she was wearing red shoes like Mick!!!

‘Silver Springs’ – an oft forgotten gem.

‘Say Goodbye’ – Lindsey spoke about how when he wrote this, he was writing it about him and Stevie and how they could both finally move on from the illusions of them. They sang it to each other and were generally adorable.

At the very very end, after all the encores and the excitement, Stevie and Mick stayed on the stage. Stevie called her fans ‘dreamcatchers’ and said that we are all extraordinary and that we should go home, write that on a piece of paper and never forget it. It was ridiculously sweet. She was so earnest.

Mick was his crazy self and thanked everyone for their support etc. They had just played the most amazing concert ever and were so so humble about it.

I was sitting high up and only have a small compact camera but I got a few nice photos. You can see the whole set here.

Clannad @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (20 March 2013)

On Wednesday I went to see Clannad. For those who don’t know they are an Irish folk band made up of two brothers, their sister (siblings of Enya who was part of the band but left) and their two Uncles.

Brian Kennedy was the support act and completely blew us all away. He sand and played his guitar with no backup band and has a phenomenal voice. FYI all those who like Josh Groban/Westlife (ugh)/any of the hundreds of other artists who have covered the song, Brian Kennedy was the first one to record ‘You Raise Me Up’. I don’t blame him for being incredibly proud of the fact. Original is best as he proved by finishing his set singing it acapella.

Clannad …. Ahhh … where to start?! Moira Brennan and the harp!!!!!!!!!!! Pol who plays basically every instrument there is and sometimes all of them in one song.  Their set was awesome. I don’t know their entire discography but they played all my favourites with a good mix of songs sung in Gaelic and English and explained what the Irish songs were about.  And when they sung ‘In A Lifetime’, they invited Brian Kennedy back on stage to sing with Moira and it was awesome. Here is a video of a performance of it from a couple of years ago.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

Matchbox Twenty @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (18 September 2012)

The Matchbox Twenty concert was so awesome! This was their first concert since coming back from hiatus.

Since they’ve just released their new album, I thought the majority of songs would be from that but they did a 24 song set and only 5 of them were from the new album. They played hit after hit and it was so awesome…. ‘Unwell’, ‘Disease’, ‘3am’, ‘Real World’, ‘If You’re Gone’, ‘Mad Season’, ‘Back To Good’, ‘Bright Light’s etc.

Rob Thomas has still got it!  Song after song after song and they gave it their all with some amazing vocals and seriously awesome guitar work.

Carrie Underwood @ Royal Albert Hall London (21 June 2012)

I don’t usually take a lot of photos at concerts but I managed to get quite a few nice ones of Carrie Underwood.  If you want to see more then go here.

In an interview with BBC earlier this week, Carrie Underwood said that when she first announced her first UK gig at the Royal Albert Hall, she wondered whether anyone would buy tickets as we don’t “do” country music over here and yet the concert still sold out within 90 minutes.  That is pretty impressive for an artist who had never done a concert over here before and, before Monday, had never released an album in the UK.

Although there was no support act which meant we had a long wait for Carrie and her band to come on, it was worth the wait.

She was INCREDIBLE. It was the ‘Blown Away’ tour but because she has never toured over here before, her setlist was incredibly varied with a mix of songs from all her albums, not just her latest. My favourite album of hers is ‘Play On’ and I could have done with hearing more songs from that but she did play ‘Undo It’ which is one of my favourites and a definite highlight of the concert. From ‘Blown Away’, I really really wanted her to play ‘See You Again’ which is a favourite and I thought that for her encore, she should have done that and ‘Play On’, which are lyrically appropriate.

As it is she ended the main set with ‘Before He Cheats’ (Yay!) and did ‘I Know You Won’t‘ and ‘Blown Away’ for the encore.

