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4 Reasons to Love Nikita

The Action Scenes – It confounds me how all the actors do their own stunts. I mean seriously have you watched this show?! As well as the gun fights, explosions, there are so many hand-to-hand fights that I can’t comprehend how they all learn their lines, rehearse their scenes and still fit in the martial arts training.

The Plot – I think there are maybe 3 episodes per season which are a bit weak. The rest – I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE. Obviously it requires you to suspend your belief a bit but it is way more realistic than Alias. Continuity is there. They bring in characters from the early days, things link up like they should. And they explore the backstory of every character – just as you think there can’t be any more to reveal, they peel back a layer.

The Cast – Holy crap Maggie Q blows me away in every scene and Lyndsey! It is not fair how talented these two are. And I love how much the cast loves each other and how their dogs have doggie playdates (even when they’re back in LA and not filming in Canada).

The Relationships – IT’S OFFICIAL – I SHIP NIKITA WITH EVERYONE. Seriously though, although there are three core relationships: Michael/Nikita, Nikita/Alex and Sean/Alex, this show is heaven for multi-shippers.  And even the relationship between the good guys and the bad guys (Amanda and Percy) are just so complex.

Nikita/Alex – I dare any other TV show to give me a relationship as amazing as Nikita and Alex’s. Although this season started out on rocky ground for these two, once they came together again, it was magic. The hugs! Oh and there’s this truly awesome scene where Nikita is shipping Alex/Sean and she smooths Alex’s hair back like she’s her younger sister or something and basically telling Alex to go for it and it’s adorable.


Nikita/Michael – I could not ask for any more from them this season. Okay, I would have preferred it not be revealed that Michael has a son but in the end, it brought them closer together. The hugs! The kisses! The shippiness! THE KISS IN THE SUNSET IN THE FINALE. YES, THIS HAPPENED. Alex ships them! Birkoff ships them! Owen begrudgingly ships them! Even Amanda and Percy know they are meant to be!


Nikita/Birkoff – Oh wow! This season, this season has brought us this wonderful dynamic. And he kissed her! He kissed her in front of Michael and Michael’s reaction was awesome.


Nikita/Owen – THESE TWO! I secretly ship them as much as Nikita/Michael. I mean he understands Nikita on a level that Michael might never be able to. They are two broken, screwed up individuals trying to make up for their past sins. And he just got promoted to series regular for Season 3! Bring it on!


Nikita/Ryan – Oh Ryan the good guy! I like their relationship. Next season will find them at odds I am sure but dear show, don’t ever ever make Ryan turn bad. He’s the good guy. He’s the brains.


Sean/Alex – I know they’ve been building up to this all season but I’ve only really fallen in love with them in the last 3 episodes. Michael ships them, Nikita ships them, Birkoff really really ships them! Alex has had really crap luck with men in this show so I’m glad they waited a season until having anything happen between them. I loved Sean being high on pain medication and saying things and Alex being all awkward about it afterwards. And the kiss!!! And Ryan goes to interrupt them and Birkoff stops him by saying “let them have their moment”. BEST THING EVER. And then in the finale when they are fighting for their lives and Sean keeps asking Alex out on a date and she just keeps giving him this look! Brilliant!


Amazing Nikita team cast video: Calls Me Home
Amazing Michael/Nikita + Sean Alex video: Kiss Me Slowly

CSI:NY: 8×18 – Near Death

I found the scene between Mac and Claire in the empty lab corridor really really melodramatic. Melodrama has its place – in Grey’s Anatomy, not in a procedural crime drama. In fact the whole episode was just …. I don’t know, trying too hard?

I mean I liked the structure with the flashforwards and backwards in time and Mac having a “ghost” scene with each character but overall it was just too cheesy for this sort of show to work.  But once I got over that then ….

Favourite parts:

– Flack mentioning Mac saving his life! ‘Charge Of This Post’ – Still one of my favourite episodes of the show.

– Flack mentioning the fact that he didn’t get to tell Jess that she loved her before she died and his conversation with Mac about this – HUGE CHEERS FOR THIS!  Flack still misses her!  Bless, I actually would have thought he would have moved on by now. Favourite moment of the season right here.

– Everything that came out of Flack’s mouth during this episode.

– Christine/Jo banter about Mac’s middle name.

– Mac and Hawkes mentioning Camille.

