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TV Music Mix 2012/2013

I wish I had thought of doing this years ago – imagine what amazing songs could have made it on here from Chuck, early years Grey’s Anatomy etc. Still, better late than never. Therefore, I present my mix of favourite songs as played on my TV shows in the 2012/2013 season.


TV Soundtrack

1. Coldplay – Fix You*
(The Newsroom: 1×04 – I’ll Try To Fix You -> Watch scene)
2. The Who – Baba O’Riley
(The Newsroom: 1×10 – The Greater Fool -> Watch scene)
3. Tristan Prettyman – My Oh My
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×01 – Going, Going, Gone)
4. One Two – Without You
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×01 – Going, Going, Gone)
5. Yael Meyer – Shed Their Fear
(Parenthood: 4×05 – There’s Something I Need To Tell You)
6. Milo Greene – Perfectly Aligned
(Nikita: 3×01 – 3.0 -> Watch scene)
7. Eli Young Band – Even If It Breaks Your Heart
(Hart Of Dixie: 2×02 – Always On My Mind) + (Nashville: 1×01 – Pilot)
8. Florence + The Machine – Never Let Me Go
(Nikita: 3×02 – Innocence -> Watch scene)
9. Green Day – Amy
(CSI:NY: 9×04 – Unspoken)
10. Nashville Cast – Buried Under
(Nashville: 1×05 – Move It On Over)
11. The Rolling Stones – Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
(Hawaii Five-0: 3×06 – I Ka Wa Mamua)
12. Neil Halstead – Full Moon Rising
(Parenthood: 4×07 – Together)
13. Nashville Cast – Wrong Song
(Nashville: 1×07 – Lovesick Blues -> Watch scene)
14. Little Big Town – Can’t Go Back
(Hart Of Dixie: 2×08 – Achy Breaky Hearts)
15. Milo Greene – What’s The Matter
(Hart Of Dixie: 2×08 – Achy Breaky Hearts)
16. Mindy Smith – Pretending The Stars
(Hart Of Dixie: 2×09 – Sparks Fly)
17. Matt Hires – Forever
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×12 – Walking On A Dream -> Watch scene)
18. Rihanna – Stay (Feat Mikky Ekko)
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×15 – Hard Bargain -> Watch scene)
19. Ellie Goulding – Dead In The Water
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×15 – Hard Bargain)
20. Madeleine Slate – Never Know The Word Lonely
(Hart Of Dixie: 2×14 – Take Me Home, Country Roads)
21. Nashville Cast – I Will Fall
(Nashville: 1×14 – Dear Brother)
22. Train – Mermaid
(Hawaii Five-0: 3×17 – Pa’ani)
23. Serena Ryder – What I Wouldn’t Do
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×16 – This Is Why We Fight -> Watch scene)
24. Nashville Cast – Ho Hey
(Nashville: 1×16 – I Saw The Light -> Watch scene)
25. Laura Welsh – Hollow Drum
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×18 – Idle Hands -> Watch scene)
26. Nashville Cast – Used
(Nashville: 1×19 – Why Don’t You Love Me -> Watch scene)
27. Jill Andrews – Rust Or Gold
(Grey’s Anatomy: 9×22 – Do You Believe In Magic? -> Watch scene)
28. Caitlin Rose – When I’m Gone
(Hart Of Dixie: 2×22 – On The Road Again)
29. Mat Kearney – All I Need
(Nikita: 3×22 – Til Death Do Us Part -> Watch scene + scene)
30. Ellie Goulding – Hanging On
(Nikita: 3×22 – Til Death Do Us Part -> Watch scene)

*One of my favourite scenes of all time.

Rewatch: The Newsroom Season 1

I rewatched The Newsroom so have some completely random exclamations of love.

