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Code Black: 2×13 – Unfinished Business

This show confuses me so much.

First, they get rid of two likeable series regulars from Season One and bring in some newbies and then they kill one of said newbies off after a few episodes , Malaya goes AWOL for half the episodes and somehow, somehow I think I am actually liking this season more than the first one.  Possibly.

Either way there have been some good episodes and 2×13 is definitely one of them.

It started off quite slowly and I didn’t warm to any of the characters or their storylines but then Guthrie’s surgery happened and all was revealed and it just all came together and I realised just how clever this episode had been and how for the first time I was actually interested in a Guthrie storyline.

I must stop underestimating this show …

Criminal Minds: 12×01 – The Crimson King



13 serial killers escaped and they only have 5 left to catch at the season opening?  That’s a bit disappointing.

Great introduction to the newest member of the team showing him undercover attempting to smuggle criminals into Mexico.  What really made me fall in love with Luke Alvez though was all his interactions with Garcia.

This episode plot was a really good one when everything you thought you knew about who was the perp and the victim is turned on its head.

This episode left me with the feeling that this might well be one of the best seasons we’ve had for awhile what with the cast shakeup and especially Paget coming back.

Chicago Fire: 4×23 – Superhero


The last few episodes have been the best of the whole season.

TPTB finally gave the cute Jimmy a storyline. there were big fires and life/death situations and I was actually quite fond of the Dawson/Louie storyline.  Adored the team rallying around her to convert Herrmann’s empty room into an idyllic apartment (I want!!).  I was 95% sure that Casey wouldn’t end up going to Susan’s room but it was a nice play with the switchabout to Dawson’s door.

I am ambivalent to Severide/Stella but Grant needs to GTFO now.  He’s been around far too much and I don’t understand how Stella has been so patient with him.  I also can’t stop at staring at Stella’s ears – they do stick out right?  It’s not just me ….

Chicago Fire: 4×19 – I Will Be Walking


I have really not been feeling this show this season.  To be honest ever since Shay was killed off there hasn’t been a character that I truly love and am invested in which has probably contributed to my lack of interest in the show.

However, now and then an episode comes along which reminds me why it’s still on my watchlist (that and the fact I’m watching the other Chicago shows).

I’m not invested in Casey’s Alderman run but I loved his storyline with the boy determined to walk to his graduation.  I’m glad that they are giving Otis a storyline – I hope he goes for his blood test ASAP!  The bar Olympics between Stella and Herrmann was hilarious and brought a nice lighthearted angle to the episode.

My only complaint is with Severide’s storyline.  He keeps getting these random storylines where he gets involved with law enforcement or things from his past, where there is a bit of a mystery, which isolates him from the other members of the team.  The detective’s son and Pouch was cute but how are we meant to suddenly care about the detective’s troubles after meeting her for one episode and why is Severide getting involved again?!

Parenthood: 6×13 – May God Bless and Keep You Always

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I have finally gotten round to finishing up the final season of what was once one of my favourite show.  Why did it take so long?  I really hated watching the destruction of Joel/Julia and I didn’t think much of Hank so it took me awhile to work up the desire to sit through the hard times to get to the inevitable happy ending.

Before we get to the season finale, some general thoughts about the season:

  • I really don’t care about Drew ever since he started having girlfriend issues
  • Max’s dilemma with Dillon was interesting but dragged on too long and took up too much screentime
  • I can’t stand Hank’s daughter
  • I can’t believe I’m saying it but Hank really really grew on me
  • I hate how much of this season was taken up with Max and Hank’s daughter Ruby.  Hardly saw Victor, Jabbar etc.
  • I have very strong negative feelings that Crosby still keeps cannabis in his drawer and smoke it
  • Love that Joel/Julia got back together eventually and even though it wasn’t smooth-sailing, you believe they are going to make it this time
  • Joel’s smile.  Gahhhhh!   tumblr_nidznvHdQX1ryj5t4o1_r1_250

Onto the finale ….

Wow, there are a lot of similarities between Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood but you have to smile at the symmetry between both family shows ending with the second marriage of one of the sisters and like every good finale had epic use of montage.

I knew before I even started the season that Zeek would end up dying but I thought it would happen at least a couple episodes before the end but it’s nice they kept it til the very end but still had time to show life post-Zeek.

My favourite things:

  • Joel/Julia adopting another baby (Victor’s half-sister) – did NOT see that coming
  • Hank asking Drew to be his best man
  • Haddy!  Gosh I’ve missed her!
  • The montage with everyone getting their photos taken at the wedding
  • The baseball montage

And as to the flashforward scenes?

