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Rewatch: Third Watch Season 1

1×01 – Bosco and his epic footchase. Love the retro background music and the medical/personal talk. Sully/Ty. I must have watched this episode a few times, it all seems very familiar. Mantooth the firehouse dog! The peanut butter prank Kim pulled on Carlos. “Think he’s pissed? I think he’s pissed.” Such a gripping Pilot, especially the last twenty minutes.

1×02 – The team talking about Jerry’s pranks. The homeless guy crapped in Bosco’s car! Ah Bobby’s interested in “someone else” …. Perving at Kim. I’m getting vertigo just looking at Carlos hanging out of that window. “Now it just smells like someone took a dump in a pine forest.”

1×03 – Bosco pranked Sully’s car …. Except Bosco didn’t even do it! Sully and Ty having to rescue the family from the car in the river. That is so obviously a dummy Jimmy just rescued from the boot of the car. Sully’s flour prank on Bosco! Bosco’s car prank on Sully. Bosco/the captain’s daughter caught on camera! Who stole Bosco’s car? “How are we not going to attract any attention? We’re chasing another squad at 12 miles/hour?!” Bobby/Kim have a fight which sends her running to Jimmy

1×04“He’s just getting even because I parked my car in his space.” “Is that what they’re calling it nowadays?!” Bosco and his weird walking. Bosco and Faith losing that jumper. Jimmy vs Bosco. Carlos and Doc butting heads. Bobby and Joey. It’s been a bad bad Monday for everyone. Bobby’s sweet and replaced the money Sunny stole. Bosco wants in on the BBQ so badly.

1×05 – Jimmy getting his son to pull a woman for him in the shop. The mugger trying to get more jail time to stay inside and avoid the mob. “I know you’re upset but if we’re going to rely on me being the level-headed one, we’re going to have some problems.” Jimmy fighting Bobby for Joey’s affection. Faith is on the warpath.

1×06 – Bobby’s brother! OMG that’s Jon Seda from Chicago PD! What a small world! Sully/Ty’s mother Maggie. Carlos knocked someone over! It’s been a few episodes since we’ve seen Jimmy/Fire in action. Sully and Ty singing in the car together. Doc calling Bobby on his feelings for Kim. Doc/Carlos fighting. Sweet Bosco/Faith moment. Oh god awkward moment when Bobby goes to kiss Kim. Love and Happiness – I love this song.

1×07 – Dead body in the burning car! Oh man surely Carlos is never going to be left to drive again after that crash. “Got a call about a man stuck up a tree?” “Looks like gravity took care of it.” Sully/Ty’s Mum.

1×08 – Thanksgiving madness. Bosco is missing Faith. Hostage-taker at Thanksgiving dinner.

1×09 – Look at those mobiles! Doc’s father is in hospital. Morbidly obese girl. I like seeing Bosco’s softer side. Ty trying to do the right thing has got the boy into more trouble.

1×10 – Poor Faith. She is too good for her husband. Building coming down! Look at the size of that camera!! What a heartbreaking episode.

1×11 – Oh no the poor woman jumped in front of her son. Kitten! Poor Kim is really feeling this one. Furry hats! Bosco is obsessed with that homeless person’s car. Doc/Morales. Kim’s looking after the cute kitten. Poor Sully.

1×12 – Bobby definitely doesn’t want to listen to Matty’s list of misdeed. Foot patrol for Davis. The retarded couple. Poor schoolgirl – brains in her hair. Bobby and Kim on the ice rink. LOL! Jimmy’s gambling. Bosco’s geography knowledge – or lack thereof! Poor Bobby, his brother his putting him through the ringer.

1×13 – Doc/the doctor. Epic gunfight and crazy amount of shots fired and then manhunt. Moral question – was Bosco right to let the perp bleed out and die? Oh no some Bobby/Kim pity sex coming. This is not going to end well.

1×14 – Mass shooting at a church! “I think you should know we’re having physical relations.” “Physical relations? What you’re arm wrestling with her?” Nice Doc/Carlos moment. Faith arresting her husband. Malcolm, Ty’s friend makes a reappearance. I can’t believe the out-dated attitude towards gays. Jimmy down the fireman pole. Faith calling Bosco out on being a bigot. Oh God Carlos and that crazy chick. Bobby moves on fast.

1×15 – I really don’t remember this episode. Poor Ty accidentally shooting an innocent guy. Bosco’s being hard on Faith for splitting up with her husband. Oh man this whole episode about police shooting an innocent black man – nothing has changed in 16 years since this episode was written ….. Carlos’s creepy stalker girlfriend. The boy trapped between the two walls – cute dog.

1×16 – Bosco becoming a robber from a robbee. Doc and Carlos caught in the middle of a gang war. Jimmy’s gambling is catching up with him. “FOOD! NOW”. Bosco and Faith are hilarious in this episode. Kim/Faith girl talk. Jimmy is a LOUSY father.

1×17 – Faith and Bosco hanging out in the kitchen. Funny hearing references to Hilary Clinton. The whole gang hanging out. Hilarious Bosco making fun of “President Hilary”. Storytelling time – worst cases, political sides, for/against the death penalty/religion

1×18 – Candyman is back. The guy with a screwdriver coming out of his head. Doc’s dad. Basketball competition – PD Vs Fire. Never got to find out who won!

1×19 – LOL that poor cat having to witness that! OMG that’s Lea Michele from Glee!!!!!! Carlos’s crazy stalker girlfriend is back …. And she’s pregnant! Sully’s priest was stabbed and now he’s on a mission

1×20 – Massive fire! Davis impersonating Sully! Bosco’s good with that little boy. Doc/Morales are cute together.

1×21 – Sully letting Davis drive. Jimmy’s getting married! Carlos is in trouble. “This guy is going to wallpaper with all the tickets I’m going to write him” Bosco and Faith’s epic car chase. “Looks like we found our combatants.” “Either that or a ballroom dance competition.” Candyman’s back. Bosco in his tux. Kim is being really unfair by talking to Bobby about Jimmy when she knows how he feels/felt about her. Doc and Carlos looking at cassette tapes – not even CDs!!!!

1×22 – Jimmy/Kim – really?! Doc/Moralez is cute. I hate that Faith is pregnant – I can’t stand her husband. Crazy fire and Doc and Carlos are trapped! The firehouse dog finally makes an appearance again. The guy shooting at Jimmy and all the firemen! I don’t remember any of this! Kim driving like a boss. Hmm, I always thought Bobby got killed in this episode ..

Rewatch: The West Wing Season 2

2×01 – The President has been hit!  Gina <3.  Definitely not a drill!  I love the way the Vice President just gets grabbed.  Margaret and Mrs Landingham watching the news.  Abby rocks.  I love flashbacks <3.  Leo trying to recruit Josh and nab him from the Vice President’s campaign.  Nancy!  Toby/Ginger hug.

2×07 – I love Airforce One episodes!  CJ mocking Notredam and having to wear the hat!  Everyone looking out for Leo <3.  Donna and her dating life.  Sam and his writer’s block.

2×08 – The turkeys!  CJ and the turkeys!  CJ AND THE TURKEYS!!!
C.J.: They sent me two turkeys. The most photo-friendly of the two gets a Presidential pardon and a full life at a children’s zoo. The runner-up gets eaten.  Bartlet: If the Oscars were like that, I’d watch. The President and his carving knife.  Leo’s sister!  Love the way they handled the Chinese immigrants arc.  The President giving Charlie his carving knife.  The President fake-pardoning the turkey.

2×11 – Josh and Sam building a fire in the fireplace!  CJ forgot the President in the epic seating plan.  Moving the Press room.  The whole Karen Cahill thing.  Sam and his Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan mix-up.  Toby got screwed.  Donna’s underwear.  Charlie telling the President about Donna’s underwear.  Toby and Leo discussing re-election.