Her setlist included the obvious ‘Good Girl’ (opening), ‘Cowboy Casanova’, ‘Flat On The Floor’, ‘Last Name’. From her latest album was ‘Two Black Cadillacs’, ‘One Way Ticket’ etc. And older songs included ‘Temporary Home’, ‘So Small’, ‘Wasted’, ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’.

She also did a cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ which was not only exceptionally brave but equally brilliant.

Overall, it was amazing and I am sure with the response she got from the audience and critics, she’ll be back again soon – I’d love to see her in a smaller venue like ‘Hammersmith Apollo’ or ‘Shepherd’s Bush’ but she could equally sell out a stadium!

And the gig got given 4 out of 5 stars from The Evening Standard.  Woop!  Come back soon Carrie!

PS.  She is so ridiculously pretty, it hurts.

Train @ Eventim Apollo, London (03 May 2012)

The Train concert was so unbelievably awesome. Seriously, I can’t even describe. There’s something just so cathartic about screaming out song lyrics and jumping up and down and the pain in your legs and feet after standing for 5 hours.

Elle King opened the show. She’s an American folk singer. I’ve never heard of her but it was just her and a guitar plus her killer voice and it was a great way to start the evening.

And then Matt Nathanson came on!  The previous day he had tweeted that he had basically lost his voice and couldn’t perform in Paris but he came on and although he said his voice was pretty fucked, he still sounded absolutely amazing. I love how it was just him and a guitar and another guy and a guitar rather than a full back-up band. He told some rather lewd stories which were quite funny and he played lots of my favourite songs (‘Room @ The End Of The World’, ‘Little Red Corvette’, ‘Faster’, ‘Car Crash’, ‘Suspended’, ‘Run’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘Come On Get Higher’ and really got the crowd going.  I never fully realised how many of his songs are about sex until he started telling the stories about that. Also he swears a lot and talks about bodily functions.

His performance of ‘Suspended’ was magical when he got the crowd to sing the ‘sunshine’ bit.  ‘Faster’ – Loved his banter at the beginning about synchronised clapping

Oh God Train. TRAIN. I said last time that they were the best band/artist that I’ve ever seen live and that still stands. They are just so incredible.

They sang all my favourite songs from their new album (‘Drive By’, ‘You Can Finally Meet My Mom’, ’50 Ways To Say Goodbye’, ‘This’ll Be My Year’, ‘Mermaid’, ‘California 37’, ‘Bruises’ etc.’) and my favourites from Save Me San Francisco (‘If It’s Love’, ‘Hey Soul Sister’, ‘Marry Me’, ‘Save Me San Francisco’) and a few songs from their older albums (‘Get To Me’, ‘Calling All Angels’, ‘Meet Virginia’) and a really awesome Led Zeppelin cover.

There are two really complimentary reviews of the gig: Evening Standard and The Mirror. Both mention the antics of the drunken guy. Train always get a couple members of the audience on stage with them to sing and shake a tambourine during a song (this time it was ‘Get To Me’) and this time Pat picked this nice teenage girl and this drunken guy …. Who then proceeded to shake the tambourine against his crotch, even though Pat kept telling him to stop, and made some really lewd gestures to Scott the drummer. It was equal parts disturbing and funny. When the song ended Pat said that that was one of the worst things that had ever happened to him. LOL.

They opened with ’50 Ways to Say Goodbye’ and then went straight into ‘This’ll Be My Year’ which was so incredible I really wish there was a video out there of it. ‘If It’s Love’ was as awesome as it usually is live. I was so excited when they played ‘Mermaid’ and Pat played the saxophone <3. Pat got Elle King back on stage and they dueted on ‘Bruises’ which was wonderful.  ‘You Can Finally Meet My Mom’ was so heartfelt especially when he talked about his Mum didn’t get to hear ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ or meet his wife/kids.  Loved the way they started ‘Save Me San Francisco‘ (it’s really funny but whoever recorded this video must have been standing right near us because you can hear my friend singing at the beginning.  LOL!) and ‘Drive By‘. They played ‘Hey Soul Sister’, ‘Drops of Jupiter’ at the end and ended with ‘Sing Together’.