– Lindsay/ginger cat.

– The school bus yard. Lindsay firing her gun!

– Mac/Lucy/Lindsay/Danny <3 <3 <3 <3.

– The final scene with Claire. Yes, I was finally moved.

– The final group scene with Mac’s return.

Next season I do not want Adam out of the lab full time. No, no, no, don’t make him a CSI. I will cry. He is the only character in this show that I’ve never been able to think about growing to like. Don’t give him more screentime.

Anyway, this would have been the perfect series finale. In fact I’m sad that it’s not going to be because they can’t top this creatively and logic dictates that if they know that next season’s finale is going to be the series finale, they’re going to lay on more melodrama ….. Hee, I just read what I wrote about last season’s finale: I actually, honestly, believe that this works perfectly as a series finale. I mean it was sort of understated rather than an all-out guns blazing like the previous episode but it was nice. Like with the Brothers & Sisters finale (and I can’t believe I’m comparing these shows), everything is tied up but gives you the idea of what will happen in the future – Mac possibly leaving, changes for the Messer family etc.

CSI:NY may well win the prize for the most false-series finales before the end.

Criminal Minds: 7×23 – Hit & 7×24 – Run


I am nowhere near at the end of my season finale slog but I am pretty sure no other finale can top the Criminal Minds finale for sheer cuteness and shippiness.  Will/JJ, Morgan/Prentiss, Kevin/Garcia, Hotch/Beth, Rossi/Strauss – I THINK MY HEAD EXPLODED.


OMG THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will, JJ and Henry family time! Nothing will ever get cuter than seeing AJ and Mekhai interact on screen!

Followed by Hotch, Beth and Jack and the fort!

And Garcia and Reid hanging out at a sci-fi convention and meeting Rossi!!!!!  And Strauss.  Wait, ROSSI/STRAUSS!!!!! I don’t know how I feel about this!!!!


SERIOUSLY, WHAT SHOW AM I WATCHING?!?! Is this like Criminal Minds: the Romantic Comedy edition?!?!?!?!?!

Bank robbery!

Will and JJ hand hold!

The look JJ gives Prentiss when she is offered a job at Interpol!

OMG Will!!!!!

And just the silence by the team after he was shot!

The explosion!

Morgan’s “Where’s Emily?”

Mention of Hotch’s ear!!!!!!! Continuity!

AJ was BADASS!!!!!!!!!

Prentiss, Will and the bomb! Seriously, SERIOUSLY! Prentiss disarms one timer and another one starts?!?!?!  This made me chuckle, LOL.

WILL AND JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “Ask me again!”



OMG JJ LOOKS GORGEOUS, both in the purple dress and the white!






Just in case anyone was wondering, I did enjoy the episode case-wise as well.  It wasn’t amazing but obviously nothing could beat all the TEAM INTERACTION AND THE SHIPPING and just the Will/JJ <3 <3 <3 <3.  THE ABUNDANCE OF CUTENESS!!!

Guys, Prentiss is leaving the BAU but her last ever scene on the show was DANCING WITH MORGAN AND THE SCRIPT WRITERS SAID THIS ABOUT IT:


Dude, my little non-ship shippiness <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.  And the fact that Morgan went house-hunting with her.  And THIS SCENE:

Oh Prentiss …. best character farewell ever!

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×24 – Flight


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I just say seriously, NO!!!!!!!!!!

I mean okay if it had to be one of the ones in the plane then I would rather it was Mark or Lexie than anyone else but now that Lexie is dead????  And the fact that she died relatively early in the episode?!  WTF was that about??!

NO. MY HEART IS BROKEN. I’ve always liked Lexie but never LOVED her but I always took it for granted that she would be around after Ellen Pompeo left to carry on the Grey name and SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!  I never thought it would be her.

AND MARK’S SPEECH. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I just fell in love with Mark Sloan.

And the tragedy that Meredith never got to say goodbye to her sister and the fact that I love Meredith/Lexie scenes and we didn’t even get one final one (although I get that having that Mark/Lexie scene was the most powerful option but I was still hoping that Meredith would get there right at the end and hold her hand whilst Lexie let out a final “Meredith ….” or something).

I love the interplay of Meredith etc. saving Mark’s life and Teddy saving the patient’s life with the same heart problem.  Nice touch show.