2×13 – CJ isn’t wearing any trousers!  Nor is Ainsley and she is dancing in a dressing gown when the President walks in.  Abby <3.  The poor police officer.  Josh and his obsession over the polling data.

2×17 – Stackhouse Filabuster!  Loved the way the episode worked with CJ, Sam and Josh’s voiceovers all writing emails to their families and telling Stackhouse’s story.  Hoynes is making his move.  The hilarious Leo/President candlelit dinner moment.

2×18 – Toby is on a MISSION to find out the President’s secret.  Donna/Josh/anniversary.  Ainsley still actually exists!  The President comes clean to Toby.  Josh and Sam trying to make a speech funny.

2×20 – I always wish that we get to see the moment that Josh, Sam and CJ get told the ~news~.  Babish/CJ.  I love that Abby/President scene.  I love that Joey Lucas/Josh scene in the airport.  I also love that Abby/CJ scene in CJ’s Office.  Donna and the Chinese satellite falling to earth.

2×22 – FAVOURITE EPISODE.  DIRE STRAITS.  That’s all I need to say.

Rewatch: The West Wing Season 1

I was never won over by the Pilot.  The Newsroom and Studio 60‘s pilots captured my interest instantly but I remembered when I watched TWW the first time, it took me half a season to get into it properly.

1×01 – Best thing about the Pilot?  C.J.: Is there anything I can say other than “The President rode his bicycle into a tree?”
Leo: He hopes never to do it again.
C.J.: Seriously, they’re laughing pretty hard.
Leo: He rode his bicycle into a tree, C.J. What do you want me to – “The president, while riding a bicycle on his vacation in Jackson Hole, came to a sudden arboreal stop.” What do you want from me?
C.J.: A little love, Leo.

1×03 – I love this episode with the follow up to Morris Tolliver’s killing (who, btw, I liked a lot). CJ in Josh’s office – “Wow, are you stupid!” The CJ/Sam showdown. The President’s whole dilemma with ordering his first military attack and being pissed off with everyone. Charlie’s interview with Josh. The President/Leo showdown. The President/Charlie’s first conversation <3.

1×10 – Christmas episode! Who doesn’t like Christmas episodes?! “Flamingo Is On Her Way”. LOL! I love that now I’ve been to DC I recognise all these places that they film at. The President joking around with the kids <3. Mrs Landingham telling Charlie about her sons. So sad. “An hour with you in a rare books store? Couldn’t you just drop me off the top of the Washington monument instead?” “My secret service code name is Flamingo.” “Nice bird.” The homeless vet’s funeral.

1×12 – The episode where the President’s MS is revealed. I love Abby in this episodes, especially when she was speaking to Leo. Leo’s alcoholism is revealed. Sam’s loyalty to Leo. The State of the Union speech. Lord John Marbury – always a laugh! I’ve never been able to truly ship Danny/CJ but that scene in her office was mightily cute. I love the last scene between the President and the guy picked to stay behind in case of an emergency.

1×15 – CJ had root canal! The President’s secret plan to fight inflation! Oh Josh doing the press briefing = epic disaster. Sam+Toby roadtrip to fetch Mendoza! Charlie trying to wake the President up. Lol!

1×16 – Air Force One! Love it! JORJA FOX! Margaret being pissed at Leo that she didn’t get to go to California. OMG Donna gave Josh the “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may” speech. I KNEW WHEN MAC USED THAT ON JIM IN THE NEWSROOM I HAD HEARD IT BEFORE!!! David Hasselhoff!!

1×18 – Toby not wanting to jinx the Mendosa vote. Sam/Mallory/Leo. CJ DOING THE JACKAL!!! CJ coaching Carol on her response to the drugs bust. Zoe learning French. Gina is so awesome! Sam/Cathy and his schedule. Toby being cheerful! Ron’s secret service briefing. CJ standing up to the President.

1×22 – The signal!!!! Gina <3. “I swear I’m invading Baghdad”. Oh if you only knew …. Toby’s brother on the shuttle. Josh/Vice President jogging. Sam/ President and the signal!!! Women’s softball! That must have been an amazing end of season episode when it aired with that cliffhanger. The show is usually all talk, no action and then –boom-.

Rewatch: The Newsroom Season 1

I rewatched The Newsroom so have some completely random exclamations of love.

I have got to say how perfect the Pilot is. The first scene between Mac and Jim when she is trying to orchestrate him flirting with Maggie …… the whole handling of the BP oil spill …. The instrumental score …… the end scene between Will/Mac by the elevators …. God, so much love.
Oh god the Sloan/Mac conversation in episode 2 – absolutely brilliant. Love it when Mac is trying to convince her that Will did not cheat on her and is loveable. Oh and the mass emails <3 <3.The end of episode 4 with ‘Fix You’ playing = one of my all time favourite TV scenes.The end of episode 5 with the Will/Mac hug …….!!!The engagement ring!!!!! That whole arc is so deliciously twisty and whilst I don’t appreciate Will messing with Mac’s mind like that … HE KEPT THE RING!

I love every single Sloan/Mac scene. “I have wisdom.”

The Osama Bin Laden episode and the scene on the plane where Don tells the pilots? Makes me cry every time. GOD I LOVE THIS SHOW. HOW DID I NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS WHEN I WATCHED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND?!?!?! MOST AMAZING SCENE FROM TV LAST SEASON!!!!!

Mac’s LOSING IT scene. Hilarious. God I love Mac.

Oh the finale …. MAC IS AWESOME. Hitting Will with the magazine, hitting Jim with the pillow.  “Do you want to end up like me and him, wasting time and now he’s practically dead.”

I love this show so so much. I think the only episode which isn’t near-perfection for me is episode 3.

Rewatch: ER Season 3

3.01 – It’s Hodges from CSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doug/Mark! “Are you suggesting you and I date?!” Kerry the admin monster! Carter’s getting a little uppity! Baseball! Awwh, Doug’s really into it! Love that fireworks moment. E-Ray the desk clerk! Mark/Carter/sparklers.

3.02 – The nurses wrestling with the woman on PCP! Mark/Susan’s blind dates. That moment where Mark walks into something and Kerry and Susan stifle laughs, I am pretty sure that wasn’t scripted? Poor Carol’s house. Mark/Susan/Doug and the coke bottles! Party in the ER! Did Morganstern just ask Kerry out on a date? Mark/Susan in the photobooth!

3.03 – Maggie Doyle! Jorja Fox! I love her more in this role than I did in CSI. Carol’s chemistry teacher. Hee Carter! Awkward Mark/Susan-ness. Awkward Carol/Maggie-ness. Carter’s reaction to the medicine. Kangaroo! Nice Jeanie/Kerri moment there. Jerry/Carol/kangaroo!

3.04 – Doug’s one night stand! Oh no Peter’s presentation – Carter doesn’t have the slides. Awkward! The “hot guy” in exam 2. Mark/Doug fight. Line dancing. I actually really like the Kerri/Jeanie dynamic. That’s some tough love that Carol gave Doug there.

3.05 – Halloween. Awwh William – Carol’s lab partner. Charlie! Kirsten Dunst! Maggie Doyle <3. Halay singing <3. Peter and the kids. Lol.

3.06 – Carol and her lab partner! ‘Locomotion’ is playing! Susan and the helicopter. Rhonda the nurse! Poor woman. She got told by Carol. That will teach you Peter.

3.07 – Mark called Carol “Susan”. Awkward. Wendy’s taffy! Eray and his magneticism! Mark thinking that there’s something going on between Susan and Morganstern. Carter, Anspaugh – karaoke!!!!!! Susan is leaving!

3.08 – Lydia/Al are getting married! Wait, I just realised that technically this is the first Carter/Abby ship! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I really love the instrumental music playing over Susan’s last scene in the hospital when everyone is rushing around her. And also when Mark is rushing around town to find her.