Such an amazing concert! It was literally perfect and just what I needed. I wish I could go to a concert like this once a fortnight or something.  Nothing can come close to hearing your favourite songs played live and that goosebump moment when the whole crowd sings along in perfect harmony.

Idina Menzel @ Royal Albert Hall, London (06 October 2011)

I want to marry Idina Menzel. Seriously, not only is her voice the most magical thing ever but she looked gorgeous on stage in her white dress and bare feet. Plus she dissed Glee! She DISSED GLEE, you guys!  It was the funniest thing ever!  She even mouthed the words “what the —-“ in relation to it. And she called Barbara Streisand a bitch and rapped about her son Walker’s poop. She made me cry with laughter.  You know when you hear that perfect piece of music and it gives you chills – when she sang ‘No Day But Today’ from Rent …….. And until you’ve heard her sing ‘For Good’ a capella without a microphone in the Royal Albert Hall, you haven’t heard it the way it is meant to be done.  More on this later ….

And Marvin Hamlisch was conducting and he’s something of a legend. It said in the programme that he has an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony and I turned to my friend and I was like “EGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Unfortunately she doesn’t watch 30 Rock but those of you who do will get the significance. He’s one of only two people in the world who have been Egotted!
Kerry Ellis was in the audience <3. Woot!  (And like the entire London West End theatrical world!)

So the concert started with Marvin Hamlisch and the Royal Philharmonic playing an instrumental arrangement from ‘A Chorus Line’ (which he wrote) and ‘My Fair Lady’ (he said that Idina is a fair lady so it’s only right that they play it!).  Marvin Hamlisch is absolutely hilarious. He said that someone had asked him to play Happy Birthday for their friend and he sat down at the piano and did it in different styles like Bach, Beethoven complete with the accents.  Shortest first act ever!

And then it was time for Idina! Oh she’s so ridiculously perfect.

When she first got on stage she turned round to the people behind her (if you’ve been to the Royal Albert Hall you’ll know that there are these crappy seats behind the stage on both sides) and was like “if I knew you guys were going to be up there I would have worn a sexier dress around my ass” and then because her dress was low-cut she looked up at the people in the high seats in front and was like “I bet you’ve got a good view” and then Marvin was like “I’ve got a pretty good view here too!”  Those two were adorable – they had this whole comedy routine going on.

In between almost every song Idina told a funny story from her life, like when she came to England to do Wicked and she got held by immigration for 5 hours (you should hear her do an English accent!  It had me in stitches!) and tales from back when she was a wedding singer and was told to carry on singing even after a man had had a heart attack on the dance floor.

She sang Barbara Streisand songs of course and she told us the time she sang for her and President Bush (when she was telling the story she just called him Bush and then had to retract and be like President Bush and everyone laughed) and how she was nervous and honoured to sing a Barbara Streisand song TO Barbara Streisand and all about high-fiving Beyonce and Beyonce coming up of a hole (in the stage but it’s just the way she kept on mentioning Beyonce and hole) and then how she sat at the same table as Streisand at the after party and how Streisand didn’t even speak to her so she and Taye sat there doing Tequila shots and then at the end Streisand turned to her and was like “did you sing for me tonight? I didn’t have my glasses on.” And then at the end of the story Idina was like “… bitch”.  Absolutely classic!

Then she spoke about Rent and when she mentioned it everyone cheered and she was like “You know Rent? I was told that you guys hated it over here?!” and she told this really moving story about Jonathan Larson and how he had an aortic aneurysm the night of the dress rehearsal so the whole cast really felt like they had to make the show a success in his honour, and how she met her husband through it and how Taye used to leave her these cute little post-its on her mirror during the show <3 <3 <3 <3. Then she sang “No Day But Today” and it was magical because she got the audience to sing “no day like today“ softly on repeat with her and it was <3 <3 <3.  PURE MAGIC!