Who would have thought that Cristina would have provided the dark humour in this situation?!

ARIZONA AND MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If the season premiere opens with Arizona coughing blood and then “dying” (no matter how temporarily) I am going to SCREAM.

Can I just mention how it’s amazing that all of them survived the initial impact of the plane crash? I’m just saying y’all.  Also, loved the flashback at the start to the pilot episode.

Teddy’s speech about Henry!!!!!! TEDDY’S SPEECH ABOUT TO OWEN ABOUT FRIENDSHIP!!!!!!  After like 2 seasons, finally a meaningful scene between them.

April’s speech to Jackson!!!!!!

Alex’s speech to Arizona’s voicemail.



Okay I ended this episode knowing that Chyler Leigh was definitely not returning next season but WTF KIM RAVER’S IS LEAVING AS WELL??????? TEDDY IS ACTUALLY FIRED.  WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to rub salt into the wound.  I cannot process.

Damn you Shonda effing Rhimes for making me feel things.  For getting every single piece of dialogue in this episode spot on.  I am super pissed at you especially for [insert character name] storyline though because I didn’t even know that was [insert semi-spoiler text here] until I read this (sidenote: I am so glad I avoided Twitter because I went into this episode completely unspoiled …. on the other hand maybe I could have done with the warning).

No other episode will top the Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 finale for sheer suspense but this tops that for the tragedy and for tying me in absolute knots.  I can’t even you guys ……  I mean I could just about make it over one thing if I knew that next season we would still have [insert character name] but now even the awesome news that the old crew is hanging around seems to be a very dim light at the end of the tunnel because I just didn’t see that one coming …..

And to think I’ve got to make it through several more finales this weekend ….. at least I know that nothing can possibly equal this for sheer HEARTBREAK.

It just doesn’t seem real.  And I know it could be worse but ……

I feel sick.

The Mentalist: 4×24 – The Crimson Hat

I have had huge issues with The Mentalist this season ranging from I can’t believe Jane got released from prison that easily to the fact that he is incredibly irritating, Libson and Jane still haven’t had a huge argument and she seems to just let him get away with anything, not to mention WTF was up with Rigsby and his whole baby storyline etc. etc.

Anyway, I decided awhile ago that I was going to finish off the season and not watch Season 5. I mean last season we had an AWESOME finale but Season 4 failed to live up to expectations so beyond watching the Season 5 premiere and maybe a couple of the “big” episodes, I thought I was done with this show.

Then I watched the finale and I hate hate hate hate hate how this show makes me watch 23 episodes which range from awful to mediocre and then tops it off with an episode like this. LIKE THIS.

Okay so my feelings for Lorelai started off as hating her on principle and the begrudgingly getting intrigued by her and then, yeah, the whole Red John thing. Kudos to the writing and the casting because the way it all went down, you could almost believe that that would be the type of woman Jane would be with if he really was having a mental breakdown.

No surprises that the breakdown was all a ruse to draw Red John out. When will Jane learn that Red John is cleverer than him though?!?! THE SCENE BETWEEN JANE AND LISBON IN THE CHURCH. The fact that she was so worried about him and couldn’t sleep after six months (heck, I know what that feels like). And everything she did for him. And just the whole worrying and the scene where she is walking along in the dark all sad.

Red John wants Jane to kill Lisbon to prove his loyalty to him. Yeah, JANE IS NEVER GOING TO KILL LISBON.


Okay, blatantly that wasn’t Rigsby lying with his head blown off on the floor.


I love that the team still haven’t forgiven Jane and said that they are risking everything for Lisbon, not for him.

The whole Lorelai, limo, Jane thing – I did think that maybe it was Red John in there. I mean I knew we or Jane wouldn’t get to actually see him but I thought he was there so the fact it was Wainwright with a phone strapped to him did come as a bit of a surprise. I thought they were going to do that thing where they open the back of the limo and no one is there because Red John actually snuck off before the car chase.

How long can the show go without actually having Jane and the real Red John meet face to face though? I mean the whole bait and switch ruse is going to get old very soon. Just because they meet and his identity is revealed doesn’t mean he’s immediately going to be captured/killed.

So is Susan Red John’s mole in the FBI? I wouldn’t like to think so but hell with this show you can’t trust anyone.

Except maybe Lisbon. You can trust Lisbon.