3.09 – Mark called a staff meeting. Love the little Doug/Carol moments. It’s been a long time coming. Doug treating old patients. Mark knows about Jeanie. Sad times. Poor Gant. The bat-man and all the children! I love it when Doug and Carol work together. Doug/Carol/William’s night on the town! Lol.

3.10 – I really like the Kerry/Jeanie friendship. Did I mention that already? It makes both characters a lot more likeable. OMG that is a cute dog! Go Jeanie! Surely that is a different dog that Mark has got in the sink? Carol’s costume!!! Awwh nice Jeanie/Maggie moment there.

3.11 – Wow, the ER on a slow night! Poor Carol – she’s got to fire a friend. That’s never good. Carter is going to regret being mean to Dennis. Carol and Doug doing the safety check! Jeanie on the exercise bike! OMG! Doug/Carol <3. Poor Jeanie! Mark/Tunie – no. Dennis <3 <3 <3 :(.

3.12 – Love Carter giving Benton grief over Dennis’ death. The Nurses’ sick-out. Greg/Jeanie – I approve. And, again, with the Jeanie/Kerry friendship. That Peter/Carter moment on the platform. So powerful.

3.13 – Poor Carol at the cemetery. Carol “I killed a man and no one around here seems to give a damn.” <3 <3 <3. Mark Vs Kerry and their prospective med students. Doug/the little superman boy. SO ADORABLE. This is where the Benton/Carter relationship is actually interesting. CAROL <3 <3 <3.

3.14 – Mark the manwhore – do not like. Doug/crutch + Kerry/crutch – LOL! “Doug that’s not funny.” Jackie giving Peter a talking to! Maggie Vs Carter! Peter has appendicitis! Haha! Look at the mouse on that computer!!!! Carter’s reaction at Peter needing surgery!!!! Haleh’s ordering mistake!! Boxes everywhere! Carter operating on Peter! The photos! The music! Mark juggling his women! OMG Peter’s pregnant hallucinations! How could I forget this?! Maggie/Carter at the shooting range! LOL! Doug/Mark on a date! Greg/Jeanie <3.

3.15 – I know both of those guys playing the robbers…. DUDE, THAT’S MASHBURN FROM ‘THE MENTALIST’!!!!!

3.16 – Everyone looking at Carter’s photos of Peter. Cute Doug/Carol moment there. Greg/Jeanie <3. Maggie/the Down’s girl <3. Doug/Carol <3 <3 <3 <3.

3.17 – The boys playing basketball <3. Nice that Peter let Jeanie draw his blood. He’s finally stopped being a prick about her HIV.

3.18 – Kerry/Jerry. LOL! The woman who ate all the medical instruments. Crazy. Carol/Maggie don’t like each other. No Jeanie, stick with Greg!!

3.19 – Maggie/Carter/bed! Lol! Mark’s cute dog! Doug/Carol <3 <3 <3. Jeanie with a mousetrap on her foot!!! Poor Carter. That is so blatantly a doll. The “bum in a bucket” couple! Hee. Maggie trying to help Carter “Well, you sure told him.”. Carter sort of asking Maggie out!!! Jeanie/Jerry/Wendy and the mouse!!!!! Nurses’ night out.

3.20 – Doug/Mark/golf. The story written about the doctors/nurses!!! “No meat, no men. I’m your woman.” LOL Maggie. The brother/sister donors. The Doug/Carol/Anspaugh/golf scene. “OMG Kerry, you wrote it!” Mark/Kerry working together. Love that scene where Carol watches Doug and the kid. “I did not write the damn book.” ANNA DEL AMICO!!!!!!! I am going to make sure I appreciate her this time around! Mark! Jeanie, NO.

3.21 – Hee, I like Anna. And Randi. Maggie and her arsenal. Lol. Have I mentioned how much I like Jorja Fox both in ER and in TWW?! Maggie/Carter/pepper spray! Carol’s birthday and Doug being adorable. Jeanie trying to be a friend to Peter. Doug/Carol singing to the little boy. Carol’s surprise party!

3.22 – Carter doesn’t need a salary! How nice to be in that position. Charlie again! I actually forgot about the whole Anspaugh/Carter not getting along story arc. Kerry/Jeanie. Mark/gun. You know, Doug/Anna – that wouldn’t have been a bad story arc ….. I like Carter during this period. DOUG/CAROL <3 <3 <3 <3. The end.

Rewatch: ER Season 2

Okay so when I marathoned the series the first time around, apparently I wasn’t too keen on Season 2 and deleted a lot of the episodes and only kept my favourites.

2.07 – Doug and the kids! Harper the medical student! Jerry’s “hi-tech” computer. LMAO. Modem? WOW. Cannabis lady! LOL! Carol playing computer games! Doug the hero! Mark playing computer games! “Ugh, TV doctors.” Poor little girl! Poor Harper!

2.08 – Look at them crawling back to Doug now he’s a hero! I can’t decide what scrubs I dislike the most. Ouch what Shep say about suicide to Carol. Foot in mouth. Oh god the brother/sister/incest/pregnancy! It’s RON RIFKIN!!!!! The nanny!! Doug’s drunken speech. I quite like Harper actually. Forgot all about her.

2.09 – Carter/Harper! Lol. Kerry! Poor Josh. Doug’s Mum!

2.10 – Carol/Shep and her very cold house! The singing of ‘Carol of the Bells’. Oh I love the Christmas episodes. The way Carol is eyeing that Father Christmas-like guy! Kerry’s African boyfriend! Wow that is some snow! Susan having to look at everyone’s Christmas presents. Carol carol singing! Party at Carol’s! Doug/little Susie CUTEST THING EVER!

2.11 – That girl asking Jeanie to be her mother was adorable. Loretta! Thank you Jeanie for yelling at Peter. Mr Rubidoo! This story arc is so tragic. I forgot about Jeanie/Carol friction. The fat pregnant lady who didn’t know she was pregnant!

2.14 – Carter is so shipping Mark/Susan! Haha! Doug/Carol also shipping Mark/Susan! Lol. Peter’s trying to do the right thing – you’re meant to encourage him Mark! Carter is all emo. You know, I am liking Carter/Susan scenes. Although it was super awkward when he had a crush on her in early Season 1, I like the mini story arc when she comes back and they date/become good friends.

2.21 – Susan <3 <3 <3 <3. MARG HELGENBERGER!!!! “He really wanted me to have his mother’s ring but she’s still alive.”. LOL! Lydia <3. Susan giving Carol the brush off. Iris! The start of Jeanie and the HIV storyline ….. Susan <3.

2.22 – The awesome opening with the singing and grooving to the music. Awwh Peter gave Carter the brush-off. Mark’s deal with Kerry. Naked, singing woman. Carol quits! Carter missed his graduation. Nice Benton/Carter moment there.

Rewatch: ER Season 1

1.01 – Old school! Jerry! Timmy! Look at Susan’s hair!!! The instrumental music is really ~intense~. Lol. Gosh look at how old that waiting room is! Haha. The doctor’s lounge! The really badly made ID badges. Jennifer and Rachel! It’s been awhile since I thought about them!! I’ve always wondered about the lack of toilets but they have toilet signs in the pilot, opposite the trauma rooms. Carter’s like a baby in this! Awwh Doug/Carol. I remember when I watched this the first time around I kept waiting for her suicide moment. That was kind of what I knew about the Pilot so everything else was kind of ignored. FRANK!!! Look at that fake snow, can anyone say FAKE! I am sorry I will never find the birth of a baby a magical moment, not even if you play nice music over it. How comes they stopped with having a paediatrician on the floor later on? See they have metal detectors already in the waiting room! Wendy! SHIRI APPLEBY!!! “You set the tone” Carol!! Benton and his surgery!

