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Flashpoint Season 3

So what the hell happened to Leah?  She came in to replace Lou at the end of last season and then disappeared without a trace by the start of the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss her presence and the show worked with the team as it is but still I would’ve expected some sort of explanation!

I don’t think anything is going to be able to match the first season in terms of cases but this was an okay season.

3×06 – The Other Lane – great case around Ed’s brother and how the viewer and the team were never sure whether he was a good or bad guy.

3×08 – Jumping at Shadows – Favourite episode of the season without a doubt.  Amazing little actress they found to play the girl.  Liked seeing Greg connect with his son.

3×11 – Terror –  When I read that this episode was a Jules-centric one I had high hopes but it was quite disappointing in the end.  It was good for some !jealousSam but the case was a bit boring.

3×13 – Fault Lines –  Victor Garber and the return of Officer Sabine who I really like.  It was interesting getting into the psyche of the team.  Was interesting seeing flashbacks to the cases that affected each of them the most.  This must be the start of Wordy’s illness that I read about?  Poor Ed, he’s had it rough this season. Yay for Sam/Jules getting back together.

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Chicago Fire: 4×23 – Superhero


The last few episodes have been the best of the whole season.

TPTB finally gave the cute Jimmy a storyline. there were big fires and life/death situations and I was actually quite fond of the Dawson/Louie storyline.  Adored the team rallying around her to convert Herrmann’s empty room into an idyllic apartment (I want!!).  I was 95% sure that Casey wouldn’t end up going to Susan’s room but it was a nice play with the switchabout to Dawson’s door.

I am ambivalent to Severide/Stella but Grant needs to GTFO now.  He’s been around far too much and I don’t understand how Stella has been so patient with him.  I also can’t stop at staring at Stella’s ears – they do stick out right?  It’s not just me ….

Rewatch: Third Watch Season 1

1×01 – Bosco and his epic footchase. Love the retro background music and the medical/personal talk. Sully/Ty. I must have watched this episode a few times, it all seems very familiar. Mantooth the firehouse dog! The peanut butter prank Kim pulled on Carlos. “Think he’s pissed? I think he’s pissed.” Such a gripping Pilot, especially the last twenty minutes.

1×02 – The team talking about Jerry’s pranks. The homeless guy crapped in Bosco’s car! Ah Bobby’s interested in “someone else” …. Perving at Kim. I’m getting vertigo just looking at Carlos hanging out of that window. “Now it just smells like someone took a dump in a pine forest.”

1×03 – Bosco pranked Sully’s car …. Except Bosco didn’t even do it! Sully and Ty having to rescue the family from the car in the river. That is so obviously a dummy Jimmy just rescued from the boot of the car. Sully’s flour prank on Bosco! Bosco’s car prank on Sully. Bosco/the captain’s daughter caught on camera! Who stole Bosco’s car? “How are we not going to attract any attention? We’re chasing another squad at 12 miles/hour?!” Bobby/Kim have a fight which sends her running to Jimmy

1×04“He’s just getting even because I parked my car in his space.” “Is that what they’re calling it nowadays?!” Bosco and his weird walking. Bosco and Faith losing that jumper. Jimmy vs Bosco. Carlos and Doc butting heads. Bobby and Joey. It’s been a bad bad Monday for everyone. Bobby’s sweet and replaced the money Sunny stole. Bosco wants in on the BBQ so badly.

1×05 – Jimmy getting his son to pull a woman for him in the shop. The mugger trying to get more jail time to stay inside and avoid the mob. “I know you’re upset but if we’re going to rely on me being the level-headed one, we’re going to have some problems.” Jimmy fighting Bobby for Joey’s affection. Faith is on the warpath.

1×06 – Bobby’s brother! OMG that’s Jon Seda from Chicago PD! What a small world! Sully/Ty’s mother Maggie. Carlos knocked someone over! It’s been a few episodes since we’ve seen Jimmy/Fire in action. Sully and Ty singing in the car together. Doc calling Bobby on his feelings for Kim. Doc/Carlos fighting. Sweet Bosco/Faith moment. Oh god awkward moment when Bobby goes to kiss Kim. Love and Happiness – I love this song.

