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Ransom: 1×01 – The Return

So a show which is like a combination of Flashpoint and Standoff?  Of course I was going to give it a try, especially since it has Nazneen Contractor in it who I loved in the much under-appreciated show The Border (and was sad that she pulled out of Chicago Justice but I guess it gave me an extra reason to try this show out) .

So far so good.  It plays out exactly the way you think it’ll play out.  Don’t know WTF that digital hologram computer screen is all about though – way OTT ….

Chicago Fire: 5×01 – The Hose or the Animal


Things I really didn’t like about the season première:

  • The ending with Grant – OTT
  • The way they butchered Jimmy’s character and made him into an unlikeable person
  • The Antonio/Brett – when I read about it I was like “WTF where does that come from?!” but actually seeing it made me squirm.

Things I liked about the première:

  • Dawson’s transfer back to ambulance – it just makes sense she would give up her firefighting for Louis
  • The mention of Shay and seeing her name on the ambulance
  • The sweet Herrmann/Dawson moments

NCIS: Los Angeles: 8×01 – High-Value Target + 8×02 – Belly of the Beast


Let’s not waste time talking about the procedural side of things because let’s face it, it wasn’t the most gripping case ever and when a helicopter gets shot down out of the sky and your whole team survives, you tend to have to leave the realms of reality.

However, it did make for some awesome Deeks/Kensi scenes.  How far they have come!  Instead of Kensi trying to skirt round the issuesthat Deeks kind of proposed to her, she embraces it fully and uses it as part of their banter.  Not so keen about what happened to the ring (seriously that’s got to hurt ….) but loved Deeks constantly referring her to as his fiancée.

I feel some angst is in store for these two but I’m glad it’s going to be more centering around her being in a coma and no doubt coming to grips with her injuries when she wakes up, rather than them breaking up for some ridiculously contrived reason.

Conviction (2016): 1×01 – Pilot


It wasn’t that long ago (Edit: OMG it’s actually been TEN years!!!) that there was a short-lived legal drama created as an offshoot of Law & Order that I completely loved also called Conviction.

How does this one compare?  Well it has Eddie Cahill which is how I knew I would be watching this show even before I saw the trailer.

And the chemistry between Wallace and Hayes was red-hot which certainly makes me interested in what the writers are going to do with that, given their other issues.

The Pilot lived up to expectations with great cast, great set-up, great UST.  Give me more.

Criminal Minds: 12×01 – The Crimson King



13 serial killers escaped and they only have 5 left to catch at the season opening?  That’s a bit disappointing.

Great introduction to the newest member of the team showing him undercover attempting to smuggle criminals into Mexico.  What really made me fall in love with Luke Alvez though was all his interactions with Garcia.

This episode plot was a really good one when everything you thought you knew about who was the perp and the victim is turned on its head.

This episode left me with the feeling that this might well be one of the best seasons we’ve had for awhile what with the cast shakeup and especially Paget coming back.

Code Black: 2×01 – Second Year

I will never understand the creative decisions behind this show.  Bringing in Rob Lowe?  That’s something I can get on board with.  Introducing three newbie residents?  Always worked well for Grey’s Anatomy.  But getting rid of Neal and Christa and promoting the asshole Campbell and the sluttish Heather to series regulars?  Whaaat?!

That aside, the episode was okay. I thought Mike’s brother falling out of the helicopter was a bit much but it was a nice family-orientated episode.

I like Rob Lowe’s character but now it remains to be seen how long I can continue watching the show for him, Rorish and Jesse …

Chicago P.D.: 4×01 – The Silos


And my favourite show is BACK and there were cute Halstead/Lindsay moments.  I want a Jay in my life please.

I liked the way the aftermath of the finale was handled.  Hopefully that’s the end of the investigation into Voight and it’s not something which keeps getting dragged up for the whole season.

I do feel sorry for him and liked the sweet Voight/Lindsay moment at the end.

I really liked Roman/Burgess and am sad that he’s gone but I liked the actress who plays Burgess’s new partner when she was in Quantico and her partnership with Burgess in this episode was kickass.

Quantico: 2×01 – Kudove


Ah this show is BACK!

At the end of last season I truly wondered how they could set up something which has the foundations to be as interesting and surprising as last season whilst still retaining the time-jumps that I love so well.

Well, I think they’ve done it!  The setup with Alex and Ryan going through training at the Farm mirrors what they went through at Quantico.  We’re going to get lots of Ryan/Alex cuteness and angst*.  We’ve been introduced to intriguing secondary characters as well as seeing a glimpse of familiar faces.

And of course there’s a massive terrorist plot.

Give me more.

* They have had so many things thrown at them and so many more things will be thrown their way to keep them apart but I can’t help but ship Ryan/Alex.