I have got to say how perfect the Pilot is. The first scene between Mac and Jim when she is trying to orchestrate him flirting with Maggie …… the whole handling of the BP oil spill …. The instrumental score …… the end scene between Will/Mac by the elevators …. God, so much love.
Oh god the Sloan/Mac conversation in episode 2 – absolutely brilliant. Love it when Mac is trying to convince her that Will did not cheat on her and is loveable. Oh and the mass emails <3 <3.The end of episode 4 with ‘Fix You’ playing = one of my all time favourite TV scenes.The end of episode 5 with the Will/Mac hug …….!!!The engagement ring!!!!! That whole arc is so deliciously twisty and whilst I don’t appreciate Will messing with Mac’s mind like that … HE KEPT THE RING!

I love every single Sloan/Mac scene. “I have wisdom.”

The Osama Bin Laden episode and the scene on the plane where Don tells the pilots? Makes me cry every time. GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW. HOW DID I NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS WHEN I WATCHED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND?!?!?! MOST AMAZING SCENE FROM TV LAST SEASON!!!!!

Mac’s LOSING IT scene. Hilarious. God I love Mac.

Oh the finale …. MAC IS AWESOME. Hitting Will with the magazine, hitting Jim with the pillow.  “Do you want to end up like me and him, wasting time and now he’s practically dead.”

I love this show so so much. I think the only episode which isn’t near-perfection for me is episode 3.

Hawaii Five-0: 3×24 – Aloha. Malama Pono

Okay so the writers’ attitude when sitting down to write this episode: let’s throw everything at it.

We had:

– Car chase
– Wrong accused / framed (Kono)
– Bloody plane
– Family loyalty
– Random person from Catherine’s past
– Child kidnapping
– Wo Fat
– Car chase 2.0
– Wrongly accused / framed (boy’s father)
– Steve’s mother lying to him AGAIN
– Brother killing brother (Adam/Michael – possibly mirroring Steve/Wo Fat ????)
– Adam having to go on the run although he didn’t do anything wrong
– Kono’s return to the team up in the air (seriously right, every finale?!?!?!)
– Tearful  team goodbye
– Catherine/Kono hug
– Chin getting a ‘new’ love interest
– Returning love for Danny

Ever since Doris let Wo Fat go after their fight, I was sure that he was her son. AND THIS EPISODE just reinforces this? I mean it would be typical TV – two enemies that are actually brothers …..

I love Adam and Kono. Ian Anthony Dale is so ridiculously hot. I love that after everything, their love is still in tact but why does ‘happily ever after’ remove them both from my screen (at least for the time being)?!?! Not fair.

I am all for more Catherine screentime but I don’t understand why they felt the need to insert that scene with her ex-boyfriend in the middle of an already packed finale. Couldn’t whatever storyline they are setting up wait until next season?

I just can’t buy Gabby/Danny. I just don’t think there were enough episodes with her in it and us seeing their relationship to buy their relationship has lasted this long offscreen

And yet again another season ends with Kono’s place on the 5-0 team up in the air. Why is it always her?

Okay, so technically the season ended with Steve’s fate on this earth up in the air ……the cliffhanger ….. there’s always cliffhanger. I still think Wo Fat is Steve’s half-brother. Clearly somehow Steve and Wo Fat are going to get out of there…. (Steve at least.  Perhaps Wo Fat will get hurt and with his dying breath call Steve ‘brother’ …..) Realistically, I am not entirely sure how and I am super scared about who is coming after them but I trust that it will all work out and create another season-long arc for next season.
Overall, I’ve really liked this season and the finally just about did it justice. It didn’t blow my mind and I think they tried to do too much.

Nashville: 1×21 – I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive

I am glad that THE BIG SECRET is finally out but do I wish it happened before Rayna/Deacon got back together? HELL YES. I mean it would have been awful either way but seeing them so happy together in the last few hours whilst knowing that this was hanging over their heads? Really painful. Pretty much the only time I have liked Teddy was in that fight scene with Deacon when he said that Maddy and Rayna deserved better than Deacon thirteen years ago. Oh and he also gets points for when he was with Rayna trying to calm Maddy down and told Rayna to trust him that she won’t lose her.