1×07 – Dead body in the burning car! Oh man surely Carlos is never going to be left to drive again after that crash. “Got a call about a man stuck up a tree?” “Looks like gravity took care of it.” Sully/Ty’s Mum.

1×08 – Thanksgiving madness. Bosco is missing Faith. Hostage-taker at Thanksgiving dinner.

1×09 – Look at those mobiles! Doc’s father is in hospital. Morbidly obese girl. I like seeing Bosco’s softer side. Ty trying to do the right thing has got the boy into more trouble.

1×10 – Poor Faith. She is too good for her husband. Building coming down! Look at the size of that camera!! What a heartbreaking episode.

1×11 – Oh no the poor woman jumped in front of her son. Kitten! Poor Kim is really feeling this one. Furry hats! Bosco is obsessed with that homeless person’s car. Doc/Morales. Kim’s looking after the cute kitten. Poor Sully.

1×12 – Bobby definitely doesn’t want to listen to Matty’s list of misdeed. Foot patrol for Davis. The retarded couple. Poor schoolgirl – brains in her hair. Bobby and Kim on the ice rink. LOL! Jimmy’s gambling. Bosco’s geography knowledge – or lack thereof! Poor Bobby, his brother his putting him through the ringer.

1×13 – Doc/the doctor. Epic gunfight and crazy amount of shots fired and then manhunt. Moral question – was Bosco right to let the perp bleed out and die? Oh no some Bobby/Kim pity sex coming. This is not going to end well.

1×14 – Mass shooting at a church! “I think you should know we’re having physical relations.” “Physical relations? What you’re arm wrestling with her?” Nice Doc/Carlos moment. Faith arresting her husband. Malcolm, Ty’s friend makes a reappearance. I can’t believe the out-dated attitude towards gays. Jimmy down the fireman pole. Faith calling Bosco out on being a bigot. Oh God Carlos and that crazy chick. Bobby moves on fast.

1×15 – I really don’t remember this episode. Poor Ty accidentally shooting an innocent guy. Bosco’s being hard on Faith for splitting up with her husband. Oh man this whole episode about police shooting an innocent black man – nothing has changed in 16 years since this episode was written ….. Carlos’s creepy stalker girlfriend. The boy trapped between the two walls – cute dog.

1×16 – Bosco becoming a robber from a robbee. Doc and Carlos caught in the middle of a gang war. Jimmy’s gambling is catching up with him. “FOOD! NOW”. Bosco and Faith are hilarious in this episode. Kim/Faith girl talk. Jimmy is a LOUSY father.

1×17 – Faith and Bosco hanging out in the kitchen. Funny hearing references to Hilary Clinton. The whole gang hanging out. Hilarious Bosco making fun of “President Hilary”. Storytelling time – worst cases, political sides, for/against the death penalty/religion

1×18 – Candyman is back. The guy with a screwdriver coming out of his head. Doc’s dad. Basketball competition – PD Vs Fire. Never got to find out who won!

1×19 – LOL that poor cat having to witness that! OMG that’s Lea Michele from Glee!!!!!! Carlos’s crazy stalker girlfriend is back …. And she’s pregnant! Sully’s priest was stabbed and now he’s on a mission

1×20 – Massive fire! Davis impersonating Sully! Bosco’s good with that little boy. Doc/Morales are cute together.

1×21 – Sully letting Davis drive. Jimmy’s getting married! Carlos is in trouble. “This guy is going to wallpaper with all the tickets I’m going to write him” Bosco and Faith’s epic car chase. “Looks like we found our combatants.” “Either that or a ballroom dance competition.” Candyman’s back. Bosco in his tux. Kim is being really unfair by talking to Bobby about Jimmy when she knows how he feels/felt about her. Doc and Carlos looking at cassette tapes – not even CDs!!!!

1×22 – Jimmy/Kim – really?! Doc/Moralez is cute. I hate that Faith is pregnant – I can’t stand her husband. Crazy fire and Doc and Carlos are trapped! The firehouse dog finally makes an appearance again. The guy shooting at Jimmy and all the firemen! I don’t remember any of this! Kim driving like a boss. Hmm, I always thought Bobby got killed in this episode ..

