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The Good Place: 1×10 – Chidi’s Choice

For someone who finds it hard to get into comedies, I am really enjoying this show and this episode was definitely my favourite so far.

Chidi’s reaction at having three women tell him that they are in love with him!  <3 <3 <3  And watching him freak out at having to make a decision about anything!  Man I thought I was indecisive.

And Jianyu/Janet ……  Perfect episode!

Code Black: 1×15 – Diagnosis of Exclusion

‘Code Black’ has gone from strength to strength with each episode, outdoing every other medical drama on TV and this episode just raised the bar even further.

I thought the way the episode was structured was really clever, jumping from real time with the doctors being questioned to the events of Malaya’s attack.

I love that we got to see the strength of Angus/Malaya’s friendship and Angus’s “secret” brings a whole new dynamic to his character and I am sure we’ll start to see him unravel in future episodes. I love his brother Mike as well and hope that he sticks around and becomes a regular.

I’m a Neal/Christa fan of course and like how that has evolved quite subtly over the past few episodes.

Can’t wait to see where the show will go after this amazing episode.

The Mentalist: 7×13 – White Orchids


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HOLY CRAP!!!  Most perfect series finale in the history of series finales (and I loved how it sort of went down the same route as The Newsroom – two perfect endings for two of my favourite shi ps!!).  I don’t even care that I was massively spoiled (I didn’t know about Vega’s death so I think that will always be the big season shock for me).

There has been so much to love about Season 7 as a whole.  Number one being Jane/Lisbon of course and number two just it being generally more lighthearted and the fact that they finally put Red John to bed and didn’t have some crazy copycat killer or anything.

Onto the last couple of episodes ….  I liked how the last ‘case’ was interesting but not overly dramatic.  You didn’t ever really think Jane was going to end up dead.  As to all the other stuff?  Jane/Lisbon proposal <3, Cho and Lisbon dress shopping, Lisbon’s family and all her facial expressions to do with them, Cho’s “Postpone the wedding?  We’re the FBI”, Lisbon’s reaction to the wedding, Rigsby/Van Pelt!!!!,

And as to the final three scenes: Lisbon pointing a gun in her wedding dress (BEST THING EVER!), the wedding and all the dancing, the final final scene … Lisbon’s pregnant and Jane never saw that one coming.

The Newsroom: 3×06 – What Kind Of Day Has It Been


I am still so sad that Charlie died but I am happy that it gave a great opportunity for plenty of my favourite thing about Sorkin TV shows: Flashbacks!

I loved the flashbacks in this episode and loved how it tied everything up to the Pilot and how it all came full circle.  I have enjoyed Season 3 but it has lacked the focus on the actual news and the tense edge of your seat newsroom scenes that we got in Season 1.

Still, this was a worthy series finale (*sniff*).  So happy about Will/Mac/baby and Will’s general reactions to this.  Sloan is just her wonderful terrific self.  As is Leona.  As is Charlie.  Although it’s hard to be invested in them given what the writers have put us through, I am pleased that Jim/Maggie got their happy ever after.  Loved the singing and playing of instruments.

But mostly I just loved Will/Mac, the banter and the flashbacks.

Chicago Fire: 3×03 – Just Drive The Truck


The best thing about this show is Shay and since they killed her off in the premiere, I did wonder if I could ever enjoy this show again and how long I would keep watching but I have to say that this episode was really good.

I liked the action side with the fire truck crash and then having to deal with the fallout, especially poor Cruz.  Thankfully, they didn’t drag out the resolution over several episodes. Then there’s Mills and his story arc.  I just knew he was going to fill Dawson’s slot as a paramedic and it will be interesting to see how he and Dawson get on in their new roles.

Criminal Minds: 9×14 – 200



This was everything you would want in a 200th episode.  JJ was excellent and whilst having Prentiss back was a hit, I absolutely loved how they tied JJ’s undercover backstory in with the timeline of the Prentiss/Doyle thing.  The scene between the two of them on the plane when JJ was taking Emily to Paris <3, JJ hallucinating and imaging Prentiss with her and Prentiss being the one to rescue her TWICE.  Also, bringing back Strauss <3.