THE SCENE WHERE LISBON SITS DOWN NEXT TO JANE AND HE JUST REACHES FOR HER AND HOLDS HER HAND!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! They should have ended the season on that beautifully filmed shot.

Any bets as to how Red John is going to dispose of Lorelai now? OH ROBIN TUNNEY. YOU MAKE ME FEEL THINGS.

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×23 – Migration

Holy mother of freaking God – the promo for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. WTF?!?!  I can’t even. If I am calculating this correctly, the only people on that plane who are the “options” are Mark, Lexie and Arizona, right? WTF?!?!  I am actually glad that Teddy isn’t an option otherwise I will be having breathing trouble right now.

Since when they filmed Shonda didn’t know who was staying or going does that mean the finale is going to end on a major cliffhanger?!?!

(Incidentally, ridiculously happy that I know Ellen and Patrick (and the others but I guess I could have lived if the others had decided to leave …..) have signed on for another 2 years before I watched this episode otherwise I would literally be having convulsions right now.)

Anyway, back to this episode ……. I loved the way everything played out.

First, I LOVED having an Arizona-centric storyline. I’ve waited for about a season and a half for her absolute awesomeness to shine through again and here it is. I loved her relationship with her brother’s best friend. It was heartbreaking. And that scene with Callie outside when she tells her never to leave her? I can’t even ….. <3 <3 <3.

Derek and Meredith <3. Yay for actually seeing inside the house that he has been building for her.

I have truly loved, even more than normal, the Cristina/Meredith friendship these last few episodes. The way Cristina was there for her when Meredith was sick whilst taking the boards <3 <3 <3. And that scene between them when Cristina told her that she wasn’t her person, Owen was ….. although it made me whimper, I was actually okay with it in the end because I think Cristina saying that was best for both of them.

I loved that Teddy/Owen scene when he tells her what he did and why Cristina is leaving.

The Alex/Chief thing was an interesting angle. I thought that Alex was going to be the one to fail his Boards until I remember they had him fail in Season 2 (or was it 1) so that would be too repetitive. Nice to see him come out on top for once. I loved that Cristina hugged him. It just said so much. On the other hand I also loved the scene where Arizona totally lost it and started shouting at him.

I don’t really have any thoughts on April being the one to fail her Boards except that if it had to happen to someone, I am so glad that it’s her and not anyone else (wouldn’t have really cared if it had been Jackson either – as you can see I am all about the old crowd).

Ben’s crossword proposal to Bailey was so sweet. Really liked Bailey in this whole episode actually. I felt so sorry for her at the end.

I really don’t care about Owen/Cristina. That’s pretty much the only relationship that I’m not even a tiny bit interested in. I’ve never been that invested in Mark/Lexie but I am kind of curious as to how that will go, ditto Jackson/April.

And now the wait is on ….. surely next week’s finale cannot top the Season 6 one?

(Also, if they kill Mark or Lexie, I may be able to get over it in good time but NOT ARIZONA OKAY.  NOT ARIZONA.)

Castle: 4×23 – Always

Okay so that episode definitely lived up to expectations.


I say it every time but I watch Castle for the big episodes. Castle does the big episodes awesomely.

Where to start? RYAN! RYAN! WTF Esposito? Ryan was the only one who had his head on straight. If it wasn’t for Ryan then Beckett would have died, DIED. Am I the only one who thinks he’s the real hero in all this?!?! But I loved Esposito too. I loved the fact that Esposito and Ryan were both trying to do the right thing by Beckett in their own way. Loved the dynamic between the two guys in this episode.

Gah! I loved the Castle/Beckett moment when he invited her over to watch films and his surprise that she said yes. THE ‘I LOVE YOU’ SCENE IN HER APARTMENT. Perfection. Heartbreaking. GAH. Can’t really put my feelings into words.

Beckett sitting on the swings soaking wet! And of course the scene in Castle’s apartment. Yes she is ridiculously hot when her hair is all wet. Yeah, I noticed. I love that she was the one who initiated it all. I love everything that was said or wasn’t said. I love the way they filmed it. The hand-hold. ‘IN MY VEINS’ PLAYING.

I loved everything in this episode down to the scene between Beckett and the gang thug and the way they filmed Beckett chasing Evil Guy on the rooftop and the panoramic views.