Parenthood: 6×13 – May God Bless and Keep You Always

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I have finally gotten round to finishing up the final season of what was once one of my favourite show.  Why did it take so long?  I really hated watching the destruction of Joel/Julia and I didn’t think much of Hank so it took me awhile to work up the desire to sit through the hard times to get to the inevitable happy ending.

Before we get to the season finale, some general thoughts about the season:

  • I really don’t care about Drew ever since he started having girlfriend issues
  • Max’s dilemma with Dillon was interesting but dragged on too long and took up too much screentime
  • I can’t stand Hank’s daughter
  • I can’t believe I’m saying it but Hank really really grew on me
  • I hate how much of this season was taken up with Max and Hank’s daughter Ruby.  Hardly saw Victor, Jabbar etc.
  • I have very strong negative feelings that Crosby still keeps cannabis in his drawer and smoke it
  • Love that Joel/Julia got back together eventually and even though it wasn’t smooth-sailing, you believe they are going to make it this time
  • Joel’s smile.  Gahhhhh!   tumblr_nidznvHdQX1ryj5t4o1_r1_250

Onto the finale ….

Wow, there are a lot of similarities between Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood but you have to smile at the symmetry between both family shows ending with the second marriage of one of the sisters and like every good finale had epic use of montage.

I knew before I even started the season that Zeek would end up dying but I thought it would happen at least a couple episodes before the end but it’s nice they kept it til the very end but still had time to show life post-Zeek.

My favourite things:

  • Joel/Julia adopting another baby (Victor’s half-sister) – did NOT see that coming
  • Hank asking Drew to be his best man
  • Haddy!  Gosh I’ve missed her!
  • The montage with everyone getting their photos taken at the wedding
  • The baseball montage

And as to the flashforward scenes?

  • Joel/Julia adopt/have ANOTHER baby?!  Little bit overkill.
  • I love that everyone starts wearing glasses / gets a new pair of glasses to signify the fact it’s the future
  • Glad that the Luncheonette is still going strong
  • I can’t believe that Amber did not end up with Ryan!  That is scandalous!  Love that they got Scott Porter though to be her new guy though.  EPIC Friday Night Lights fandom collision – in fact all the FNL guest-stars have been one of my favourite things about the show


NCIS: Los Angeles: 7×24 – Talion


For a show which contains my current favourite couple – Deeks/Kensi in case you couldn’t guess – I have been really bad at keeping up with this show this season.

I let practically half the season build up before meeting Dani and Eric prodded me to catch up and finally arrive at the finale.

I liked the setup and the idea of bringing back Sam’s son and involving him in putting an end to the Tahir storyline, which I was none too fond of.

It was executed well with lots of holding your breath as characters peer round corners moments but everything was wrapped up nice and neatly with no cliffhangers, a cute Sam/Aiden moment, a cute Deeks/Kensi moment, a funny Eric/Nell and Granger/Hetty moment.

Finale aside, needless to say that my favourite thing this season has been Deeks/Kensi being happy and in love together.  I kind of thought that Dani’s pregnancy would create the perfect opportunity to write a pregnancy into the show and take their relationship to the next level.  However, Dani confirmed at the ComicCon panel that they are not writing her pregnancy into the show and that there are interesting times ahead which undoubtedly means that whatever happens to write her disappearance into the show, there is going to be some tension for Deeks/Kensi …..

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 1×13 – Paper Orphans

I was really excited about this spinoff from Criminal Minds, mainly because of the fantastic cast line up in Gary Sinise, Alana De La Garza and Daniel Henney.

Unfortunately the majority of the season failed to deliver for me.  Most of the episodes were just ….. boring.  Yes, I’m surprised that that is even possible given the cast, the tried and tested formula plus the “exotic” locations (read: green screens).  It even got to the point where I was actually kind of disappointed that the show got renewed for a second season because I know I won’t be able to stop watching without giving it another chance.

However, I’m delighted to say that I enjoyed the finale and this was everything that I would expect from a Criminal Minds finale, down to the opening and ending with family and team family moments.

Whilst I felt sorry for the American family, I also really felt sorry for the perp given all that she had gone through.  The case was interesting and there wasn’t any of those awkward scenes where Monty has to confront the worried parents by himself.

