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Chicago Fire: 5×01 – The Hose or the Animal


Things I really didn’t like about the season première:

  • The ending with Grant – OTT
  • The way they butchered Jimmy’s character and made him into an unlikeable person
  • The Antonio/Brett – when I read about it I was like “WTF where does that come from?!” but actually seeing it made me squirm.

Things I liked about the première:

  • Dawson’s transfer back to ambulance – it just makes sense she would give up her firefighting for Louis
  • The mention of Shay and seeing her name on the ambulance
  • The sweet Herrmann/Dawson moments

NCIS: Los Angeles: 8×01 – High-Value Target + 8×02 – Belly of the Beast


Let’s not waste time talking about the procedural side of things because let’s face it, it wasn’t the most gripping case ever and when a helicopter gets shot down out of the sky and your whole team survives, you tend to have to leave the realms of reality.

However, it did make for some awesome Deeks/Kensi scenes.  How far they have come!  Instead of Kensi trying to skirt round the issuesthat Deeks kind of proposed to her, she embraces it fully and uses it as part of their banter.  Not so keen about what happened to the ring (seriously that’s got to hurt ….) but loved Deeks constantly referring her to as his fiancée.

I feel some angst is in store for these two but I’m glad it’s going to be more centering around her being in a coma and no doubt coming to grips with her injuries when she wakes up, rather than them breaking up for some ridiculously contrived reason.

Code Black: 2×01 – Second Year

I will never understand the creative decisions behind this show.  Bringing in Rob Lowe?  That’s something I can get on board with.  Introducing three newbie residents?  Always worked well for Grey’s Anatomy.  But getting rid of Neal and Christa and promoting the asshole Campbell and the sluttish Heather to series regulars?  Whaaat?!

That aside, the episode was okay. I thought Mike’s brother falling out of the helicopter was a bit much but it was a nice family-orientated episode.

I like Rob Lowe’s character but now it remains to be seen how long I can continue watching the show for him, Rorish and Jesse …

The Night Shift: 3×01 – The Times They Are A’Changin’ + 3×02 – The Thing With Feathers

I loved the first season of the show but by the end of the second season my interest started to wane so when it came to start this series, I couldn’t even remember that TC and Jordan broke up!  I’ve got to say that I am so tired of them being off/on, off/on and it looks like this season is going to be more of the same.

The first two episodes of this season though were quite interesting mainly because of the awesome guest star Jennifer Beals and her character’s relationship with Drew in Afghanistan and their story.  I wish they’d make her a regular, that would definitely bring some life to the show.

I’ll keep watching for now as it’s my only show on over the summer – I just hope they don’t make the TC/Jordan too tedious.

Chicago Med: 1×18 – Timing

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I’m not going to lie – I was a tad disappointed with this finale.

It seemed like nothing much happened except manoeuvring another roadblock between Will and Natalie.  I have shipped them since the first episode but I knew the moment when we had Will kiss her and declare his feelings that TPTB were moving them too fast and there wouldn’t be a happy resolution any time soon.  I wanted at least a whole season of Will pining for her and then maybe Natalie finding out about his feelings at the end of the season.  When that didn’t happen I wanted Will to take the job in California and then have Natalie realise how much she needs/misses him.  Alas it wasn’t to be.

The end of the Downey/Rhodes storyline was as expected, Choi/the parrot was cute and I feel mildly sorry for April and Goodwin given their respective bad news.  Overall though it wasn’t a strong end to the season.

Criminal Minds: 11×19 – Tribute


Emily Prentiss has always been, and probably will always be, my favourite Criminal Minds Agent so I am always excited to hear when Paget is guest-starring.

I think the plot of the case (copycatting famous serial killers) was a good one with so much potential that they could have made more of it.  More of it in this episode by making it more thrilling and gripping when in reality it fell short of the mark, or have kept it for a multi-episode arc (Prentiss aside) to make a great finale.

So casewise it disappointed but the whole “happy families” element certainly didn’t.  It was great to see my favourite agent interacting with the others again and they dealt with Morgan’s absence well (although realistically we all know that if he knew Emily was in town, he would totally have made that Mexican dinner!).  The last segment where Prentiss impersonates Morgan to Garcia was brilliant and the whole montage of the team at dinner really echoed a similar scene in season 3(?!) when the team were eating Chinese.

I just wish they had managed to do Paget justice by producing a more gripping episode case-wise.

Code Black: 1×18 – Blood Sport


The most intense, gripping season finales usually involve a main character being in trouble and for that reason, the story arc surrounding Malaya probably would have worked best as an end-of-season finale. As it is, the finale focused on a set of political characters that you only meet at the start of the episode and whose fate you are expected to care about. Whilst the storyline of having various spouses die and bring some friends together was touching it wasn’t exactly season finale material.

I love Angus/Mike’s relationship but as for Angus’s drug abuse it is just such an obvious storyline. Code Black moves pretty fast when it comes to personal story lines so hopefully by the start of next season he would have put the drug abuse behind him.

As to Neal/Christa, they are very sweet together but it was waaaaay too soon to throw a spanner in their relationship and create a love triangle. We never got to enjoy them simply being a couple and working together.

So overall a disappointing finale but I’m looking forward to season two.

CSI:NY: 8×18 – Near Death

I found the scene between Mac and Claire in the empty lab corridor really really melodramatic. Melodrama has its place – in Grey’s Anatomy, not in a procedural crime drama. In fact the whole episode was just …. I don’t know, trying too hard?

I mean I liked the structure with the flashforwards and backwards in time and Mac having a “ghost” scene with each character but overall it was just too cheesy for this sort of show to work.  But once I got over that then ….

Favourite parts:

– Flack mentioning Mac saving his life! ‘Charge Of This Post’ – Still one of my favourite episodes of the show.

– Flack mentioning the fact that he didn’t get to tell Jess that she loved her before she died and his conversation with Mac about this – HUGE CHEERS FOR THIS!  Flack still misses her!  Bless, I actually would have thought he would have moved on by now. Favourite moment of the season right here.

– Everything that came out of Flack’s mouth during this episode.

– Christine/Jo banter about Mac’s middle name.

– Mac and Hawkes mentioning Camille.

– Lindsay/ginger cat.

– The school bus yard. Lindsay firing her gun!

– Mac/Lucy/Lindsay/Danny <3 <3 <3 <3.

– The final scene with Claire. Yes, I was finally moved.

– The final group scene with Mac’s return.

Next season I do not want Adam out of the lab full time. No, no, no, don’t make him a CSI. I will cry. He is the only character in this show that I’ve never been able to think about growing to like. Don’t give him more screentime.

Anyway, this would have been the perfect series finale. In fact I’m sad that it’s not going to be because they can’t top this creatively and logic dictates that if they know that next season’s finale is going to be the series finale, they’re going to lay on more melodrama ….. Hee, I just read what I wrote about last season’s finale: I actually, honestly, believe that this works perfectly as a series finale. I mean it was sort of understated rather than an all-out guns blazing like the previous episode but it was nice. Like with the Brothers & Sisters finale (and I can’t believe I’m comparing these shows), everything is tied up but gives you the idea of what will happen in the future – Mac possibly leaving, changes for the Messer family etc.

CSI:NY may well win the prize for the most false-series finales before the end.