Rayna/Juliette moment <3.

Poor Tandie, I hope she doesn’t do something stupid. I hated Lemar at the start of the season but he has weirdly grown on me a tiny bit.

PEGGY, WHY DO YOU STILL EXIST?! Why are you pregnant?!?! I would almost prefer her rolling over on Teddy and Teddy going to prison than this scenario? I kinda guessed it was coming when I read the synopsis for the episode.

Probably my favourite Juliette episode. The song at the end was beautiful but then it got a bit melodramatic with the violins that sprung out of nowhere.

Gunnar/Scarlett – what is it with proposing for the wrong reasons in season finales?!?! I hope they never revisit Scarlett/Avery as being more than friends and whilst I love Gunnar/Scarlett, I kind of wish they showed Gunnar making it up to her by doing something other than proposing.

I am weirdly invested in Will. He is going to be a main character next season, yes? When he first appeared, I thought he was going to break Gunner/Scarlett up and I am so glad they didn’t go down that route. This route is way more interesting. Oh Deacon. Poor guy, can’t blame him though. BUT BIG FAT NO TO THE CAR CRASH.

Criminal Minds: 8×24 – The Replicator

I know the fandom doesn’t like Strauss but I honestly never minded her and thought she was okay as a boss. The Hotch/Strauss scene <3 <3. Sniff.
Nice that Prentiss got a mention.

Oooh the Replicator reveal. Well, I thought it was handled well. Although I’m sorry that Strauss had to die, it was nice character work bringing her children and her alcoholism and Rossi into it. And Rossi turning psycho on Morgan was infinitely scary. I kind of think it lost me when he started taking control of the helicopter though.

Linking the Replicator with Blake’s past …. Well, it obviously explains the Strauss/Blake hostility at the start of the season and develops Blake’s background …. But I was kind of hoping for ….. something different? I don’t know, maybe because this gives him twisted justification for doing this and I was hoping he was just a crazy psycho?

It was scary when the door shut, trapping the team in the room with a bomb about to go off, but I kind of think the Rossi rescue happened too quickly? Why not show us the team panicking about?? Obviously it was a decoy to the real tension of having Rossi/Replicator stuck in the room but there was just something gripping about having nearly everyone locked in, I kind of wish they played with that a bit more. And then Rossi managed to get out super quickly as well – why not increase the tension there a bit??

Okay, a SCARY amount of Criminal Minds episodes have the team at a funeral.

Lovely team moment at the end. Kind of bittersweet for JJ using her wedding venue? Mixed memories!
Overall a good episode but the second half could have been executed better?

Castle: 5×24 – Watershed

Blood coming out of a shower on an unsuspecting individual? WAIT THAT IS TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE.
OH WAIT, YES CSI:NY DID IT. It was pretty memorable.Alex from Chuck!!!!!!!!!! Wish she had a bigger role.Love that we finally got a Beckett/Lanie scene.  We’ve only been waiting, like, 2 seasons for one.

ERM, CASTLE YOU WRITE BOOKS FOR A LIVING, YOU COULD WRITE BOOKS IN DC, WHY DOES BECKETT GETTING THIS JOB MEAN YOU WOULD NEVER SEE HER AGAIN?!?! Someone please slap him for me. I mean god Alexis is in University now and although it would be hard for Castle to leave her in New York, how comes he didn’t even CONSIDER moving the DC with Beckett?!?!

Martha talking some sense! Yay Beckett’s Dad.

The case was nothing special, interesting enough but not wow-worthy for a finale.

A proposal? Can anyone say guilt trip? She will be staying for all the wrong reasons. Why didn’t the proposal come with a “I know this is an amazing opportunity for you and I will follow you wherever you go?”. THAT would make sense. Now he’s asking her to marry him for all the wrong selfish reasons.  I am done.

I reckon she will take the job and go and then circumstances dictate that she ends up back at the 12th Precinct and there will be lots of angst between her and Castle because she rejected his proposal and left and then they have to work together again etc. etc.