It was one of those episodes where I would be quite content if the series ended right now because nothing that comes after can possibly live up to the “getting together” moment (and you all know my interest tends to quickly wane after a couple has actually got together). But still, excellent writing of the episode as a whole – usually episodes about Beckett’s mother tends to lose me with its complexity but even I managed to get my head around everything that happened in this episode and what it means for the future.

CSI:NY: 8×14 – Flash Pop

I loved this episode! Yes, really.

The fact that Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill both from Greek guest-starred helped (even if that meant I went into the episode thinking that one of them had to be the murderer, and probably Spencer) but the whole episode was fantastic.

I loved the way they flashed back and forth from the present day crime scene to the 1950s crime scene, ditto the autopsies.

Loved Lindsay mentioning Montana.

Loved the way they filmed Flack conducting the interviews with the other lab techs and asking each member of the team about Harland. The whole episode was filmed really beautifully actually.

I’ve never had any feelings about Mac’s latest lady friend until this episode but I think I like her.

The scene where Mac and Jo watches the lab techs mourning with the flowers and candles <3……. What I didn’t like was the scene after with Jo being mushy in a high, squeaky voice afterwards.

It was really weird for me to see Casey Cartwright as a cold-blooded killer! Kind of scary. Sad that she and “Beaver” didn’t share more scenes together. Love this interview with the two of them. Greek reuinion FTW!

Grey’s Anatomy: 8×19 – Support System

Did anyone else think it was really awful the way that Bailey, Arizona and Callie treated Teddy in the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? I mean I know it was meant to be funny and it was at the start (although I expected better from Bailey), then I was glad that Arizona shouted at Callie and Bailey but then we got to the last scene where Teddy arrived at their apartment was all excited about their girls night in and everyone else’s reaction made me mad. Poor Teddy. It’s not even like she has any other friends because Owen is a giant douche (in every way) – though I do wish we had more Teddy/Owen angsty scenes.

Which brings me onto the Owen/Cristina. I am not particularly invested in them as a couple but for the record I am Team Cristina all the way and always have been. However, I do appreciate that this was probably the only way to write them out of the “you had an abortion” hole.  Now we can move onto the “you cheated on me” cycle.  I love the whole Owen/Meredith/Cristina thing and the way Meredith respected Cristina’s need to be alone whilst still letting her know she was there for her.

I have always loved Meredith but I doubly love her this season. I love the way she protected Lexie and told the others to back off and the way she decided to help the others and share her wisdom and study together at the end.

Teddy and Meredith <3.

Castle: 4×15 – Pandora & 4×16 – Linchpin

How amazing were these episodes?!?!

See, this is a perfect example of my relationship with Castle – I watch for the BIG episodes and sit through the other stuff just because I have to.

Anyway, AWESOME episode …. Apart from maybe the last ten minutes…..

I LOVE Jennifer Beals. Wasn’t particularly a big fan of her in Lie To Me but I loved her as a cop in The Chicago Code and loved her even more as a CIA spy in Castle.

Loved Sophia’s past relationship with Castle and the fact that Beckett was jealous of her etc.

I can’t believe they made her the mole though! That sucked! When you watch these sort of episodes, you’re always looking for the huge twist and I was suspicious of her at first but then she won me over and I was all for Danberg being the mole.

Boo that Sophia was a traitor. I was flailing about how I love the Castle/Beckett/CIA crossover and think I would love the show more if there was this crossover spy element and the secret underground base …. Sigh.

Anyway, I really loved the plot as a whole. Really interesting and had me on tenterhooks. I thought the scene in the car was especially well done because even though in these situations, and you know they are not going to kill off the two main characters, that life/death scene was especially gripping. I felt sorry for Thomas Gage. Poor guy and awesome spy.

Loved Espo being annoyed at not being kept in the loop. Having Alexis intern in this episode of all episodes added another layer. Oooh Castle’s father. Why do main characters always have hidden secrets regarding their parents – it’s getting to be like Chuck and Sarah’s set of parents in Chuck …..

Nice to have a ‘big case’ that isn’t to do with Beckett’s mother because honestly that whole backstory has gone straight over my head and every time we have one of those episodes, I feel like I’m being tested.

PS. Didn’t expect to like the Castle episode before this with the travelling back to 1947 and the whole Blue Butterfly thing but I really really did! Good going show!