1.03 – It really bugs me when the names don’t match the pictures in the credits. Haha Carter’s German tourists. Carter’s curtain hair! Gloves or no gloves I would definitely wash my hands after doing what Carter was doing. Carter to the rescue! Oh the start of one of Carter’s many ill advised love interests. The old devoted couple mirrors the old devoted couple that Tony/Sam treat in the series finale. The ER cafeteria! We don’t get to see that later on in the series!

1.04 – Benton being woken by the singing woman! Nice! OMG look at that vending machine! Old school! “I met you my first day.” “My last … or so I thought.” I LOVE the way Carol makes fun of what happened to her <3 <3 <3 <3. Doug’s ‘sensitive to Carol’ policy! LOL! I love how many extras there are during the trauma room scenes! Later on even the minor characters get names. Casen/Lewis. Morganstern <3. Rosemary Clooney!

1.05 – OMG that mobile phone! The crazy lady hearing Princess Diana’s voice! The burping lady! Carter and the wheelchair! Carol/the little boy! The mobile phone affecting the equipment! Haha! You can tell how old this is! OMG it’s the guy who plays Meredith’s dad on GA! He looks so young here!! Dr Green Day! Carter <3! Peter’s brother-in-law! God the birth of a baby is ugly. Doug/Carol … awwh.

1.06 – I find it weird that the episode opens with Carol not being remotely mad at Doug considering the ending of the previous episode. Ivan the liquor store owner! Waiting for the heart episode. Doug <3 <3 <3 <3.

1.07 – And a car came crashing into the ER! This really is the most dangerous place to work! And the guy wasn’t really stabbed! Love the blood alcohol pool bets! CHLOE!!! Rachel! Wait, now there is a reference to Doug showing up at Carol’s place? Did I label them wrong or did they air them in the wrong order?! No wait, it can’t be that because of Ivan the liquor store owner’s storyline. I am so confused! Linda!! Wendy/Rachel! Carol punching Doug in the arm! Jerry coming to Susan’s rescue <3. ARTHUR! The dead guy is still there! Not a lot of Carter in this episode. Isn’t Doug’s son one of the biggest mysteries of the show?! I kept excepting him to show up needing a kidney or something. Susan’s cute cat!!!

1.08 – Patrick!!!! Patrick’s knock-knock joke with Carol! Lol! The cop/Lydia!!!! Susan’s birthday surprise!!!! Doug/Carol kiss <3 <3 <3!!!! Haleh being made at Peter! Doc McGoos! Chloe!! Doug/Carol … awwh! Carter/Susan on the rooftop! Carter’s adorable in this scene.

1.09 – Doug as Chief Resident! Mookie! Peter’s Mum!!! “I think his people owned our people …. But you’re a nice boy.” BOB!!!!!!!! Love Walt for putting things into perspective for Peter.

1.10 – Oh dear Div’s losing it. Prepare yourself Susan! Bob and the Halloween decorations!!! “Piss off” “That’s ironic coming from a man with no kidneys.” Bob’s Easter decorations!!! Al – Lydia’s policeman!!! Susan/abusive patient. I can’t believe she stuck a sunflower in his bum! Carter and the suicidal she-he. OMG she jumped! I remember the first time I watched that really shocked me. Thanksgiving buffet!!! The turkey man!! Peter making Carter go to thanksgiving dinner with him.

1.11 – Jerry and the snow! Wendy and the rollerskates! Mark and Susan plastercasting Carter’s leg!!! Snowball fight!!!! Stool football! I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Awwh the look on Doug’s face when Carol announces her engagement. Bless. Roxanne the desk temp!!!!! Mass trauma! The look on Mookie’s face! Haleh singing <3. Patrick! Angela Hicks!! The X-Ray guy! Patrick and the little boy! Doug’s girlfriend mucking in! Patrick playing music over the tannoy system! BOB TO THE RESCUE!!!! The look on Lydia and Wendy’s faces is classic! The biker taking Carter’s cast off for him. Carter/Bob! “Do you think there’s one perfect person ………. Because for Doug, it’s you.” The Christmas lights are so pretty!

1.12 – Is ER Season 1 the only series on television to have 2 Christmas episodes per season?! I know 1.11 was sort of a pre-Christmas thing but they were playing Christmas music and had decorations which is more than we get in a lot of shows. Lydia, Mark and Haleh singing ‘It’s my party!’ Mark/Lydia and the mistletoe!! Patrick!!! Patrick and Rosemary Clooney singing!! Oh no poor Susan! Div has disappeared! Awkward Carter/Susan moment! I like them “together”/as friends when she comes back but this moment is just so awkward! And yet …. Is it wrong that I am sort of shipping Carter/Susan this time around? Is it bad that this is probably my favourite Susan ship. Carter’s gift to Susan! Chloe!!! Oh dear she’s pregnant! Doug don’t do this!

1.13 – Poor Carter!!! Susan/Chloe!!! Lydia and her nicotine withdrawal! Why is Carol wearing blue scrubs? Jackie! Shirley!!! Carter in the operating room! LOL! Poor Susan is having the worst day ever!

1.14 – DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwh Carol got stuck by a needle. Again, mention of Doug’s son. Deb electrocuted Carter!!!!!!!!! Peter’s mum! Morganstern’s obsession with that piano showroom!!! Haleh and Deb joking with Carter!!! The sociologist guy!! Everyone at Doc McGoos <3 <3 <3 Awwh poor Susan just watching!

1.15 – Carter upset with Deb for doing his scut work. Lol. I can’t believe the little girl domestically abuses her mother. That’s so horrible. Susan’s mad at Mark <3. Jeanie!!!!! Whatever happened to that kid that Haleh made Peter mentor?? The very dead body. I cannot believe they’re smoking inside a hospital!! Haha Susan didn’t offer Casen her lighter. The guy with the arrow in the back of his head!!! Jacob!!! The start of Doug/Diane, right? Dr Lewis treating Casen!! Haha! Love the karma! The Elvis impersonators!! Doug <3 <3 <3.

1.16 – Carter and Mark rolling around in the back of the ambulance …. That sounds wrong ….!!! Clearly Carter you wouldn’t wear a coat like that to work!!! Doug/Carol and the snake!! Carol is so excited about the new crash carts!!! Haleh giving Peter a hard time. I love it when she does that. I can’t believe that little kid was going to shoot that other little kid. Carter’s trauma presentation! Deb’s trauma presentation! The look on Carter’s face!!! Carter and the snake!!!!!! Carol getting the crash carts back <3 <3 <3. Doug, Carol, Carter and Lydia all in one toilet stall!!!!! Carol and the weird patient under the sheet!

1.17 – OH! It’s the start of Carol/Russian girl storyline! Al and the dog! Bless <3. Carter giving mouth-to-mouth! Susan and her ‘Anatomy Of A Dog’ book! Al kissing Lydia!!! Carol speaking Russian! Cheerleaders on acid! Dr Casen giving Susan flowers!!! LOL! DEB ON SPEED!!! Wendy’s hand! Bill the dog is so cute!!!! WENDY AND DEB!!!!! LOL! Lydia earwigging on Mark/Susan’s conversation! Jake is sort of cute the way he wanted to set Doug up with his Mum. The old lady and the ironing. Benton/Mum. Mark/Susan ice-skating!

1.18 – Doug <3 <3 <3. Carter trying to talk the suicidal man down. Lol. The kid with his face stuck in the stuffed tiger’s mouth!! Peter’s birthday belly dancers!!! LOL! Carol wants to adopt Tatiana. Love the whole Peter’s fake birthday thing. DONNA MOSS! Hehe. Doug going crazy on the man who kicked his daughter out of the window! Jeanie!