The twist about Cruz was something I didn’t see coming and I liked the implication of some one-sided Cruz/JJ.  Will/Henry – yay!  Whole team love at the end!

The Mentalist: 6×07 – The Great Red Dragon + 6×08 – Red John


Wow, and so the Red John arc finally draws to a close.  I haven’t been obsessed with the show in years so I couldn’t tell you if the resolution really does tie up every loose end and fits with all the info we’ve been given before.  However, it was definitely a deserving conclusion.  The showdown with the FBI team, Bertram being a red herring as was Bob Kirkland and like half a dozen other guys.

The Newsroom: 2×09 – Election Night, Part II



And other thoughts ….. Don/Sloan <3 <3 <3 <3. Don has redeemed himself this season. I still can’t forgive him for the way he treated Maggie but Don/Sloan are so cute I just want to forget about all the Don/Maggie era. I think Don and Maggie just bring the worse out in each other.

Whilst I didn’t think Jim and Maggie would get their HEA this season, I didn’t quite think we would be where we are with them now. Were the flashbacks to the Pilot really necessary during their heart-to-heart?  I just don’t know what to do with Maggie any more. She is probably the character I am least invested in.

Charlie/Reese/Leona – they all crack me up. Charlie is just complete love.

Nikita: 3×22 – ‘Til Death Us Do Part

This show, this show, THIS SHOW.

It just does something to me.

Maggie Q <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. She’s TVLine’s Performer of the Week. Seriously, she is always amazing but in this episode …. There are no words.

The last fifteen minutes just absolutely killed it.

And they played one of my favourite Mat Kearney songs over the key scenes, followed by Ellie Goulding’s ‘Hanging On’.

I have to say that I did NOT see the President killing herself as a solution to the “Nikita must kill the President” storyline. Wow. And then it got explained later which made sense. Clever work writers. Sort of wish they hadn’t revealed that until next season? But I guess when they wrote this episode, they didn’t know there would be a next season.
The scene where Nikita gets on the motorcycle and showers Michael in bullets and the way the others put two and two together to work out what was really going on with Nikita <3.Liked the way they brought the ‘Dirty 30’ into play. Gosh Amanda and the Shop really do think of everything. Division being under attack and giving Ryan, Birkoff and Alex to show their kickass fighting skills (great fight scene by the way) and then when Nikita comes in guns blazing and saves the day. Nice!I love how the Michael-has-nanotoxin was resolved with the hope that they would be able to find a cure and then Michael lying to Nikita about having the cure and then the whole ‘resurrection’ scenario.
Oh God the scene with everyone around his hospital bed trying to revive him and Nikita’s speech. And Alex’s tears and Birkoff and Sonya holding hands and Mat Kearney’s ‘All I Need’ playing <3 <3 <3 <3 and the way it stops for a minute when Michael’s heart starts beating and then carries on ….

The sunset when they are all standing outside Division mirroring the end of last season! Love it! And Division being blown up once and for all! And Mat Kearney still playing…. The explosions timed with the climax of the song …

And then of course the adorable group scene where they all say they are going to help Nikita clear her name because they love her.

Oh GOD THE LAST SCENE!!!!! With Nikita driving away and the Ellie Goulding song playing and Michael finding her engagement ring. Holy crap, OF COURSE she would not want to put the people she loves through the ordeal of trying to clear her name. OF COURSE she had to do the noble thing. Oh the look on Nikita’s face just killed me. It is all so perfect in a bitter and twisted way. And there I was wondering how they could keep the Nikita/Michael relationship interesting without having you doubt the love between them ….  GAH!!!!!!

I love this interview with Craig Silverstein where he talks about next season and even mentions Sonya letting her hair down. Lol.  Because after all that was the key moment of this episode.

Although I actually think this could have worked as a series finale, I am so glad that they are going to get the chance to wrap things up and when they do I do NOT want one of these bittersweet endings. I want Amanda sorted for good, Owen to stop being Sam-like and everyone to live happily ever after.

Conclusion: Everyone needs to spend the summer hiatus watching this show. The End.