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TV Mix 2013/2014

TV Soundtrack

1. The Who – You Better You Bet
(The Newsroom: 2×01 – First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers)
2. Wolf Gang – Suego Faults
(Covert Affairs: 4×03 – Into The White)
3. Wildlife – Lightning Tent
(Camp: 1×01 – Pilot)
4. KT Tunstall – Feel It All
(Unforgettable: 2×03 – Day Of The Jackie)
5. Fitz & The Tantrums – Spark
(Camp: 1×06 – Parents’ Weekend)
6. The Lumineers – Stubborn Love
(Camp: 1×07 – The Wedding + The Night Shift: 1×01 – Pilot)
7. Luminate – Let My Love Open The Door
(The Newsroom: 2×09 – Election Night, Part 2 -> Watch scene)
8. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
(Parenthood: 5×01 – It Has To Be Now)
9. Fitz & The Tantrums – The End
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×05 – I Bet It Stung)
10. Sleeping At Last – Sun
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×07 – Thriller)
11. Nashville Cast – What If I Was Willing
(Nashville: 2×03 – I Don’t Want To Talk About It -> Watch scene)
12. Billy Joel – Piano Man
(Criminal Minds: 9×07 – Gatekeeper -> Watch scene)
13. Lorde – Bravado
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×08 – Two Against One)
14. OneRepublic – Counting Stars
(NCIS: LA: 5×06 – Big Brother)
15. Sleeperstar – I Was Wrong
(Chicago Fire: 2×08 – Rhymes With Shout)
16. AC/DC – If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
(Hawaii Five-0: 4×09 – Ha’uoli La Ho’omoaika’i)
17. Jill Andrews – Total Eclipse of the Heart
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×12 – Get Up, Stand Up)
18. Nashville Cast – This Town
(Nashville: 2×05 – Don’t Open That Door)
19. Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (cover version in episode)
(NCIS: LA: 5×10 – The Frozen Lake)
20.  Nashville Cast – Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet
(Nashville: 2×13 – It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right)
21.  The Wind + The Wave – Time After Time
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×15 – Throwing It All Away)
22. Sleeping At Last – Private Eyes
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×19 – I’m Winning)
23.  Tegan and Sara – Where Does The Good Go
(Grey’s Anatomy: 10×24 – Fear (Of The Unknown))
24.  Nashville Cast – Black Roses
(Nashville: 2×19 – On The Record)
25. Elvis Presley – Burning Love
(Parenthood: 5×05 – Let’s Be Mad Together)
26. Band Of Horses – The Funeral
(The Night Shift: 1×02 – Second Chances)
27. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
(Parenthood: 5×08 – The Ring)
28. Allman Brown – Sons and Daughters (feat. Liz Lawrence)
(Parenthood: 5×15 – You’ve Got Mold + The Night Shift: 1×03 – Hog Wild)
29. St Leonards – Best Part Of Me
(The Night Shift: 1×05 – Storm Watch)
30. The August Empire – There’s A Rumor
(The Night Shift: 1×06 – Coming Home)
31. Thirty Seconds To Mars – Bright Lights
(Nikita: 4×06 – Canceled)

Nikita: 4×06 – Canceled

I am a massive Nikita fan but I have to say that I never really got into the final season.

I don’t know whether it was because they tried to cram too much into too short a time, the fear that everyone was a double or the fact that Nikita/Alex were apart for five out of six episodes but it didn’t feel like the awesome show I’d known from previous seasons.

I also don’t feel Michael/Nikita ever properly dealt with the fact that she left him at the end of last season.

However, I do think the finale was fitting.  I am going to be honest, I did really think that Nikita had gone off the rails for a bit until I put two and two together.  I think the final scene with Nikita/Amanda was especially clever.

I like how flashbacks to Nikita’s first day at Division were used and I am glad that they all (apart from Ryan) got their Happy Ever After (although how comes Sonya was basically absent from the finale?!).

Overall though this season was lacking the Nikita magic that I had come to love.  However, the first season will always hold its place in my heart as one of the best seasons of television drama ever.

The Summer Shift

The Night Shift - Season 1

Usually the summer means the premiere of USA Network shows for me but this year I am steering clear of those (Covert Affairs – spent years rooting for Auggie/Annie and can’t bear to watch the angst, White Collar, Suits ….) and spending the time to catch up on shows I’m behind on (NCIS: LA, Parenthood, the last season of Nikita which I can’t bear to see go).  However, one new summer show which I’m watching is The Night Shift.  I have been longing for this show to air ever since I read the synopsis for it at last year’s Upfronts.  Whilst I will probably never be able to give up Grey’s Anatomy, I have been longing for a new medical drama to sink my teeth into, and new pretty people to ship.  Thank you The Night Shift for delivering!

tumblr_n7q57jJuj31rudlqeo6_250 tumblr_n7q57jJuj31rudlqeo7_250 tumblr_n7q57jJuj31rudlqeo9_250tumblr_n7q57jJuj31rudlqeo10_250

Things I am hoping for:

1) That it gets renewed for a second season
2) We get a flashback episode to when TC/Jordan were dating the first time around
3) Ragosa/Landry develops into a ship
4) Jordan/TC <3

The Mentalist: 6×22 – Blue Bird

tumblr_n5svvdNTnw1qbwkkro1_250 tumblr_n5svvdNTnw1qbwkkro2_250


“You’re right. I have forgotten how to act like a normal human being. And I play games and I lie and I trick people to avoid the truth of how I feel. And the idea of letting anyone close to me is terrifying for obvious reasons, but the truth, Teresa, is that I can’t imagine waking up, knowing that I won’t see you. The truth is… I love you. Whew! You can’t imagine how good it feels to say that out loud, but it scares me… and it is the truth. It is the truth of what I feel.”


This whole episode, from start to finish!  It was perfection!

I have waited six whole years for this and whilst I have always hoped that once Red John was put to bed, this would be a possibility, I never really thought we would get it.  I mean with Jane the way he is and everything he’s done, it would be so so so hard to have Jane/Lisbon happen whilst keeping things in-character but by God Bruno Heller managed it.


I kind of guessed Jane was behind the letter from the beginning and that scene on the beach where Lisbon worked out the code “all by herself” was really obvious.  And then the luxury hotel!  The suites!  The beautiful dresses!  The look on Jane’s face when Lisbon came down the stairs!  Lisbon being furious and throwing the drink in his face!  THEIR CONVERSATION THROUGH THE HOTEL DOOR!  JANE DECLARING HIS LOVE ON THE PLANE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!  KISSING!!!!!!!!!!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate how hilarious this episode was!  Abbott – the biggest Jane/Lisbon shipper!  CHO being clueless!!!  THE ABBOTT/CHO COMEDY DUO!  “Really?!  You don’t know why?!”  “Don’t know why what?” *Abbott eyeroll* “I don’t see it, they’re like brother and sister.  There’s no way.”

The case itself, with everyone bursting into Jane’s room trying to seek revenge when all Jane cares about is drowning his sorrows – hilarious!  And just the music score throughout the whole episode <3.

Grey’s Anatomy: 10×24 – Fear (Of The Unknown)

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Sandra Oh’s final episode and it was the perfect sendoff.  There was the ‘big drama’ of the huge trauma case to keep the episode busy but that wrapped up pretty early giving enough time for a series of perfect Meredith/Cristina moments.  Meredith putting Cristina in the cab, THE DANCING IT OUT to a song I always associate with GA, Cristina’s speech to Meredith ….. I liked that they wrote Shane out by having him go with Cristina.  Poor Owen/Cristina never really had a proper goodbye but I think that was for the best and worked well because there is no way there can ever be real closure there.

And the reveal about Dr Pierce being Ellis Grey’s daughter who she gave up for adoption and therefore Richard’s daughter and Meredith’s half-sister?  Woah, I did not see that coming.  Way to keep the “Grey” in Grey’s Anatomy!

I obviously don’t like the Derek/Meredith tension so that’s a downer in what was otherwise a surprisingly upbeat finale for Grey’s.

Criminal Minds: 9×24 – Demons (Part II)


This was by no means the best season finale the show has ever done but with the numerous life/death moments and gun battles, I have to give it ‘A’ for effort.

I totally didn’t see Alex’s departure coming.  I hadn’t watched the promo or read spoilers so I didn’t know we were losing a member of the team but as it was thought it was done beautifully.  No one could ever replace Prentiss but Alex really did grow on me and I’m sad that she’s going but her final scene with Reid was just perfect.

Nashville: 2×22 – On The Other Hand

tumblr_n5m6pdJdJO1stzg93o2_250 tumblr_n5m6pdJdJO1stzg93o1_250

I really enjoyed this season of Nashville, much more than I thought I would.  The latter half was especially strong and I think I should have included more episodes on this list than I did.

Anyway, onto this episode ….. my absolute favourite thing was Rayna being there for Juliette and the two of them sticking it to Jeff.  I love the Rayna/Juliette frenemy relationship <3.  Oh and Deacon/Rayna, obviously I ship them but it is hard to be totally in love with the scene at the end when Luke is such a good guy as well ….  *sigh*.  Juliette/Avery broke my heart but I am glad that the whole Jeff thing is in the open and didn’t drag onto the next season.  Gunner/Scarlett scene was so so beautiful.  And then there’s Will …. so his coming out is definitely going to blow up next season but I pray and pray this means it will be the end of Layla hanging around.  I even prefer Teddy to her!

Parenthood: 5×22 – The Pontiac


This season has been a missed bag, due to the falling apart of Joel/Julia’s marriage.  However, this episode was a success.

My favourite part was Victor’s essay and the Joel/Julia family time.  Hetty’s news was a bit of a surprise but I liked how it was dealt with.  Zeke giving Drew the car was a wonderful moment (but I SO don’t care about Drew/Natalie).  I don’t have any real feelings on Hank/Sarah or Ryan/Amber.