1.19 – Fake coma guy! As Susan says “Hell of a way to get a free meal.” The conman! The poor cancer guy without a voice box. “Jagman’s bowel, Benton’s stone”. LMAO! Doug/Carol <3 <3 <3. Oh poor Carol! Oh Doug/Carol <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. The fake doctor!!! Peter’s Mum!!

1.20 – Before I started the series, I read a few articles about the show and they always mention this episode so I was quite apprehensive about it as it sounded really tragic and angsty. Doug/Mark playing ball! Peter’s Mum! Bradley Whitford!! “Will you sign a good well card?” “Sure, who’s it for?” “Me.” Poor little old lady! “Everyone is so old and sick around here.” “Yeah, this is a hospital.”. I have to admit that it is a good episode but not one I get much enjoyment from rewatching!

1.21 – The guy on the commode! PCP guy smashing the trauma window! Deb/Carter being all competitive. Dr Swift the moonlighter/new ER chief! Carol in her lice outfit!! Paper explosion! “Disaster” faked by Dr Swift! Carol and the werewolf. Carol/Susan friendship. “Every full moon should be ladies’ night.” Carol asking Susan to be her bridesmaid!! Susan/Carter/Carol dancing to ‘Twist and Shout’.

1.22 – The old ladies and the dog! The paranoid woman! Doug and the bike! Deb doing a chest tube by herself! She ran! I love when Doug is having that convo with Dianne about the bike and then gets the trauma call about a 12 year-old on a bike being hit, you think it might be Jake. Peter’s Mum <3! Chloe!! Deb/Carter! Susan/Chloe!

1.23“I’ve always wondered why there’s a naval base on Lake Michigan. Who’s going to invade? Canada?” Doug’s therapy appointment! Lol. Peter being caring, wow.

1.24“I’m going to play Romeo.” “Comic version?” “No.” “Oh.” Div! OMG that’s Amy Ryan from The Office!!!! Look how young she looks!! Carter and his pony story! Dumb and Dumber!! Doug coaching baseball is adorable. Walter’s Peter’s Barry White impression.

1.25 – Funny opening scene with Susan/Chloe! Carter falling off his chair! OMG look how young Tunie is!!!!!!!!!!! The whole ‘Blackbird’ singing! Carter’s choice between ER and surgery! I feel so sorry for Susan having a family like that. Ethel and Ada the two VERY old ladies. Susan and Carol sunbathing! We needed more Carol/Susan scenes! Crazy gang girls! Peter’s Mum died!! Doug/Mark basketball! I kinda hate that Doug cheats on Diane. He had grown up such a lot! Peter/Jeanie! Susan singing!

1.26 – Poor Carter! Carter’s evaluation of Peter! Carter’s freaking out! Irritable cancer boy. Carol’s wedding! Poor Susan. Poor Carol! Doug/Carol <3. Carol’s wedding reception. Dude that is so the song that Archie and Tony perform in the penultimate episode of the series!!!!!! Wow, echo alert! Carol’s speech. Doug kissing Susan! Dancing! I love the instrumental music at the ending there.

26 episodes! Wow this is a long season!

Rewatch: Without A Trace Season 1

Wow, I didn’t think I would ever be able to embark on a rewatch of this show. It was my first real TV obsession …… it was also the first fandom to break my heart. There was a time when I used to know this season like the back of my hand but since it’s been so long and I’ve watched like thousands of episodes of different TV in that time, there was a LOT about this season that I had actually forgotten.

1.01 – Oh Eric Close is so pretty! Vivian and her headset!!! Old school! LMAO! Maggie talking to her Dad about her love life? Cringe. Equal cringing is given to the Jack/Sam/collar scene. I’d forgotten how much I like the background piano score in this show. Danny/Martin competition. Sam insisting that it’s the father! [“Guess he’s more than just a pretty face.”] Concorde! How old is this?! Lol. I forgot all about Martin getting hit on the head and having to go to hospital.

1.02 – That’s that kid from HIMYM and Wizards Of Waverly Place, right? Hee Martin getting punished. Danny still doesn’t like him! Love the little Martin/Samantha exchange there. Yay for Martin/Vivian friendship. The Goo Goo Dolls poster! Super cool tackle Martin! [“I heard you got a little wet.” “Beats sweating my ass off in the dog house.”]

1.03 – Those two actors have been on like every show! Nice Samantha … all those digs at Jack’s marriage. Homeless woman offering Martin a lick of her ice cream! Martin/Vivian friendship. [“Scream.”]

1.04 – Cute cat!! Chet Collins!!!! I forgot ALL about him!!! [“You’re a hope junkie like the rest of us”] So sad, poor Becky. [“You can hang on to me”] Awwh Jack, I might actually like you this season.

1.05 – Oh God it’s THE episode. Danny/Martin with their cool sunglasses. OMG the tension when Danny is inside the house and Spalding comes back! Van Doren!!!! [“What kind of ambiguity?” “The ambiguous kind.”] Danny being all apologetic. Vivian covering for Jack. Here we go … the Jack/Spaulding/Moby scene … So so creepy but powerful.

1.06 – Do you reckon this episode was meant to come earlier? The reference to Danny/Martin still not getting on but in the last episode they were working together fine. There should be a rule where Samantha doesn’t get to talk to Jack about marriage and divorce. It’s just awkward. Grey’s Anatomy shooter guy!!! Danny/boy so cute!!! [“It’s simple: a plane is not supposed to be in the sky. It’s not natural.” “Neither was that flight attendant but you weren’t afraid of her.”] Nice leaving it open-ended with the possibility that Kent is still alive.

1.07 – Oh Vivian I love you but that jacket …. Really? It’s Elizabeth Banks!!! Amateurs! Clearly the FBI would ask for proof that the perp had the girl before agreeing to a ransom drop. Is that paedophilia taking photos of cute children without their parents’ permission? Ouch Vivian, you dug the knife deep into Jack there. Nice twist focussing most of the episode on that family before realising that the wrong child got kidnapped. Love the team all at the desk on the phone. Vivian finally gets a chance to shine.

1.08 – Ooh Martin’s really annoyed with Danny!! Mention of Vivian and her brother! I couldn’t even remember she had a brother. [“Didn’t know they made them like this at the Bureau.” “Yeah, I walk and talk and I’m anatomically correct too.”] Danny/Polly. Whatever happened/didn’t happen there?!

1.09 – [“Oh look, paediatrics, maybe he’s a paedophile!”] LOL Sam. I remember this episode – it’s where Martin’s convinced the guy is a terrorist, right? And everyone else on the team doesn’t, especially Samantha. [“It’s Samantha, nobody calls me Sam”]. This episode was so good. I mean not good in the way it ended but the way they had Martin be sort of prejudiced, then try to save the guy and be all distressed when SWAT shot him and how they ended the episode with showing what he had actually been talking about when he talked about blowing stuff up.

1.10 – That woman is Tyra’s Mum in Friday Night Lights!!!!!!!! Nice little Jack/Vivian interaction there <3. Interesting case! Couldn’t remember it at all. I vaguely remember what the whole ‘Midnight Sun’ referred to but forgot how it all came together. OMG Jack’s undercover clothes! Denim is not a good look for him. Nice unexpected ending there.

1.11 – Dude, even if I lived in the safest town in the world I would never not lock my door or leave my keys in my car! Extensive use of Avril Lavigne in this episode. Danny the alcoholic! Awh sweet Martin/Samantha moment. Interesting case, I don’t know why but I thought that the mayor did it. Turns out he was just Trainer’s alibi. Awhh Sam/girl.

– Love Sam’s theory! She’s so cynical! Martin/Danny banter. It’s AJ BUCKLEY! Hee!  Vivian going undercover! So glad they got that son of a bitch.

1.13 – Chet Collins! Rosalind Chao! Vivian putting Jack in his place! OMG look at that old school wire!! Oh wow, this episode!! See it’s episodes like this one which remind me why I loved this show so much! Amazing!