Oh Glee!!!  First of all she said how she was offended that they cast her as a mother to someone who is, in real life, 25 years old! And then she said when she read the first script and saw that they were going to sing ‘Pokerface’ as the big mother/daughter reunion song, she was appalled at the fact it is THE most inappropriate song ever.  And then she proceeded to sing it and she kept stopping in the middle of the song to continue her Glee story and every time she came to an inappropriate line in the song e.g.“bluffin’ with my muffin’ / love-glue gunning” she emphasised its inappropriateness for a mother/daughter scene and one time she mouthed “what-the-****” and everyone cheered.

She talked about her son Walker and how she and Taye are always singing to him and making up songs. That was when she rapped about poop and sang some other songs that they composed for him like ‘Good Morning Walker’ – seriously, how cute!

She didn’t sing any of her songs from her solo albums which I was sad about when I looked at the set-list before the show but during it I forgot about this and just loved every version of every song she did sing. I would kill for a studio recording of her version of ‘Roxanne’ which she mashed-up with ‘Love For Sale’ (another Idina story there …) and her version of ‘Tomorrow’.

She opened with ‘Life Of The Party’, obviously sang ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ and ‘Funny Girl’, and she sang ‘I’m Not That Girl’ quite early on and you could totally tell that most of the audience had gone there for the opportunity to hear her sing Wicked songs. And she sang a song from Chess!

Towards the end she said she was going to sing a song without the microphone and as soon as she started, you could tell that everyone knew it was ‘For Good’ from the opening note and it was just the most beautiful thing ever. I can’t even describe it. Hearing it a-capella like that gave me CHILLS. And as soon as she finished everyone was on their feet giving her a standing ovation.

Then she sang ‘Defying Gravity’ and, well, <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. More amazing than any recording, whether it be the Wicked soundtrack or her solo album version. Cue another standing ovation, of course.

For her encore she sang ‘The Way We Were’ with Marvin on the piano (who actually wrote the song for Barbara Streisand. He really is musical royalty) and then she sang ‘Tomorrow’. I LOVED her version, even though that’s usually a song that is just too familiar.

Such an awesome awesome night. Possibly the best concert I’ve been to in terms of it really just being about her and the orchestra without all the pyrotechnics that usually come with other shows, plus it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  She thanked everyone for spending the money in these difficult times and she said that RAH is one of the most beautiful places she had ever performed at.  She has such a wonderful personality and an absolutely beautiful voice and is just side-splittingly funny.  Seriously, I would pay that money all again just to hear her tell stories about her life even if she didn’t sing a single song!  THAT is how awesome she is!

Train @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London (25 October 2010)

I can officially say that Train is best band that I’ve seen in concert ever.

They filmed the whole concert which is going to air on MTV World Stage AND they filmed their music video for their new single (it’s a Christmas one and you can hear it on YouTube) so we’re all going to be in the music video AND a Coca Cola Advert.  So so awesome that they chose THIS concert to do all that.  🙂

Also Pat Monahan stage-dived!  Do you know how much I’ve wanted to go to a gig where there was stage-diving?!  I thought it was outlawed due to health & safety reasons.  I touched his hand and my friend poked him in the back which I thought was more appropriate than all the girls who were pinching his bum.

The support act was someone called AM.  I had never heard of him before but I listened to some of his stuff beforehand and there were quite a few songs that I really liked (his music has also been played on Friday Night Lights, Brothers & Sisters, Greek etc.).  He played them but they sounded quite different.  I think the bass/amplifier was too loud and was drowning him out.  I always feel a bit sorry for support acts as it’s sort of awkward as no one knows the songs but he managed to get the crowd going with a cover of the old Motown classic ‘I’ll Be There’.

