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Criminal Minds: 12×03 – Taboo

I know it might be a bit early to make such a bold statement but this may turn out to be my favourite Criminal Minds team line-up ever.  And here’s three reasons why:


  1. I’d already decided that I like Luke Alvez but now I really like Luke Alvez.

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2. PRENTISS IS BACK TO STAY and her entrance was complete with a dorky awkward moment with the new guy.  Could this be a whole new Morgan/Prentiss-esque dynamic (which would be the one major thing I miss from this cast line-up)?  I mean he did profile her and trust her with a secret.


3. As a fellow cat person and someone who has the whole Cat/Dog conversation with nearly everyone I meet in RL, this moment rocked.

Criminal Minds: 12×01 – The Crimson King



13 serial killers escaped and they only have 5 left to catch at the season opening?  That’s a bit disappointing.

Great introduction to the newest member of the team showing him undercover attempting to smuggle criminals into Mexico.  What really made me fall in love with Luke Alvez though was all his interactions with Garcia.

This episode plot was a really good one when everything you thought you knew about who was the perp and the victim is turned on its head.

This episode left me with the feeling that this might well be one of the best seasons we’ve had for awhile what with the cast shakeup and especially Paget coming back.

Thomas Gibson Fired in Wake of On-Set Altercation

In a statement, ABC Studios and CBS Television Studios — which co-produce the CBS procedural — said, “Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds. Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date.”

The move comes in the wake of an on-set altercation in which Gibson allegedly kicked a producer. “There were creative differences on the set and a disagreement,” Gibson said earlier this week. “I regret that it occurred. We all want to work together as a team to make the best show possible. We always have and always will.”

I did NOT see that one coming!

That’s certainly going to make this season an interesting one ……

Prentiss is back! (Again)

“We’re excited to have Paget Brewster back for multiple episodes in our 12th season,” showrunner Erica Messer announced Thursday at the “CBS Favorites” San Diego Comic-Con panel. “The BAU can use more help this year since they’ve got a lot of known and unknown subjects to catch.”

I’m still disappointed by Grandfathered‘s cancellation but super excited by this!  You can never have enough Prentiss/JJ/Garcia scenes.

Grandfathered: 1×22 – The Cure


It has been awhile since I watched a whole season of a 30-minute comedy but as soon as I heard that Paget Brewster and John Stamos were going to be in one together, I knew I had to watch.

The season had its up and downs with some great episodes mixed in with the rubbish but the last three episodes of the season definitely fall into the excellent category which is why I’m really disappointed that the show is now cancelled.

The only consolation is that this episode made a decent series finale.
I loved Gerald’s idea of proposing to Vanessa and it’s nice for Edie
that they are getting married. The Jimmy/Sara relationship is the thing that has kept me watching though and I loved the moment at the end of the previous episode. This episode was obviously bittersweet but totally in character with both of their characters. It’s sad that we’ll never find out the resolution to that emotional cliffhanger now though.

The only plus side to the show’s cancellation? Maybe we’ll see Paget
Brewster return to Criminal Minds now?

Criminal Minds: 11×22 – The Storm


The Criminal Minds finale snuck up on me this year and I only realised a few minutes before sitting down to watch that it was the last episode of the season.

If I hadn’t realised before watching, I would soon have done from watching the opening sequences.  Criminal Minds loves nothing more than to highlight important episodes by bringing the family element on strong: Rossi/his ex-wife, Reid talking about his Mum, Garcia telling everyone about plans to visit Prentiss, and of course Hotch/Jack, JJ/Will and her real life children.  It was nice to bookend the episode with some cute team family moments.

As to the case itself?  I have mixed views.  It was interesting, don’t get me wrong, but the setup and the links to previous episodes, particularly Antonia’s Slade son, was tenuous at best and not  a lot of time was spent actually profiling and expanding on the anarchist, prison-breaking, bomb-obsessed perp.  It was almost like they planned the episode around all the cool prison scenes and helicopter exploding and slotted in a reason for it all happening as an after thought.

However, TV is TV and having SWAT burst in and arrest Hotch in front of Jack, JJ and Henry was an arresting (pardon the pun!) start with the highlight of course the prison break.