1.14 – Coldplay!!! Cute Danny/Sam moment there! Hee one of my favourites! Martin/Samantha and Josh Hopkins “Eric Keller” and Tim Matheson!!!! Jack’s lonely heart ad and Vivian’s response “My husband is looking better every day!”. LOL! Georgia Peach! LOL! [“Hey, you think it’s easy being surrounded by guys with guns all day?” “I thought you liked guys with guns.” “I like the guns.”] Martin/Samantha/football. Oh I love this Martin/Samantha moment <3.

– I love that this show does the flashback thing. It makes the whole episode more interesting. [“I guess love is blind … and deaf … and very very dumb.” “Spoken like a true romantic.”] Interesting case. I vaguely remembered the father-in-law having something to do with it. Weirdly I like the Martin/Jack banter/conversation in this episode.

1.16 – It’s Amber Tamblyn!!!! Danny backstory!

1.17 – I can’t remember much about this episode apart from the fact I remember it’s not one of my favourites. It’s Mac from Friday Night Lights! That is an AWFUL tie Martin! Martin’s father!!!! [“How was Washington?” “DC as in Didn’t Co-operate.”] I forgot how much this show relies on polygraphs. It was actually quite an interesting episode in the end.

1.18 – Ooh the Delia Rivers episode! Josh Hopkins again! That ADA guy is pretty suspicious. Martin/Samantha … [“You and Delia – fuzzy boundaries.” “That’s how I like my relationships. Nice and complicated.” “Clearly.”] – the way she holds his gaze after he says that and he has to change the subject <3. Jack’s wife and children! Danny carrying one of them <3! [“Who the hell is Hilary Duff?”]. Interesting case. Poor Delia Rivers!

1.19 – IT’S CHRISTOPHER GORHAM/AUGGIE!!!!!!!!! WHAT is up with Danny’s hair?????? Seriously?! Hee Danny/Martin/vampire talk. [“It’s five flight of stairs.” “Better than a stairmaster.”] IT’S THAT CREEPY LOOKING GUY FROM LOST!!! IT’S ROBERT JOY!!!! I actually can’t believe that Jack and Sam thought that the guy’s parents were controlling! I didn’t think that at all. I can’t stop staring at Danny’s oiled hair. Is he trying to be Jack or something? Danny’s hair is back to being cute and fluffy! Danny’s slicked back hair is back.

1.20 – Vivian/Reggie!!!!!! [“Hey Viv, are you and Dante dating or something …?” “I’d watch it if I were you. She has a wicked left hook.”] Danny’s fluffy hair is back! Love the Danny/Sam banter. The mother killed her son!

1.21 – Oh THIS episode! That Andy kid looks a bit like Harry Potter, right? Graham Spaulding is CREEPY. Van Doren! OPR!!! All the flashbacks!!! Danny badmouthing Martin! Samantha and Vivian are not impressed! Ugh Jack/Samantha. [“This is where I work you little pencil-pushing maggot.”] Vivian’s loyalty to Jack is endearing. Danny/Sam/Vivian telling OPR guy to shove it. Fast-forward the Jack/Samantha scene there. Spaulding went free? Kill me now. Ugh.

1.22/1.23 – IT’S MINELLI!!!! Gregory Itzin has been in EVERYTHING. Oh this episode … Barry Mashburn and the bookstore hostage situation. Van Doren! Martin’s jealous! I love that they based it around 9/11 and wove that into the story. Samantha got shot! Jack the “hero”. Martin/Samantha <3. Does anyone actually know why he calls her “college girl”??? The best I’ve got is that Samantha pretended that she was a Nurse? Hallelujah!

Rewatch: Friday Night Lights Season 2

Was Season 2 as bad as I remembered? No actually. I don’t know whether it’s because I was able to take certain awful storylines with a pinch of salt this time around, knowing that this show would get excellent again but this season contains a lot of forgotten gems. Also, it is important to note that even if I don’t like some of the storylines, this season isn’t boring. It isn’t a complete waste of time. It’s not as bad as some shows where not only is the entire season a waste of time but the few storylines they try to include to keep it exciting are some of the worst relationships/writing/characterisation ever. Also, TIM RIGGINS <3 <3 <3. My feelings for him were never quite on the same level as the rest of the fandom’s but I think this season made me fully appreciate his adorableness. And I never shipped any of the kids until Season 4 but I have found a sudden fondness for Tim/Lyla on this rewatch. I have no idea where this has come from.

2.01 – [“WWRD – What Would Riggins Do?”] Matt/Landry scenes are so funny! Tami’s giving birth! [“Why’s her head so pointy?”] That is a very good question Julie. I was still thinking that in Season 5. [“She’s dating the Saracen and she’s flirting with the Swede.”]. Landry/Tyra – so awkward! Lyla the Christian! Tim/Lyla! Hee. Coach/Grandma Saracen hug! Julie the epicly moody teenager. Tough new coach! Matt/Julie – SO AWKWARD. Lyla’s grace! Haha. Tami <3. Buddy going crazy at Pam’s boyfriend! Wow that is some fancy party. Landry – Tyra’s knight in shining armour. LOL. That is some awful singing. I prefer Landry’s band. That’s how bad it is. Oh dear God, I physically can’t watch this Landry/Tyra thing play out. Coach is an awesome father to Julie in that scene. OH NO, IT’S THE MURDER STORYLINE. To be fair, it is quite realistic. It’s just all the stuff that comes after. Like the dumping of the body. The rock music playing. Gracie is the ugliest baby I have ever seen. I forgot all about this presenting of the champion rings scene.

2.02 – Glenn!!!! LOL! Grandma Saracen’s tiara. New Coach trying to oust Buddy from his top spot on the Boosters – I forgot about this! Landry playing football? Ouch. Oh God it’s Carlotta! The start of another storyline that makes me embarrassed for this season! The Swede really doesn’t look Swedish. Tami <3 <3 <3. I am actually really curious/interested/excited to see the Tim/Lyla play out this time around. GLENN to the rescue!!! Okay that Tyra/Landry crying scene was kind of sweet …. Until the kissing happened.

2.03 – Coach/Matt … Awwh. I forgot that Riggins gets hospitalised. [“I don’t want Glenn over at the house with his hands on my wife’s icebox.”] LOL. Tim at church!!!! LOL! Oh I do like Buddy now. That Tami/Julie scene was really intense. That Tyra/Landry’s Dad scene was nice. Coach/Tami <3 <3 <3. Jason’s rant at Tim <3.

2.04 – Hee the Mexico episode! I do feel a bit sorry for Coach McGregor. Oh Jason/Tim in Mexico – LOL! Julie’s driving lessons! Awesome Tami/Julie conversation. Tami/Julie <3 <3. Spanish karaoke! Poor Coach is upset at having to screw over McGregor.

2.05 – [“Aren’t you sweet to ask about little old me?!”] Coach/Tami bedroom scene LOL! Tim/Lyla/Jason in Mexico. [“I’ll take him back to Texas in a box if I have to.”] <3 <3 <3. Coach making Tami go to book club! Coach/Matt/Smash dinner! I forgot about this! [“I love ya, don’t touch me!”] I forgot about the fact that Coach still thinks Landry is called Lance! [“She’s cute. Does she do anything yet?” “She’s mostly just a baby.”] Matt talking to Tami about Julie! Hee. Tim’s speech to Jason <3 <3 <3 <3 <3. So it turns out that I really like the Mexico storyline <3. Landry <3 <3 <3. Tyra is so harsh to Landry, I know why she had to do it and that it hurt her too but wow, ouch. Matt standing up to Julie <3.

2.06 – Tami’s sister!!!!! It’s Terri from Glee!!!!!!!!!!! Santiago and the pig! Coach being jealous of Glenn <3 <3 <3. Santiago on the football field! Coach and athletics! [“It squeezes milk out of a lady’s udders”] oh Billy! Smash inviting Tim to dinner! Tyra/Julie friendship. Coach/Jason <3. The soccer coach! Tami/her sister. Santiago/Tim/Smash/Matt playing football!