Okay, I have been thinking about it for a couple of seasons but this is the season I finally let go of this show. Castle in this episode made the decision easier.

PS. I just realised that the song I am listening to (and the only song I truly love from Texas’ new album) has some appropriate lyrics for this episode:

Waking up is never easy
So why don’t you come over here
Tell me ’bout the dreams that haunt you
Tell me ’bout your secret fears
I wanna change your obsession
If only I could make you see
How it’s all your own creation
That’s bringing you this misery
How they’re hurting you
When they’re not deserving you
Are so, are so afraid of you
It’s time to have a conversationGive it up,
I’m never gonna hold you up
You’ve always been afraid of love
It’s time to have a conversation

Nikita: 3×22 – ‘Til Death Us Do Part

This show, this show, THIS SHOW.

It just does something to me.

Maggie Q <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. She’s TVLine’s Performer of the Week. Seriously, she is always amazing but in this episode …. There are no words.

The last fifteen minutes just absolutely killed it.

And they played one of my favourite Mat Kearney songs over the key scenes, followed by Ellie Goulding’s ‘Hanging On’.

I have to say that I did NOT see the President killing herself as a solution to the “Nikita must kill the President” storyline. Wow. And then it got explained later which made sense. Clever work writers. Sort of wish they hadn’t revealed that until next season? But I guess when they wrote this episode, they didn’t know there would be a next season.
The scene where Nikita gets on the motorcycle and showers Michael in bullets and the way the others put two and two together to work out what was really going on with Nikita <3.Liked the way they brought the ‘Dirty 30’ into play. Gosh Amanda and the Shop really do think of everything. Division being under attack and giving Ryan, Birkoff and Alex to show their kickass fighting skills (great fight scene by the way) and then when Nikita comes in guns blazing and saves the day. Nice!I love how the Michael-has-nanotoxin was resolved with the hope that they would be able to find a cure and then Michael lying to Nikita about having the cure and then the whole ‘resurrection’ scenario.
Oh God the scene with everyone around his hospital bed trying to revive him and Nikita’s speech. And Alex’s tears and Birkoff and Sonya holding hands and Mat Kearney’s ‘All I Need’ playing <3 <3 <3 <3 and the way it stops for a minute when Michael’s heart starts beating and then carries on ….

The sunset when they are all standing outside Division mirroring the end of last season! Love it! And Division being blown up once and for all! And Mat Kearney still playing…. The explosions timed with the climax of the song …

And then of course the adorable group scene where they all say they are going to help Nikita clear her name because they love her.

Oh GOD THE LAST SCENE!!!!! With Nikita driving away and the Ellie Goulding song playing and Michael finding her engagement ring. Holy crap, OF COURSE she would not want to put the people she loves through the ordeal of trying to clear her name. OF COURSE she had to do the noble thing. Oh the look on Nikita’s face just killed me. It is all so perfect in a bitter and twisted way. And there I was wondering how they could keep the Nikita/Michael relationship interesting without having you doubt the love between them ….  GAH!!!!!!

I love this interview with Craig Silverstein where he talks about next season and even mentions Sonya letting her hair down. Lol.  Because after all that was the key moment of this episode.

Although I actually think this could have worked as a series finale, I am so glad that they are going to get the chance to wrap things up and when they do I do NOT want one of these bittersweet endings. I want Amanda sorted for good, Owen to stop being Sam-like and everyone to live happily ever after.

Conclusion: Everyone needs to spend the summer hiatus watching this show. The End.

NCIS: LA : 4×24 – Descent



Holy crap you guys, I don’t know where to start.

How about with Sam? I get the Sam/Deeks dynamic exists but I hated the way he treated Deeks in this episode. I get him feeling that way at the start when Deeks first joined but after working together for YEARS and Sam getting to see Deeks be an awesome team member and always having Kensi’s back and still he says those things to him? I know part of it was to make the end scene even more potent but still. Did not like.