Chicago P.D.: 3×23 – Start Digging


So Voight has gone back over to the dark side.  Drat.

What was even more disappointing to me than that though is the fact that Brian Geraghty is leaving the show and therefore no more Roman/Burgess!  But, but, but we only got to enjoy them together a short time and I much preferred them to Ruzek/Burgess who are now probably going to get back together at some stage.

Overall it’s been another strong season for the show, helped all the more from my POV because Halstead/Lindsay are back together and I hear there’s promising things install for them next season.

Chicago Med: 1×18 – Timing

tumblr_o7cpwlDp5Z1u4ypbyo1_500 tumblr_o7cpwlDp5Z1u4ypbyo2_500

I’m not going to lie – I was a tad disappointed with this finale.

It seemed like nothing much happened except manoeuvring another roadblock between Will and Natalie.  I have shipped them since the first episode but I knew the moment when we had Will kiss her and declare his feelings that TPTB were moving them too fast and there wouldn’t be a happy resolution any time soon.  I wanted at least a whole season of Will pining for her and then maybe Natalie finding out about his feelings at the end of the season.  When that didn’t happen I wanted Will to take the job in California and then have Natalie realise how much she needs/misses him.  Alas it wasn’t to be.

The end of the Downey/Rhodes storyline was as expected, Choi/the parrot was cute and I feel mildly sorry for April and Goodwin given their respective bad news.  Overall though it wasn’t a strong end to the season.

Grey’s Anatomy: 12×24 – Family Affair


I can’t believe it!  A Grey’s Anatomy finale where no one died and there were no real cliffhangers (apart from emotional ones ….) and which ended on a generally positive note! Wow.  Wasn’t expecting that.

I ended the season the way I started with Meredith being the only character I really truly care about.  I love her friendship with Alex.  I don’t have any feelings about her and Riggs apart from the fact that their banter was kind of cute but I know it’s going to end up with more drama, first because of Maggie’s confession but more importantly because I am sure Owen’s sister is going to show up next season and Riggs will have to choose between her and Meredith.

I really don’t have any other investment in the other relationships: I liked the Amelia scenes in this episode mainly for the way Meredith was awesome with her and agreed to be her twisted sister.  I’m glad that the Warren arc has gone full circle and that Jackson and April’s baby is okay.  I saw that Jo storyline coming a mile off and as soon as Deluca entered the bar I knew that it would end up with Alex walking in on him and Jo in a seemingly comprising position.

And then Callie/Arizona …..  I loved them once upon a time and I suppose this was the nicest way they could have wrapped up their storyline.

I had read rumours about the likelihood of Sara Ramirez leaving the show a couple of weeks ago but kind of forgot about it until I finished watching this episode and read her statement.  I am sad for Arizona but I liked how they left Callie’s story open for maybe some guest star slots in the future.  This is probably the most lowkey leaving episode for a main character (well, apart from Teddy of course).

Quantico: 1×22 – Yes


No other show this season has had me as gripped as Quantico.  From its Pilot it has hardly put a foot wrong (apart from Alex sleeping with 3 different guys within 20 weeks despite being in love with Ryan but anyway ….).  There haven’t been as many shocking twists gracing my screen ever since Nikita finished.

Part of me fell for TPTB’s plan to suspect everyone at one point or another but I honestly thought by the last episode that it was Drew.  The final twist blew my mind.

I love that this episode opened showing us Liam’s POV of the NAT’s time at Quantico and how he gathered all the intel in order to set them up.  One of the series’s strengths is the way it went back and forth from real time to the time at Quantico.  I’m going to presume that that can’t happen in Season 2 so I’m definitely going to miss that.

Great to see the awesome gang working together again for a common cause right back where it all started.  Caleb/Shelby and Ryan/Alex <3.

Simon really stole the show though.  He snuck his way into my heart and his final scene?  Wow.

Knowing this show though I kept thinking he was going to be revealed as still being alive and that Alex would find clues to this at the end of the episode.  I can still keep that hope alive though right?

Alex joining the CIA seems a logical place for the show to go now and whilst I’m sure it will break Ryan’s heart I’m sure she will get through anything that the agency throws at her in the future with a little help from her friends.