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Ransom: 1×01 – The Return

So a show which is like a combination of Flashpoint and Standoff?  Of course I was going to give it a try, especially since it has Nazneen Contractor in it who I loved in the much under-appreciated show The Border (and was sad that she pulled out of Chicago Justice but I guess it gave me an extra reason to try this show out) .

So far so good.  It plays out exactly the way you think it’ll play out.  Don’t know WTF that digital hologram computer screen is all about though – way OTT ….

Conviction: 1×04 – Mother’s Little Burden

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Oh gosh I am seriously shipping these two.  If I can’t have Eddie Cahill, someone has to be falling for those blue eyes dammit.

But seriously, Wallace/Hayes = new ship for this season.  I don’t pay attention to ratings much but I think I saw somewhere this show wasn’t doing too well?  Anyway, I am hoping and praying it lasts a full season (if not more!) as the chemistry between these two is delicious.


Criminal Minds: 12×03 – Taboo

I know it might be a bit early to make such a bold statement but this may turn out to be my favourite Criminal Minds team line-up ever.  And here’s three reasons why:


  1. I’d already decided that I like Luke Alvez but now I really like Luke Alvez.

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2. PRENTISS IS BACK TO STAY and her entrance was complete with a dorky awkward moment with the new guy.  Could this be a whole new Morgan/Prentiss-esque dynamic (which would be the one major thing I miss from this cast line-up)?  I mean he did profile her and trust her with a secret.


3. As a fellow cat person and someone who has the whole Cat/Dog conversation with nearly everyone I meet in RL, this moment rocked.

Conviction (2016): 1×01 – Pilot


It wasn’t that long ago (Edit: OMG it’s actually been TEN years!!!) that there was a short-lived legal drama created as an offshoot of Law & Order that I completely loved also called Conviction.

How does this one compare?  Well it has Eddie Cahill which is how I knew I would be watching this show even before I saw the trailer.

And the chemistry between Wallace and Hayes was red-hot which certainly makes me interested in what the writers are going to do with that, given their other issues.

The Pilot lived up to expectations with great cast, great set-up, great UST.  Give me more.

Chicago P.D.: 4×01 – The Silos


And my favourite show is BACK and there were cute Halstead/Lindsay moments.  I want a Jay in my life please.

I liked the way the aftermath of the finale was handled.  Hopefully that’s the end of the investigation into Voight and it’s not something which keeps getting dragged up for the whole season.

I do feel sorry for him and liked the sweet Voight/Lindsay moment at the end.

I really liked Roman/Burgess and am sad that he’s gone but I liked the actress who plays Burgess’s new partner when she was in Quantico and her partnership with Burgess in this episode was kickass.

Designated Survivor: 1×01 – Pilot


When I first saw the trailer for this, I knew that the The West Wing fan in me had to give it a try and, hello, MAGGIE Q!  I’ll watch anything she is in thank you very much.

The West Wing comparisons aside, this is like a male-lead version of Madam Secretary whose first season I enjoyed but wasn’t able to hold my interest by the end of the first season.  Time will tell whether this does.

The Pilot was shockingly well made and it was good to see a bunch of familiar faces back on my screen, though oddly enough I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Kiefer Sutherland in anything before ….

NCIS: Los Angeles: 7×24 – Talion


For a show which contains my current favourite couple – Deeks/Kensi in case you couldn’t guess – I have been really bad at keeping up with this show this season.

I let practically half the season build up before meeting Dani and Eric prodded me to catch up and finally arrive at the finale.

I liked the setup and the idea of bringing back Sam’s son and involving him in putting an end to the Tahir storyline, which I was none too fond of.

It was executed well with lots of holding your breath as characters peer round corners moments but everything was wrapped up nice and neatly with no cliffhangers, a cute Sam/Aiden moment, a cute Deeks/Kensi moment, a funny Eric/Nell and Granger/Hetty moment.

Finale aside, needless to say that my favourite thing this season has been Deeks/Kensi being happy and in love together.  I kind of thought that Dani’s pregnancy would create the perfect opportunity to write a pregnancy into the show and take their relationship to the next level.  However, Dani confirmed at the ComicCon panel that they are not writing her pregnancy into the show and that there are interesting times ahead which undoubtedly means that whatever happens to write her disappearance into the show, there is going to be some tension for Deeks/Kensi …..

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 1×13 – Paper Orphans

I was really excited about this spinoff from Criminal Minds, mainly because of the fantastic cast line up in Gary Sinise, Alana De La Garza and Daniel Henney.

Unfortunately the majority of the season failed to deliver for me.  Most of the episodes were just ….. boring.  Yes, I’m surprised that that is even possible given the cast, the tried and tested formula plus the “exotic” locations (read: green screens).  It even got to the point where I was actually kind of disappointed that the show got renewed for a second season because I know I won’t be able to stop watching without giving it another chance.

However, I’m delighted to say that I enjoyed the finale and this was everything that I would expect from a Criminal Minds finale, down to the opening and ending with family and team family moments.

Whilst I felt sorry for the American family, I also really felt sorry for the perp given all that she had gone through.  The case was interesting and there wasn’t any of those awkward scenes where Monty has to confront the worried parents by himself.

Chicago P.D.: 3×23 – Start Digging


So Voight has gone back over to the dark side.  Drat.

What was even more disappointing to me than that though is the fact that Brian Geraghty is leaving the show and therefore no more Roman/Burgess!  But, but, but we only got to enjoy them together a short time and I much preferred them to Ruzek/Burgess who are now probably going to get back together at some stage.

Overall it’s been another strong season for the show, helped all the more from my POV because Halstead/Lindsay are back together and I hear there’s promising things install for them next season.

Grey’s Anatomy: 12×24 – Family Affair


I can’t believe it!  A Grey’s Anatomy finale where no one died and there were no real cliffhangers (apart from emotional ones ….) and which ended on a generally positive note! Wow.  Wasn’t expecting that.

I ended the season the way I started with Meredith being the only character I really truly care about.  I love her friendship with Alex.  I don’t have any feelings about her and Riggs apart from the fact that their banter was kind of cute but I know it’s going to end up with more drama, first because of Maggie’s confession but more importantly because I am sure Owen’s sister is going to show up next season and Riggs will have to choose between her and Meredith.

I really don’t have any other investment in the other relationships: I liked the Amelia scenes in this episode mainly for the way Meredith was awesome with her and agreed to be her twisted sister.  I’m glad that the Warren arc has gone full circle and that Jackson and April’s baby is okay.  I saw that Jo storyline coming a mile off and as soon as Deluca entered the bar I knew that it would end up with Alex walking in on him and Jo in a seemingly comprising position.

And then Callie/Arizona …..  I loved them once upon a time and I suppose this was the nicest way they could have wrapped up their storyline.

I had read rumours about the likelihood of Sara Ramirez leaving the show a couple of weeks ago but kind of forgot about it until I finished watching this episode and read her statement.  I am sad for Arizona but I liked how they left Callie’s story open for maybe some guest star slots in the future.  This is probably the most lowkey leaving episode for a main character (well, apart from Teddy of course).