  • Joel/Julia adopt/have ANOTHER baby?!  Little bit overkill.
  • I love that everyone starts wearing glasses / gets a new pair of glasses to signify the fact it’s the future
  • Glad that the Luncheonette is still going strong
  • I can’t believe that Amber did not end up with Ryan!  That is scandalous!  Love that they got Scott Porter though to be her new guy though.  EPIC Friday Night Lights fandom collision – in fact all the FNL guest-stars have been one of my favourite things about the show


Quantico: 1×22 – Yes


No other show this season has had me as gripped as Quantico.  From its Pilot it has hardly put a foot wrong (apart from Alex sleeping with 3 different guys within 20 weeks despite being in love with Ryan but anyway ….).  There haven’t been as many shocking twists gracing my screen ever since Nikita finished.

Part of me fell for TPTB’s plan to suspect everyone at one point or another but I honestly thought by the last episode that it was Drew.  The final twist blew my mind.

I love that this episode opened showing us Liam’s POV of the NAT’s time at Quantico and how he gathered all the intel in order to set them up.  One of the series’s strengths is the way it went back and forth from real time to the time at Quantico.  I’m going to presume that that can’t happen in Season 2 so I’m definitely going to miss that.

Great to see the awesome gang working together again for a common cause right back where it all started.  Caleb/Shelby and Ryan/Alex <3.

Simon really stole the show though.  He snuck his way into my heart and his final scene?  Wow.

Knowing this show though I kept thinking he was going to be revealed as still being alive and that Alex would find clues to this at the end of the episode.  I can still keep that hope alive though right?

Alex joining the CIA seems a logical place for the show to go now and whilst I’m sure it will break Ryan’s heart I’m sure she will get through anything that the agency throws at her in the future with a little help from her friends.

Grandfathered: 1×22 – The Cure


It has been awhile since I watched a whole season of a 30-minute comedy but as soon as I heard that Paget Brewster and John Stamos were going to be in one together, I knew I had to watch.

The season had its up and downs with some great episodes mixed in with the rubbish but the last three episodes of the season definitely fall into the excellent category which is why I’m really disappointed that the show is now cancelled.

The only consolation is that this episode made a decent series finale.
I loved Gerald’s idea of proposing to Vanessa and it’s nice for Edie
that they are getting married. The Jimmy/Sara relationship is the thing that has kept me watching though and I loved the moment at the end of the previous episode. This episode was obviously bittersweet but totally in character with both of their characters. It’s sad that we’ll never find out the resolution to that emotional cliffhanger now though.

The only plus side to the show’s cancellation? Maybe we’ll see Paget
Brewster return to Criminal Minds now?

Grey’s Anatomy: 12×09 – The Sound of Silence


Poor old Meredith Grey – she hasn’t exactly had a lot of luck since coming to work at Seattle Grace hospital. She almost got blown up by a bomb, drowns, almost gets shot, survives a plane crash, watches her sister die, watches her husband die – and this is to name but a few tragic events – and now she gets beaten up by a patient and ends up in hospital for weeks. That’s enough to put anyone off becoming a surgeon in America!

However, this is TV and whilst I do feel like Meredith must be the unluckiest doctor ever, !angstyMeredith does make for good drama. This episode was really interesting and cleverly filmed/written for maximum impact. Plus it made for some wonderful Alex/Meredith scenes. I only wish that they mentioned something in passing about Cristina coming to visit Meredith.

Criminal Minds: 11×11 – Entropy


I know for most people, Reid is their favourite character in Criminal Minds. He isn’t mine but I did miss him whilst he was gone and what an episode for him to come back!

I think they cast the perfect actress to play Cat – 9 parts creepy and sadistic and 1 part vulnerable. It was a real battle of minds between her and Reid and the interplay of the tension in the restaurant and the flashbacks with Reid telling her how they managed to catch her was really gripping.

I haven’t been particularly wowed by the “contract killers” plot arc and I’m glad it’s over – and even more glad that it ended with a really strong episode.

Chicago Fire: 4×09 – Short and Fat

I really feel that the dragging out of the Maddox storyline has been to the detriment of Chicago Fire this season. It’s just gone on and on and on. Even the Boden-framed-for-assault sub-arc seemed far too long.

Therefore, I am SO GLAD that the whole Maddox, Riddle and Patterson arc has finally been put to bed. Whilst I admit it was wrapped up well, nice to see Rachel Nichols on screen again and I enjoyed this episode, I am so happy it’s over.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the “One Chicago” episodes and find out about Herrmann’s fate (spoiler alert – I’m guessing he lives).

Chicago Fire’s best episodes are the “standalone” ones where they have interesting fires to fight, not when they try to do complex story lines.