2.07 – Tim/Tyra, hee! The effortless way Tami got Tyra and Lyla to help her out! Oh God it’s the Julie/teacher thing isn’t it?? I forgot ALL about that! Somehow I thought we went from !awfulJulie/Swede to nothing for awhile. Santiago is sort of adorable. Wait, an entirely black college actually exists??? How is that not racist???????? Isn’t that racism in itself?! [“Don’t whisper-yell at me!”] Tyra/Lyla in the men’s lockeroom! LOL! I LOVE this Tyra/Lyla/football team storyline! Matt can’t dance! Have to say that it was a bit naïve for Smash’s Mum to think she was going to change his mind about that. The look on Tami’s face when the team start stripping is hilarious!!!!!!!! Tim’s new roommate – that weird guy! Buddy and Santiago! I actually can’t remember how the Santiago story ends but he was adorable in that last scene.

2.08 – Matt the player! Coach being jealous of Glenn/Tami is adorable! Tami threatening Noah! Wow. Coach being jealous of Glenn is kind of annoying now when he gives that speech to Tami. One of the rare times where I dislike Coach. Smash getting chased out of college and having to call Matt to pick him up! LOL! Landry/Lyla conversation. That doesn’t happen a lot! Tim walking into the Meth lab! Tim’s apologies to everyone <3. Matt/Carlotta. Boo.

2.09 – LANDRY!!! I’ve always thought that the guy who plays his Dad actually looks like he could legit be related to him. Tim on athletics/gymnastic duty!!! Tami/Julie fight! Santiago <3. Tim get out of there ASAP! Gracie’s baptism.

2.10 – Tim/Gracie adorableness. Also, that’s a cute baby playing Gracie for once. Oh so I guess this is the episode where the legions of Tim/Julie fans on ff.net started shipping? Tim is pretty adorable though. Shelly and Julie staring at Tim working out! LOL! Buddy bonding with his family! LOL Buddy on the dance machine! [“So you’re taking Tyra to the fall formal? Does she know that?!”] LOL Julie/Landry. Man Tyra messes Landry around doesn’t she! Look at the Taylor family plus Tim sitting around and doing their homework! Awwh. See I like the Tim/Julie friendship and that’s it. Poor Buddy! Tim/Coach playing pingpong in the middle of the night! School fight! That must have been insane to film! The best bit is when you see Tyra beating up that guy with all the hair and then it descends into a food fight. Ugly baby Gracie is back. OMG the dancing at the school dance! Landry standing up to Tyra! DrunkJulie! Poor Tim! That’s the thanks he gets when he tries to do the right thing – like with Becky! This scene always makes me sad.

2.11 – I like Shelley more this time around! Smash’s hardcore recruitment! I wish Julie told Coach the truth about the Tim thing there. I HATE that she doesn’t and that Coach hates Tim! Smash’s Mum is awesome! I cannot believe Julie doesn’t defend Tim. Ugh. She gets a few points for apologising to him. LMAO! The channel changing to ‘The Office’. Coach/Smash talk. Yay Julie finally tells Coach the truth about Tim <3. That Coach lost it! Tami/Shelley <3. Coach apologising to Tim <3 <3 <3. Coach/Julie <3 <3! Taylor movie night <3.

2.12 – Gracie’s going to day care! Or not! LOL! It’s WEEVIL! It’s LOGAN!!!!!! Glenn/Gracie!!!!!!!!! Buddy being all hospitable. Pretty sure he’s going to live to regret that. Coach/Gracie adorableness. Tami is busted again! OMG Noelle’s parents being against Smash because he’s black! Tami and Coach “not fighting”. [“Buddy’s here. He’s got a box.”] Poor Buddy! He’s adorable in this episode! Carlotta/Matt are a bit adorable! Oh God I remember the start of this Smash storyline! I think this is the only time we see Coach/Tami in their garden like this. Poor Tim! Awwh Buddy/Santiago <3 <3 <3. [“She didn’t even turn around and look at me. I think she’s totally over me.”] Awwh Coach/Tami at day care!

2.13 – Wheelchair fight! Poor Tim! Ack Smash. Tami the volleyball coach!!!!!!!!! Tyra/Julie friendship <3. Tami asking Tyra to play volleyball! Poor Tim! Tim on the volleyball court too! I love Tim when he’s made to help out with girl sports. Lol. Buddy/Jason. Tyra’s jealous! Smash/his sister <3. Jason sells a car! Yay! I love the Tami/Tyra relationship <3 <3 <3. Awwh Smash! I do feel sorry for him I this storyline.

2.14 – Matt is all emo! Tyra’s jealous of Landry’s girl. Julie is jealous of Tyra/Tami. Drunk Matt at practice! Volleyball game and party at Tami’s! Awwh Tami trying to make it up to Julie <3. Matt at the strip club! Smash lost his scholarship. Grandma Saracen is adorable, especially in scenes with Coach. Coach pushing Matt into the bath and screaming at each other <3. EVERYBODY LEAVES ME. Poor Jean! Landry broke her heart. Love that lockeroom scene [“You’re the Dillon Panthers, baby.”]. Awwh Smash.

2.15 – Tim and Billy in church! Tami’s high school sweetheart. I don’t remember this AT ALL. Panthers playing dodgeball! Coach is all jealous! Matt/Landry talking about Tyra. Coach/Jason. Landry’s moment to shine. Coach letting the other team score <3 <3 <3. This is the all black college? How is that not racist?! Coach fighting over Tami and Tami just leaving them to it. LOL. [“I was defending your mother’s honour.” “With your face?!”]

I could not remember this finale episode at all. It was seriously like watching it for the first time. I loved it, definitely one of the highlights of the season.

When I first watched the Pilot, I immediately thought that Jason, Lyla, Tyra, Smash, Tim were all in the same year as were Julie, Matt, Landry. I think TPTB only worked out their ages later because there is no way that I believe that Lyla and Tim are a year younger than Smash.

Rewatch: Brothers & Sisters Season 2

2.01 – Kevin on his phone in church!!! Nora’s video message to Justin <3. Nora worrying about Justin <3. I love the change from tension into humour. I had no idea that Liz Tigelaar was a producer on this show!!! Kitty jealous of Rebecca! [“I don’t want nice. I want my mother.”] Nora/Kitty fake smiling!!! I love this Nora/Holly scene at the cemetery when they see the third woman coming!!! Oh I love Walker get togethers. I love Kevin/Jason. Wait, how come Nora didn’t give Sarah her old wedding dress? If I were Sarah, I’d be a bit miffed. Family dancing! Just like in the series finale! Oh Justin ….

2.02 – I can’t believe they opened the next episode with a military funeral! So cruel! [“Great, butchest moment of my life wasted on my sister.”]. The synchronised phone conversations <3. Travis! I love Kitty’s calm rant at him! Lena, Rebecca’s friend was in Season 15 of ER!!! Kitty/Kevin/Nora and the radio show! Lol! [“Take off, I’ll be fine. Or I won’t. It doesn’t matter any more.”] [“Man to man, is there any chance you can get out of this wedding?” “No. I’m madly in love with her.”] Nora/Kitty/Kevin/Justin at the hospital! Justin’s homecoming! Look at that lovely mood transition from tragic sadness at the Justin/Nora to the comedy with Nora/Kitty/Robert. Something I never appreciated the first time around? The Justin/Robert friendship. LOVE. Justin/Nora <3.

2.03 – Kevin/Justin and the bath! Kevin putting on Wham! <3 Nora. Again it occurs to me how they toned down Scotty’s campness in later seasons. Saul ranting about golf! Scotty/Kevin <3. Robert’s ex-wife! Kitty’s eBay Ronald Reagan bobble head!