The final scene with the setup for Season 12 was slightly unbelievable (who knew anarchists had so much power that they can stage several prison breaks at once – ‘Prison Break’ made it seem so hard!) but ultimately sets up a good plot arc for next season.  Whilst Criminal Minds hasn’t been of the same quality as its earlier seasons of late, I would still hope there is still one more season left to go and it’s not put out to pasture in favour of its latest spinoff.

Criminal Minds: 11×19 – Tribute


Emily Prentiss has always been, and probably will always be, my favourite Criminal Minds Agent so I am always excited to hear when Paget is guest-starring.

I think the plot of the case (copycatting famous serial killers) was a good one with so much potential that they could have made more of it.  More of it in this episode by making it more thrilling and gripping when in reality it fell short of the mark, or have kept it for a multi-episode arc (Prentiss aside) to make a great finale.

So casewise it disappointed but the whole “happy families” element certainly didn’t.  It was great to see my favourite agent interacting with the others again and they dealt with Morgan’s absence well (although realistically we all know that if he knew Emily was in town, he would totally have made that Mexican dinner!).  The last segment where Prentiss impersonates Morgan to Garcia was brilliant and the whole montage of the team at dinner really echoed a similar scene in season 3(?!) when the team were eating Chinese.

I just wish they had managed to do Paget justice by producing a more gripping episode case-wise.

Criminal Minds: 11×16 – Derek


I am so confused.

I feel like I just watched an hour of !tortureporn and !characterwhomp and I don’t even know why.

In fact the first thing I did when I finished the episode was search Google because I felt like I must have just tuned out when they explained WHY Morgan was abducted and tortured but nope, didn’t miss something that didn’t happen.  I mean, typical TV for leaving part of the plot unresolved and dragging it out over future episodes but it didn’t even end with a “Will you marry me Savannah but oh God before the wedding I must hunt down the people who did this to me!” speech to highlight the fact that there were outstanding questions.

Anyway, rewind to when I watched the previous episode.  I had seen a few comments where a lot of fans thought that Shemar would be leaving the series so I purposefully remained spoilerfree for this episode and avoided social media until I watched it.

*spoiler alert” Derek survives so I breathed a sigh of relief but it turns out there are rumours that he will still leave in a later episode, presumably after he finds out who ordered his abduction.

Sad times.

There’s really nothing else to say about this episode apart from great casting of guest-stars with Danny Glover playing Derek’s Dad and Tyree Brown from Parenthood playing the younger version of Derek.

Criminal Minds: 11×15 – A Badge And Gun


It’s very hard to get me excited about a Criminal Minds episode nowadays. It seems that the spark has gotten out of the show the past couple of seasons and there have been barely any cases which have kept me sitting at the edge of my seat.

Thankfully, courtesy of a piece of inspired guest-star casting and a cliffhanger ending, this episode was somewhat thrilling.

I haven’t seen Carmine Giovinazzo in anything since CSI:NY ended and in typical Criminal Minds fashion they made him into a really believable bad guy and erased all of the good cop Danny Messer about him.

Interesting setup of having him pretending to be law enforcement.  It’s scary how natural it would be to let someone in your house if you believed they were a cop.

As to the ending?  Wow, poor Derek.  I’ve heard rumours that Shemar might be leaving the show?  I hope not.  Anyway, I can’t wait to find out why the gang of men attacked him.  Usually with big character episodes like this, there is some sort of build-up and moments laying the groundwork but this time there’s been nothing.

Criminal Minds: 11×11 – Entropy


I know for most people, Reid is their favourite character in Criminal Minds. He isn’t mine but I did miss him whilst he was gone and what an episode for him to come back!

I think they cast the perfect actress to play Cat – 9 parts creepy and sadistic and 1 part vulnerable. It was a real battle of minds between her and Reid and the interplay of the tension in the restaurant and the flashbacks with Reid telling her how they managed to catch her was really gripping.

I haven’t been particularly wowed by the “contract killers” plot arc and I’m glad it’s over – and even more glad that it ended with a really strong episode.