The amazing thing about Pat Monahan is as well as being such an awesome rock singer (the way he can shout the lyrics whilst being in tune is spectacular) is that he’s a born entertainer and that he really got what the audience would want.  He threw guitar picks, drum sticks and T-shirts into the crowd and during ‘She’s On Fire’ he put on this awful country hat and they “countrified” up part of the song and then threw the hat into the crowd (which we almost got but this crazy rabid fan snatched it out of my friend’s hand).  Then after that he got 6 young female fans onto the stage, gave them “Trainette” T-shirts and told them to dance and sing along on stage to the rest of the song.

During ‘Marry Me’ he said he was going to come down into the crowd and walk around and he asked everyone not to laugh at how short he is (he’s not actually that short!) and not to hurt him ….. and then he took his shirt off to put on a plain white one.  You should have heard the crowd scream!  Then he came down and walked around and although I never particularly liked that song before, I certainly do now.  When he got back on stage, he signed the T-shirt and took it off (more screaming) and threw it into the crowd and this middle-aged guy caught it and everyone laughed!

Pat spoke a bit about how they were so sorry that they stopped touring England for awhile and they said they will never make that mistake again (I think that’s why they came back this time even though they toured earlier in the year, and they said they’re coming back in the Spring too which is a lot for an American band which isn’t too well known here – though you wouldn’t have known that last night as it was all sold out and so crowded).  Then he said he wanted to sing a very personal song without the microphone and he sang “When I Look To The Sky” acapella and it was incredible.  So so beautiful.  And you could tell afterwards that he was quite emotional.

My friend and I and I had a bet as to what song Train would open with.  I said that they would play ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ either first or last (before the encore) – they played it last.  She thought they would open with ‘Save Me, San Francisco’ but as it turned out they opened with ‘Parachute’.  I can’t remember the setlist but they definitely played ‘Words’, ‘I Got You’, ‘Get To Me’, ‘Calling All Angels’ (which always makes me think of CSI:NY).  During ‘If It’s Love’, Pat told everyone to get their “cellphones” out and he took a photo of everyone which he then posted on Twitter.  I loved the live version of ‘Save Me, San Francisco’ , especially the “oh hell no” bit.  “Hey, Soul Sister” was absolutely amazing.  <3  I loved the happy look on Pat’s face whenever he heard the crowd singing along with him.  It was like he was genuinely enjoying every minute of it.

The encore started with ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ and then he announced that as well as filming the MTV World Stage tonight, they were also going to film the music video for their Christmas song “Shake Up Christmas” (also going to be used during Coca Cola adverts apparently) and he told us a couple of lines in the chorus so we could still sing along.  It’s a really catchy song!  Now whilst we were waiting for Train to come on, my friend and I were talking about how we had never been to a concert where, at the end, they let balloons/bits of paper/fake snow come down.  Or rather we had been to concerts where this happened but we were in the stands or whatever and not in the centre so didn’t get to experience it.  I told her that that mostly happened in arenas and during pop concerts rather than rock concerts but because they were filming the music video, loads of red and white bits of paper came down from the ceiling!  Seriously, it’s weird how happy flying bits of paper can make you!  It was the icing on the cake.

After that Pat said thank you for helping him with that and if anyone had any requests, he would sing a verse and a chorus of a few songs.  People shouted stuff out and I think he did ‘Free’, ‘Meet Virginia’ and ‘Mississippi’ (he asked the girl who asked for that whether she wanted to come on stage and dance with him during that as it’s such a romantic song but she was too scared.  Lol).

Then he did his whole stage-diving thing (you can actually see us in this vid.  lol).  And they ended with ‘This Ain’t Goodbye’.

Seriously, most amazing concert ever.  Like I said, the singing and the music was incredible but as a band they really love their fans.  I mean during songs, Pat would kneel down, take a camera off a lucky person at the front and take a photo of himself and that person and he was constantly pulling funny faces and making fun of himself.    My feet were absolutely killing me afterwards that it was a miracle I managed to run to make sure I got the last train home but it was so so worth it.