The case? Liked the way it brought various threads of the season together but I am looking forward to the whole nuclear bombs thing being resolved once and for all in the premiere.

Loved Quinn/Michelle. I am guessing that she is going to be okay and Kensi will rescue her? I mean if they are going to kill someone important off, it’s obviously going to be her but I really hope they don’t. I don’t want Sam angst next season to come from anything apart from guilt over what happened to Deeks. I am sure the electrocution wasn’t fun for him but as a SEAL, I bet he’s been through worse and I think it will probably be worse for him to watch Deeks suffer.

And then there was THIS MOMENT:

It happened just as I imagined it – the batter/arguing and then –boom- one of them makes the move. Deeks, as it turned out.

But let’s rewind to the last episode. Loved the way it tied into this episode with Kensi still being jealous.

The scene between them in the weapons room where Deeks is worried about Kensi’s safety (oh the irony!) and then the awkward dancing around what they want to say echoing the scene at the end of the previous episode as well.

And then Kensi being jealous and rambling on about Deeks being a bad communicator and then BAM Deeks kisses her and leaves her completely flustered and speechless. And Deeks just can’t believe he actually did it.

(Minor petty point – wish it hadn’t happened whilst they were on !mostimportantcaseever. What if something had happened whilst Deeks wasn’t at his stakeout post? Well, then I guess the rest of the episode wouldn’t have happened …. Moot point.)

EXACTLY how I always imagined it. And how I picture various getting together scenes in various contemporary romances I read.  Perfection!

Anyway, WHAT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Is Deeks going to be so distraught and emotionally torn up that the kiss is pushed to the back of his mind? Is Kensi going to want to be there for him but he pushes her away because he is all ~angsty~ and traumatised about what he’s been through? Are the writers just going to ignore the whole thing until next season finale? Because although IT happened and there are no take-backs, what happened after kind of cancels 90% of it out and if things are actually going to happen with them then we are probably going to need another moment just like that otherwise they are just not going to ~deal with it~ when they both will come out of the premiere with so much baggage, well Deeks at least.

Grey’s Anatomy: 9×24 – Perfect Storm

Meredith/Derek/Baby – This was a pretty tame encounter for them! Of course Meredith’s pregnancy couldn’t go smoothly but as crises go, I liked how they played it with Meredith keeping calm and instructing Ross and then Bailey coming in to save the day. Nice way to get Bailey back on the horse. And naming the baby after her <3.

Cristina/Owen – This outcome was inevitable. They are never going to be able to overcome this hurdle. If Shonda truly believes they are endgame then I have no idea how she is going to get them to end up together.

Alex/Jo – I don’t ship them but I loved Alex’s conversation with Arizona in the closet where he talks about the crazy women in his life.

Jackson/April – Whilst I like Matthew, the Jackson/April scene was kind of raw and emotional. I generally find April all kinds of annoying but I thought her reaction was realistic and I enjoyed her letting loose on Jackson.  Just wish Matthew/April had more time before the “Inevitable” Jackson/April moment happened.

Arizona/Lauren/Callie – I HATE CHEATING but I have to admit the chemistry between Arizona and Lauren was really hot. I might have eventually got over the cheating but what I can’t get over is Arizona using the leg as an excuse yet again. I get in real life, it would be a huge deal for someone to get over but in TVLand, that excuse is getting old and has already been done to death at the start of the season to cause tension between Arizona and Callie. How can they possibly come back from this? Remember when Arizona was all kinds of perfect? CAN WE GO BACK TO THOSE TIMES NOW PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!

Richard ….. as soon as he found the maintenance guy in the basement, I knew the episode would end with him getting electrocuted so that definitely didn’t shock me.  Hope they don’t kill him off!

I liked it as a finale. It was obviously one of the tamer ones Grey’s-wise but I think it worked well and Meredith and the baby ended up fine which is the most important thing for me.  I am glad they didn’t try to replicate the scale of the hospital shooting.