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Parenthood: 6×13 – May God Bless and Keep You Always

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I have finally gotten round to finishing up the final season of what was once one of my favourite show.  Why did it take so long?  I really hated watching the destruction of Joel/Julia and I didn’t think much of Hank so it took me awhile to work up the desire to sit through the hard times to get to the inevitable happy ending.

Before we get to the season finale, some general thoughts about the season:

  • I really don’t care about Drew ever since he started having girlfriend issues
  • Max’s dilemma with Dillon was interesting but dragged on too long and took up too much screentime
  • I can’t stand Hank’s daughter
  • I can’t believe I’m saying it but Hank really really grew on me
  • I hate how much of this season was taken up with Max and Hank’s daughter Ruby.  Hardly saw Victor, Jabbar etc.
  • I have very strong negative feelings that Crosby still keeps cannabis in his drawer and smoke it
  • Love that Joel/Julia got back together eventually and even though it wasn’t smooth-sailing, you believe they are going to make it this time
  • Joel’s smile.  Gahhhhh!   tumblr_nidznvHdQX1ryj5t4o1_r1_250

Onto the finale ….

Wow, there are a lot of similarities between Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood but you have to smile at the symmetry between both family shows ending with the second marriage of one of the sisters and like every good finale had epic use of montage.

I knew before I even started the season that Zeek would end up dying but I thought it would happen at least a couple episodes before the end but it’s nice they kept it til the very end but still had time to show life post-Zeek.

My favourite things:

  • Joel/Julia adopting another baby (Victor’s half-sister) – did NOT see that coming
  • Hank asking Drew to be his best man
  • Haddy!  Gosh I’ve missed her!
  • The montage with everyone getting their photos taken at the wedding
  • The baseball montage

And as to the flashforward scenes?

  • Joel/Julia adopt/have ANOTHER baby?!  Little bit overkill.
  • I love that everyone starts wearing glasses / gets a new pair of glasses to signify the fact it’s the future
  • Glad that the Luncheonette is still going strong
  • I can’t believe that Amber did not end up with Ryan!  That is scandalous!  Love that they got Scott Porter though to be her new guy though.  EPIC Friday Night Lights fandom collision – in fact all the FNL guest-stars have been one of my favourite things about the show


Grey’s Anatomy: 11×16 – Don’t Dream It’s Over


An amazing episode where you are actually invested in the patients – it’s been ages since we’ve had an episode like that.

The guy who chose losing his memory rather than having to live with the fact he killed someone?  So tragic.  Made for a nice moment between Richard/Maggie though.

Loved the gang hanging out in the basement – just like old times!  Callie’s “You’re like a freaking romance novel!” and “Team MerDer!” <3.  Was also nice to see a lighthearted moment between Callie/Arizona.

Whilst I am sure that Derek didn’t cheat, the end of the episode certainly had be on edge.

Nashville: 3×15 – That’s The Way Love Goes

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So many things to love about this episode – Avery, Scarlett, Gunnar forming a band and Gunnar trying to come up with a band name was the best thing ever!  Loved Rayna/Deacon/family moments.  Liked Scarlett/doctor although I’m rooting for Gunnar/Scarlett of course.  And thank God Rayna finally knows the truth about Deacon’s condition!

Grey’s Anatomy: 11×12 – The Great Pretender

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How nice to have a relatively lighthearted, enjoyable episode.  Things I loved: Meredith/Maggie, Meredith/Alex, Meredith/herself, Arizona and Herman bonding, the scene where Herman, Alex and Jo take the piss out of Arizona, Owen/Amelia cuteness, Ben/his brother – finally a chance for Ben to have a storyline.

The Mentalist: 7×13 – White Orchids


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HOLY CRAP!!!  Most perfect series finale in the history of series finales (and I loved how it sort of went down the same route as The Newsroom – two perfect endings for two of my favourite shi ps!!).  I don’t even care that I was massively spoiled (I didn’t know about Vega’s death so I think that will always be the big season shock for me).

There has been so much to love about Season 7 as a whole.  Number one being Jane/Lisbon of course and number two just it being generally more lighthearted and the fact that they finally put Red John to bed and didn’t have some crazy copycat killer or anything.

Onto the last couple of episodes ….  I liked how the last ‘case’ was interesting but not overly dramatic.  You didn’t ever really think Jane was going to end up dead.  As to all the other stuff?  Jane/Lisbon proposal <3, Cho and Lisbon dress shopping, Lisbon’s family and all her facial expressions to do with them, Cho’s “Postpone the wedding?  We’re the FBI”, Lisbon’s reaction to the wedding, Rigsby/Van Pelt!!!!,

And as to the final three scenes: Lisbon pointing a gun in her wedding dress (BEST THING EVER!), the wedding and all the dancing, the final final scene … Lisbon’s pregnant and Jane never saw that one coming.

The Mentalist: 7×09 – Copper Bullet


I really enjoyed this episode.  I thought it was going to be all ‘high stakes’ and tense due to it being about Abbott’s secret but it turned out to be a rather lighthearted, old-style con.  Complete, with a lovely team moment at the end, and a chance for Jane to tell Lisbon what he is really afraid of.