2.04 – [“Oh god she’s going to be so sympathetic I’m going to have to end up comforting her.”] Sarah/Kitty <3. Scotty seeing Saul at the gay party. Nora guilting Sarah and Kitty into letting her go with them to the spa. Hee they got thrown out of the spa! And they gatecrash the wedding! Oh God the Tommy/Lena thing. No, no, no! Saul’s not gay! Or so he says …. Oh Justin, don’t do it!

2.05 – Kitty’s pregnant! Oh poor Sarah <3 <3 <3 <3. I love Kevin in lawyer mode and that he’s there for her. Ooh that’s a bad Robert/Kitty fight. Halloween at the Walkers. Saul putting his foot in it! ADORABLE Kitty/Sarah scene. Equally adorable Nora/Kitty scene. Oh SARAH <3 <3 <3.

2.06 – Tommy/Lena … NO! Sarah reading stories over the phone to Paige and Cooper <3 <3 HP3!!!! Kitty’s getting married in two days!! Danny Glover! Paige/Kitty <3. Oh poor Kitty <3. There’s this one shot at one angle when Scotty’s wearing glasses that he scarily looks like Rob Lowe. Just this one time. Justin/Lena. That was the moment when I stopped loving Robert so much, when he said he never wanted the baby and never told Kitty. I mean I can understand his POV of course but that’s just so cold and he really should have discussed it all with Kitty before this all happened. Nora/Kitty <3.

2.07 – Love Holly when she’s giving sensible advice like this. I know I’ve blogged about this before but this intervention/ambush scene is one of my favourite moments of the series, especially Kitty’s speech to Justin <3 <3 <3. Sarah’s knitting! I’m sorry but Tommy is in no position to be judging Justin at this point. Ugh, Tommy. Love the family rallying around Justin. Nora putting her foot down with Justin. LOVE that Justin/Kitty scene. Saul is gay! I wonder if this was always the plan from the beginning! I hate that Robert lies to Kitty there. THE HORSES. I LOVE THIS SONG. Justin/Nora/pool <3 <3 <3.

2.08 – [“What about that wonderful song by the Dixie Chicks?” “At a Republican candidate’s wedding?!”] [“”Because You Loved Me?” How Is That A Good Wedding Song? It’s Past Tense.”] They’re sitting around discussing songs they lost their virginity to? Seriously? This is normal for an American family?! As much as I love Kitty hating Rebecca, it was sweet that she asked her to be her bridesmaid. [“Should we hug?”] Doesn’t Nora’s Brodie story replace her current Stan story? Robert/Kitty’s face at the dancing. STEVEN WEBER! Kevin/Scotty <3. Kitty/Sarah/Rebecca dress shopping. Travis/Kitty/Robert at dance lessons! What Robert did for Kitty was so sweet!

2.09 – Robert/Kitty <3. Tommy/Kevin/Justin bet on whether Kitty would ever get married? Ouch! [“Sarah I don’t want the guests thinking about my boobs and their ripeness.”] [“What about this? Our love is like the war – out of control, endless, without reason ..”] LOL SARAH! Nora/Kitty. LOL. I think I’d forgotten how awesome this episode is! I think we’re at the stage now where I’ve only seen all the episodes once before and I’m getting wonderful surprises with moments I’d forgotten about. Robert’s children! I forgot that they came for the wedding. I’m glad that Julia is back for the wedding too. KITTY/SARAH <3 <3 <3. Cooper is so adorable! LMAO Nora/Kitty walking down the aisle! KITTY/NORA hug <3. ROBERT’S VOWS <3 <3 <3. Kitty interrupting the ceremony! [“I seem to have lost my date. I wonder where Holly Harper is.”] Hee Tommy, Kevin, Justin in lockdown. Nice Rebecca/Sarah moment there. David!!!!

2.10 – I’m glad that they passed over the moment the Robert’s helicopter story broke and just started dealing with the aftermath. Nora has a crush! Sarah is dancing! Dude, Laura Innes directed this episode!!!!!!!! The Walker kitchen scene!!! Nora/Isaac.

2.11 – God this Lena thing drags on doesn’t it? Sarah/Graham <3. Nora/Isaac! JASON! Jason/Kevin/Scotty! [“I’m feeling a little entourage deficient.” “I’ll try not to take that comment personally”] Steven Weber is awesome. Sarah speaking Mandarin is the best thing ever! Graham speaking Mandarin! As much as I hate the Lena thing, I don’t hate her as an individual person. Maybe because I liked the actress in ER?

2.12 – Kevin and Scotty’s gay friends! [“C’mon Kevin, we’re Walkers. Let’s go do what Walkers do best.” “Get drunk?”]. Robert’s kids choosing to watch porn! I love this episode for the Kitty/Robert’s kids bonding thing! [“Sometimes motherhood means sucking it up. Kitty go suck it up.”] IT’S KEITH MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s gay! RACHEL GRIFFITHS SINGING CHER <3 <3 <3. Kitty the evil stepmother! KEVIN SINGING!!! ROB LOWE AND ERIC WINTER HOTNESS AGAIN. Seeing Patricia Wettig and Ken Olin together is so sweet. Robert/Kitty/children <3 <3. No Tommy in this episode!

2.13 – Poor Robert! Wait, a 3 months time jump????? I forgot all about that! Man that must have shocked me the first time too! Meh, I hate time jumps! Robert/Kitty <3. Isaac/Nora <3. Forgot that they were actually in quite a serious relationship! Love that Sarah refers to Rebecca as the “new one”. Tommy, Kitty, Sarah, Kevin sneaking into the house. I cannot remember this episode AT ALL. The look on everyone’s face when Nora says she is moving. Golf interrogation! Holly/Nora in the kitchen! Kevin/Sarah confounded by the store-bought food. Kevin crying and Sarah slapping him! Another secret that Justin has to keep! The birthday toast! Nora’s speech <3. Kitty/Nora <3.

– Breakfast for Nora. The Pasadena fundraiser again! Full points for consistency! Kitty answering the door in her bathrobe! The boys surfing and speculating about Rebecca’s sexuality! I do feel sorry for Rebecca here. Poor Holly! Poor Sarah and Ojai!

2.15 – That Robert/Kitty sequence is hilarious. [“Just stay there and marinate.”]. Oh god Justin has a crush on Rebecca! Sarah taking the blame. Feel so sorry for her! [“YOU’RE ATTRACTED TO OUR SISTER?!”] Saul telling the truth <3. Holly rocks in that moment – telling Tommy to get his family to blame her. I don’t like the fact the storyline exits but Dave Annable was awesome in this episode and I love the scene where Justin tells Rebecca how he’s feeling in the cinema. Intense Rebecca/Holly scene. Saul in prison! Forgot about that. Oh GOD this is the scene which bred all the Saul/Kevin shippers. Ugh. Justin <3 <3 <3. Missy Higgins’ ‘Warm Whispers’. Kevin’s proposal <3.

2.16 – Everyone is on their phones! Nora is despairing! Family meeting! Lol Kevin. Sweet Nora/Rebecca moment. FLASHBACK!! Kevin/Dad. Boys roadtrip! Nora/Scotty adorableness. Kitty/Sarah <3. Tommy and Justin double act is hilarious in this episode. Scotty’s parents! Kevin/Nora <3. Justin/Cooper! Adorableness echoed in series finale. [“Kevin, please place my husband’s ring on Scotty’s finger.”] [“We’re like the Mafia us Walkers. Once you’re in, you can never get out.”] Poor Sarah! No One believes her about Ryan! Saul’s coming out moment! LOL! [“My God this is like the gayest week of my life.”] Just the way Justin says that cracks me up! Robert/Kitty <3 <3. Kevin figured out the Ryan clue!